The Complete Guide To The Perfect Messy Bun (Newest Update 2022)

In a perfect world, the “I-woke-up-like-this” messy bun will be actually easy to recreate like how it looks. This isn’t this world. The messy hair bun can look quite, well, messy and effortless, but we girls know better. We’re most likely spending half an hour each morning to recreate that perfect messy hair bun we saw on Pinterest. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. In this post, we’ll show you how to do a perfect messy bun that actually requires minimum effort. And another easy hairstyle you should also try is overnight scarf curls. Trust me, it won’t let you down.

Read on as we walk you through the steps of how to recreate the perfect messy bun in a super-easy way. Your morning hair routine can finally be stress-free as you can say goodbye to all the complicated steps of making a messy hair bun. 


Messy Bun Hairstyles

1. Why Should You Do Messy Bun Hairstyles

Buns that are a bit messy always have their own attractiveness. Nowadays, so many girls choose this hairstyle for daily style or casual occasions. Many people think that messy bun is only for girls with long straight hair, but in fact, there are a wide range of styles for you to choose from. Below are the lists of all styles and all hair textures suitable for buns. They are definitely the reasons for your love for trying styling bun!

1.1. Best Ideas For Messy Buns Styles

First of all, we will now show you all the top best styles for buns. They are all attractive and trendy choices of all time and will never go out of fashion. Top 4 styles we are going to introduce are high bun, low bun, bun with bangs and bun with braid.

1.1.1. High Messy Bun

High bun is extremely suitable for girls and women with long hair. Styling a long bun will enable you to create more messy effects and make the bun look more natural. This is also the most popular style of bun among girls. In fact, this “messy” bun is quite neat and suitable for all daily activities like going to school, casually hanging out with friends or so on.


High messy bun

1.1.2. Low Messy Bun

While the high bun is quite active and individual, the low bun is a bit more mature and elegant. Low bun is suitable for all hair lengths. It is just that the longer the hair is, the more volume and messy effects the bun has. Low bun is also a favorite style for special occasions like parties or weddings.


Low messy bun

1.1.3. Messy Bun With Bangs

Bun messy with bangs is definitely only suitable for girls who have bangs. Bun that is messy can go well with all kinds of bangs. No matter whether you have blunt bangs or curtain bangs or any other types of bangs, you can feel free to style the bun. It is recommended that you try cutting the curtain bangs to style this bun. It is both easy and non-demanding. But what if you don’t have bangs and also don’t want to take risk trying cutting bangs? You can think of using bangs hair extensions! There will be always hair suppliers for you to meet all your demands!


Messy bun with bangs

1.1.4. Messy Bun With Braid

Last but not least, bun with braid is what you should try for a perfect “messy” bun. Actually, bun with braid is the style that enables you to be the most creative on your hair. You can style the braids along with the bun, or you can also style the braid for your curtain bangs or side hair, etc. Just be creative and you’ll have the most special bun.


Messy bun with braid

1.2. Who Can Do Messy Buns?

Now comes the most asked question! Who can do messy hair buns? Many of you may be afraid that the bun is only suitable for ones with long hair. However, don’t worry as the bun is actually suitable on all hair textures. Below are our suggestions on bun for long hair, short hair, medium hair, thin hair and curly hair, which are the most typical hair textures for bun hair.

1.1.1. Messy Bun For Long Hair

Long hair is definitely the first hair texture to mention for styling a bun. With long hair, you can style all kinds of buns like high messy, low messy, bun with braids, half bun or so on. Long hair is a plus point which enables you to adjust and reach the right messy level you want. In addition, buns are also useful for making your long hair neater and more convenient for working.


Messy bun for long hair

1.1.2. Messy Bun For Short Hair

You think it is hard for short hair to style a messy fashionable bun? Then you should look at the picture below to see that the buns are totally possible! The tip is that for short hair, you are recommended to style a low bun or messy top knot bun, so that the bun will be more fixed and comfortable. If your hair is long enough for a high bun, then it is okay. But if your hair is too short and you still style the high one, the hair can easily fall down and create a real messy hairstyle!


Messy bun for short hair

1.1.3. Messy Bun Medium Hair

Medium hair is just in the middle of long hair and short hair. Therefore, you are free to create any styles of messy fashionable buns you like. You can try a high bun, low bun, top knot or half up half down bun, etc. The combination of bun and color is also a good idea to make your bun look more creative and attractive.


Messy bun for medium hair

1.1.4. Messy Bun For Thin Hair

A messy hair bun can be said to be the amazing savior for ones with thin hair! The bounciness of the bun will make the hair look much fuller and thicker. Moreover, styling a messy hair bun usually causes no pressure on your head, so it is good for your scalp and thin hair. Depending on the length of your hair, you can choose one of the styles mentioned above to best suit you. 


Messy bun for thin hair

1.1.5. Messy Bun For Curly Hair

The combination of curly hair and a messy fashionable bun is really worth trying. Such voluminous curly hair of American-African girls are especially perfect for this style of bun. The most recommended style to try is a high bun which will make you look super active and individual in curly hair. In addition, adding more accessories like the silk hair tie is a good idea for making a highlight!


Messy bun for curly hair

2. Things That You’ll Need To Do A Messy Bun – How To Do A Messy Bun

To do a messy hair bun, you’d better prepare these things.

  • Hair elastics: This is the essential thing you’ll need for the base of your messy buns. Prepare some extras as your elastic can snap halfway through and you don’t want to stand up and go find another one in the middle of your routine. 
  • Bobby pins: You’ll need a lot of them if you want to keep everything from falling apart. It’s always a good idea to have a handful of bobby pins ready to go in front of you when it comes to this hairstyle. 
  • Accessories (optional): The messy bun can be quite the charming look on its own, but to spice things up a little, you can try and add accessories such as scrunchies or ribbons, or even color bows.  

What to prepare to do a messy bun

3. How To Recreate The Perfect Messy Bun – Best Messy Bun Tutorial

After preparing all the things needed, now let’s dig into all the steps of how to do a messy hair bun. The steps we are going to introduce are for high bun which is the most popular and basic like a foundation style. These 3 steps are super simple and easy to apply. Let’s see what they are.

3.1. Step 1: Make A Ponytail

The base of any messy bun starts with a ponytail.  Depending on how high or low you want your messy bun to be, you’ll start making a ponytail there. Gather up all your hair away from your face and neck and hold it up. For the ultimate messy look, flip your head down and tie your hair. That way when you tie it up and flip it back, everything will look extra loose and effortlessly messy without falling all over the place.

For an even more sultry romantic look, leave a few stray strands out to frame your face. You can even skip the brush for a relaxed look. A few bumps here and there are fine. 


Step 1 to do a messy bun

3.2. Step 2: Twist your hair

Okay, so this is the most important step. Once you have done your ponytail how you like, twist your strands until they’re taut. For the looser, messier look, grab the tip of your ponytail and pull out small strands of hair along the ponytail to make your hair look looser and more voluminous. Then, wrap this long twist around the base of your ponytail. Feel free to wrap as tight or loose as you want. 

This is the most important step that decides the shape of your messy bun. Therefore, please pay attention and make sure that you are satisfied with the looseness and fixness of the bun.

3.3. Step 3: Secure everything

Once you have wrapped all your hair up into a bun, tie a hair tie or elastic around it to keep everything in place. Then use bobby pins to pin down any stray hairs. Adjust and keep pinning until you’ve achieved the look that you like. 

After finishing these 3 steps, congratulations! Your messy bun is done! In addition to hairpins, you can also add any accessories according to your preferences. 


Step 2 & 3 to do a messy bun

4. Tips For The Perfect Messy Bun

In addition to doing a standard messy hair bun, you can totally be creative and style the most individual one. Below are top 3 tips to customize your own bun.

4.1. Tip No.1: Dirty Works Better For Messy Bun

The messy bun can be quite a perfect hairstyle for lazy girls, as they do not require freshly washed and brushed hair as a start. In fact, the messy bun works best with second-day hair (or third, or even fourth). Thanks to its messy nature, you won’t have to worry if your hair looks a little bit greasy or unkempt. The bun will hide it all. 

In case you are not into the second or third-day hair styling, you can definitely style the bun for clean hair. However, the hair will look a bit more messy, and you will need to add more products like the spray or so on to keep the hair look more attractive.


“Dirty” messy bun

4.2. Tip No.2: Texture Spray For Messy Bun

The more texture your hair is, the better the messy bun will be. That is to say, if you turn out to have a bone straight hairstyle, there are still ways to make your messy bun look awesome. Simply use some texture spray to create body and extra volume for your hair. 

However, the hair is still at its best of natural straight or wavy texture. As a result, you’d better be careful when styling bun for such bone straight hair.


Texture spray for messy bun

4.3. Tip No.3: Accessories For Messy Bun

The messy bun can be quite the look on its own, but by adding some simple accessories such as a nice scrunchie or a colorful ribbon, you’ll step up your messy hair bun into a whole other level. It can be fun and carefree, or elegant and romantic depending on what you pair it with. Play around with your messy hair bun and find out what style works best for you. 


Messy bun with accessories

We hope that our post has helped you with your messy bun and your hair routine overall become much easier. And while you’re at it, check out our post on Ways To Make Your Braids Cooler: Who Said Braids Are Basic? (2021 Edition) and How To Style Your Ponytail: From Basic To Badass (2021 Edition). These are other amazing ways that you can style your hair quite effortlessly but will give you a more charismatic hairstyle, so read and get inspired!

And if you want to add extra volume to your hair, our amazing ombre, wavy, or raw bulk hair extensions can be a great help. For even more fun ways to style your hair and other hair-related topics, you can go here.

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