Are you a businessman? 

You have little money and you DON’T know how to MAKE IT BIGGER. 

Hair Selling business is a PERFECT OPTION for you. 

Indeed, the root of Hair Selling is Drop-shipping which is buying hair from different countries with wholesale prices and sell them to customers with higher prices. 

Obviously, you can see A LOT of successful Hair Sellers, hair stores or salon owners in your home country. 

A hair shop in Nigeria

Do you want to become one of them? Follow these 4 EASY but EFFECTIVE steps to join the game. 

1.    Improve your knowledge about hair-Hair Sellers’ Rule 101

You can not drive a car without knowing anything about it. Hair selling is the same. Find everything you need to know about hair such as types, colors, origins, grades, prices, etc. 

Hair Grades

YouTube channels, bloggers are good sources to learn more about hair. The most effective way is to directly ask some hair companies. Especially, K-Hair, the Leading Hair Wholesale Factory in Vietnam, will give you the best support 24/7.

Contact K-Hair Customer Service Department: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=84833799888&text=&source=&data=

K-Hair website: https://k-hair.com/

Only when you know everything about hair, can you start the business. 

2.    Finding a good hair vendor-The most vital to Hair Sellers

This is the most important step of all. A hair factory with reasonable prices and good quality hair will decide the fate of your business

2.1. Hair markets  

There are 3 mains hair markets: Vietnam, India, and China. 

Indian hair has a very low price, thus, a low quality which is bought by many Brazilians. 

Chinese hair only looks nice at first but can not last long. 

Vietnamese hair is high-quality hair and can be used for a long time.  

Vietnam-Chinese-Indian hair

If you want to go for long-term business, I highly suggest you should choose Vietnamese hair. 

2.2. Signs of a good hair factory 

Buying hair internationally has many risks. Despite the trusty hair vendors, there is a small number of scammers so all buyers need to be careful. 

These are the common signs to identify which one is the real and trustworthy hair factory, such as certificates, huge media background, experience and testimonials. 

This introduction of K-Hair Factory is an example o a trustworthy vendor.

Especially, No business with COMMERCIAL companies. They only resell the hair to you with higher prices. 

2.3 Steps to find 

There are many ways to find hair suppliers. I will give you the most popular and effective way. 

Step 1: Looking for about 10 hair vendors with good signs mention above 

Step 2: Carefully check the prices and select 5 factories with the lowest prices. 

Step 3: Ordering samples (testing orders) to compare the quality between the factories and choose the most suitable one for you. 

Notes: There is no such thing as: “The perfect factory”. A smart hair seller will always look for chances to increase the profits, not satisfy with what he or she had.

3. Build your own Online Store. 

Indeed, the Website is the most powerful and effective way to sell hair. It not only provides the conveniences to customers but also you to control your business. 

There are many apps and programs supporting you to establish websites easily like https://www.wix.com/, https://wordpress.org/, etc or you can outsource professional companies to help. 

Furthermore, some popular online selling platform such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba are good choices if you want to expand your selling network

However social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are extremely vital to advertise your products and brands. Making sure that you post every day so the customers can know that you are not a dying seller.

4. Create your own catalogs-Hair sellers’ vision

Some hair sellers may think this is not important and only focus on customer’s photos to order.

However, this is not a smart choice because the hair in real life vs hair in the photo is sometimes very different, which may result in controversy after finishing the hair.

If a hair seller builds their own textures and deals with the factory, the look and quality of the hair can be guaranteed, thus, reducing possibilities of disagreement.

K-hair’s Colors Catalog

In order to build the most favorable catalogs, hair sellers must catch up with the latest types. Furthermore, hair sellers can follow celebrities to foresee hot-trend hairstyles.

This is a vital factor that decides a successful hair seller.

5.    Enrich feedback and testimonial data. 

“Will my clients be bothered by making feedback?”

Whatever the answer is, do not hesitate to ask the customers for feedback and testimonial.

They are undeniable proof that increases the customer’s trust. Try to post all the good feedback on social media to show the customer’s satisfaction. To the negative ones, learn lessons to improve your business


Hair Selling is not an easy job. Some may fail. However, I strongly believe that people with huge patience and consistency will be the successful ones.

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