Alibaba Hair Vendors Is A Great Choice For Your Business

Thumnail Hair vendors on Alibaba is a great choice for your business
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When buying hair from hair vendors on Alibaba, you can be sure of two things: their perfect quality and, more significantly, their incredible selection of hair. When buying hair, having a large selection of options is important, and this hair supplier checks that box. This is the spot if you’re seeking for a place where you can find any hair wig under the sun.

Hair suppliers on Alibaba

Hair vendors on Alibaba is a great choice for your business

1. Criteria to rate hair vendors on Alibaba

Alibaba, as a popular e-commerce platform, has its own pros and cons. What customers need to pay attention to when going shopping there is to choose the best vendors.

To do so, customers definitely need to know how to assess and recognize good hair vendors on Alibaba. Below are 3 easiest criteria to base on:

  • Rating: Simply, vendors with a higher rating have a higher level of trust. Be noticed on the quantity of the ratings as well. The final rating is the average one, so the ratings must be high but also plentiful to be qualified.
  • Pictures & reviews: A real vendor can provide a lot of feedback on Alibaba. These reviews are supposed to be diverse with pictures of hair products and customer sharing. Be alert of the fake reviews as well. The most typical signal is that the comments are copied and duplicated, and the images used are downloaded from the Internet.
  • Price vs quality: Price and quality are always going together. There is no way you can buy super high-quality hair at super cheap prices. Just find high-quality hair at a reasonable price by comparing the ranges of many different suppliers.
Criteria for evaluating hair suppliers on Alibaba

Criteria to rate hair vendors on Alibaba

2. Top 13 best hair vendor on Alibaba 2022-2023

Best Alibaba vendors Ratings Address
K-Hair Factory 5/5
Jiangnanbei 5/5
Newtimes Hair 4.7/5
SHY Hair 4.9/5
KaBeiLu 4.8/5
Moon Hair 4.9/5
DiKaLu 4.5/5
Spark Hair 4.7/5
Cacin Hair 4.6/5
Amara Hair 4.7/5
Tyagi Hair Exports 4.5/5
Ultymate Guide Inc 4.6/5
Brothers Venture Private Limited 4.6/5

2.1 K-Hair Factory – Top 1 Vietnamese hair factory

K-Hair Factory was first founded in the 1930s and is the biggest Vietnam hair factory for 3 decades now. K-Hair supplies 100% Vietnamese human hair. Vietnamese hair has the highest quality levels among hair extensions all over the world. The hair is always silky, soft and smooth. Moreover, high flexibility makes the hair easy to custom into many different extension types like human hair weave, hair closures, hair frontals, keratin tip extensions, microbead hair extensions and so on.

K-Hair is the source supplier of thousands of hair vendors on Alibaba. K-Hair produces the hair extensions and exports them at the cheapest wholesale price range.

K-Hair Factory

K-Hair Factory – Top 1 Vietnamese hair factory

See more information about the prices of List K-Hair’s Product

K-Hair official price list for all Vietnamese weft hair bundle styles

K-Hair Vietnam is one of the top wholesale hair suppliers in Vietnam

As being a huge wholesale factory, K-Hair is not so active on Alibaba, but you can also contact them directly.

Contact For More Information:

  • Address: 10a, 171 Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Viet Nam
  • Hotline: +84 96 – 789 – 4448
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:
  • Instagram:
  • Youtube Channel:

2.2 Jiangnanbei – The most trustworthy hair vendor on Alibaba

Jiangnanbei (wuhan) Information Technology Co., Ltd is a Chinese hair vendor on Alibaba. This company has been on Alibaba for 2 years. Though the experience is not so much, Jiangnanbei hair still receives a lot of positive feedback from customers.

  • Main products: human hair wigs, hair extensions, clip in hair extensions and headgear.
  • Response rate: 84.38%
  • Main market: North America
  • Transactions: 7.000+

2.3 New Times Hair – Prestigious hair vendors on Alibaba

The New Times Hair is also a popular hair supplier based in China. This is one of the Verified hair vendors on Alibaba with 10 years of experience. New Times Hair is said to be the giant exporter of human hair extensions.

  • Main products: wigs, toupees, hair extensions, hair toppers, hair systems.
  • Delivery rate: 100% on time
  • Main market: The USA
  • Transaction value: $210.000+
New Times Hair

New Times Hair – Prestigious hair vendors on Alibaba

2.4 SHY Hair – Top best hair vendor on Alibaba

SHY Hair is also known as Qingdao Songhuiyuan Trading Co., Ltd. This brand was founded 7 years ago. It is holding the top position of wholesale hair supplier in China now. This luxury brand has been awarded many certificates for its quality.

  • Main products: HD lace closure and frontals, designed wigs, tape hair, tip hair.
  • Delivery rate: 99.4% on time
  • Main market: North America, China, Western Europe
  • Transaction value: $400.000+
SHY Hair

SHY Hair – Top best hair vendor on Alibaba

2.5 KaBeiLu – The best hair vendors Alibaba

KaBeiLu is no longer an unfamiliar name among wholesale hair vendors on Alibaba. KaBeiLu business has been running for more than 10 years now. The product diversity and good services are what built its name.

  • Main products: hair weave bundles, raw hair bulk, closures, wigs.
  • Delivery rate: 100% on time
  • Main market: North America, South America, Central America
  • Transaction value: $930.000+
KaBeiLu hair vendors

KaBeiLu – The best hair vendors Alibaba

2.6 Moon Hair – Top best Alibaba hair vendor

Henan Moon Hair Products Co., Ltd is a hair factory in China. This company has 4-year experience of exporting hair to customers worldwide. It is loved for amazing quality hair extensions.

  • Main products: lace wigs, closures & frontals, weft hair bundles.
  • Delivery rate: 99.8% on time
  • Main market: North America, Africa, Western Europe
  • Transaction value: $340.000+
Moon Hair

Moon Hair – Top best Alibaba hair vendor

2.7 DiKaLu Hair – The Reputable hair vendor on Alibaba

Guangzhou Dikalu Trading Co., Ltd. was established 5 years ago and was first registered on July 12, 2018. During 5 years of exporting hair extensions, DiKaLu has gained trust and loyalty from customers all over the world.

  • Main products: lace hair closures & frontals, hair bundles, wigs.
  • Delivery rate: 98.7% on time
  • Main market: North America, South America, Mid East
  • Transaction value: $90.000+
DiKaLu Hair

DiKaLu Hair – The Reputable hair vendor on Alibaba

2.8 Spark Hair – Top hair vendor on Alibaba

Xuchang Fangyuan Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd or Spark Hair is both a manufacturer and a trading company in China. It has been in the wholesale hair business for 3 years and recommended by many customers.

  • Main products: lace wigs, lace closures, virgin hair, hair bundles.
  • Response rate: 90.73%
  • Main market: North America, Western Europe, South America
  • Transactions: 50.000+
Spark Hair

Spark Hair – Top hair vendor on Alibaba

2.9 Cacin Hair – Top Alibaba hair vendors

Cacin Hair is one of the oldest hair vendors on Alibaba with 40 years of experience in the hair business and 9 years active on Alibaba. Cacin is located in Guangzhou China where distributing hair extensions is considered the main business.

  • Main products: hair bundles, raw hair, hair frontals, hair closures, hair wigs.
  • Delivery rate: 98.5% on time
  • Main market: North America, Western Europe, Africa
  • Transaction value: $540.000+
Cacin Hair

Cacin Hair – Top Alibaba hair vendors

2.10 Amara Hair – The best hair suppliers on Alibaba

Qingdao Amara International Trading Company is a verified supplier with more than 5 years active on Alibaba. It is located in Shangdong, China with a real hair factory that produces and supplies hair extensions directly.

  • Main products: hair extensions, hair wigs, hair closures & frontals.
  • Delivery rate: 99.5% on time
  • Main market: North America, South America, Africa
  • Transaction value: $280.000+
Amara Hair

Amara Hair – The best hair suppliers on Alibaba

2.11 Tyagi Hair Exports – A quality hair vendor on Alibaba

Tyagi Hair Exports is among established hair vendors on Alibaba specializing in Indian hair extensions. This vendor has 10 years experience, and it is also a verified vendor recognized by Alibaba platform.

  • Main products: Indian temple hair, hair weave, raw hair bulk.
  • Response rate: 92.7%
  • Main market: China
  • Transactions: +50.000
Tyagi Hair Exports

Tyagi Hair Exports – A quality hair vendor on Alibaba

2.12 Ultymate Guide Inc – Best hair supplier on Alibaba

Ultymate Guide Inc is a hair company located in New Delhi, India. Though the company is not so big, the hair quality is good. Customers usually leave good reviews about the hair quality as well as the  customer service.

  • Main products: human hair extensions, raw hair bulk.
  • Response rate: 97.37%
  • Main market: Africa, North America, South America
  • Transactions: +5.000
Ultimate Hair

Ultymate Hair – Top hair vendor on Alibaba

2.13 Brothers Venture Private Limited – Best hair vendor Alibaba

Brother Venture Private Limited produces hair extensions, and then they export them to resellers and customers all around the world. The strength of this company is its cheap price. And of course, the quality is worth it.

  • Main products: raw hair, weft hair extensions, tape hair.
  • Response rate: 100%
  • Main market: Northern Europe, North America, Eastern Europe
  • Transactions: +6.000
Brothers Venture

Brothers Venture Private Limited – Best hair vendor Alibaba

Above are hair vendors on Alibaba, you can find more about other hair suppliers on Aliexpress at Best Virgin Hair Vendors on Aliexpress

3. How to contact Alibaba hair vendors

You’re correct if you believe you can contact them directly in their shop or factory or through their homepage to seek different ways to reach them. But to be more detailed for you, here are four ways to get in touch with any hair vendors on Alibaba.

Click “Get Latest Price,” “Contact Supplier,” “Start Order,” or “Chat Now” to communicate with them and get the most recent price.

  • It is quick and simple to select “Get Latest Price,” but vendors are less likely to personally respond to these questions.
  • Selecting “Start Order” only makes sense if you are certain that you are prepared to place an order with this vendor, which may not be the case if this is your first time interacting with hair vendors on Alibaba.
  • Direct communication with the vendor using “Chat Now” is a wonderful option, however scheduling might be challenging due to time zone differences.
  • OR you could send an email using the “Contact Supplier” option on the Alibaba website, and you’ll get an email notice for each response the hair vendor sends you.

These are several ways for you to contact and communicate with hair vendors on Alibaba, it’s not difficult to reach out to the hair vendors to make a purchase.

How to contact hair suppliers on Alibaba

Information to contact hair vendors on Alibaba

4. Top 5 tips for avoiding scammers and fraud of hair vendors Alibaba

The information presented on the Internet may include both possible problems and Alibaba frauds that you can encounter when making purchases. We’ve compiled them all so you would be aware of things to look out for when making purchases on Alibaba and will not fall for their tricks.

4.1. Beware of offers that seem too good to be true

Some hair vendors on Alibaba provide brand products at markedly reduced costs while claiming to be the original creators of those items. There are some points that you should realize soon not to fall for the tricks of some hair wholesale vendors.

  • They are most likely not the manufacturers, and the items are almost probably stolen. If you buy products from these hair wholesale vendors, you would face some copyright issues. No one wants such a thing to happen when doing online shopping.
  • The best method for you to prevent it is by not purchasing any products not recommended on Alibaba. It’s really important for buyers to be cautious to avoid any risks that could happen.

4.2. Try to deal only with hair vendors on Alibaba with Verified Gold Suppliers

A vendor on Alibaba having the classification of gold supplier may be trusted on Alibaba’s business platform. The title indicates that the vendor is legitimate because they have a premium paid account status. You can tell which hair wholesale vendors are fake and unreliable since some fraudsters on Alibaba can not afford these fees.

Moreover, when a supplier is identified as a Verified Supplier it indicates that the suggested bureau has examined the manufacturers’ company and confirmed that they are actually conducting business. By looking at a supplier’s profile logo and evaluating how they were verified, you may determine if they have been approved as a supplier.

Deal with hair suppliers on Alibaba

Try to deal only with hair vendors on Alibaba with Verified Gold Suppliers

4.3. If you’re still not sure about a hair vendor, do some more research

You should spend time doing research before deciding or determine to choose hair vendors on Alibaba and even buy any stuff. It’s the only method to prevent fraud or scams from happening to you.

  • On Alibaba, every supplier’s transaction history is always available to view since an orange diamond is placed next to the supplier’s name. Before doing business, it’s a simple approach to assess their performance or financial standing. The data may also be used to determine if the provider is legitimate or not.
  • It is common to have reservations. The feedback customers write on the provider’s profile are one of the safest ways to determine whether the supplier provides great services. These days, it is possible to learn more about a provider’s performance through their ratings and reviews. It’s also an excellent approach to assess a customer’s sincerity. How happy you will be with the services provided by the same vendor may be predicted based on the experiences of other customers.

4.4. Always use secure payment methods with Alibaba hair vendor

When using this platform to shop, you should take precautions when sending money to any vendors on Alibaba. Consider the vendor’s preferred form of payment when determining whether or not he is a fraudster. You are about to be duped if a provider states they prefer MoneyGram or Western Union. Customer security is crucial, and you should use caution when choosing payment options. How many businesses con their customers? A lot.

Secure payment methods on Alibaba

Always use secure payment methods with hair vendors on Alibaba

In general, using Alibaba trade assurance to make payments is the best approach to avoid this type of Alibaba fraud. You have extremely good protection when you pay using PayPal (particularly, with a credit card rather than a bank transfer). Make sure the payment is sent to a firm in China if you are sending money by western union when dealing with hair vendors on Alibaba.

4.5. Never deal with a hair vendor personally outside of Alibaba

One of the most popular types of scams is when the hair vendors offer you a special price reduction in exchange for your sending money to their personal account. After receiving payment before production or delivery, these hair wholesale vendors break off communication and vanish. Even for a considerable discount, you must never pay money to a seller’s personal account. You are no longer qualified for Alibaba’s trade assurance just because of that.

Before doing business with hair vendors on Alibaba, you may find out if they have been accepting all trade guarantees. Alibaba makes use of the technology to organize and place orders. The indication can be used to determine if the hair vendors are reliable or not.

5. FAQs about hair vendors on Alibaba

There are not only Chinese hair vendors on Alibaba. In fact, hair vendors from different ethnicities are available there.

Popular e-commercial platforms for hair extensions are Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon and also online hair extension websites.

To avoid scams customers need to be alert when dealing with online hair vendors. Always remember to ask for proof of every business action (ordering making payment shipping etc). This is what protects customers from scams.

Just go on Alibaba and search for “human hair extensions”. The results will show suitable hair vendors that sell human hair.

Admittedly, the top hair vendors on Alibaba 2022 have been provided to you with a wealth of details on. If you have any more concerns regarding associated hair products or wish to purchase wholesale hair extensions, get in touch with us right away for the best advice and discounts for your business.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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