Chinese Human Hair Factory And How To Get Products From Them

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China is becoming one of the world’s largest wholesale hair suppliers. Chinese human hair factory is well-known for their hair availability and low pricing. Everyone has heard that China is a wonderful location to help find a factory that produces hair extensions in bulk. Furthermore, what else should you know about this huge wholesale hair supplier? Now let us investigate all of it related to the Chinese factory producing human hair.


Chinese Human Hair Factory And How To Get Products From Them

1. Overview of Chinese human hair factory

First and foremost, let us begin our investigation with an outline of a Chinese human hair factory. We’ve all heard that China is a good place to find a wholesale human hair factory to import hair extensions from, or that China has the greatest prices on hair extension items. So, what are the reasons behind these assumptions? Let’s look into everything that’s going on with the Chinese human hair factory.

1.1. Should I buy hair from Chinese human hair factory

China is the world’s largest hair extension country, hence there are many hair manufacturers in China. Should I buy from a Chinese human hair factory with so many options? Nobody wants to buy low quality hair from any Chinese human hair factory and waste both their time and money. 

Of course it has benefits and drawbacks but you can take a look at our analysis and choose what Chinese human hair factory is suitable for you and decide whether to buy from that or not. These are the following advantages and disadvantages of buying hair from a Chinese human hair factory that you should consider before making any purchase.


Pros and cons of Chinese human hair factory

1.1.1. Pros of Chinese human hair factory

If you need a reason to buy hair from a Chinese human hair factory but don’t know what the pros are, there are some advantages of Chinese human hair factory for customers:

  • Convenience: Because hair manufacturers in China utilize sophisticated machinery and employ a large number of people, these hair factories in China are always accessible, and the time it takes for clients to acquire items from a China hair factory is frequently quite fast. That is the reason why their hair is constantly in stock and it’s really convenient for customers.
  • Cheap price:The price of Chinese human hair factory hair will be less expensive than Vietnamese hair, the category of hair that is currently extremely popular and is a rival to Chinese hair wholesalers’ hair products, because hair from Chinese human hair factory is not made up entirely of virgin hair contributors but is mixed from several sources of hair.
  • Diverse options: Annually, Chinese human hair factories create a large number of new models for the African and American markets. Chinese human hair factory production firms in China are available in a broad range of styles, textures, and colors on the market. Straight or curly or curly, jet-black or light blonde, China’s human hair factory has it all.

1.1.2. Cons of Chinese human hair factory

Besides, Chinese human hair factory still has some disadvantages that may makes you consider before deciding to purchase:

  • The provenance cannot be confirmed since Chinese human hair factories import both remy as well as non-remy hair, the bulk of which is obtained via hair loss. As a result, their hair is quick to tangle and shed with minimal usage. The similar problem exists with wholesale hair dealers in India.  Meanwhile, hair from Vietnamese factories does not face this problem since Vietnamese factories supply 100% single donors hair, which is not readily tangled or damaged. 

Cons of Chinese human hair factory

  • To make their hair appear shiny so they can create a variety of hairstyles and hues to tempt customers, Chinese human hair factories use a large number of chemicals. Additionally, Chinese human hair factory employ chemicals to keep the hair less dried since they always have hair on available. After using the items from Chinese hair dealers for a short while, customers would experience dry, twisted hair. Vietnamese industries do not have this issue since they prefer natural hair.
  • Chinese human hair factory hair frequently only lasts for three to six months before drying out, getting knotted, then shedding. And compared to Vietnamese hair longevity from 2 to 5 years, the durability of hair from Chinese human hair factories is relatively short.

1.2. Why are prices of hair from Chinese human hair factories cheaper than Vietnamese hair?

If you have been selling hair for a long time, you will notice that Chinese hair is less expensive than Vietnamese hair. But if you’re new to the hair business, you might be asking why Vietnamese hair is more expensive than Chinese hair from a Chinese human hair factory. Then there are two key causes for China’s inexpensive hair vendors:

  • In contrast to many factories in Vietnam, Chinese human hair factory frequently utilize contemporary machinery to produce hair bundles. There are numerous hair merchants in China with a large number of workers. As a result, hair manufacturers in China are always in stock and can generate a big quantity of hair at the same time.

Why are prices of hair from Chinese human hair factories cheaper than Vietnamese hair?

  • Chinese hair is frequently combined with hair from several donors, such as India’s hair and Cambodian hair, and is not always 100 percent pure hair donor, resulting in a lower price when compared to Vietnamese hair.

2. How to purchase hair from Chinese human hair factory

If you are seeking for a reliable China hair factory, we recommend following these simple steps to find the top hair manufacturers in China. By following these methods on how to order hair from China, you may completely uncover more “Chinese human hair factory” and many more for your business.

2.1. Search for the Chinese human hair factory that suitable for you

These are some tips you should remember when finding Chinese human hair factory that suitable for you the most:

  • Search the internet for suppliers: To locate a list of highly recommended and the best wholesale hair extensions manufacturers, use keywords such as dependable Chinese hair factories, best wholesale virgin hair factory in China, China hair factory, best China hair vendors, best Chinese hair vendors, best human hair China, and so on.
  • Alibaba and Aliexpress searches: These platforms are used by the majority of Chinese human hair factory. Search for the goods you want on AliExpress and Alibaba to rapidly find the cost of the things you want from various Chinese human hair factories.

Search for the Chinese human hair factory that suitable for you

  • Assess the recommended suppliers: There will be many names of hair manufacturers offered, thus the next step is to evaluate each brand in order to discover the best hair factory in China. Simply go to the company’s website, social media, and public forums to learn more about its products, customer service, pricing, quality, feedback, and reviews, among other things.
  • Examining client feedback on China’s human hair factory: Checking feedback from customers and completing purchases from the Chinese human hair factory of your choice on Alibaba or AliExpress. To find out how many individuals visit the China hair factory’s website each month, you may also utilize This might help you determine which Chinese human hair factory is more well-liked by clients.

2.2. Contact with the Chinese human hair factory

Texting, conducting video chats, or visiting the factory in person will also assist you in re-checking the factory. You will know whether or not it is the top human hair factory in China. As long as you are pleased, just talk further and place a sample order with a hair extension or wig factory in China. 

Customers must contact the China hair factory for additional information when looking for a reliable and suitable Chinese human hair factory. Sometimes hair factories in China provide discounts, but they do not advertise them on public websites, so you must contact them to receive the cheapest pricing.

2.3. Ways to avoid scams from Chinese human hair factory

Firstly, if you want to avoid fraud when finding Chinese human hair factory, you have to know these signs of scam from Chinese human hair factory:


Ways to avoid scams from Chinese human hair factory

  • The websites of Chinese hair factories have no contact information or addresses, making it quite easy for them to run with your money and leave you with no way to contact customer service.
  • When you phone the hair factory in China, the individual who answers does not disclose his or her identity or the name of the firm, indicating that you are most likely contacting a private line rather than a business.
  • Hair producers in China have absurdly low pricing.
  • This China hair vendor’s website is badly designed and does not routinely update essential information.
  • There is no consumer feedback or rating for these Chinese hair factories.
  • There are no images of this Chinese hair factory or its workers.

If you follow the techniques outlined above, you will be able to locate reputable wholesale providers. However, if you become concerned during the transaction and want to ensure that it is not a scam, you may pay attention to the following indications of an untrustworthy supplier or fraudulent Chinese human hair factory:


Ways to avoid scams from Chinese human hair factory

  • Ask questions: You should have a list of questions ready for each dealer from whom you intend to buy. Pose open-ended inquiries that need more than a simple “yes” or “no.” The Chinese human hair factory you choose should be well-versed in textures, lengths, colors, transportation, packing, and sales. If they are unknown and can only supply limited details on the hair, they may be a business hair scammer.
  • Check the store’s policies: Check the return and refund procedures of anyChinese human hair factory. If their return policy requires you to jump through hoops in order to get your money back, this might not be the greatest site to shop from. Even when it comes to returns, the greatest Chinese human hair factory strives to make your purchasing experience as easy as possible.
  • Make a video call: To determine whether everything is real or phony, you should consider making a video call to examine the hair and Chinese human hair factory. This will assist you in avoiding Chinese human hair scammers. You may examine the image of the hair and judge its quality immediately from the video. You may purchase from that source with confidence if the hair quality is good.

3. Compare Chinese human hair factory with Vietnamese human hair factory

Below is a quick comparison of their hair extensions to offer you an understanding of the Vietnamese and Chinese human hair factory and the Vietnamese hair versus Chinese hair.


Compare Chinese human hair factory with Vietnamese human hair factory

3.1. Quality of Chinese human hair factory and Vietnamese human hair factory

Vietnamese human hair factory:

  • The hair will grow more lasting over a period due to the good resources of hair donors, if consumers are capable of taking care of the hair properly, it may last up to 2 to 10 years. This is a benefit over Chinese human hair suppliers.
  • To assure the highest quality, the hair is made from 100% natural human hair that is free of any harmful substances.
  • It is challenging to damage the hair because of its thick and layered structure.

Chinese human hair factory:

  • After a short period of use, the hair becomes tangled and sheds.
  • The hair is made entirely of human hair, although it is mixed hair.

I hope you looked out the information I gave above on the difference between Vietnamese and Chinese hair. After reading that text, you will understand everything about Vietnamese and Chinese hair, and you will be able to choose which one to use for your hair company.

3.2. Price of Chinese human hair factory and Vietnamese human hair factory

With high-quality hair, the price is expected to be fair. You may buy a lovely hair bundle for a reasonable price. This is not excessive when compared to hair manufacturers in China, and the hair quality is considerably higher.


Price of Chinese human hair factory and Vietnamese human hair factory

The Vietnamese human factory offers hair at an affordable price, 1 bundle starts at $8.6 USD. This is not a high price compared to their quality because “you get what you pay for”. Both are the world’s largest hair marketplaces, and you can buy hair from vendors you find suited for your needs.

K-Hair is another provider, in addition to Chinese hair companies. K-hair organization, which was founded in 1990, is pleased to be one of the greatest hair dealers in Vietnam. With over 1500 devoted hair sellers worldwide, K-Hair Vietnam has already been acknowledged as the most trustworthy hair distributor in a range of countries spanning from Africa to Europe.

4. Recommended Chinese human hair factory

Using the above methods, you will be able to discover a Chinese human hair factory in China. However, because there are so many human hair producers in China, selecting the best one may be challenging. Check out these top 5 Chinese human hair factories.

  • UNice Hair – Top 1 Chinese human hair factory

UNice is a human hair manufacturer in China with stores all around the world to serve customers. Consider your innate appeal when choosing a brand theme, and keep an eye out for trends that are aimed toward you. UNice is a well-known Chinese human hair factory that solely supplies human hair. UNICE is well-known for its varied product range, which includes raw hair, extended hair, and wigs. Because of its low cost and extensive product line, many stylists rely on this hair brand.


UNice Hair – Top 1 Chinese human hair factory

  • Rebe Hair – Top 2 Chinese human hair factory

Having produced and distributed hair extensions for more than 10 years, Rebe Hair is really a big Chinese hair enterprise. They take great pride in their premium hair products, which are purported to be made entirely of real hair. Since they have been from the start, it is a commitment they have made to both themselves and their clients. You may learn about several varieties of hair extensions, including microbead, tape-in, and weft hair extensions, by getting in touch with Rebe Hair, one of the top producers of Chinese hair and weave. They may all be found with a range of hairstyles, such as natural straight, pixie, curly, body wavy, colored, kinky and more.

  • TedHair – Top 3 Chinese human hair factory

Despite just being established in 2009, TedHair hair factory has a long history that gives the impression that it is China’s largest hair company and a reliable service. The top hair suppliers on Alibaba regularly collaborate with distributors, wholesalers, salons, and online store owners from across the world. They frequently sell closures, virgin Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair, and other products, similar to many other Chinese hair enterprises. As one of the biggest wholesalers of Chinese hair, TedHair maintains a sizable stock both of virgin hair as well as extensions. At any moment, you may order speedy hair delivery.


TedHair – Top 3 Chinese human hair factory

  • Kabeilu – Top 4 Chinese human hair factory

One of the leading Chinese human hair factory in China, Kabeilu was established 16 years ago. The facility, which employed 600 people, is estimated to be 15,000 m² in scale. Due to its extensive experience in the field, it is now renowned for prestige and, in particular, affordable hair costs. Due to its industrial size, Kabeilu is able to supply a variety of hair extension products. Common examples are hair bundles, frontals, closures, and wigs. They’re all capable and well priced.

  • Baco – Top 5 Chinese human hair factory

With the intention of providing both significant and little wholesale hair distributors, Baco was established 10 years ago. They also operate a human hair factory, which enables them to produce cheap hair extensions and wigs in bulk for sale in China, similar to many other Chinese hair suppliers. They are well-known for their human hair processing techniques as one of the top wig producers and hair suppliers in China. The primary products they sell are different kinds of hair extensions. Hair closures, sew-in hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions, and bulk Chinese human hair are all popular.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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