Selling Hair In Coronavirus Pandemic: Advantages Or Challenges?

Selling hair in corona virus
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Coronavirus is really a serious pandemic of the world in 2019-2020. The outbreak of this infectious pandemic has caused a lot of damages to many countries in the world, especially in China. The mortality is at an alarming rate, the cases of infected victims are increasing every day. The business has declined, many enterprises must cease temporarily their business at this time. Hair business in coronavirus pandemic is also in this situation. Almost hair salons have closed their store. You are a hair seller/boss of hair salon and you are among decisions whether to close down your business or not? You don’t know if it okay to sell hair in coronavirus pandemic? Then this post is the answer to you!

I. Hair Market In Coronavirus Pandemic


In coronavirus pandemic, all the hair salons in the world have to close down their salon to avoid infectious situations. Their selling hair in coronavirus pandemic has been held up seriously. Moreover, many hair orders are stuck in borders and can’t reach them. These problems have put pressure on hair sellers/ hair salons who style hair all over the world. You are a hair seller and you are still in a difficult situation, you don’t know what to do? Close your store or continue? Let’s check through these comparison opinions to have a clever choice in this pandemic time!

II. Challenges When You Sell Hair In Coronavirus Pandemic

1. Scarcity of customer demands

In coronavirus pandemic, all people just stay at home and avoid taking part in crowded places like holidays, festivals, bars, parties and so on. Therefore, they don’t have demands to apply beautiful sets of weft hair because they don’t go out for any special events. The scarcity of customer demands leads to slow business in hair salons. So if you still open your hair salon this time, you must confront with slow business with very few customers.

2. Able to be infected with coronavirus

Anyone can be infected with coronavirus. This virus doesn’t show off clear signs of being infectious. Therefore when you contact directly with customers from many areas, the ability of being infected with Co-vid19 Virus will be high.

III. Advanatages When You Sell And Import Hair In Coronavirus Pandemic

1. Only Hair Seller Can Supply Hair Customers

Let’s imagine when all other hair salons close down their store, you are the only one who can continue supplying hair to customers. Even customers demands are small but there are still customers who need beauty service, and you are only hair seller who is ready to supply and ship to them anytime. Many loyal customers from other hair salons will reach you for beauty service, and if your hair quality is good then you can turn them into your loyal customers.

2. Fill Up Your Hair Store And Wait For Suitable Time

While other hair sellers stop their importing hair from hair factories, you can considering importing hair to fill up your stores. Why?

  • Imagine about 1-2 months later when this coronavirus pandemic is over, the customer demands for beauty increases and hair salons start to import hair from factory. This will take a quite long time for making hair and shipping processes from vendor hair factory to hair salon.
  • But with you, you have filled up your stores with hot selling hair before ( you must sure that these hair is loved most and sold out very quickly). While other hair sellers must wait to get hair from factory, you have hair to sell already. You can take advantages of this time to become strong in hair market ( Only you can supply hair immediatly)



3. Launch Sales Program In Coronavirus Pandemic

When we are in hair business, we also have the best quality hair and not so good quality hair to sell. Sometimes, you can’t sell this type of hair even it is at a low price. However, in coronavirus pandemic when many products are on big sales, customers tend to buy many products at lower prices in sale seasons.You can take advantages of the virus pandemic to sell not so good hair quality at a lower price, then it can be sold out very quickly.

IV. Borders Have Been Closed From Many Countries? How Can I Import Hair From Foreign Vendor Factory?

Borders have been closed from many countries in the world. Many orders have been stuck and can’t go through the borders. A lot of foreign hair factories can’t solve the problem of shipping for hair sellers, they promised that they can ship but in fact, they can’t.

But in K-hair factory, we are proud to be the ONLY HAIR VENDOR can ship hair to all countries in the world. We make a 200% compensation contract to customers before shipping to ensure that orders can reach customers. Any long delays or problems in shipping, customers will receive 200% money compensate value of the orders!

Only Factory Can Ship Hair To All Countries In This Pandemic

Contact K-Hair Factory To Make Order Now!

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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