Human Hair Bundle – The Most Popular Hair Extension Choice

Human Hair Bundle - The Most Popular Hair Extension Choice
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Human hair bundle is a term that is not too unfamiliar to hair wholesalers in the market of wigs and hair extensions. If you are a wholesaler just starting to learn the business, or have little knowledge about hair, congratulations for reading this article. There is a lot of knowledge about hair bundles that not everyone knows. We will help you better understand about hair bundles as well as recommend the most popular to choose. We also provide a lot of detailed and complete information, please read carefully and remember.

Human Hair Bundle - The Most Popular Hair Extension Choice

Human Hair Bundle – The Most Popular Hair Extension Choice

1. What is human hair bundle

Hair bundles are so popular in the market now. Here are pieces of definition and information for you to know.

1.1. Definition of human hair bundle

So what does the term “human hair bundle” mean? So first, let’s learn the definition of the word “bundle” first.

Bundle is a word for a unit of measure. Hair bundles usually weighing around 100g are the most common. But also depending on the company, depending on the manufacturer in different countries, they may specify this weight a little more or a little less.

Human hair in bundle form refers to the origin of these sold-in bundles from real human hair. Suppliers of large quantities of hair, after collecting and producing hair, will bundle them into bundles according to the same regulations, and then sell them to wholesalers in the hair market.

This term is often used to describe bulk orders, invoices, or hair supplier transactions with wholesale hair suppliers. They directly import hair bundles in large quantities, then resell on the market to serve their business.

Definition of human hair bundle

Definition of human hair bundle

1.2. Popular qualities of human hair bundle

A hair bundle can be derived from human hair or other impurities. With quality hair suppliers, they only supply human hair bundles. This type of hair based on quality is also divided into 2 popular types: Virgin hair bundles and Remy hair bundles.

  • Virgin hair bundles:

Virgin hair bundles refer to hair bundles taken from human hair. This is the type of hair that has not been affected by heat and chemicals before being collected, so it still retains the properties of real hair, the texture on the hair is still very strong. Chemicals, bleach, colors or dyes have never been used. Not only that, products that are considered Virgin hair bundles must also originate from a single person, not mixed with different quality hair of different people. Virgin hair bundles are the closest to natural hair, offering the highest quality and longest shelf life.

Popular qualities of human hair bundle

Popular qualities of human hair bundle

  • Remy hair bundles:

This is also a highly appreciated human hair, giving good quality, but the price is more reasonable than Virgin hair bundles.

The cuticle and texture of this hair type are also almost intact. So the hair still has a natural shine and beauty. The difference due to the price is because Remy hair bundles do not place much emphasis on the number of people creating the hair. It can be made from 2-3 different people’s hair but has the same hair nature, so there won’t be too much of a difference in quality. And for those who love hair, like good quality, but are not economical enough to choose to buy Virgin hair bundles, they can consider this hair type.

2. Popular human hair bundle types

So in the market, when it comes to the human hair business, what are the popular types? Our information below will help you better understand this hair type.

2.1 Human hair weave bundle

Human hair weave bundle is also known as the human hair weft bundle. This is the most popular hair type, almost everyone mentioning a bundle will immediately think of this type.

Similar to the general definition, hair is tied into a very long weft, then rolled into a bundle and sold in the market. While it depends on the supplier in each country, some choose to cut the bundle into easily manageable pieces, or other suppliers prescribe the stitching of the braided sole component by folding them.

2.2 Raw human hair bulk/raw hair bundle

Raw human hair bulk/raw hair bundle, also known as raw hair bundle, means a bundle of raw hair that is tied with an elastic. A human hair bundle is a collection of weft hair extensions that have been collected, processed and sorted in the market. They are often used in weaving and are bundled together in bundles for convenience in trading and exchange. Single-stranded hair products are also known as bundle hair in everyday parlance.

Normally, a bundle of hair usually weighs 100 grams and the usual length of a hair bundle is from 10 inches to 32 inches. These numbers can vary slightly, so if working with a wholesale supplier, be sure of these numbers.

3. Trending human hair bundle styles

So you wonder what hair bundles are on the market? Which of them is trending and makes people want to buy the most? There are a few popular hairstyles that are loved by many shoppers such as:

  • Kinky straight bundles:

It is not surprising that this is one of the most sought after and popular hairstyles by customers. This hairstyle is not completely straight nor is it really curly, it looks quite interesting and unique.

Kinky straight bundles are similar in texture to natural African-American hair. The Kinky Straight Hair weave allows for a variety of unique and personal styling while still giving the user a natural look. In addition, due to its straight and slightly curly texture, Kinky straight makes it easy for customers to care for their hair.

  • Kinky curly bundles:
Kinky curly bundles

Kinky curly bundles

Kinky curly hair is characterized by a tight texture, and looks quite thick. It is the most curled and has maximum shrinkage. If you look closely, it can form a z-shaped pattern. Kinky human hair bundles are supposed to be coarse, spongey. This hair type is usually much denser than curly hair, both in texture and appearance.

  • Yaki straight bundles:

Yaki refers to the actual texture of the curls. To get this look, the hairs have to be steamed with water to create micro-folds, simulating the look of naturally straightened hair. Each hair in the bundle has its own wave, creating such an overall texture.

The yaki hair is a very natural looking style. It is often described as an almost Afro Caribbean hairstyle. Yaki straight bundles give a straight feel but the surface is a bit rough, so it is also very easy to care for the hair.

  • Loose deep wave bundles:

Loose deep waves are bundled into bundles. The texture of this hair type is in the middle, which is a combination of curling between liquid waves and deep waves. That is, they are larger than deep waves but smaller than liquid waves. So the waves look with moderate curl, look both natural and attractive.

4. Where to buy best human hair bundles

Hair bundles are the preferred hairstyle in the market. So there are also many suppliers selling this hair type. So how to choose a reputable supplier, selling good quality products?

4.1 Popular suppliers of human hair bundles

There are a few popular suppliers of hair bundles that are well known in the market. They are sellers who are rated by longtime hair experts as having good quality, professional service attitude and quality products.

  • Brazilian human hair bundles

Countries in Africa, especially Brazil, are among the most competitive markets for human hair extensions. Brazilian human hair is a product with hair sources taken from indigenous women in Brazil. With a strong hair texture, this is considered the longest-lasting primitive hair extension. Moreover, with the strength in the hair shaft, Brazilian human hair can be bleached, dyed or styled without worrying about tangles and breakage. Wholesalers and customers can purchase individual bundles of Brazilian human hair. Their durability can last from 8 months to 4 years with proper care.

However, you also need to understand that this type of hair is quite expensive, suitable for customers who accept to pay a high price to get good quality hair. Furthermore, this is one of those hair types that are heavily faked, i.e. wholesale suppliers can import hair from other countries with lower quality, labeled “Brazilian human hair” for sale. goods at a price much higher than the actual value. You need to understand the type of hair as well as the characteristics of Brazilian human hair to avoid being scammed.

  • Vietnamese human hair bundles

Vietnamese human hair is also one of the hair types that many experts appreciate. This is due to the common characteristics of Vietnamese women, they have the habit of taking care of their hair with natural methods. Moreover, Vietnamese women rarely use chemicals on their hair, and procedures such as bleaching and dyeing are rarely performed. So in general, Vietnamese human hair has a pretty good texture, meets the right quality. When importing hair from Vietnam, you can rest assured that Vietnam’s raw hair is 100% domestic, does not import poor quality hair from other countries, does not mix impurities in the hair.

Vietnamese human hair bundles

Vietnamese human hair bundles

Vietnamese human hair bundles are made by skilled workers who have worked for many years in the hair industry in qualified factories. Therefore, each hair bundle is meticulously made and of good quality, which can meet the needs of customers.

In general, Vietnamese human hair has a stable, uniform quality. Reasonable price, high shelf life if you know how to take care of it. Wholesalers can also consider the very potential market for this hair supply.

  • Cambodian human hair bundles

Cambodian hair is hair that is cut or collected from ethnic Khmer women. Cambodian hair has a natural black color or shades of brown-black. Due to the daily routine, Cambodian women rarely style their hair, rarely use chemicals on their natural hair, so Cambodian hair is very soft and smooth. This feature makes Cambodian hair quite similar to Vietnamese hair. In addition, Cambodia’s climate is divided into 2 distinct seasons, the rainy season and the dry season, so Cambodian hair has coarse hair, thick cuticles, light curls and moderate softness.

Cambodian hair can also be bundled into bundles according to regulations and resold to wholesalers. The hair is soft but still slightly coarse.

However, Cambodia has a sparse population, the supply of Cambodian hair is also relatively small because not all women have the habit of selling hair. Cambodia does not have a specialized hair factory, so there are only a few small hair salons with some modern machines.

4.2 Where are the best suppliers

We think that there are no best suppliers, only the supplier that suits you best. You can base on your business ability and your customer segment to choose the right hair supplier and hair bundle type.

If you want to find the highest quality human hair bundles, long shelf life, great reputation in the market because of the brand, you can choose to buy Brazilian human hair. However, this type of hair is very easy to fake, so to avoid being scammed, you should have an in-depth knowledge of this hair type.

If your customers do not have too much money and still want to find quality products, then Vietnamese hair bundles are a great suggestion. The quality of Vietnamese human hair is not too different from Brazilian human hair, but the price is cheaper.

If your starting capital is low, Cambodian hair bundles can be considered. They have lower prices and can satisfy the needs of a lower customer segment.

5. Guides on buying human hair bundles for beginners

Starting to do something is also very difficult. The same goes for starting a hair wholesaler. But rest assured we have guides on buying bundles of human hair for beginners.

Guides on buying human hair bundles for beginners

Guides on buying human hair bundles for beginners

5.1. Buy human hair bundles for beginners

Just starting a business and becoming a wholesaler, you may be familiar with two terms: hair bundles with closure and with frontal

Human hair bundles with closure are created to protect users’ natural hair. This type of hair is often made of human hair, one end of the hair is bundled into bundles to form a complete piece. There are different sizes but the most popular is the 4×4 type, which covers the same length and width on the client’s scalp.

It is basically used for closing in textiles, quick weaves or wigs. The hair is attached to something with a domed fold and is fixed around the circumference. It helps to blend perfectly with the hair extension and gives the user a natural look like real hair. Hair bundles with closure are the easiest way to add beauty to your hair without damaging your natural hair, plus it’s easy to install and remove.

As for Human hair bundles with frontal, the reason many people love this hairstyle is because it looks more realistic and offers more styling options than hair bundles with closure. Basically, this is a wig that contains a layer along the front part of the hair. The hairs that grow from here look like natural human hair.

Hair bundles with the frontal makes it easy for users to set up and style. You can freely create many different designs without spending too much time. Moreover, this type of hair helps the hair to breathe because it does not cover the scalp and hair.

Usually, 3 bundles combined with 1 closure or frontal is just enough to form a complete wig. So if you start a business and are interested in human hair bundles, you can also try this quantity to make samples and evaluate product quality before deciding to buy in bulk.

5.2. How to check human hair bundle quality

To check whether the hair bundle is of good quality, wholesalers can base on the following factors:

  • Check the grip: Hold the hair at the top or secure the hair with a hair tie. Clip back about 1/4 of the hair length, the middle, and 3/4 of the hair length. If the human hair bundle is of poor quality, it will be noticeably thinner at the back. High-quality hair will have roughly the same thickness throughout its entire length.
  • Wet tangle test: You can dip the hair to be tested in water, prevent the action of shampooing and check if they are not tangled. If the hair’s cuticles are already messed up and inverted, the hairs will crawl on top of each other, become unremovable, and become tangled.
Wet tangle test for human hair bundle

Wet tangle test for human hair bundle

  • Moisture: With treated hair, hair care products are very important. It’s important to use the right product for your hair type and color. Humidity is one of the important factors that determine hair extensions. When the moisture content of the hair falls below 10%, the hair extensions can look brittle and break easily.

All information about human hair bundle is shared and provided by us in full and detail in the above article. We hope to be able to help you wholesalers who are just starting a business with a lot of knowledge about hair types.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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