Reasons Why Synthetic Hair Wig Is A Wise Choice For You

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Along with the variety of designs of human hair extensions, synthetic hair also has many different color choices for customers. Do you want to learn about amazing synthetic hair types? Synthetic hair wig is one of the most outstanding because of their great advantages as well as their unexpected convenience. In addition, they can also be considered the best choice for girls who love the speed of application and want to quickly look gorgeous when going out. Read the entire article now to learn more about this kind of hair extension with us. 

Synthetic hair wig is a wise choice for you

Reasons why synthetic hair wig is a wise choice for you

1. What is synthetic hair wig?

First, to learn about this type of hair, you need to learn about its definition and how to classify it. Read the passages below for the most detailed and selective information to see why they are called a great alternative to human hair extensions.

1.1 What is a synthetic wig made of?

Unlike human hair extensions, which are made directly from human hair, synthetic hair wigs are made from artificial or synthetic fibers that have the same structure as real hair. They are processed with modern technology, so they look and style like real hair, but the texture will not be exactly the same; it will be rougher.

However, the price of this product is much cheaper than human hair extensions, so they are very popular with girls whose budget is not too high. In addition, their color, style, and type are all similar to human hair, so there are many options for their customers.

1.2 Popular types of synthetic hair wigs

As mentioned above, there are many types of synthetic hair wigs, so if you are new to them, you will be confused. So, below are the salient features of each type for you to easily distinguish and make an easier choice.

  • Synthetic U part wig: Synthetic U part wig: Synthetic half hair, shaped like a “u” at the top of the hair, they are often applied under your real hair to increase volume. They are one of the most popular, and don’t feel heavy to use, even if you apply them within a few hours.
  • Synthetic V part wig: Wigs are mounted on a V-shaped cap, with straps and clips on the back so they can be adjusted to fit your real hair. They are similar to U part wigs, helping you add volume if you have thin, light hair.
  • T part synthetic wig: Wigs have a lace front similar to the letter “T.”  The material is the same as that of other normal wigs. However, they will have less lace than regular hair extensions, so they will be thinner and lighter, making them more comfortable to use.
  • 3/4 synthetic wigs: This is a wig that can only cover 3/4 of your head; the rest is combined with your real hair to fix it. They are placed on the top of the head at the hairline; they do not put pressure on the hair, so they will not cause breakage.
Types of synthetic hair wigs

Popular types of synthetic hair wigs

1.3. Trending synthetic hair wigs styles

Different years will have different trends and models of synthetic hair wigs. Here are the hottest hair wig models in recent years that have never cooled down that you can pay attention to.

  • Curly synthetic hair wig: The wig’s hair extension is curled into small or large curls depending on the style you choose. They usually have a relatively soft texture, and make your face smaller and more youthful, so they are loved by many young girls.
  • Straight synthetic wig: A simple hairstyle with hair wig extensions is straightened; the length you choose will depend on the length you want. They make girls look softer, so they often choose colors that match their real hair color to become feminine.
  • Colored synthetic wigs: These are synthetic wig hair dye into different colors, from bright and prominent ones like orange, yellow, and pink to dark ones like gray, black, and brown. They also have different packs with different colors for you to mix if you want your hair to have a lot of highlights.

2. When do people choose synthetic hair wigs

So the question often asked is when to choose a human hair wig and when to choose a synthetic hair wig. Different situations will lead to different choices, but here are a few times when you can consider synthetic hair extensions and buy them.

First, when you need an item for frequent, temporary use. It could be when you want to go out to meet friends or attend an important party and need to wear a wig, rather than wearing it every day. Because synthetic hair has a short lifespan, you can consider it if you only use it for 1 to 2 months.

Second, you want a cheap, convenient product. The price of synthetic hair extensions is much cheaper than that of human hair, and they are very convenient and come in a variety of designs. So, if you do not want to spend too much money on a set of hair because you do not need to use it often, this is a very good choice for you. Not to mention, they also have a texture and characteristics similar to human hair.

People choose synthetic hair wigs

When do people choose synthetic hair wigs

3. All guides about synthetic hair wigs

Have you grasped the characteristics of a synthetic hair wig after reading all of the preceding paragraphs? If you are interested in them, we have more amazing suggestions for your reference.

3.1 Synthetic hair wig care

After purchasing synthetic hair extensions, proper and timely care will minimize their breakage over the course of their use. The ways to take care of this item will be shown in the following paragraphs.

The first is how to wash a synthetic wig. They are similar to how you wash your hair, but you need to use shampoos and conditioners specifically for extensions. Also, remember that after washing, you should let your hair dry naturally in the sun rather than using a dryer.

The second is how to take care of synthetic hair. These include using the right conditioners to keep moisture in your hair, while keeping it in place and making it look more bouncy. You can use them 2 to 3 times a week or after every time you wash your hair for the best moisturizing effect.

The third is the correct way to brush a synthetic hair extension. This seems simple, but many girls still do it wrong, resulting in their hair becoming brittle and their hairline weakening. The correct way to do it is to brush from the ends of your hair upwards instead of from top to bottom, as they are easy to untangle if your extensions get messy.

Hair wig care

Synthetic hair wig care

3.2 Synthetic hair wig custom

Do you want your synthetic hair extensions to be less monotonous with a few small custom touches? Refer to a few suggestions below to have more outstanding hair when appearing in front of the crowd.

The first is to dye your synthetic hair wig. You can dye your synthetic hair extensions as many different colors as you want after purchasing them, if you don’t like the original color. And to prevent synthetic wig hair dye from drying out and becoming more frizzy after dyeing due to the heat of dyeing, you can use the best wig spray for synthetic hair.

Second, using temporary hair color spray on a synthetic wig is a quick solution if you don’t want to spend too much time coloring. They still give you the desired hair color after just a few steps instead of a few hours like when you dye synthetic hair, so it is considered much more convenient.

The third is styling synthetic hair wig extensions. These can include braiding your hair in different styles, like French, side, and herringbone braids, so your hair doesn’t get boring. Styling such a simple hairstyle will make it easier for you to stand out, and your hair will also be more special.

And finally, if you’re wondering how to make a synthetic wig look like human hair, you can often condition it to give it a softer texture. The products of oils and sprays will bring you benefits, you can choose one type and use it regularly.

Hair wig custom

Synthetic hair wig custom

4. Synthetic vs human hair wigs – Which one is better

Buyers are often confused between human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions because they have almost the same design, which makes them indistinguishable. However, which one is better and more suitable for you? Below we have compared them based on a few criteria, based on your requirements for hair extensions to come up with your own answer.

The first is about the price. A synthetic wig will obviously be less expensive than one made with human hair because the supplier does not have to spend the time and effort collecting and then producing human hair. So buying them can save you some money, or you can easily buy multiple styles at once to change up your look every time you go out.

The second is about quality. As mentioned, the quality of a synthetic hair wig cannot be compared with a human hair extension. They are often rougher, and the texture will not be as perfect as human hair, as they are only simulated based on human hair. Therefore, you are often encouraged to buy good quality ones at a high price to make sure the texture is okay and not too different from real hair.

The third is about the complexity of care. Synthetic hair extensions will require you to care for them regularly with gentle products so that they can stay soft for a long time. However, human hair extension products do not need that. You do not need to use moisturizing oils too often because they have a moist, soft texture, so they always keep your hair shiny. So, if you do not have much time to take care of your hair, you can consider choosing human hair wig extensions because they are more convenient than spending too much time moisturizing synthetic hair extensions.

Finally, it’s time to put it to use. Synthetic hair can be used for a few months to a year, and you can use it many times. Human hair has a longer lifespan, usually 2 to 3 years. So, if you don’t use it often or just want to buy a hair extension product for a special occasion, a synthetic hair wig will be a better choice.

Based on the above comparisons, human hair extensions are the better choice in terms of both quality and duration, but their prices are relatively expensive. So, if you have a small budget or just want to use it for a short time, you can consider synthetic hair extensions.

Synthetic vs human hair wigs

Synthetic vs human hair wigs – Which one is better

5. Where to buy best human hair and synthetic hair wigs

After reading this far, do you want to immediately buy yourself a hair extension item? If so, keep reading, as we’ll suggest you the great places to buy hair extensions, whether you want to buy human hair or synthetic hair wig.

5.1 Where to buy synthetic hair wigs

Currently, there are many synthetic hair wig suppliers on the market, but suppliers from China are often rated as good quality and cheap. They have many large factories and modern equipment, so their products are cheaper than other suppliers. In addition, their staff is also very enthusiastic to advise you when you have any questions.

In China, the suppliers you can consider when buying are Xuchang Harmony Hair Products Co., Ltd, Qingdao Shunxian Import And Export Co., Ltd, Luoyang Shendu Hair Industry Co., Ltd, or Henan Rebecca Hair Products Co. , Ltd. They are all established suppliers for many years, with a variety of wig hair products for you to choose from. In particular, they also have preferential prices for loyal customers or buy wholesale at a particularly cheap price.

Buy synthetic hair wigs

Where to buy synthetic hair wigs

5.2 Where to buy human hair wigs

About human hair wig, there are also many good suppliers for you if you want to learn. If you are confused between many suppliers, the wisest way is to choose a large and established supplier in the market, because they are often more reputable, and the products are also of better quality.

You might consider K Hair Factory, 5S Hair Factory or SGI Hair India. They are all long-standing suppliers, always in the top of the best suppliers in their countries, and have a lot of loyal customers. If you are hesitant, you can ask them to get samples. They will help you test the hair texture to see if it’s the type you want or not, so you can make the best decision. 

5.3 How to buy synthetic hair wig from wholesale 

After determining the type of hair extension you need to buy, you may not know how to easily place an order. Of course, each supplier has a different ordering process based on the policies they set, but these are the most basic steps that you must take no matter what you buy from any supplier.

First, you need to choose the type and style of hair that you want to order from the supplier. All products are available on their website, you just need to select them to see the customization options, like color, style, and read detailed information about them.

Second, send your information to the supplier after you have clearly defined what features the item you want features to have. Information includes the synthetic hair wig you ordered, such as the quantity, style, color, and length you want, and your delivery information, such as your address, name, and phone number. In this step, the seller will use them to invoice you, performing the first step of order confirmation.

Third, the seller will send you the things they noted earlier, you need to check and remind them if something is wrong. Once everything is complete, the ordering process is almost done.

Fourth, sellers often ask you to pay a deposit, and you can choose between their many different payment methods to do so. The seller will confirm with you upon receipt of them, and after completing this step, everything is done. You just need to follow the estimated delivery date provided by the seller and wait for the product to be delivered. 

Buy synthetic hair wig from wholesale

How to buy synthetic hair wig from wholesale

The article has provided enough basic information about synthetic hair wig for you, as well as comparing them with human hair extensions so that you can make a choice between them. We hope that our suggestions will make you feel useful and help you buy the product you want in the future. 


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