How To Start Remy Hair Extension Business: Best Details

How to begin remy hair extension business successfully? The answer lies in many factors. You firstly have to understand clearly what remy hair extension is. Then, you ought to understand all of its characteristics to make sure you know what you can get benefits from. In addition, finding out a reliable and long-term factory distributor is also of importance. Then, where to get all of these lessons? Don’t worry! This post is right for you – all resellers who are interested in starting a remy hair extension business!


Remy Hair Extensions

I. Basic Information You Need To Know About Remy Hair Extension

You may have heard a lot about remy hair extension, but do you know what it is literally? What are the characteristics that make it so popular? Below is exactly all the information you need!

1.1. Definition of Remy Hair Extension

Remy hair extension is one of the top best selling hair types that is made of human hair. The hair is collected from two or more donors. This means the hair is totally natural. This is also the reason why the quality of this hair type is quite good. Almost all the cuticle alignments are the same mong hairs, which helps keep the hair pretty healthy and durable.

In fact, there are three types of human hair extensions, and remy hair extension is one of them. If you feel interested in human hair extensions in general, you can learn more about all of the three types: virgin, remy and non-remy hair here about remy and non-remy hair with their characteristics.


What is remy hair extension?

1.2. Features of Remy Hair Extension

When it comes to characteristics of remy hair, there are 4 typical features to clarify. They are about the hair source, the bleaching and dyeing ability, the durability and the hairstyles.

  • Source of Remy Hair Extension

As mentioned above, remy hair extension is made of human hair. It is the hair mixed from at least two people. In general, the quality is good. However, not all hair suppliers can ensure the qualified source. You know, the hair nature of residents in each country is different, so human hair does not necessarily have the same quality level. 

For example, while the hair of Vietnamese people is high-quality in comparison with that of all wholesale hair vendors in the world thanks to healthy diets, good lifestyles and mild weather, the hair of Indian people is quite dry, curly and easily splitted due to hot weather, etc.


Vietnamese hair vs. Indian hair

In addition, as the remy hair extension is mixed hair, so no one can make sure that it is not mixed with animal hair or processed from non-remy hair just through a look. Only experienced ones in the business can say the differences. Therefore, you’d better be careful when checking the hair source.

  • Can I bleach and dye Remy Hair Extension?

The answer is definitely yes. However, due to the hair being mixed one, the dyeing and bleaching ability can’t be considered amazing. To ensure the final results, you’d better dye the hair with basic tones. If you want to bleach the hair to 613 color, you’d better choose virgin hair extension instead.


Can I bleach and dye remy hair extensions?

  • Durability of Remy Hair Extension

Remy hair is human hair, so the durability is pretty good. If the hair is kept in good condition with proper care, it can last up to 5 years! What a bargain when it comes to selling wholesale hair extensions!

  • Hairstyles from Human Hair For Remy Hair Extension

There are lots of hairstyles that you can make from remy hair extension thanks to its good quality. You can totally make use of remy hair to apply any trendy hairstyles in the market, from non-colored to colored hair, straight to curl hair, etc. Top 3 hot trends you can consult now are bone straight hair, body wavy hair and afro kinky hair. These hairstyles will be clarified in item III.


Remy hair extension hairstyles

II. Various Types Of Remy Hair Extension

In addition to various hairstyles, remy hair is also used to produce lots of types when it comes to wholesale hair extensions types. Below are top 4 best-selling kinds of remy human hair extensions.

2.1. Remy Hair Extension Weft

Weft hair is the hair extension that is usually made by the weft machine. The hair is weft together into a line. The line is then often used to make a hair wig or directly stuck on users’ hair. People choose remy hair extension weft not only because the quality is good but also because the volume-adding effect is amazing.

2.2. Remy Hair Extension Tape In

Tape in hair extension is a popular choice of hair extensions, especially in European and American countries where people tend to choose temporary or semi-temporary hair extensions for adding volume purpose. 

2.3. Remy Hair Extension Clip In

Clip in hair is the hair extension that includes some pieces of extensions for users to stick on their real hair. Remy hair extension clip in is easy to apply and remove. Therefore, people tend to choose it for temporary use.

2.4. Ponytail Remy Hair Extension 

Ponytail hair extension is clearly the hair used to help the user’s real ponytail look thicker. Even people with not very long hair can still use this kind of hair extension. The way to apply is also very simple. Just stick it on your real ponytail, and then your hair is done!


Remy hair extension types

III. Which Hairstyles You Can Do With Remy Hair Extension?

As mentioned above, remy hair can be used to create lots of hairstyles in the human hair extension list. Almost all styles are possible, except for the very difficult one like 613 color bleached hair. Below will be top 3 hairstyles that are crazily hot right now!

3.1. Bone Straight Remy Hair Extension

When talking about hot trend hairstyles from remy hair, bone straight style is always the first to be mentioned. This hairstyle is never out of fashion or boring. People using hair extensions from all over the world are mainly said to have applied bone straight remy hair extension at least once.

If you are thinking that such a straight simple style like this can be so boring, then the fact is that bone straight hair can also be dyed into different colors. Who said bone straight hair has to always be black? Please look at our colorful bone straight hair collection!


K-Hair’s bone straight remy hair extensions

3.2. Body Wavy Remy Hair Extension

Needless to say, body wavy is such a popular hairstyle! This style easily fits all kinds of faces or fashion styles. With body wavy hair extensions, the waves are not too loose or too tight but just enough to create the impression! Body wavy hair can bring about classy and attractive vibes.

3.3. Afro Kinky Remy Hair Extension

Afro kinky hair extension is always one of the top best choices, especially for African users. This hairstyle carries a very specific vibe of sporty and individual African-American. The curl patterns of this hairstyle is very tight, which is different from any kinds of curly wavy hair in the market. This is also the factor that makes this hairstyle so special and loved.


Remy hair extension styles

IV. Should I Begin Hair Business With Remy Hair Extension?

After reading all the analysis above about remy hair, you may have your own answer to this question, right! Remy hair extension is undoubtedly a great choice of product for anyone in the hair business. Choosing to sell this kind of hair extension, you can get lots of benefits from its strengths:

  • The hair quality is good. This is the key factor that decides whether your customers will choose you and whether they’ll come back to you for later purchases or not.
  • The hair price is reasonable. Remy hair extensions are not as expensive as virgin ones or as cheap as non-remy ones. The price is in the middle. According to customer behavior theory, customers will prefer products at the middle price most.
  • The restyling ability is good. Remy hair can be dyed, trimmed or curled into any trendy hairstyles. Moreover, there are lots of remy hair extensions available like weft, tape in, clip in, tip in or so on. You’ll never have to worry that your products are not diverse or unattractive when selling this kind of hair.

Advantages of remy hair extensions

However, there are also some drawbacks that you need to understand to make sure you’ll get on well with remy hair extension business:

  • Remy hair is not of the best quality. It is in the middle level instead. Therefore, sometimes it can be very hard to please difficult customers. However, the price is worth the quality, you can use this theory to persuade your customers!
  • Remy hair is not the cheapest choice. Again, being in the middle can be a disadvantage of remy hair extensions. However, don’t worry. You just need to demonstrate that your hair is worth the price, then there won’t be any serious problem.

Disadvantages of remy hair extensions

After all, remy hair is still a good choice to start a hair business if you can make use of all the pros and smartly deal with the cons.

V. Compare Remy Hair Extensions & Virgin Hair Extension

As mentioned earlier, there are three kinds of human hair extensions: virgin, remy and non remy hair. However, non-remy hair is of bad quality, and no reliable hair suppliers want to distribute this kind of hair. It can affect their prestige. Therefore, below will be the brief comparison table of only 2 popular hair types: remy hair extensions and virgin hair extensions to let you have an overall understanding about hair extensions in the hair business.


Remy hair extension vs. Virgin hair extension

VI. Top Countries Supplying The Best Remy Hair Extension

After learning about hair extensions, the next important step to prepare for starting a hair business is discovering the suppliers. We should go from general to specific, from suppliers of whole countries to specific suppliers. This is also the reason why below is the introduction of general information about top countries supplying remy hair.

6.1. China – Providing Large Quantity of Remy hair extension

China is now top 1 remy hair supplier in the facet of quantity. With industrial-scale factories as well as diverse hair sources from local residents and suppliers overseas, China is capable of producing a huge number of hair extensions each day. 

Producing in quantities makes the hair price pretty low; however, the quality is not ensured. Especially when the hair source is scarcer and scarcer now, the demand for giant production causes Chinese factories to mix animal hair or import unqualified hair to make what they call remy hair extensions.


Chinese remy hair extension supplier

6.2. India – Offering Low-cost Remy Hair Extension

India in general is also a famous hair extension supplier, and it is the most famous for its cheap hair. However, we all know that the price is worth the quality. The super cheap Indian hair is the result of backward production and low-quality hair. You can read more about temple hair or Indian hair balls to understand why the hair quality is so bad.

6.3. Vietnam – Supplying Highest Remy Hair Extension Quality

Vietnam is always the country famous for providing the highest quality hair. All the hair supplied is local human hair: virgin and remy hair. All of the hair is natural and healthy thanks to great lifestyles and weather conditions. The price is also reasonable for such amazing hair quality.


Vietnamese remy hair extension suppliers

6.4. Comparing Remy Hair Extensions from Vietnam, Hongkong, India

After all, you already got to know more about the top 3 best remy wholesale hair vendors, right! Then, which to choose when each has its own strengths? Let’s read the brief comparison table below to make up your mind more easily.


Compare remy hair extension suppliers

VII. Factors To Identify A Trustworthy Remy Hair Extension Vendor

There are so many hair suppliers in the market now, so how to find out the best one? This can be such a challenge for hair resellers, especially newbies. In fact, you can totally base on the most significant signals to initially evaluate hair vendors before working with them.

7.1. Regularly Update Information for Remy Hair Extension

A reliable remy hair extension supplier will never hesitate to post their products and sharings on their commercial platforms to attract and give out positive energy for all sellers and customers in the hair business. Therefore, a simple way to initially check them is to visit their social networks like websites, Facebook accounts, Instagram accounts, Youtube accounts or Tik Tok accounts, etc to check whether they usually update their products and sharings or not.

Also, don’t forget that sometimes the quantity doesn’t matter. Don’t see a brand posting numerous articles or videos and rush to the conclusion that the remy hair extension brand is prestigious. In fact, quality is far more important. You’d better read the posts carefully to see whether their contents are unique, useful and faithful or not.


Remy hair extension update

7.2. Support and Consultancy for Remy Hair Extensions are given quickly. 

Support and consultancy are important factors of reliable hair suppliers, but how to check beforehand when you haven’t even worked with the suppliers yet? In fact, you can still check through their attitudes in the very beginning conversation with you. Do they reply to you quickly? Are they willing and patient enough to explain all of your wonders? Do they faithfully give you advice instead of trying to gain a new customer and sell their products? For prestigious remy hair extension suppliers, the answer is definitely yes!

After you have worked with them a couple of times, you can also evaluate them through their post-sale customer care. Are they willing to solve all the post-sale problems like returning or changing? Are they still willing to answer your questions no matter whether you confirm to rebuy their products or not? Are they still your faithful supporters in your business? Trustworthy suppliers will definitely say yes!


Remy hair extension suppliers – support and consultancy

7.3. Product Images Taken by Remy Hair Extension Supplier Officially

Product images are also important when considering a hair supplier. There is no reason that reliable vendors don’t use their own images to promote their products. On the other hand, they will be pretty proud of their wonderful remy hair extensions and use their own photos to introduce the brand to customers. Only scammers have to use others’ photos as they don’t have the real products, or their products are really terrible.

7.4. Feedbacks and Reviews from Customers for Remy Hair Extension

Last but not least, feedback and reviews from customers are of importance. They are the most reliable evidence for the goodness or badness of a hair supplier. However, be alert to differentiate fake and auto reviews with real feedback. The real and prestigious ones should be from real accounts with persuasive images.


Remy hair extension images & feedback

VIII. Trusted Distributors To Purchase Wholesale Remy Hair Extension

After all, the last step to start a hair business is to find for yourself a specific wholesale hair vendor. For years being in the hair business, we are confident to give you the top 3 significant names below.

8.1. K-Hair Factory

K-Hair is the top 1 Vietnamese wholesale remy hair extension factory. Being in the business for decades, K-Hair is always famous for highest hair quality and most reasonable price for that wonderful quality. In addition, it is also well-known for great customer service. You can visit them through:


K-Hair – Top 1 remy hair extension factory

8.2. 5S Hair Vietnam

5S Hair is now gradually gaining their prestige for supplying good quality remy hair extensions. What’s more, the brand also pays attention to customer care, which makes them more and more loved by foreign partners. You can visit them through:

  • Website:
  • Instagram: 5s_hairofficial

5S Hair Vietnam

8.3. IImuse Look Hair

IImuse Look Hair may be a new name to many of you. However, you will be satisfied with their good quality hair and good price, as well as good service. You can discover more to widen your choices of remy hair extension suppliers!

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