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Playing a vital part in the world’s whole market for hair extensions, Vietnamese hair vendors have their own unique characteristics that make them stand out. Let’s dive into how and why Vietnamese hair vendors position their visibility worldwide, then jump to some recommendations/tips to connect with them easily.


Vietnamese hair vendors


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1. What is a Vietnamese hair vendor?

Possessing countless similarities but accompanied by many differences, Vietnamese hair vendor always plays a vital role in the whole world’s hair extension industry. To get a deeper understanding of hair vendors in general and Vietnamese hair vendors in particular, let’s continue to dive into the below paragraph!

1.1. What is a hair vendor’s role in the hair extension industry?

The hair vendor, or in other words, we call it “hair supplier”, “hair provider”, or anything like that, is the seller in the hair extension industry. Their sizes range from small to medium to large. They provide customers (hair extension seekers) with hair extensions, whether of good or bad quality, depending on their decisions to sell conscientiously or not, thus securing the flow between demand and supply in the hair extension industry. They are located all around the world, from Europe and Africa to Asia and Australia. And in Asian countries, the Vietnamese hair vendor, along with others, is always one of the most noticeable choices for hair extension seekers worldwide.


What to know about Vietnamese hair vendors?

Nowadays, there are many tips for a random Vietnamese hair vendor or anyone else to secure their customers with the best quality hair extensions provided. There are numerous handbooks and tips, both digital and hard-printed, that could provide Vietnamese hair vendors and others with the entire process of gradually mastering this field. We can mention them both, respectively, below.

  • First of all, Vietnamese hair vendors, as well as others, should research their own products.
  • They then proceed to the next step, which is choosing a location. The locations for Vietnamese hair vendors need not always be in Vietnam. If they can adequately prepare to ensure their operations, foreign locations are acceptable.
  • Next, whether you’re a Vietnamese hair vendor or not, you have to set up your wholesale accounts.
  • Then, provide your customers with incentives.
  • Next, sell accessory supplies.
  • A Vietnamese hair vendor, or any other business, might consider giving discounts to regular customers after the sale (post-purchase).
  • Finally, besides the work of neutral sales, whether you are a global hair vendor or a Vietnamese hair vendor, or in China or India as well, you have to promote your business to get it sustained.

1.2. What is a Vietnamese hair vendor and its unique characteristics?

To put it simply, a Vietnamese hair vendor is a hair vendor from Vietnam, which means it originated in Vietnam, is located in Vietnam, or something similar. Vietnamese hair vendor, like Vietnamese raw hair material, has their own unique characteristics. Now, let’s come to discuss what makes a Vietnamese hair vendor different from other suppliers of hair:


Vietnamese hair vendors provide a variety of hair extensions

1.2.1. The hair quality that the Vietnamese hair vendor offers

Excellent hair quality is another asset that each Vietnamese hair vendor has to offer. Vietnamese hair has several clear advantages: it is glossy, silky, and long-lasting.

Vietnamese rural women who consume a nutrient-rich, fiber-rich diet and live in a climate that supports their hair – not too hot, not too cold – donate their products to Vietnamese hair vendors. In addition, lemongrass, locust, or pomelo juice, which has been scientifically proven to improve scalp and hair health, is used by Vietnamese women to wash their hair. Additionally, Virgin or Remy hair is the type of raw hair used in the manufacturing process of a Vietnamese hair vendor. Contrary to non-Remy hair sources, these 2 types of hair materials do have the highest level of quality assurance.


Vietnamese hair vendors have high-quality hair sources

Additionally, because Vietnamese manufacturing facilities place a greater emphasis on quality, Vietnamese hair vendors typically have tighter controls over their hair sources, ensuring the general security of the hair quality offered by any given Vietnamese hair vendor.

1.2.2. The normal scale of a Vietnamese hair vendor

In comparison with any other country, the scale of a Vietnamese hair vendor’s plant is medium on average. They could be small, medium, or large, depending on many factors, but in general, their size in squares is not as large as Chinese hair vendors’ plants but not as small as other Southern Asian hair vendors’ plants.

But this feature does not affect the product diversity that a Vietnamese hair vendor could provide.

  • Thanks to the country’s recent adoption of cutting-edge technology in production, Vietnamese hair extensions can offer a wide range of products. Because of this, Vietnamese hair vendors can provide you with any hair extension product available on the market as long as you want.

The scale of Vietnamese hair vendors

  • Besides that, thanks to the quality of full-cuticle hair (Virgin hair), hair in the production process of Vietnamese hair vendors can be easily styled, bleached, or dyed with quality guaranteed for further steps, thus creating a diverse product type.

Vietnamese hair vendors have long produced hair for the hair market. Vietnamese hair factories are therefore able to provide the precise types and shades of hair that wholesale hair dealers require. The hair must continue to be in good condition at all times.

1.2.3. The price a Vietnamese hair vendor normally offers

Vietnamese hair vendors sell hair products for a very affordable price. And there are a few reasons for this:

  • Vietnamese hair vendors have the advantage of local material sources, unlike many other nations that export hair. Vietnamese hair is currently in plentiful supply, particularly in the country’s mountainous northwest and northeast.
  • The Vietnamese government is taking steps to promote exports, particularly those of hair products. For Vietnamese hair vendors, this means predictable delivery procedures and affordable delivery costs.

Below is the price list of black hair extensions of a well-known hair factory in Vietnam – K-Hair factory. As you can see, the price is calculated in USD for each kilogram of hair (1kg of hair consists of 10 hair bundle as each bundle is 100g). For different lengths and quality grades, the prices vary a lot. You can choose some suitable with your budget. The cheapest one is 1kg 8 inch single drawn hair which is only 89 USD. The most expensive one is 1kg 30 inch super double drawn hair which is 800 USD. Those the prices can be higher than those of other brands, the quality is totally worth it and you’d better try!


A price list of Vietnamese hair vendors

Yes, if you don’t mind settling for subpar quality, you can choose less expensive vendors. However, from the perspective of a client who visits your salon for hair extensions or to purchase a wig from you, it is highly likely that they would not appreciate unsatisfactory hair.

We think this is a wise investment because Vietnamese hair vendors are still incredibly affordable while producing hair of the highest caliber. When compared to other hair types available on the international market, Vietnamese hair vendors continue to offer the best value in terms of the relationship between the price paid and the quality received.

2. How can a Vietnamese hair vendor collect hair for production?

The above part does unwittingly mention some points describing how a Vietnamese hair vendor can collect hair for its product. Let’s go into more detail and reconsider the potential sources as well as the steps of manufacturing.


Raw hair from Vietnamese hair vendors

2.1. The sources of hair that a Vietnamese hair vendor could use

Vietnamese hair vendors, unlike many other countries that export hair, have the advantage of local material sources. Vietnamese hair is currently in plentiful supply, particularly in the country’s mountainous northwest and northeast. In this mountainous area, women normally keep their hair really long in order to bun it neatly for an easier way of working in the fields. Moreover, the climate in these areas is mild and there are so many herbs like locust and grapefruit peel for women there to do their head washing, thereby nursing their hair healthy and silky, creating a good source of raw hair for Vietnamese hair vendors.

And also, as mentioned, the Vietnamese hair vendor only selects raw hair from the 2 most qualified sources: Virgin hair and Remy hair. So, the quality of a randomly-chosen Vietnamese hair vendor has a high possibility of being standard achieved.

2.2. The process of creating a full hair extension for sale in a typical Vietnamese hair vendor

One typical production process to have a well-synthesized hair extension product that we can mainly observe from Vietnamese hair vendors has nine steps (9 stages/9 phases). They are separated from one another but all combine and coordinate rhythmically, thus finalizing a full circular in the Vietnamese hair vendor’s plants.


Production process of Vietnamese hair vendors

Respectively, they are:

  • Cutting: All of our raw materials are 100% real Remy hair that is cut from females in the same direction, with the cuticles fully aligned, unprocessed, and healthy.
  • Removing: To manufacture the highest-quality hair extensions, Vietnamese hair vendors remove each short hair piece one at a time while maintaining the cuticle’s uniform direction.
  • Dying process: Vietnamese hair vendor maintains the hair’s integrity at its highest, allowing for exquisite color and long-lasting hair. We only lightly process and harm our dying. As a result, it moves more slowly than other businesses, which is best for hair.
  • Granding: Professional hair stylists working for each Vietnamese hair vendor maintain order in their job to prevent shedding and ensure that all hair grows in the same direction from top to bottom.
  • Separating: Vietnamese hair vendors assign their employees to weigh each hair gram precisely in accordance with the requirements of the order.
  • Making weft: New technological triple and double wefts can be produced using 3-head machines, as well as wefts that are stronger and more pleasant.
  • Special hair care: Since Vietnamese hair vendors don’t employ a harsh method, they have never had to cover up the harsh chemical process with silicone. (If low-quality hair is processed with harsh silicone, it will feel silky when you first buy it. However, the coating will fall off after using a few shampoos, and the true quality will then be seen.
  • Quality control/ Quality check: Before packaging, each strand of hair that Vietnamese hair vendors provide will be measured, weighed, and checked once more.
  • Packaging: PVC bags, cardboard boxes, and labels are used to package products according to client specifications.

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3. Comparing a Vietnamese hair vendor vs. other countries

Each country, each nation is featured by their culture, their customs, and their behavior that have existed for a long time, thus creating the daily habits of nurturing hair as well, especially in the mountainous areas where people might stick to the old traditions for a long time, maintaining them and spreading them over generations. To compare Vietnamese hair vendors vs. other countries (China and India), now, let’s consider 3 factors: the scale, the customers, and the price.

3.1. The scale of Vietnamese hair vendors vs. Chinese and Indian

Let’s come to visit one typical hair plant that K-Hair, one of the largest Vietnamese hair vendors, possesses in the image below. These are just separate parts of the whole plant, but via this, we bet that you can imagine the whole plant structure as well as the hierarchy of other Vietnamese hair vendors.


K-Hair Factory – Best Vietnamese hair vendor

When arranged in ascending order, the investment in production lines among the prominent countries in the hair industry in Asia would be India, Vietnam, and China. Therefore, it is easy to understand that Vietnamese hair vendors have a mid-range factory scale compared to other Asian countries. Of course, there will be exceptions (when Vietnamese hair vendors’ factories are small or large), but the general situation is as described.


Chinese hair factories besides Vietnamese hair vendors


Indian hair factories besides Vietnamese hair vendors

3.2. The customers of Vietnamese hair vendors vs. Chinese and Indian

When we talk about the customers who purchase hair extensions worldwide, there are so many things for us to discuss. The customers of Vietnamese hair vendors are anyone, ranging from European countries who desire bleached hair to African countries who desire strong, silky ones.

Let’s go back to the discussion of the quality of Vietnamese hair before we discuss the reasons why Vietnamese hair vendors were able to draw such a diverse clientele but not India, for instance. As only the two best-qualified types of raw hair are offered by Vietnamese hair vendors. One of them is Virgin hair, which can be used for bleaching and dying because it has never been dyed or destroyed by chemicals. Contrarily, non-Remy hair (hairballs), such as those from India, won’t be able to accomplish this. If Indian hair sellers only use hair from within their own country, they might find it difficult to market to customers in Europe.


The customers of Vietnamese hair vendors

And of course, selling and buying take place in a variety of formats whether in Vietnam, India, China, or any other country. Hair sellers could trade products with individuals who had modest amounts of hair or exchange hair extensions for wholesalers, making them big deals afterward.

3.3. The price of Vietnamese hair vendors vs. Chinese and Indian

There is still talk of price differences for hair extensions among various hair exporting nations. That’s accurate. The cost of various hair types varies across nations depending on the quality, origin, and scale of the raw hair input used in production. Normally, people could think that “Hmm, Vietnamese hair vendors are well known for their premium, unique hair extensions; the cost of the hair products they sell must be expensive!”

On the other hand, Indian hair vendors’ Virgin hair sources are occasionally of poor quality (curly hair that is occasionally dry and fibrous due to hot weather conditions), and their labor workshops are of poor quality. So people may think that the price of imported hair from India is typically a little less expensive than the price offered by Vietnamese hair vendors.

But are all of them right in reality? In fact, the cost of hair extensions offered by Vietnamese hair vendors ranks among the lowest types internationally. Let’s take an example in the image below to demonstrate:


The price of hair from Vietnamese hair vendors vs Indian ones

From the image above, it’s clear that the price of a bundle offered by K-Hair (the largest Vietnamese hair vendor) ranges from $18-$70/bundle, with the respective length ranging from over 40 to 75 cm. Besides that, a random hair extension brand in India offers a wholesale price list ranging from $17-$90 for the respective estimated length of 40 cm. So, the price offered by Vietnamese hair vendors can be said to not be too expensive in general.

4. Some Vietnamese hair vendor recommended for you

Vietnamese hair vendors are ranked highly in the global market, so they are frequently sought for importation. For now, let’s discover some key points that we could share with you for more information.

4.1. K-Hair – Top 1 Vietnamese hair vendor

One of the main Vietnamese hair vendors, K-Hair Factory, provides bulk orders to all international dealers.


K-Hair – Top 1 Vietnamese hair vendor

Africa (Ghana, Africa, South Africa, etc.), America (Brazil, Russia, Dubai, etc.), and Asia are the main markets for Vietnamese hair sellers. On social media, people are familiar with this Vietnamese hair vendor. K-Hair is regarded as one of the “loyal suppliers” of foreign customers among all Vietnamese hair vendors because it consistently offers the best prices, excellent quality, and a guarantee policy.

Additionally, K-Hair is the only Vietnamese hair vendor to provide customers with NAIRA rate services. Customers who order in bulk for 5 kg or more will pay a rate of 472. (The greatest insane deal in recent memory). In Nigeria, the market purchase and sale rate is approximately 490 percent higher.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why K-Hair is constantly at the top of the list of large, reliable Vietnamese hair vendors when it comes to the hair extension market in Vietnam. Maintaining a high ranking (#1 Vietnamese hair factory) in recent years, K-Hair continuously focuses on improving and enhancing the quality of its products.

The list of products this Vietnamese hair vendor offers is also very diverse in models, designs, classifications, and colors. At K-Hair, targeting international customers (Africa, Europe), but especially Europeans, who have diverse bleaching and dyeing needs, the diversity in product colors is easy to meet with this distributor. However, that does not mean that K-Hair does not focus on investing in the hair segment exported to Africa. The black hair group suitable for Africans is also produced by K-Hair with modern technology, meeting silky standards (beautiful hair quality).

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4.2. How to import hair from a Vietnamese hair vendor?

Because they may be highly regarded in the international market, Vietnamese hair vendors are frequently sought after for import. The majority of Vietnamese hair importation techniques generally take the following forms: After your initial order, the suppliers will generate an invoice for you. After finishing the invoice, you must send the suppliers a deposit equal to half of the invoice amount before they can be put into manufacture. After that, you must send the remaining funds to get your hair shipped.


How to import hair from a Vietnamese hair vendor

However, trying to import hair from another nation has a number of drawbacks, including issues with payment, shipping, and communication. You are vulnerable to fraud because of the distance between you two and the fact that you have only ever interacted with real people through screens. As a result, if you want to import hair from Vietnam, you must exercise caution at all times. Keep in mind that your suppliers may be attempting to defraud you if they ask for a deposit that is equal to 100% of your payment.

The general procedures for contacting Vietnamese hair vendors are as follows:

  • Get ready before you start purchasing hair.
  • Look for a trustworthy Vietnamese hair vendor.
  • Make contact with the Vietnamese hair vendor’s representative.
  • Make a purchase.
  • Payment and shipping.
  • Sell the hair and assess the hair supplier.

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4.3. Recommendations when importing from K-Hair

K-Hair is a brand of Vietnamese hair vendor you might want to look into in the Vietnamese market. K-Hair, the largest supplier of hair extensions in Vietnam, offers quality assurance for every stage of production and for every raw material, providing you with complete peace of mind if you purchase large quantities of hair from us. So please keep this brand (K-Hair) in mind and get in touch with us if you need to purchase hair extensions in large quantities.

And also, on our website, you will be able to see the contact details of the whole team. If you click on the button beside our team’s image (phone, Facebook, etc.), you will be able to get in touch with K-Hair’s personnel, thus paving the way for an easier way to connect with a huge number of hair extensions.

Above is a brief summary of Vietnamese hair vendors in general. We hope that it will be helpful for you when searching for hair suppliers in Vietnam. For any further information, please don’t hesitate to connect us. We will try our best to help you be satisfied!

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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