Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana: How to Start an Excellent Hair Business here.

Ghana is such a potential country as the GDP is on the rise yearly. The more prosperous it becomes, the bigger the demand of dwellers for goods. Therefore, the Hair Extension Industry is one of the most booming markets in Ghana in recent years, especially in the Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana. 

 Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana: How to Start an Excellent Hair Business here.

Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana: How to Start an Excellent Hair Business here.


1. Overview about Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana

High demand, short supply is all we could say about the actual situation of wholesale hair distributors in Ghana – wholesale hair distributors factory. Three main points illustrate this state clearly: 

  • Limited and unqualified hair source: The hair in Ghana is often of two types. The former is the imported product, the latter is local hair. Local hair is said to be dry and unsuitable for making it as hair extensions. This is easy to understand because African women tend to have short hair, their hair is often shedding and coarse.
  • Lack of choices: Even when Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana could supply sufficient hair extensions, the hairstylists could not make full use of these. Because of the bad quality, if the hair extensions are dyed or bleached, there is a great chance they could not stand it and become spoiled. 
  • Small price range: Local hair has such a high cost due to its limited outcome, which is a big drawback to the Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana. 

Overview of wholesale hair distributors in Ghana

In case you are also cared about other suppliers in Africa, consult this: Wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria

1.1 Main features of Wholesale Hair Suppliers in Ghana

Below are some particular characteristics of Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana that could give you a great outlook of the hair extensions market in Ghana: 

1.1.1 Origin of Ghana Hair Extension from Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana

At present, there are two primary sources of hair extensions supply for Wholesale hair distributors in Ghana: 

  • Imported hair: Usually from the three biggest Wholesale Hair Vendors worldwide, namely Viet Nam, China, and India. High quality, the broad range of prices but hard in delivery service. 
  • Native hair: Easy shipping, but the quality is unassured. As has been said from the start, most local women in the nearby area have little or coarse hair. 

Hair sources of wholesale hair distributors in Ghana

1.1.2 The characteristic of Ghana Hair Extension from Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana

Apart from the delivery difficulty, most aspects of the imported hair are superior to local hair for Wholesale Hair Suppliers in Ghana. Below is the table of comparison between Ghana hair and the hair of Ghana’s biggest supplier: Vietnamese hair for you to have a better illustration.

Ghana hair 

Vietnamese hair

Origins 2 main sources: Import hair extension and hair from local donors. Vietnamese women living on a mountain with a clean environment and healthy lifestyles, which give benefits to their hair. 

They often wash their hair with natural ingredients such as herbs or flowers. 

Quality Short quantity.

Low quality: Dry, coarse, hard to bleach or dye. Not many types of hair extensions. 

Gradual hair supply. 

High quality: Smooth, strong, black, and durable (2-10 years in use). 

Being collected from 100% mountainous donors. Could be dyed and bleached up to 613 tones. 

Price Small price range, often costly. Wide selections of cost. Affordable. 

From 8.6 USD/bundle. 

1.2 Pros and cons when purchasing Hair Extensions from Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana 

What are the benefits and drawbacks when you purchase hair from Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana, let us give you a brief here:

1.2.1 The Advantages when purchasing Hair Extension from Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana

The advantages of buying hair from Ghana wholesale hair suppliers lay in 2 main points: shipping and contact.

  • Quick shipping time: Because both Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana and wholesalers live in the same country, the domestic goods are easily transported within a short period of time.  
  • Easy contact and convenient customer service due to the language and cultural identity. This is unquestionably an enormous benefit exclusively for locals. 

1.2.2 The Disadvantages when purchasing Hair Extensions from Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana

Meanwhile, before buying hair extensions from Ghana wholesale hair suppliers, you should also consider some of the typical disadvantages. They are the quality and limitations in many facets.

  • Unguaranteed hair extensions quality: Dry, rough hair, low durability, could give customers bad experiences. 
  • Limited choices, price, and short supply of hair in periods. This is the consequence of the reliance on imported hair sources.

Strengths & Weaknesses of wholesale hair distributors in Ghana

2. Top 5 Best Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana 

Though buying hair extensions from Ghana wholesale hair product distributors still remains some disadvantages, choosing a good supplier and trying importing hair from them is still a good try, especially for buyers right in Ghana. Below we will give you the list of top 5 best Ghana wholesale hair vendors.

2.1 Legaxy hair – Famous Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana

Opened in 2014, Legaxy Hair has built such a great reputation among the Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana. It offers customers a large number of selections, from virgin hair to Remy hair, closures, wigs. Moreover, it is known as Trade Representatives of the major hair manufacturing companies in China. 

Top products: Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair In Bulk Extensions, Wigs, and Closures.

2.2 Becky Wigs – Trending Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana

Becky Wigs Hair Indian

Becky Wigs Hair Indian

With the motto Love Is In The Hair”, Begy Wigs stands out as the number one center of Wigs, Hair Extension, and Beauty Supply Shop. 

Top products: Hair and Wigs.   

2.3 SalonLabs – The long-standing Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana

With the advantage of cooperating with some temples in India, SalonLabs claims to produce their seller with the best premium Quality Human Hair Extensions in Ghana, 100% virgin. 

Top products: Remy Indian Temple Bulk Hair, Wavy Human Hair Extensions, Curly Human Hair Extensions, Straight Human Hair Extensions, Remy Clip in Hair Extensions, Lace Wigs, Lace Closures, Lace Frontals & 360 frontals, and many more. 


SalonLabs hair supplier

2.4 Ponny Hair – Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana

The most credible Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana of 100% human hair extensions. 

Top products: Brazilian, Peruvian, and Malaysian Human Hair. 

2.5 Darling Hair – Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana

Best styles, highest product qualities, at the most reasonable cost. 

Top product: Classic and premium collection:  Braid, Weave, Crochet.


Darling hair supplier

Although there have been some great Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana, the demand for hair beauty in Ghana would not be fulfilled. That results from the rising interest in hair extensions. Because of this fact, only by importing hair from some big hair extensions markets could you start a hair suppliers business smoothly and successfully. Especially hair imported from Vietnamese Hair Factories. 

3. Why Vietnamese Hair Factory is the biggest Supplier for Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana? 

Viet Nam, along with China and India, is the dominant Wholesale Hair Suppliers in the world. However, the Hair Vendors in VietNam still have some outstanding points that differentiate them from others. 


Vietnamese suppliers of wholesale hair distributors in Ghana

3.1 Overview of Vietnamese Hair Extension – Main source for Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana

Vietnamese Hair Extension is the ideal hair source for Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana, for various reasons the Origins, Quality, and Price.

  • Natural origins: Vietnamese Hair Extensions are collected from 100% virgin hair of donors. They are mountainous women, who maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. They treat their hair with non-chemical ingredients from nature such as herbs, roses, seeds,… Moreover, they tend to keep long hair to suit the culture here. As a result, their hair is greatly valuable to the Wholesale Hair Suppliers in Ghana. 
  • Quality: Smooth, silky, and long-lasting. Can be used for 2-10 years. Can be created into many hair types, namely curly, straight, wavy,… The dying and bleaching ability is high (up to 613 tones). 
  • Price: There is a wide range of prices for the customers to pick from, depending on the level of hair quality. Mostly it is affordable (from 8.6 USD/bundle). 

Overview of Vietnamese suppliers for wholesale hair distributors in Ghana

3.2 Vietnamese Hair Factory – Bring the best services for Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana

As the hair market is making strong development in Viet Nam, Vietnamese Hair Vendors are trying to build trust in customers widely. When you decide to trade with Vietnamese Hair Factory, they will give you the best customer service ever. 

  • Guaranteed Policy: Most Vietnamese Hair Vendors have a clear return and exchange policy, making sure their customers are satisfied with their products.
  • Pricing and Currency Conversion: Vietnamese Hair Factory provides a wide selection of payment measures for Wholesale Hair Suppliers in Ghana. 

You could pay through a qualified international money trading service: Visa, Mastercard, MoneyGram, or Bank Transfer (only take you 2-3 days to finish the trade). Moreover, please contact the representative to have the brief methods of trading.

  • Delivery: There are two most popular ways for Vietnamese Hair Vendors to send their products to wholesale hair distributors in Ghana: 
    • Through agency shipping: Require at least 5-6 days to arrive.
    • Through UPS/DHL: 1 day to reach you, but high cost. 
  • Professional customer service team: They can communicate smoothly in many languages, from Asian to European, African, etc. They are highly friendly, contented, and willing to help you anytime.

Strengths of Vietnamese suppliers for wholesale hair distributors in Ghana

4. Top Vietnamese Hair Factory supplying Hair Extension for Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana

As mentioned, Ghana wholesale hair vendors need to rely massively on the imported hair sources, knowing which these source suppliers are and consider importing hair directly from them is a smart idea. Below are top 3 suppliers from Vietnam and China to consider. We all know that Vietnam hair suppliers are famous for high-quality hair extensions and reasonable prices while Chinese vendors are known as giant suppliers with surprisingly cheap prices.

4.1 K-Hair Factory – The best long-standing hair vendors in Vietnam

Introduction: K-Hair is a big manufacturer and wholesaler in Vietnam, which has ranked in the top 1 biggest hair factories in VietNam in 2020. K-Hair has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting hair around the world. They always supply the best hair quality to many salons, retailers, wholesalers, and other factories worldwide, especially the wholesale hair distributors in Ghana.


Price from K-Hair Factory

Price from K-Hair Factory

Above is the wholesale price list (USD/kg or USD/10 bundles) from K-Hair for you to see how reasonable it is! This is the price list for the most basic hair extension type: natural straight natural color of full lengths from 8 inch to 30 inch. Each quality grade will affect how much does each kilogram of the same hair length cost. For example, to buy 1kg of 8 inch hair, you will have to pay $165 for super double hair, $119 for double hair and $89 for single hair. Other rows are similarly read.

4.2 5S Hair Vietnam – The top hair vendors with the breakthrough growth

Introduction: A young hair business but having a variety of special and premium hair products. 5S is trying to assert itself in this industry. It is now becoming one of the main suppliers for wholesale hair distributors in Ghana.

Quality: Supplying 100% high-quality Vietnamese Hair Extensions product with various types of hair. Such as Raw Virgin Hair, Human Hair Bulk For Braiding, Weft Hair, Curly wavy hair, Closure and frontal, Human lace wigs.


  • Web:
  • Fanpage: 5shair
  • Instagram: 5s_hair official
5S Hair Vietnam – The top hair vendors with the breakthrough growth

5S Hair Vietnam – The top hair vendors with the breakthrough growth

4.3 TED Hair Factory – The most popular Chinese hair vendors

Introduction: 1st Wholesale Hair Factory in China. TedHair is a premium hair manufacturer in China, providing top-quality hair products and services to distributors, vendors, salons, and online store owners around the world, including wholesale hair distributors in Ghana. Owning Hair Factory Warehouses in Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Houston, Chicago, New York & Virginia.


Ted Hair supplier

5. How to import hair from Wholesale Hair Products Distributors?

 The market is open to everyone, so purchasing hair from Wholesale Hair Vendors Distributors is not a complicated procedure anymore. These are 4 steps to follow to import hair easily and successfully, no matter whether the supplier you are going to work with is wholesale hair distributors in Ghana or anyone else:

Step 1: Remember to investigate before deciding to contact any Wholesale Hair Products Distributors. 

That would save you tons of time. You can research Wholesale Hair Products Distributors on many platforms such as Google, forum, Facebook,… Look into their origins, hair extensions quality, policies, and especially customer feedback carefully.

Don’t choose hair distributors which display no clear information on websites or have virtually no comments on social media, that is a big risk if you invest in something that you do not know thoroughly about. For example, when finding wholesale hair distributors in Ghana, don’t forget to make the best use of all popular online platforms in West Africa like Whatsapp, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Step 2: Make a Contact with Vietnamese Wholesale Hair Products Distributors

Contact of K-Hair Vietnam

Contact of K-Hair Vietnam

Next, if you believe and feel that you are comforted by one particular hair factory, contact them. Search it on their website, or social media. If the hair vendor is reliable, they put their phone numbers and email publicly.

You are recommended to connect by calling directly to the hair vendors, that is the quickest way to get in touch. Another popular way is to chat to them on WhatsApp. Reliable suppliers’ sales staff are usually on there 24/24.

Step 3: About consultancy process with Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana and others

Feel free to speak about your commands to the customer service team, so they could give you the best advice on hair extensions. In addition, experienced ones will also give you valuable advice on your reselling hair business!

Moreover, you could ask them for a video call to have a look at the factories, if it helps you boost your trust in them. In fact, making video calls is the most effective and convenient way to check the factory and products beforehand.

Step 4: Step to order Hair Extension from Vietnamese Wholesale Hair Products Distributors

Order step

Ordering step

When you are done with consultancy, place your order. Try to list everything as clear as possible to avoid any misunderstandings between you and your partner from the Wholesale Hair Products Distributors.

Ask about shipping fees and their policies to assure the products you receive come up to your expectation. Also, make questions and have a conclusion about order time. There is usually two ways of delivery that are popular for almost all wholesale hair vendors including wholesale hair distributors in Ghana:

  • Through agency: This kind of service is considered reasonable, but it takes you a long time (at least one week).
  • Through UPS/DHL: It is expensive, but you only have to wait 1-2 days for the products to come on your hand.

It would normally take about 7-14 days for the hair vendors to complete your products. At this time, require a video call to see your hair extensions carefully.

The deposit payment is often 50% of each contract. You could pay through some international banking services like Paypal, Western Union, Money Grams,…

Wholesale Hair Products Distributors 14

6. Conclusion about Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana

There are many choices of hair extensions for Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana. However, to make your start-up become a big hit, you should look for suitable hair vendors to cooperate with, which provide the best quality hair product, as well as a reasonable price with professional customer service. In addition, when dealing with B2B wholesale hair vendors, you need to be really careful and pay attention to all issues possible about hair factory. Below are some advice for you if you are hair resellers in Ghana:

  • If you are experienced wholesale hair distributors in Ghana, needless to say, you have a wide range of customer groups. Then, what do you need to focus on? First thing is the product diversity which ensures you can meet the demands of many different customer groups. Second thing is affordable source prices to boost the total profits. 
  • If you are newbies in the hair business, don’t rush to make a fortune. Please focus on your prestige and try to maintain it first. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you earn no profits. You can totally choose the best Vietnamese hair vendor to provide you with the best hair extensions at such reasonable prices! This will help you both build prestige with high-quality products and gain good profits as well.

Considering all the factors, Vietnamese Hair Manufacturers could become a great partner for Wholesale Hair Distributors in Ghana. We hope that through the section: Top Vietnamese Hair factory, you could find your best accompaniment here. K-Hair is among the best choices, which could give you a big discount if you offer them a big contract, and take good care of the shipping and banking action. 

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