Is Peruvian Human Hair Good And Really Worth Buying

Is Peruvian Human Hair Good And Really Worth Buying
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In the hair market, many people say that the quality of Peruvian human hair is so high, more and more people love this Peruvian origin hair, bringing a lot of profit in the hair and hair extension business. So many wholesalers tend to turn to Peruvian hair business to sell in the market. However, if you also have this intention, don’t be fooled. Is Peruvian hair really good? Do wholesale suppliers really sell so-called Peruvian hair? Other than Peruvian hair, are there alternatives available to wholesalers? To discover more secrets about this type of hair, read the article below.

Is Peruvian Human Hair Good And Really Worth Buying

Is Peruvian Human Hair Good And Really Worth Buying

1. What Peruvian human hair is defined by sellers

There are many flowery touts for this hair type. According to many sellers and factories that provide wholesale hair, Peruvian human hair is a hair made of 100% virgin unprocessed Peruvian hair, that is, this hair is not adulterated with other substances, completely It’s all human hair. As a result, the hair cuticles are intact, undamaged, and aligned in the same direction. This means that the resulting product is not tangled. Hair always ensures quality and has a long lasting durability with natural hair. If compared with Brazilian hair (good hair, highly appreciated and expensive), Peruvian hair is only slightly thicker and coarser.

Peruvian hair has a natural hair color, the color ranges from dark brown to lighter. However, you can completely change the color of your hair by dyeing it if you want. You can both have a satisfactory hair color, without worrying that real hair may be damaged by chemicals. Many Peruvians have wonderful natural dark hair, so it shouldn’t be hard to get a sense of excitement and satisfaction.

Selling Peruvian human hair will be very beneficial because it helps customers when using it not only comfortable but also looks very natural, the hair is shiny, smooth and comfortable when used on the head. Even at a glance, no one will realize that this is not your natural hair.

What Peruvian human hair is defined by sellers

What Peruvian human hair is defined by sellers

Sellers think that with such high quality and reasonable price, this will be the most popular hair type. So Peruvian hair wins the hearts of wholesalers and customers. If so, this is a very potential hair type and deserves to be loved and chosen by everyone. However, is there any mystery behind the salesman’s words? Below we will let you know.

2. What Peruvian human hair really is

As mentioned, if it is true that human Peruvian hair is 100% authentic as the sellers say, that’s too good. However, the truth is not quite so.

In fact, there are not many sources of raw hair materials available here. Indigenous human hair is there, but it is not possible to supply such huge quantities in the market. Most hair labeled Peruvian human hair by wholesalers is actually hair imported from countries with rich hair sources, good quality, and affordable prices in Asia such as China, India,… labeled as Peruvian, Doing so helps wholesale suppliers to sell more products, increase their reputation, and also make more profits, due to the high price difference.

So the obtained Peruvian hair is also of uneven quality. The quality obtained can be good or bad depending on the source of the hair they import. There are many cases where wholesalers, despite having a lot of experience buying hair in bulk, are still confused, or deceived. So be careful. If you are a hair wholesaler, you need to know this information to find a reliable seller, or choose other suppliers because the quality is still the same and you can buy the goods at a cheaper price.

3. Classify Peruvian human hair extensions in the market

Not to mention the products of poor quality that are bought by wholesale factories and labeled as Peruvian hair. Prestigious and quality Peruvian hair when sold on the market is also very diverse.

3.1 Classification based on hair quality

Considering the quality factor, Peruvian human hair can be divided into two types that are most appreciated by hair experts: Peruvian virgin human hair and Peruvian remy human hair. These two types of hair have some typical differences such as:

Peruvian human hair Classification based on hair quality

Peruvian human hair Classification based on hair quality

Peruvian virgin human hair is the most prized hair type. They are derived from human hair, which has never been treated with any chemicals before the wholesale hair suppliers collect them. This type of hair is usually in its natural state, with the cuticle intact and running in the same direction. With this virgin hair, you can bleach, dye or style it as you like, just like your real hair. This type of hair is of the highest quality, has a long service life, so it is often quite expensive.

Peruvian remy human hair is also made up of human hair, with layers cuticles run in the same direction. Remy hair is only different from virgin hair in that it has been chemically processed for color or texture. However, this is not great, and the cuticle on the hair is still intact. So the hair still ensures a certain smoothness, not weak, tangled. It is also for this reason that the Peruvian remy corner costs less than the Peruvian virgin hair. Wholesalers and customers can base on the characteristics of hair quality and price to choose the most suitable product for themselves.

3.2 Peruvian human hair extension classification

In the market, human Peruvian hair can be sold in many different forms. Some of the most typical items include:

  • Peruvian human hair wigs: The product is made into a complete wig, when customers buy it, they just need to go through the support tools and put it directly on their head. The benefit of human hair wigs is convenience, customers just need to use it directly when needed and remove it when they don’t want to use it anymore, without spending too much effort.
  • Peruvian human hair bundles: Wholesalers also often buy Peruvian human in bundles, customers depending on their need for thick or thin hair will buy 2-3 bundles. The benefit of this is that the client can balance the amount of hair on his head so that he feels most comfortable and confident.

3.3 Peruvian human hair extension styles

In terms of hair extension styles, Peruvian hair will also surprise you because they are very diverse. Some of the most typical choices chosen by many customers and wholesalers include:

  • Curly Peruvian hair: Curly hair from Peruvian has the common feature of keeping medium curls, but the curls are beautiful and curly even when the hair is still wet. There are many different colors, from deep tones to bright tones for you to choose from. Overall, if you buy Curly Peruvian, you don’t need to worry about tangling or falling out. Although curly, the hair is very soft and beautiful. Hair can be curly even if you only wear a few curls, looking very natural.
  • Peruvian straight hair: In addition to the curly style, straight hair is still the choice of many customers. It can be said that this is the strongest form of hair and gives the most natural look to the wearer. The hairs are soft and shiny, and come in a variety of lengths. And straight hair also has the most reasonable price, the longest durability of many styles, and is also the least prone to tangles and breakage.
  • Peruvian deep wave hair: Deep wave hair is the right hairstyle for all women and girls who want curly hair from Peruvian. When using deep wave hair, customers will have a soft look, the curls are beautiful even when the hair is still wet. Peruvian deep wave hair is quite easy to hold, less tangled. Deep wave hairstyles can be massive; However, it is also quite easy to take care of.
  • Peruvian body wave hair: Body wave hair gives users a trendy style, quite popular with fashion lovers. Body waves are a flexible texture. Customers when using can become an attractive wavy style thanks to the hair bundles are fixed in a perfect S-shape. The hair will always retain its beautiful bouncy waves.
  • Peruvian kinky curly hair: This hairstyle is suitable for every girl, so to speak. If you just want to have curly but equally thick and bouncy hair, choose Peruvian kinky curly hair.
  • Peruvian loose wave hair: Peruvian loose wave is a wavy style with large curls. This hairstyle is usually left loose as standard. With a thick, glamorous, high-quality curl texture, this hairstyle attracts others for its comfortable texture as well as medium length. This type of hair is in high demand in the market today.

4. Compare Brazilian vs Peruvian human hair

Because Peruvian human hair and Brazilian human hair are two names that are often mentioned together, also have quite similar properties, and are high-priced product lines, we will dedicate a special content analysis and analysis to compare these two hair types that received a lot of interest from these users and wholesalers.

4.1. Similarities Between Peruvian human hair and Brazilian human hair

In fact, Peruvian hair and Brazilian hair have a lot of similarities, even fierce controversy to choose which is the more extravagant hairstyle on the current market. When it comes to hair origins, both Peruvian and Brazilian hair are loved for their ability to add volume to natural hair. Their texture evenly leaves hair smooth and shiny, soft. Overall, both of these hair types go well with African-American hair.

Similarities Between Peruvian human hair and Brazilian human hair

Similarities Between Peruvian human hair and Brazilian human hair

Moreover, Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair are rarely tangled, so customers can handle their hair extremely easily. Even, the longevity and shelf life of both types of hair are quite high, because the hair is of good quality.

Another interesting coincidence is that these two types of hair are faked a lot. There are many wholesale suppliers that specialize in collecting hair of unknown origin, hair of poor origin from other countries, for labeling Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair in order to increase sales. This is why wholesalers need to know information about hair types to avoid being scammed.

4. 2. Difference between Peruvian human hair and Brazilian human hair

In terms of texture, original Brazilian hair has better curls and elasticity than Peruvian hair. Customers can comb or wash their hair easily, the hair is very shiny all day long without worrying about tangles and breakage.

Difference between Peruvian human hair and Brazilian human hair

Difference between Peruvian human hair and Brazilian human hair

In terms of hair length Peruvian vs Brazilian hair is characterized by super thick and long use time. However, Peruvian hair extensions are considered to last longer than Brazilian hair extensions, especially with curly hairstyles.

In short, if you want to have super thick and bouncy hair, you can choose to buy Peruvian human hair. On the contrary, if you want beautiful hair with bouncy curls, Brazilian human hair will be a reasonable choice. All in all, there is no better hair type than another, only the choice that suits you better. You can consider carefully if you choose to buy one of these two types of products.

5. Should I buy Peruvian human hair?

Here are what to pay attention to before you choose to buy Peruvian hair.

5.1. Pros and cons of Peruvian human hair

Before considering whether to buy human Peruvian hair or not, you can consider the Pros and cons of them, then make an objective assessment to choose.

  • About advantages:

True Peruvian hair has a silky, thick texture that gives it a bouncy and smooth look. It solves all the problems of people with short, frizzy, weak hair. Customers using Peruvian human hair will feel very satisfied and can be more confident.

Products from Peruvian hair are quite durable. On average, products made from this type of hair can last from 3 to 5 years if you know how to take care and maintain it well, and can be reused many times.

Moreover, as the hair is of high quality, depending on the style, customers when using human Peruvian hair can create many hairstyles, dyes,… The hair is still beautiful without worrying about affecting their real hair.

  • About the disadvantages:

It can be said that Peruvian human hair is a good product, high quality, long use time. But it is quite expensive in the market. So it is only suitable for customers with medium to high income, who like quality products, not too focused on price.

Moreover, human Peruvian hair along with Brazilian human hair are the two most faked hair types on the market. Many wholesale suppliers import goods from other countries, labeling this high-quality hair in order to sell more. This greatly affects the reputation and credibility of wholesalers in the hair market.

Cons of Peruvian human hair

Cons of Peruvian human hair

In short, Peruvian hair has both advantages and disadvantages. So, you can base these two factors, combined with your needs or your customers’ needs, to think about whether to choose this high-quality but expensive hair type. Or work with suppliers with other quality products.

5.2. Alternatives to Peruvian human hair you can consider

To meet the wishes of wholesalers who want to sell quality products but not too expensive, we also suggest alternatives for you. You can learn about Vietnamese human hair.

You can find out some of the best Vietnamese human hair suppliers in Vietnam, among which K-Hair is in the top 1. Vietnamese women’s hair is often not used with a lot of chemicals on the head, is cared for with natural methods, the hair is also strong, but still retains its smooth appearance. Vietnamese hair is often appreciated by many experts, the quality is not much inferior to Peruvian human hair, but the price is more reasonable.

Alternative choice Peruvian human hair

Alternative choice Peruvian human hair

At K-Hair, 100% of hair is committed to being Vietnamese hair, derived from human hair. They do not import poor quality hair from other countries, nor do they mix foreign impurities in the hair. So customers and wholesalers can rest assured.

Furthermore. K-Hair always focuses on quality, so in addition to raw materials, modern machinery is also invested, workers are trained with high technology. Each hair bundle is meticulously made and satisfied customers.

And one of the most important points, when working with K-Hair, you will work directly, without intermediaries. So all costs are not inflated, you can negotiate with the most reasonable price.

Up to now, K-Hair has had 3 main factories, ensuring 3 important stages: Roughing, Rolling and styling, and Stretching. K-hair’s headquarters are located in 5 countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Nigeria, Russia and the US. Because of its good quality and reasonable prices, its prestige and professionalism when doing business, K-Hair has about more than 5000 agents and wholesalers cooperate to import goods. These numbers are also enough to prove the quality of Vietnamese hair and wholesale suppliers in Vietnam

Of course, this is also just our alternative suggestion for wholesalers looking for other potential suppliers. You can consider choosing if you feel Peruvian human hair is too risky. Or if you are satisfied with this hair type, you can choose reputable Peruvian hair suppliers on the market to avoid being scammed. Good luck!

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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