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The nicest part about a sew-in wig is that you may wear it for a week or more. It’s also one of the safest ways to avoid the drawbacks of using glue. Furthermore, sew-in wigs remove some of the limitations of conventional procedures. To know more about this amazing type of wig, let’s read this post and discover all about its definition, advantages, installation and highly recommended maintenance.


Sew-in Wig

1. The basic knowledge of the sew-in wig method

It’s no surprise that some girls still desire the sew-in wig procedure over gluing or taping. This technique is very long-lasting, so you may keep wearing the same wig for up to a month. If you haven’t already noticed, sewing the wig into place with a needle and thread is the most secure method.

1.1. Sew-in wig definition

A sew-in wig is made by braiding the hair into strands and sewing the wig onto the braids. This method is appropriate for ladies who have delicate skin and cannot use adhesive. This is because glue contains compounds that some women are sensitive to. Sew-in wigs are also more secure than glue or tape.


Your real hair will be pushed back after the sew-in wig, requiring little care

Girls with delicate skin who can not handle glue prefer this procedure. Because most sensitive skin reacts to the chemicals used in glues and tapes, sew-in glue is beneficial. If your scalp sweats excessively and the adhesive washes away, you might attempt the sew-in wig method.

1.2. Advantages of wearing a sew-in wig

The major worry of folks who want or intend to sew a wig is what advantage the wig will provide them after sewing. And is it truly superior to most other methods? 

  • Because it is a long-term solution, it is frequently less expensive than other treatments. A sew-in wig would be worn for a longer period of time than previous procedures. This strategy not only saves time and money, but it also makes it much easier for the girls to prepare each time they go out.
  • It allows you to try out different looks with your wig. For instance, you may curl your hair one day and straighten it the next. This is quite great since you can modify your hairstyles without damaging your natural hair.

Sew-in wigs provide consumers with more benefits than the naked eye can see

  • Sew-in wigs protect your real hair by giving it adequate rest to grow stronger and thicker. It acts as a shield, shielding your hair from the sunlight, dust, and other elements.
  • Sew-in wigs are gentler on the hair roots and scalp than other chemical treatments. The chemicals in glue will harm your scalp, especially if you don’t know how to properly apply and eliminate wig attachments.
  • The sew-in wig will give it a more genuine feel and look. The natural impression is that the hairline continues to thicken without showing the lace layer. In case you choose the 150 density wig with a medium density, the hair wig will look even more natural on you.

The first critical issue is where you get the wig, followed by how you care for the wig after sewing. For example, if you buy a wig from a reputable retailer, it will almost surely be of great quality, and you will not have to worry about the wig’s lifetime. However, if you purchase a wig from an untrustworthy retailer, it may not last long.


Get authentic items to understand the major implications of sew-in wigs

2. How to install a sew-in wig

When wearing the wig, you may either glue or sew it in place. If you want to wear the same wig for a week or longer, there is a method called “sew-in wig,” which stitches the wig onto your hair in place using a needle and thread.

2.1. Preparing the hair and sew-in wig

Before stitching, you must first prepare your hair and wig. This process should not be ignored, even though many people believe it is not as crucial as putting on a wig. There are also the supplies required for sewing the wig on.

  • Select a lace wig: Lace wigs, with their transparent covers, will give you the most realistic-looking results. When the hair is parted, a part of your skin may be seen through the wig. You’d better choose a wig from a reliable wholesale hair distributor or reseller. They are all prestigious destinations to get good-quality hair at reasonable prices and professional services. Wholesale hair distributors are more recommended for wholesale purposes while resellers are more recommended for retail customers.
  • Braid: To make a wig, braid your hair in many plaits close to your head. You may braid your own hair, get it braided by a friend, or have it braided professionally. 
  • Put on a sew-in wig: Next, take your wig and position it in the manner in which you wish to wear it. Assure that the wig margins match your real hairline. Likewise, make certain that the wig covers your braids.

Steps to prepare the hair and the tools before installing a sew-in wig

  • Trim the lace to fit your natural hairline (it depends): Find and cut any locations where the lace extends beyond your natural hairline. Make sure you just trim the wig’s back and avoid cutting any hair that adheres to the wig in other ways.
  • Sewing needle thread: Sewing needles are bent and somewhat blunt. It  is also thicker than traditional sewing thread. The knitting needle thread is around 18 inches long (46 cm) in length, and ties a knot at the end.

2.2. Sewing at specific points

The sew-in wig may be completely installed at home. However, skilled abilities are required since sewing a wig on your head is quite tough. You need to seek the assistance of a professional, particularly by visiting a hair salon.

  • Start sewing points: The wig is brushed back on top of the head, behind the ear. Part the sew-in wig with a comb or your fingers from one ear to the other and back up to the top of the head. The lace on a front wig will normally terminate just behind your ear. 
  • Sew the natural braid around your ear: Knit your needle through the wig and into the braid beneath. If you sew too far, the needle may become lodged in your scalp. Stitch in a straight line from ear to ear.

Expert assistance is required throughout the sew-in wig process

  • Sew the hair in place in front of the ear: The region in front of the ear towards the temple is the next location to stitch the wig. This is where the majority of the natural hairlines emerge. Sew around the sew-in wig’s edges in this location to keep this component of the wig in place.
  • Sew in your irregular hair part: This is the section of the wig in which you would not ordinarily split and stitch. The last spots you’ll need to sew are where you wouldn’t ordinarily cut your wig. Take caution not to travel too far back by accident. Stop before you get to the crown, otherwise the stitches will be visible.
  • Finish sewing: When you’re finished stitching, cut and knot the thread. When you’re finished sewing the wig, remove the needle thread and knot it back. 

2.3. Styling your sew-in wig

Finally, style the hair, adjusting the sew-in wig a little for a more realistic look. Whatever hairstyle you desire, but also a small remark. For further information, check the wig care part.


Taking care of every little detail makes the sew-in wig look more realistic

  • Blend the wig’s edges: Using a toothbrush, blend the wig’s edges with the baby’s hair. To make the wig seem more realistic, brush and tangle some of the hair at the wig’s edges using a toothbrush. 
  • Wash your hair: Whether the sew-in wig is human or synthetic, you will need to wash it to keep it in good condition. Wash your wig after about 10 days of wearing it, or if you feel sweaty, such as after a workout.
  • Style your hair with the wig: Human hair wigs are the most adaptable and high-quality wigs available. Curling irons and flat irons may be used on your hair, and styling products can be used to retain the curls longer.

3. Routine maintenance for sew-in wigs

Proper care is essential for extending the life of your newly made wig. Here are a few tips for caring for your sewn wig:

  • Always comb your wig: For a properly maintained sew-in wig, brush or comb the hair to keep it from tangling. Brush lightly from the ends of the hair towards the scalp to keep the wig from falling off.
  • Sleeping with hair protection: Tangles can also be caused by sleeping with damp hair. That is why you should thoroughly dry your hair before going to bed. You may also wear a satin cap at night to keep your hair tangle-free.

You should take good care of your sew-in wig and follow the instructions

  • Maintain the cleanliness of your hair: Cleaning is also essential when it comes to caring for your sew-in wig. Make sure your natural hair is clean before stitching the wig on. Above all, dirty hair will damage and shorten the life of your hair.

You should wash and style your hair at least once a week after the wig is sewn on to keep it clean and moisturized.

  • Follow the directions for washing your hair: Shampooing must also adhere to the following guidelines:
    • Before washing, smooth hair with a wide tooth comb. 
    • Do not wash the wig in hot water. 
    • Use gentle shampoos and conditioners.
    • Never wring or twist your wig.
    • Pat excess water off the wig with a clean towel. 
    • Allow your wig to dry at room temperature by hanging it loosely on a wig stand or spray bottle. 
    • Never brush a wet wig or use a strong hair dryer to dry it quickly.

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Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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