Remy Clip in Hair Extension: Things You Must Know

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If you are looking for a hair extension type which is natural-looking and pretty durable, remy hair extension sew in or remy sew in hair extensions is a highly recommended choice. Not only the hair quality of remy hair sew in extensions is good or the prices are reasonable, the hair is also loved for its variety in choices in terms of lengths, styles, suppliers or so on. In this article, we will help you discover all these must-know things.

Remy Hair Extension Sew In

Remy Hair Extension Sew In: Things You Must Know

1. What are remy hair extensions sew in?

A remy hair extension sew in can be understood as a remy human hair extension as well as a sew in hair extension. This name is the combination of hair material type (remy human hair) and the installing method (sew in method).

About remy human hair extension: This name is used to differentiate remy with virgin or non-remy human hair extension. If you have not known clearly yet, here is a brief explanation. When it comes to human hair extensions, there are 3 types to consider: virgin, remy and non-remy hair.

Though they are all human hair, the quality and prices are different. The quality of remy hair sew in extensions, as a result, depends on the quality of the input types of raw hair materials.

  • Virgin hair is the hair that is cut from only one person. What makes this hair type so valuable and different from remy hair extension sew in or non-remy one is that the hair is uniform in hair strands and their direction. In addition, the hair collected is totally fresh, and all the cuticles which help the hair stay healthy are well kept. As a result, this is also the most high-quality human hair type from hair warehouse distributor and also the most expensive one compared to remy hair in or remy sew in hair extensions.
Virgin hair

Virgin hair: the hair that is cut from only one person

  • Remy hair which is used to produce remy sew in hair extensions is less valuable than virgin one. Remy hair is collected from 2 or more people, so the uniformity is not as high. However, the hair quality is still good with well protected cuticles and the same hair alignment so the quality of remy hair sew in extensions is relatively high. The price of remy hair is cheaper than virgin one, so remy hair is the best choice for a medium budget.
Remy hair

Remy hair: collected from 2 or more people

  • Non-remy hair is the last type of human hair. This hair type is the mix of different hair from different people. The quality is the worst, and the price is the cheapest as well. Instead of spending money buying such low-quality hair like this, you’d better buy remy hair sew in extensions.
Non-remy hair

Non-remy hair: mix of different hair from different people

About sew in hair extension: This name is used to describe the applying method. Besides many methods like clip in, tape in or microbead, etc, remy hair extension sew in is also a popular choice. The weft hair extension is literally sewn on users’ real hair using real needle and thread; therefore, it is called sew in hair extension.

You can see more about the difference bettween Virgin hair and remy hair in this video:

3. Remy hair extension sources

As mentioned, remy hair materials are hair collected from at least 2 donors. Therefore, the sources are quite abundant. Many countries can supply remy hair bulk as raw materials. They are Vietnam, China, India, Cambodia and Russia, etc.

Each ethnic hair has specific features. For example, Vietnamese hair is strong and smooth while Indian temple hair is quite curly and dry.

About final extension products of remy hair, they are supplied by distributors all over the world! In many countries in which remy hair materials are rare, sellers can easily import and resell remy hair products.

4. Remy hair extension prices

Remy hair is loved for its affordable prices. They are not as expensive as virgin hair, and the quality is still pretty good. Below is the price list of remy hair from K-Hair. This is reported to be the most reasonable price list for high-quality Vietnamese hair.

The price is for natural straight remy hair, for each kilogram of hair weave (1 bundle = 100g, 10 bundles = 1kg). Each hair length and quality grade has each price. For example, 10 inch natural straight remy hair, double drawn, costs 184 USD for 1kg.

K-Hair remy hair bundle price list

K-Hair remy hair bundle price list for 1kg with Natural straight and Natural Color

In general, the hair prices depend on 4 main factors, including quality conditions, quality grades, styles and colors.

  • Quality conditions: All called remy hair, but the quality between the hair bundles can be different. Some are human hair; some are synthetic; some are unprocessed; some are damaged; some are old hair, or some are fresh hair. The more high-quality the hair is, the more expensive it is. Therefore, don’t rush to choose a cheap supplier for remy hair. The reason behind it can be old, damaged, low-quality hair.
  • Quality grades: There are 3 quality grades which decide the fullness of the hair bundles. They are different in looks, but the weight of each bundle is the same. Single drawn quality grade indicates that only 50% of the hair strands have the same length, and the rest are shorter strands mixed. The percentage is 75% for double drawn hair and 85% for super double drawn hair.
  • Styles: Hair with natural texture is cheaper than hair with styled textures. That’s the reason why natural straight hair is cheaper than curly wavy and bone straight hair. Fee for processing was added to the price list.
  • Colors: Similar to prices for styles, prices for colors are also more expensive. Black is the natural color, so hair with black color is cheaper than colored ones. Besides, the lighter the color is, the more expensive it is (blond, gold, gray, ash, platinum, etc). The reason lies in the time and money spent on bleaching and moisturizing the hair before coloring.

5. Where to buy remy hair extension sew in

The last thing to discover is which hair origin of remy hair sew in extensions is the best to choose. Nowadays, there are thousands of wholesale hair vendors all over the world. Therefore, it is always essential to choose a reliable supplier of remy sew in hair extensions.

  • Brazilian and Peruvian remy hair: Not many hair buyers know that most of the Brazilian tagged remy hair is imported from Asian countries. Through marketing, it is believed to have amazing quality and the price is also high.
  • Russian remy hair: The source is becoming so rare, so the prices of remy sew in hair extensions in general are more and more expensive.
  • Hong Kong hair: Hong Kong raw hair is naturally black and abundant. However, most of the hair is mixed and not qualified.
  • UK remy hair: It is always famous for amazing quality and expensive price.
  • Vietnamese hair: Vietnamese hair is ranked top 1 in both quality and price.

After all, the first country to mention in the list when it comes to top quality remy hair sew in extensions is definitely Vietnam. Besides the most high-quality virgin human hair, Vietnamese suppliers also produce and distribute high-quality remy hair. All the remy hair sew in extensions are Vietnamese human hair which is naturally healthy and smooth. Therefore, the remy hair products are very attractive and high-quality.

K-Hair – Hair factory in Vietnam

K-Hair – Top supplier to import remy hair extension sew in

K-Hair official price list for all Vietnamese weft hair bundle styles

K-Hair Vietnam is one of the top wholesale hair suppliers in Vietnam

Contact For More Information:

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6. How to install remy hair extension sew in

The only way to wear a human hair extension sew in is to use the needle and thread to sew the hair extension into your real hair. The process of installing remy hair sew in extensions is time-consuming and requires meticulous skills; therefore, it is usually carried out at the hair salons by skilled hairdressers. The process follow these 3 main steps:

Step 1: Brushing hair: The hairdressers will firstly brush your hair extensions sew in to make sure there is no tangle.

Step 2: Braiding: Then they will create at least a small braid line with your real hair.

Step 3: Sewing: After that, they will sew the root of the hair extensions into that braid. This practice will help the remy hair sew in extensions stay firmly attached to your real hair.

Install remy hair extension sew in

Process of installing remy hair sew in extensions

7. Post-installation care of remy hair extension sew in

The remy sew in hair extensions is technically attached to your real hair totally by hand. There is no interference of glue, heat or chemicals. Therefore, daily hair care and hair conversation with your remy hair sew in extensions is quite simple and convenient.

  • For daily hair care, you just need to take care of the hair extensions as normal. All the steps include brushing the hair, washing the hair, blow drying the hair and moisturizing the hair. Just make sure that you don’t tangle the braid where the hair extensions sew in is attached.
  • For hair conservation, you need to make sure the hair extensions sew in is totally clean and drained before storing in a hair extensions sew in bag. As a result, the remy hair sew in extensions can last for up to 6 years.
Take care of hair extension sew in

Take care of hair extension sew in is quite simple and convenient.

8. FAQs about remy hair extensions

After being sewn on your hair, how long can the remy hair extensions sew in last? The answer is that the remy hair sew in extensions generally can stay still for about 6 to 8 weeks ( about 2 months) before you have it resewn. It is such a long time in comparison with other hair types like clip in or tape in remy hair. Installing this type of human remy hair sew in, you no longer need to worry about your hair length and hair volume for a long time. This is very pleasant and convenient in styling your remy hair sew in extensions.

There are top 3 attractive styles:

  • Curly wavy hair extension: You can choose from a wide range of tight curls, loose curls or medium bouncy curls patterns of remy hair sew in extensions. Some specific styles are body wavy, kinky, pixie, bouncy, voluminous coil, etc.
  • Bone straight hair extension: Many people think that bone straight hair style is only popular and suitable for American African women, but it is actually also loved in Europe, Asia and all regions worldwide.
  • Customize your own hair extension: Customizing your own straight hair extension sew in is also an amazing idea to exactly get the hairstyle you wish. You can try layering, tying or coloring the hair.

There are 3 different length levels for customers to choose from:

  • Long sew in hair extension: Long hair extensions are those from 20 inch long. The length can be up to 30, 32, 34 or even 36 inches. With a long hair extension, you can style many girly hairstyles.
  • Medium long sew in hair extension: Medium remy sew in hair extensions are those around the mid back length which is usually around 18 inches.
  • Short sew in hair extension: Short hair extensions are those with shoulder length or shorter ones. Usually, a short hair extension is 12, 10 or 8 inches long.

With sew in hair extension, you can easily dye any color you want. However, the hair will quickly become dry, and you need to pay attention to the moisturizing steps in the hair care routine.

In conclusion, remy hair extension is a worth buying item. Both the hair quality and prices are in the middle level (compared to virgin and non-remy hair). Therefore, it is considered good-quality and affordable, suitable for many customers.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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