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If your hair is thin, you know you’re struggling to grow your hair—the more it grows, the more stringy it feels. Fortunately, hair extensions will bring both length and texture to thin hair for girls! There are a number of diverse types of hair extensions, but we’ll share the best hair extensions for thin hair with you!

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Hair Extensions For Thin Hair: What Is Thin Hair?

Hair Extensions For Thin Hair 1

Hair Extensions For Thin Hair 1

You first need to decide what kind of hair you are if you want to find the best hair extensions for thin hair. Thin hair is often mistaken for fine hair (though oftentimes these occur together). Thin hair means there’s a lot of hair you don’t have. This hair is often typically thin, meaning the individual strands are skinny.

If your ponytail looks relatively slim (although there is no precise test for this), you have thin hair. However, if you can see any of the scalp between the hairs, you can also say that you have thin hair. This suggests that hair is scarcer and more widespread.

Only keep a strand of hair in the sun to test whether you have fine hair. You definitely have good hair, too, if the hair is very transparent and helps light to pass through.

Why Most Hair Extensions For Thin Hair Don’t Work?

Hair extensions attach length and volume of hair by adding the natural hair ends to actual or artificial hair. Unfortunately, for fine or slim hair, most kinds of hair extensions are quite heavy. Heavy hair extensions, further intensifying breakage and hair loss, can hurt or pull out fine hair. Such styles of extensions for hair include:

Clip-ins – With a pin, these temporary hair extensions bind to real hair. Clip-in hair extensions can be mounted by a stylist, but they’re easy to do at home. However, for delicate or slim hair, the clips are always too heavy. Clips can slide out, harm hair, or fully pull hair out.

Weaves – A stylist closely braids the natural hair for this form of growth, then sews hair extensions into the braids. For this kind of hair extension, most women  do not have enough hair to make good enough braids if they have thin hair. So weft hair is not hair extensions for thin hair.

Fusion – The stylist adds extensions to hair using a keratin bond on such hair extensions. Extensions of Fusion have a lengthy and costly installation process. The keratin bonds are very strong and can destroy fine hair, plus fragile strands can be further injured by the removal process.

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How Do I Find the Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair?

Extensions come in a vast spectrum of materials, lengths, colours, patterns, thicknesses, and, most notably, various methods of implementation. You probably want to prevent hair loss if you have thin hair, so you can remember which treatment processes cause little to no hair loss. This form is recommended: Clip in hair extensions for thin hair. Here are a few reasons why clips are ideal for thin hair in hair extensions:

Hair Extensions For Thin Hair 2

Hair Extensions For Thin Hair 2

Clip in Hair Extensions for Thin Hair can be easily removed

Depending on the hair style and weaving method used, extensions that are mounted by skilled hair stylists are usually intended to stay in place for anything from four to six weeks. Clip in hair extensions for thin hair can be inserted and removed everyday and worn for whatever amount of time you decide, unlike these other types.

The ability to add and uninstall hair extension clips at any time makes them a perfect choice for individuals with thin hair who may experience damage to their hair as a result of the pressure that other weaving methods may impose on their hair over the life of the new hairstyle.

They are available in different weights

Clip in hair extensions are measured in weight per strand which is typically represented in grams. For example, clip in hair extensions that are 100 grams (100g) in weight have an individual hair strand measurement of 1.0 grams per strand.  

For those with thin hair, any hair extension clip that varies in weight from less than a gram to 1 gram in weight is ideal because they are lightweight and would be a better fit and easier to mix. Hair extension clips weighing 120 grams and over are made of thicker and heavier hair strands and can be avoided for thin-hair individuals.

You can add as little or as much as you want

The good thing about hair extension  for thin hair clips is that you can add as few or as many as you want to build your preference of hair style. To create a little thickness or maximize length, add a few clips of extensions to your hair or add a couple to create a lot of body and fullness.

The Best Hair Extensions For Thin Hair: Clip-in 

Hair Extensions For Thin Hair 3

Hair Extensions For Thin Hair 3

A stylist adds this comparatively fresh kind of hair extension. Using a special hair tape, the stylist adds two-inch wefts to natural hair. Small and lightweight, the hair wefts cause less pressure or injury to the hair. The application process is reasonably easy and does not require tools or substances that are dangerous. Tape-in extensions lay flush against the scalp so that the hair can be worn up or down. They last 2 to 6 years.

Clip in hair extension is the form of suitable hair extensions for thin hair with meticulously sewn clips at the top of the bundle of hair. The best thing about hair clips is that you need a couple of minutes to add them. Based on machine weft hair, Clip in hair is made. Clip in hair contains layers that are formed with clips attached from one or two layers of weft hair.

In K-hair, Clip-in hair extensions for thin hair made from 100% human hair, Not only for their high quality, but also for their variety of styles and colors, clip-in hair extensions are becoming increasingly common. They have multiple sizes (long, medium, short), so you can pick the most appropriate one that fits your specifications. In addition, the prevalence of patterns is perhaps the best benefit of this form of expansion, which consists mostly of wavy, curly and straight forms mixed with various color shades such as black, brown or blonde, etc.

How to Attach Clip in Hair Extensions for thin hair

Clip-in hair extensions are a simple, compact and economical way to create the illusion of long, flowing locks.

Hair Extensions For Thin Hair 4

Match the hair extensions for thin hair.

 Hair extensions should fit in with your natural hair, so both the same colour and the same texture/style should be the same.

Using a curling iron to curl your natural hair whether the hair extensions for thin hair are wavy or curly. Then use a flat iron to achieve the same elegant look if the extensions are pin-straight. Until styling, shield your hair from the possible harm of hot styling equipment by adding a dime-sized amount of a heat-protecting substance such as Argon oil.

Divide your hair into two sections. 

To draw a horizontal line from your right temple to your left temple, use your finger or a comb, section off the top portion of your hair and secure it with a hair tie or hair clip. 

Using a comb to carefully tease the lower half of your hair into single-inch pieces if your hair is really thin. This will help hold the extensions in place safely.

Open the clips on your hair extensions for thin hair. 

Align the hair extension tops with the horizontal portion you have created, and press the clips softly down to snap into place. 

Any extensions of clip-in hair extensions for thin hair come in one big piece, while others come in several smaller pieces. If you use several clip-ons, attach them one by one and ensure that you spread them equally around the portion of your hair.

If there is one wide piece of clip-on, then begin by fastening the upper row of clips close to your part, gradually working your way down to the lower clips near the nape of your neck.

Release the top section of your hair. 

Gently stir to combine your natural hair with the extensions of the clip-in. Enjoy!

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