5 Best Must-try Hair Masks For Fine Hair (Newest Updated 2022)

“Pffttt, I already have a good conditioner, why would I need a hair mask?” is what you might think. But you would be surprised to know how adding a hair mask to your list of hair care products might change your hair significantly, especially for people with finer hair. If you want to revive your dull, flat, and lifeless hair into voluminous bouncy, and shiny strands, then read our list of the best hair masks for fine hair down below.  

Read on to find out the 5 most amazing hair masks for fine hair that our team of experts has put together in the list below. Not only can reading this save you the time of reading through a thousand reviews, it also can save you from wasting your money. With the right hair mask that has the right kind of moisture and ingredients, your hair will become fuller in no time.


Hair Masks For Fine Hair

1. What To Know About Hair Masks For Fine Hair

You may have heard so much of hair shampoo, hair serum or hair conditioner, etc, but are you familiar with hair masks? You may wonder that masks are just used for the face? Then, please read this section and all about hair masks will be clear for you. You will know what hair masks for fine hair are, what are the pros and cons as well as how to use them properly.

1.1. What Are Hair Masks For Fine Hair?

First of all, what is a hair mask? It is in fact the mixture of nutrients that are good for hair growth. These nutrients are supposed to provide the hair with enough moisture and important substances to grow longer and healthier. There are many types of hair masks now such as hair masks for dry hair, for damaged hair or for fine hair, etc.

Hair masks for fine hair are those that help the hair grow thicker, silkier and bouncier. In addition to buying commercial hair masks, you can also make the hair masks DIY from natural ingredients like banana, honey, egg, avocado, coconut oil, aloe vera and so on.


What are hair masks for fine hair

1.2. Pros And Cons Of Hair Masks For Fine Hair

In general, hair masks are so good for hair. However, to be objective, they actually have both advantages and disadvantages.  

  • About the advantages, hair masks are definitely a good product that helps the hair grow healthy. It is one of the most effective hair care products in the market.
  • About the disadvantages, hair masks for fine hair can sometimes be annoying as they are additional products to improve the hair care routine, not the basic one. As a result, applying hair masks requires you to spend additional time and effort. Moreover, it can become costly as well. However, all the effects on your hair afterwards really outweigh these disadvantages! In fact, there is also another solution to thin hair. It is that you can use a hair extension from well-known hair suppliers. The result will be amazing.

Using hair masks for fine hair

1.3. How To Use Hair Masks For Fine Hair

If you are not familiar with using hair masks yet, here are the most easy-to-understand instructions to use the masks properly. All the points are about these 5 main steps:

  • Prepare all necessities. You will need to prepare the hair masks, comb, shower cap and something like an old towel to protect your clothes.
  • Untangle the hair. This step will help the masks be more even afterwards. Also, if you want to apply the masks little by little, you can section your hair into smaller strands.
  • Apply hair masks. You are recommended to use your fingers to apply hair masks for fine hair through all your hair, so that you can feel and know whether the masks are spread evenly or not. You can also use a large-toothed comb to spread the masks. 
  • Wait for the masks to take effect. You should cover your hair with a shower cap and wait for about 30 minutes. This is the perfect time for your hair to absorb all the nutrients.
  • Rinse your hair. After about 30 minutes, please rinse your hair with cool water. For your information, using cool water will help you avoid washing away all nutrients in comparison with using hot water. Now all the steps are done!

How to use hair masks for fine hair

2. Top 5 Best Hair Masks For Fine Hair

Above is all the basic information about hair masks. Now we are going to show you the top best must-try hair masks for fine hair. You can read the details to choose the most suitable one or just try all and choose the most favorite one for yourself!

2.1. Vitamins Keratin Mask For Dry & Damaged Hair – Nourish And Repair Hair Masks For Fine Hair

Created with a special formula for dry, damaged, and thin fine hair, the Vitamins Keratin Mask is a professional salon-quality keratin treatment that deeply hydrates the hair. You won’t need to go to the salon and spend your precious time sitting there when you have this amazing hair mask on your shelf. 

The ingredients list contains keratin extracts, Morrocan argan oil, wheat germ oil, and vitamin E. With these components, the formula works to repair split ends. It also strengthens the cuticles and provides volume control, as well as provides long-lasting hydration to the scalp. You can count on this hair mask to turn your hair soft, silky, and healthy again as it does an amazing job of preventing damage from heat and environmental pollution. 

If you have breakage-prone, dry, and color-treated hair, this hair mask can also help you with that too. The alcohol-free formula prevents frizz and smoothens hair while strengthening and volumizing your brittle strands. Curly, wavy, straight, short, and long hair can use it all.


Vitamins Keratin Mask For Dry & Damaged Hair – Nourish And Repair Hair Masks For Fine Hair

2.2. Macadamia Professional Weightless Repair Masque – Weightless Hair Masks For Fine Hair

If you want something that feels weightless but still can do a great job at keeping your hair hydrated, this hair mask is the one. It repairs and rejuvenates dry and damaged hair by providing an instant moisture boost to lifeless damaged hair and revitalizes it. This lightweight mask not only protects hair from damages that are caused by harsh environments such as polluted air or UV rays, but also strengthens individual hair strands, repairs split ends, smooths hair, and improves hair elasticity.

The formula contains macadamia, argan, coconut, and walnut oils. Macadamia oil and argan oil contains omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 fatty acids, which can add shine to hair while repairing brittle hair. The argan oil restores softness and strength to hair, and for moisture, we have coconut oil to soften dry and damaged hair. 

Other ingredients such as walnut oil and humectants help strengthen and hydrate hair without weighing it down, as well as retain moisture in the hair and condition it as well. Use this after you shampoo your hair and leave it on for about 5-10 minutes. After this, rinse off the mask thoroughly. You’ll be surprised at how amazing your hair can turn out to be. 


Macadamia Professional Weightless Repair Masque – Weightless Hair Masks For Fine Hair

2.3. Shu Uemura Muroto Volume Pure Lightness Treatment Mask – Volume-boosting Hair Masks For Fine Hair

If you need something that can get you that extra boost in terms of hair volume, then you should try this hair mask. This hair mask is a mask created specifically to give fine hair some lift. The Shu Uemera Muroto volume hair mask works amazingly for finer hair without making your hair feeling heavy or greasy at all. You can use it and feel refreshed all day long without any discomforting weight that happens a lot with many hair masks.

The mask’s formula includes deep-sea water, which is rich in nutrients and minerals that help keep hair hydrated and weightless. If your hair keeps falling flat on an oily scalp, then this formula is just the right remedy for you as it also means to rebalance natural hair oils. You can count on this hair mask to keep your hair bouncy all day long with its long-lasting volume formula. 

Make sure you’re not using too much of the product in every application, and rinse it thoroughly afterward to avoid an oily feeling.  


Shu Uemura Muroto Volume Pure Lightness Treatment Mask – Volume-boosting Hair Masks For Fine Hair

2.4. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap – Overnight Best Hair Mask For Fine Hair

This amazing product from the well-known Living Proof brand certainly doesn’t disappoint. If you don’t have the time, or feeling a little lazy after a long stressful day (who wouldn’t?), then this hair mask can be your lifesaver. Be prepared to comb through smooth, shiny, frizz-free hair after a few weeks of using this hair mask. You should use it once a week on thin hair for the best results. 

Get your beauty rest and let this hair mask do its job. Its overnight treatment will turn your hair into voluminous bouncy strands that shine under the sun. The formula is safe for colored and chemically treated hair and has potent conditioners, cuticle sealing technology, and amino acids to hydrate, revive, and protect your hair all week long.


Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap – Overnight Hair Masks For Fine Hair

2.5. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair And Scalp Treatment Unisex – Hair Masks For Fine Hair And Oily Scalp

If you have thin and oily hair, then you know the frustration that comes with dealing with excess sebum and sometimes, dandruff. You can think that with all of that extra oil that your scalp is producing, you won’t need to top it off with a hair mask. But in reality, leaving your hair dry out can cause your scalp to overwork and produce more oil than it might need, which will make your problems worsen. Also, when talking about treatment, we will usually immediately think of bleached hair as it really need good care. Besides using masks, you can also use more specific shampoos for bleached hair to get the best result.

Well, not anymore. You can say goodbye to your hair troubles thanks to this treatment mask from Paul Mitchell. It cleanses the scalp and hair with tea tree oil, peppermint, and natural salicylic acid (three ingredients that are all soothing and mildly exfoliating) while also effectively re-conditioning your strands. It’ll also help control itching or severe dryness. Try it out if you want to feel refreshed every morning. 


Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair And Scalp Treatment Unisex – Hair Masks For Fine Hair And Oily Scalp

And that concludes our list of the top 5 hair masks for fine hair. All of these products will not only revitalize and strengthen fine hair but also give it the moisture and care that it needs to look healthy and shiny. Try any of the above masks and you’ll be surprised at how your hair can transform from thin to voluminous. 

For more ideas and recommendations about hair care products, check out our post on the Top 5 Best Shampoos For Dry Hair: Give Your Hair That Voluminous Look (2021 Best Picks) and Top 5 Best Hair Masks To Deeper Strengthen Your Hair (2021 Top Picks). If you need a shortcut with your hair length and volume, don’t be shy and check out our awesome hair extensions such as ombre, wavy, or raw bulk for some extra help with hairstyling.

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