Hair Vendors On Alibaba Is A Great Choice For Your Business

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When buying hair from hair vendors on Alibaba, you can be sure of two things: their perfect quality and, more significantly, their incredible selection of hair. When buying hair, having a large selection of options is important, and this hair supplier checks that box. This is the spot if you’re seeking for a place where you can find any hair wig under the sun.


Hair vendors on Alibaba is a great choice for your business

1. Overview of hair vendors on Alibaba

The trend toward online shopping is growing in popularity as a result of the quick development of technology. As a result, online shopping is becoming more and more common, especially on Alibaba, which is relied upon by customers wanting to buy hair extensions from the top hair vendors on Alibaba.

1.1. What is Alibaba

If you’ve considered or are determined to source your provider from abroad, you probably want to learn how to purchase from Alibaba. Alibaba is the largest ecommerce company in the globe and it’s an online platform that connects suppliers with buyers all around the world. You can find things that you want or need on Alibaba, they sell almost everything from clothes, medicine, stuff for your house or garden,etc, and of course, hair from hair vendors on Alibaba. 

But there’s a reason why Alibaba is different from other popular e-commerce platforms such as eBay or Amazon. Because Alibaba focuses on business-to-business trading rather than a direct-to-consumer or person-to-person approach. The result of this model is that you have to purchase a minimum number of them at a time on Alibaba. Alibaba is definitely one of the best destinations for someone who loves online shopping, and we can’t deny that Alibaba was an ideal choice to find and buy what you need during the Covid-19.


What is Alibaba

1.2. Find hair vendors on Alibaba

As mentioned before, one of the most well-known global large-scale commodity procurement platforms is Alibaba.You may discover human sending and receiving vendors easily on Alibaba, but there is no way to ensure the quality of the products, therefore you should carefully evaluate the following factors before picking a vendor:

  • Enter “human hair suppliers” or “human hair vendors” into Alibaba’s search bar, then choose from among many supplier categories such as gold suppliers, evaluated suppliers, etc. 
  • Alibaba will then provide results that match your search criteria. Find the top providers for getting human hair by screening them. You must differentiate the true from the false all through the selection process by using product images, customer feedback, and supplier credentials of the hair vendors on Alibaba.

2. Why should choose hair vendors on Alibaba

There are several reasons for choosing Alibaba but the main advantage of using Alibaba to find hair vendors is that you will have easy accessibility to numerous international suppliers that offer almost any hair products imaginable and may generally find inexpensive wholesale prices. By purchasing your products at deeply discounted rates and selling them at premium retail rates, you might make significant profits.

2.1. Different choices of hair vendors on Alibaba

Alibaba also does a wonderful job of arranging their items and categories so you can discover what you’re looking for quickly. In the hair category, for instance, selecting “hair extensions” brings up a list of possibilities that may be compared, and there are filters on the side that would help you to further reduce the options. 

  • You can see the stores and factories of hair vendors on Alibaba all over the world and it not only has different styles and types of hair, but they also have a diversity in materials such as hair extensions made from human hair, synthetic hair,… 

Different choices of hair vendors on Alibaba

  • There are various choices here for hair products that may be used at home. Both clip-in and tape-in extensions are available. While tape in extensions, also known as wefts, are applied to the roots and are perfect for blonde hair since the connection is virtually undetectable, clip in extensions are attached to the hair using clips through combs. Large sections of hair that come in a number of fashions, such as high ponytails with weave choices and braided ponytails with weave options, are known as weave hair extensions.
  • And for someone who loves styling hair, hair vendors on Alibaba also have diverse hair extension styles from basic to fussy like straight, bone straight, curly, wavy, colored,… You can easily search for the excellent hair vendors on Alibaba and then choose what hair vendors on Alibaba that are suitable the most for you.

2.2. Hair vendors on Alibaba supplies affordable price

Given the abundance of options, it could be difficult to locate hair sellers on Alibaba. You could first think that “You get what you pay for.” Yes, it is correct, since this will directly affect your service, but there are also some more aspects to take into account:

  • Hair vendors on Alibaba are manufacturers: There are lots of hair vendors on Alibaba are manufactures which offer you the best factory price. You can find hair vendors on Alibaba as a reseller, they would purchase products at a reduced cost from the suppliers and provide them to you, the owner of the hair business. You spend more when you get hair extensions from a reseller since they are a third-party service. So it would be a good idea to find the best hair vendors on Alibaba who are manufacturers or as close to the source as practicable.
  • Hair vendors on Alibaba take advantage of the low delivery costs: The hair vendors on Alibaba are quite experienced in shipping their items if they were in this field for a long time, so they will know how to work with delivery companies and reduce spending. The top hair vendors on Alibaba will also provide discounts or even free shipping after you reach a certain buy quantity.

Hair vendors on Alibaba supplies hair from low to high quality

2.3. Hair vendors on Alibaba supplies hair from low to high quality

The difference of Alibaba is that you’re able to get the best quality hair that a vendor sells and you’re able to source vendors from all over the world. 

  • You can see some hair vendors on Alibaba sell hair with different quality, they bring to you many choices from Single Drawn hair to Double Drawn hair or and Super Double Drawn or even higher quality with several lengths, colors and styles.
  • All you have to do is put some keywords such as Single Drawn hair, Long silky hair, Colorful wigs,etc, in the search bar so basically just search what you’re looking for and scroll through all of the hair vendors on Alibaba you have available, you’re able to pick and choose what vendors you want. It has every hair extension that you want from low to very high quality with different prices.

3. How to find good hair vendors on Alibaba

The term “good quality” is a general phrase, and there are several internet publications that outline the standards for the top hair vendors on Alibaba. Below, we’ve simplified things down and what to do to find your hair vendors on Alibaba for you.


How to find good hair vendors on Alibaba

3.1. Check photos of hair vendors on Alibaba

You should look for real photos of the hair extensions, not stock photos because every company is going to have that same stock photos. Check all their pictures to make sure that it has the good quality and adapted to what you want. And also remember to beware of companies that steal photos of people, you can’t trust hair vendors on Alibaba that don’t take their own photos and also don’t give up on a factory tour, make a video call, or third-party inspection. 

And when you look at the photos, pay attention to the condition of the hair, you have to have an eye on what good hair looks like and make a decision for your hair vendors on Alibaba. There are several hair vendors on Alibaba that sell the same or almost the same items, it’s quite hard for you to differentiate between the quality of them just through some pictures. That’s why you need to have some knowledge and information about hair and especially, hair vendors on Alibaba.

3.2. What does good hair look like?

Although they are manufactured from pure, collected human hair, human hair extensions come in a wide range of quality and not all are created equally. Remy hair is described as having been treated to retain root to tip alignment without having had its cuticle removed. This hair is of higher quality and will last a lot longer than non-remy hair since the cuticle, which is the outermost layer, is still intact. Due to the lack of regulation in the hair extension market, many hair vendors on Alibaba may pass off non-remy hair as remy and charge significantly higher prices.


What does good hair look like?

  • You have to look at the hair textures, if the hair separates easily, has little to no shedding, and looks silky smooth, it is of great quality. However, this indicates the hair is made of or with low quality hair if your fingers become tangled and you discover your hands covered in lost strands.
  • Hair extensions are classified into three varieties based on their quality: Single Drawn, Double Drawn, and Super Double Drawn. While in Single Drawn hair, the ratio of hair of the same length accounts for approximately 50%, in Double Drawn hair, there are approximately 60-75% of the same hair length, with the remainder being short hair, and in Super Double Drawn hair, more than 85 percent of the hair is the same length, with the remainder being shorter. Because Super Double Drawn hair is the thickest among Single Drawn and Double Drawn hair, it is the most costly.

3.3. Verify the companies profile and social media of hair vendors on Alibaba

Besides, verifying the background of the hair vendors on Alibaba before purchase is also a way to find good hair vendors on Alibaba. Manufacturers with English-language websites that provide comprehensive corporate information can be trusted. When you research a company’s reputation online, you may rapidly determine if you are doing business with the appropriate or incorrect source. To determine how trustworthy a corporation is, look up the domain’s registration dates.

And when you search for hair vendors on Alibaba, let’s see if they have social media accounts and check out their Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram,etc. The reason is those accounts will let you see what other photos of the hair vendors on Alibaba and they might have real photos or real video of their products with a better quality.


Verify the companies profile and social media of hair vendors on Alibaba

4. How to contact hair vendors on Alibaba

You’re correct if you believe you can contact them directly in their shop or factory or through their homepage to seek different ways to reach them. But to be more detailed for you, here are four ways to get in touch with any hair vendors on Alibaba.

Click “Get Latest Price,” “Contact Supplier,” “Start Order,” or “Chat Now” to communicate with them and get the most recent price.

  • It is quick and simple to select “Get Latest Price,” but vendors are less likely to personally respond to these questions.
  • Selecting “Start Order” only makes sense if you are certain that you are prepared to place an order with this vendor, which may not be the case if this is your first time interacting with hair vendors on Alibaba.
  • Direct communication with the vendor using “Chat Now” is a wonderful option, however scheduling might be challenging due to time zone differences.
  • OR you could send an email using the “Contact Supplier” option on the Alibaba website, and you’ll get an email notice for each response the hair vendor sends you.

These are several ways for you to contact and communicate with hair vendors on Alibaba, it’s not difficult to reach out to the hair vendors to make a purchase.


How to contact hair vendors on Alibaba

5. Top 5 tips for avoiding scammers and fraud of hair vendors on Alibaba

The information presented on the Internet may include both possible problems and Alibaba frauds that you can encounter when making purchases. We’ve compiled them all so you would be aware of things to look out for when making purchases on Alibaba and will not fall for their tricks.

5.1. Beware of offers that seem too good to be true

Some hair vendors on Alibaba provide brand products at markedly reduced costs while claiming to be the original creators of those items. There are some points that you should realize soon not to fall for the tricks of some hair vendors on Alibaba: 

  • They are most likely not the manufacturers, and the items are almost probably stolen. If you buy products from these hair vendors on Alibaba, you would face some copyright issues. No one wants such a thing to happen when doing online shopping.
  • The best method for you to prevent it is by not purchasing any products not recommended on Alibaba. It’s really important for buyers to be cautious to avoid any risks that could happen.

5.2. Try to deal only with hair vendors on Alibaba with Verified Gold Suppliers

A vendor on Alibaba having the classification of “gold supplier” may be trusted on Alibaba’s business platform. The title indicates that the vendor is legitimate because they have a premium paid account status. You can tell which hair vendors on Alibaba are fake and unreliable since some fraudsters on Alibaba can not afford these fees. 

Moreover, when a supplier is identified as a “Verified Supplier” it indicates that the suggested bureau has examined the manufacturers’ company and confirmed that they are actually conducting business. By looking at a supplier’s profile logo and evaluating how they were verified, you may determine if they have been approved as a supplier.


Try to deal only with hair vendors on Alibaba with Verified Gold Suppliers

5.3. If you’re still not sure about a hair vendor, do some more research

You should spend time doing research before deciding or determine to choose hair vendors on Alibaba and even buy any stuff. It’s the only method to prevent fraud or scams from happening to you.

  • On Alibaba, not only hair vendors but every supplier’s transaction history is always available to view since an orange diamond is placed next to the supplier’s name. Before doing business with hair vendors on Alibaba, it’s a simple approach to assess their performance or financial standing. The data may also be used to determine if the provider is legitimate or not.
  • It is common to have reservations when transacting with hair vendors on Alibaba. The feedback customers write on the provider’s profile are one of the safest ways to determine whether the supplier provides great services. These days, it is possible to learn more about a provider’s performance through their ratings and reviews. It’s also an excellent approach to assess a customer’s sincerity. How happy you will be with the services provided by the same vendor may be predicted based on the experiences of other customers.

5.4. Always use secure payment methods with hair vendors on Alibaba

When using this platform to shop, you should take precautions when sending money to any hair vendors on Alibaba. Consider the vendor’s preferred form of payment when determining whether or not he is a fraudster. You are about to be duped if a provider states they prefer MoneyGram or Western Union. Customer security is crucial, and you should use caution when choosing payment options. How many businesses con their customers? A lot.


Always use secure payment methods with hair vendors on Alibaba

In general, using Alibaba trade assurance to make payments is the best approach to avoid this type of Alibaba fraud. You have extremely good protection when you pay using PayPal (particularly, with a credit card rather than a bank transfer). Make sure the payment is sent to a firm in China if you are sending money by western union when dealing with hair vendors on Alibaba. 

5.5. Never deal with a hair vendor personally outside of Alibaba

One of the most popular types of scams is when the hair vendors on Alibaba offer you a special price reduction in exchange for your sending money to their personal account. After receiving payment before production or delivery, these hair vendors on Alibaba break off communication and vanish. Even for a considerable discount, you must never pay money to a seller’s personal account. You are no longer qualified for Alibaba’s trade assurance just because of that.

Before doing business with hair vendors on Alibaba, you may find out if they have been accepting all trade guarantees. Alibaba makes use of the technology to organize and place orders. The indication can be used to determine if hair vendors on Alibaba are reliable or not.

6. Recommend some best hair vendors on Alibaba

Finding hair merchants online may be a challenging endeavor, especially because it is getting harder to tell the real ones from the con artists. One marketplace where you can rely on high-quality hair items and reliable merchants to strike a great deal is Alibaba.


Recommend some best hair vendors on Alibaba

You may choose from a wide selection of hair suppliers they have available, totaling over 15371 of the best. We’ve put up a list of some of the best hair vendors on Alibaba in the hopes that it will aid clients in finding the ideal hair match. These are the leading 2022 hair vendors on Alibaba:

  • Unice hair

Main products: Wigs, closures, hair weaves, etc. are their primary products.

Price range: To enable its customers to save money, Unice provides a variety of price options, as well as several discounts and specials.

  • Ted Hair

Main products: The main types of hair that Ted Hair mainly sells are Brazilian, Indian, and Peruvian hair.

Price range: The cost varies since hair is produced in several countries. They provide hair for sale at various price points, from affordable to pricey.

  • XuChang Beauty hair

Main products: Buyers in the European, American, Japanese, and Oceanian markets have been receiving virgin hair extensions, synthetic hair, wigs, and 100% human hair weaves from Xuchang Beauty Hair for over 19 years.

Price range: Synthetic hair is also supplied by XuChang Beauty Hair, thus their prices start at $7.88 for wigs created using synthetic hair.

Admittedly, the top hair vendors on Alibaba 2022 have been provided to you with a wealth of details on. If you have any more concerns regarding associated hair products or wish to purchase wholesale hair extensions, get in touch with us right away for the best advice and discounts for your business.


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