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Houston, Texas is one of the most dynamic marketplace for hair extensions products in general, where many keen customers as well as hair suppliers from different countries are working and collaborating together to create an ideal place for hair industry to thrive and grow. In this article, we would like to provide some information related to situation of hair vendors in Houston so that potential customers can have an overview of hair suppliers there as well as ranges of products that they are offering.


Hair vendors in Houston

1. Overview of hair vendors in Houston

Hair vendors in Houston has seen a sharp increase in the wholesale hair vendors‘ industry over the past few years. Houston wholesale hair suppliers have been playing a critically important part in the development of the beauty sector not only in the US but also of the international market generally. Thanks to the rapid and significant economic development, which leads to a noticeable rise in customers’ disposable income, hair vendors in Houston have created more high-end services to better cater for customers. Hair extensions products are now being manufactured in different shades and styles, with the quality being improved continuously to fit further demanding needs from customers.

1.1. Hair vendors in Houston in terms of hair quality

An important point that customers should derive from this section is that hair vendors in Houston are just resellers, which mean that they have to import raw hair materials from foreign countries for further manufacturing and distributing. Hair vendors in Houston mostly purchase input materials from Vietnam, China and India, so the quality of the final products essentially depend on the quality of raw materials imported from these countries.

  • Vietnamese hair quality has gained a massive reputation worldwide for its incomparable quality. Vietnamese hair is naturally lustrous, silky and leaves a bouncy and smooth touch. Additionally, most of raw Vietnamese hair is bundled and cut directly from Vietnamese women of ethnic communities living in mountainous areas. Their living conditions are almost ideal for the quality and growth of hair: almost pollutants-free atmosphere, mild climate and environmentally-friendly lifestyle with most of their diets made of self-planted products. As a result, raw hair materials from Vietnam have always been considered top-tier in the hair industry.

Vietnamese hair from hair vendors in Houston

  • Hair vendors in Houston importing raw hair materials from Indian should be extra attentive since Indian raw hair materials are infamous for their inconsistent and substandard quality. Most of Indian raw hair materials are from temples of South India, where thousands of Hinduism practitioners express their honor and gratitude when sending their wishes to God by shaving their head. Since their hair is not bundled before the time of cutting, the strands and cuticles are not running in the same direction. In addition, Indian hair is naturally curly, thin and weak, which can prevent it from being adjusted to different shades and styles.

Indian hair from hair vendors in Houston

  • If hair vendors in Houston decide to purchase raw materials from China, they have to keep in mind that the quality of Chinese raw hair materials is nowhere near that of Vietnamese raw hair materials. Since Chinese women have to live in extreme weather conditions, they consume much more fatty foods and low vitamin intakes, which makes their hair thin and weak. As a result, Chinese raw hair is easy to shed and tangle. Meanwhile, the sources of authentic Chinese raw hair have been quite rare recently, since rapid rate of economic development in China means that women do not need to cut their hair for money anymore. Chinese hair suppliers, hence, have to import raw materials from other countries as alternatives, most of which originates from India due to efficient logistics network.

Chinese hair from hair vendors in Houston

1.2. Hair vendors in Houston in terms of hair price

Since hair vendors in Houston have to import raw materials from foreign countries, their output prices rely on the price of their input materials. Below we would like to analyze the prices from different suppliers of different countries as well as provide some representative price lists as examples. Customers should keep in mind that these exemplified price lists do not represent all price lists of suppliers in that country.

  • Since Vietnamese hair is superior in terms of quality, as being said: “The quality is always worth the price”, the price of Vietnamese hair is higher than that of its competitors. However, it does not mean that its price is extremely inaccessible or unreasonable. In fact, Vietnamese suppliers always try to keep the price rate as competitive as possible. Below is a price list from K-Hair – the most reputable Vietnamese hair supplier operating in the current market.

Price list of K-Hair – the best hair vendors in Houston

  • Indian raw hair has been considered of the lowest quality compared to all other raw hair materials; as a result, its price is also the cheapest in the current market. However, hair vendors in Houston should pay special attention when deciding to buy from Indian raw hair suppliers because they might be prone to inconsistent quality of products. Below is a price list of a typical Indian raw hair supplier.

A typical price list of Indian hair vendors in Houston

  • In the meantime, since Chinese suppliers have to import most of their raw hair materials from India, their additional costs only include import-related costs and manufacturing costs. But thanks to their highly advanced infrastructure, the additional marginal cost is not high per product, so price of Chinese hair is basically the same as that of Indian hair. Below is a typical price list of a Chinese raw hair supplier.

A typical price list of Chinese hair vendors in Houston

1.3. Hair vendors in Houston in terms of product diversity

Since hair vendors in Houston have to import raw hair materials from many countries, most of which are from Vietnam, China and India, it is arguable that hair vendors in Houston acquire a large range of product portfolio. A combination of different hair sources altogether gives hair vendors in Houston the capacity to create a variety of hairstyles and extension types such as keratin hair extensions, tape in, clip in hair extensions, etc. In such a growing competitive industry like hair and beauty sector in general, the fact that hair vendors in Houston can create such a diverse range of hair extensions products in different shades and styles facilitates them to thrive and reach more potential customers than other suppliers in the market.

Another advantage of hair vendors in Houston in terms of product diversity is that they have acquired a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise through years of working and striving in the hair sector. As a result, they have gained a lot of customer insights, their “pain points” and can come up almost immediately with the solutions that can eradicate customers’ frustrations. 


Product diversity of hair vendors in Houston

2. How to spot out the best hair vendors in Houston

There are innumerable hair vendors currently operating in Houston, meaning there are tons of choices for customers to choose from. The question is, however, what are the most reliable and trustworthy hair vendors in Houston. In the second section, we would like to eliminate this confusion of customers once and for all by giving some characteristics of best hair vendors in Houston as well as detailed steps to find them. This information can be applied to any situations when customers have to search for suitable hair vendors anywhere else.

2.1. Characteristics of the best hair vendors in Houston

There are more than one criteria to judge whether such hair suppliers are reliable and trustworthy or not. However, below are the most significant characteristics that all reputable hair vendors in Houston share and commit to to bring about the best products and services to their customers.

  • Clear and public information: Reliable hair vendors in Houston’s information must include a comprehensive overview of the business, from product catalogs, price lists, to shipping guidelines, feedback and reviews, etc. All of the information should be public on the supplier’s website or social account so that potential customers can know for sure the activities of the business as well as the quality of performance, etc. Confusing or mysterious information is a big red sign that every wise customer should take notice of.

Clear and public information from hair vendors in Houston

  • Willingness to interact with customers: It is undoubtedly that trustworthy hair vendors in Houston should have the required skills and expertise to answer and eradicate any questions or confusion of their customers. If a hair vendor cannot conduct this, it can boil down to two main reasons: first of all, there is some negative information that they hide from customers and secondly, they do not have the appropriate amount of knowledge to answer. Whatever the reasons might be, customers should not place their orders from these hair vendors.
  • Professional attitude: Another factor that customers should take into consideration in determining the reliability of hair vendors in Houston is the attitude of their staff. Scammer and frauds will try to swindle money out of their customers instead of focusing on addressing customers’ problems. Friendly and supportive staff is also a reason why many customers come back to reliable hair vendors in Houston.

2.2. How to find the best hair vendors in Houston

In this digital era, information is at the fingertips of human beings thanks to the facilitation of the Internet. In this section, we would like to provide some of the most popular, yet most effective ways for customers looking for the top hair vendors in Houston.

  • Finding hair vendors in Houston through search engines

Google and search engines in general have become a ubiquitous part of the digital lifestyle. They have become such a commonplace that the first thought that comes to mind of customers when having to look for something is to “Google” them. Customers just need to type, for example, “hair vendors in Houston” on the search bar and just one click away, Google’s algorithm has produced a plethora of results related to the query.


Find hair vendors in Houston through search engines

Customers should prioritize top results recommended (aside from adverts) since these websites receive the most traffic and have the highest conversion rates. Apart from Google, there are also multiple search engines for customers to choose from, such as Yahoo, Bing, etc.

  • Finding hair vendors in Houston through social media sites

All hair vendors in Houston in the current digital era has at least one social media account via which they may connect with potential customers and discuss with them about the goods they offer as well as customer service provided. Customers can use a variety of well-known social media sites to find the best hair vendors in Houston, including Facebook and Instagram. Given that WhatsApp is the most popular social media platform in Nigeria, Nigerian users may want to check out this alternative social networking site.


Find hair vendors in Houston through social media

  • Finding hair vendors in Houston through e-commerce sites

Customers looking for the best hair vendors in Houston should definitely check out AliExpress and Amazon as these are the most popular e-commerce sites used by hair suppliers. Reviews and comments left by past customers are one of the most reliable sources of data regarding the quality and cost of virgin hair extension items. These evaluations can provide a thorough summary of the goods, including details on their quality, value, and client services offered by the business.


Find hair vendors in Houston through e-commerce sites

To save time researching, customers should prioritize suppliers that have the highest ratings and positive comments. The nearest hair vendors in Houston can also be considered since it can reduce quite a lot of shipment fees for the customers.

  • Finding hair vendors in Houston through trading networks

Customers who have established some business ties with hair vendors near Houston can leverage these relationships to ask contacts of hair vendors in Houston for comprehensive information about their operations. This can be more dependable than merely finding and searching for hair vendors in Houston online because consumers can have to deal with con artists, frauds, etc.

For new customers to the hair industry and have not acquired any trustworthy business relationship, they can still apply this method if they have relatives living in Houston, Texas. They can ask their customers to make a market research about all hair vendors that are working in Houston to have an overview of the current market in Houston and choose the best hair vendors in Houston.

3. Recommendations of top hair vendors in Houston

To save time and purchasing efforts of customers in finding the right top hair vendors in Houston, in this part, we would like to suggest the most prominent hair vendors in Houston. All of them are famous for exceptionally high quality products as well as customer services.

3.1. K-Hair – the top hair vendor in Houston from Vietnam

K-Hair has accumulated a massive wealth of knowledge and expertise in the hair industry. They are also famous for manufacturing and processing 100% Vietnamese human hair. The product that gives K-Hair the reputation that they take great pride in is virgin hair extensions products which are made completely from Vietnamese virgin hair – which is considered of premium quality in the current market.


K-Hair – top 1 hair vendors in Houston

K-Hair has a hair office located in Houston and they are proud to cater for customers in Houston, to consistently provide them with top quality products and considerate customer services.

3.2. PeloDiva Hair – top 2 hair vendors in Houston

PeloDiva Hair is a licensed distributor and provider of virgin hair extensions located in Houston, Texas. They sell virgin wigs at a reduced cost compared to other competitors in the market. PeloDiva prioritizes customer needs because they understand how important their products and what difference they can make to their customers’ appearance. Our entire staff is committed to providing for the needs of our clients.

  • Address: 8951 Cypress Waters Blvd #160, Coppell, TX 75019, United States
  • Shipping: USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Caribe Express

3.3. Hair World Beauty Supply – top 3 hair vendors in Houston

Hair World Beauty Supply has been in business for more than 25 years and they have been among the best hair vendors in Houston for all these years by providing top-notch hair extensions products for the community in Houston. They are also the top supplier of hair extensions in Nashville, Tennessee. They offer the best discounts on hair care, weaved hair extensions, braided hair, all different kinds of wigs, and much more.

  • Address: 5402 Texas Ave, or 5402, FM1765, Texas City, TX 77591, United States
  • Instagram: hairworldtn

4. Illustration of steps to buy from K-Hair – the best among all hair vendors in Houston

As we have already discussed, hair vendors in Houston are all resellers and have to import from foreign countries like Vietnam, China and India. Among all these aforementioned suppliers, Vietnam is the most famous for premium quality, reasonable price and considerate customer service. However, when it comes to top-tier services in all three aspects, only K-Hair can be considered the best hair vendor not only in Houston but also in the international market. In this part, we would give in details how to buy from the best hair supplier in the market for the time being. We guarantee that customers should at least try K-Hair for once to see the difference between the most reputable and normal hair vendors in Houston.


How to buy from K-Hair

Step 1: To grasp a rough understanding of corporate information, including the product line as well as reviews and comments from prior clients, potential clients should visit K-Hair’s platforms at:

Step 2: Send the products you’ve requested along with relevant information—such as their texture, length, color, etc.—to either the customer support personnel via WhatsApp or the hotline number at +84 96 789 4448. With staff members who have obtained professional competency in languages like English, Spanish, etc. and are on demand 24/7, K-Hair is renowned for providing top-notch customer service.

Step 3: Confirm the order

Step 4: Immediately after receiving the order, K-Hair would send an email confirming the request and sending the official receipt. Customers’ key task in this phase is to confirm and complete the payment so that the K-Hair manufacturing team may get to work on their purchases.

Step 5: Customers who use K-Hair services are entitled to a one-in-a-million service: K-Hair would send a video of manufacturing procedure to customer. This fosters the development of a solid, long-lasting relationship between customers and sellers.

Step 6: K-Hair swears to the principle that they will only send customers products that are in alignment with the requirements. K-Hair would begin the delivery process after obtaining your confirmation of delivery.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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