How to avoid business hair scammer

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Currently, there are more and more hair business start-ups and the biggest threat to them is the business hair scammer. The market for hair extensions is always growing, and beautiful wigs have become an indispensable part of black women. Thanks to the potential of making money in the business and profits that the wig industry brings, many people have taken advantage of the trust of customers to commit fraud and steal their money. This greatly affects the hair business of customers so in the article below Ms. Jennie from K-Hair will share about how to avoid business hair scammer.

1. What is business hair scammer?

Business hair scammer is a common scam in the wig market in which the buyer will be asked to prepay for the order. However, after a while, the seller does not make the delivery as committed, instead, the seller intentionally blocks messages and calls from the buyer. The buyer was cheated and lost large sums of money and never received the goods.

The business hair scammer is an extremely popular current situation. Many customers lost money when buying human hair bulk and were extremely frustrated but could not sue this violation because the police thought they did not have enough evidence to charge the scammer. Furthermore, they are in a far away country so it’s extremely difficult to judge and reimburse those who have been scammed.


2. Why does the market have business hair scammer?

The wig market is growing day by day, the demand for wigs is increasing, especially for the African market. Hair makes up human beauty, however, with African weather conditions their real hair is no more than 2 cm long. To meet their beauty aspirations, the market has created a lot of wig suppliers, in which, hair vendors are mainly from countries such as India, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Indonesia. .. Because there are so many suppliers, buyers often have difficulty in finding a reliable supplier. However, the more hair vendors, the higher the rate of business hair scammer.


Business hair scammer will only care about their profits, that is, they want high profits and very low costs. Even the cost is zero. They take advantage of social networks, the media to promote the image of hot trend hair models. However, it’s all about selling virtual goods online. In fact, they don’t have hair factories and workers, they just put it up for sale. When customers collect money, they disappear.

Customers always want cheap prices so that when reselling in the African market, it will be most profitable. Sometimes that leads to many buyers being taken advantage of by the business hair scammer. When they see the price is cheap, customers will tend to buy in bulk, ie in large quantities, until they find out, I have wrongly put faith in the business hair scammer. The wholesale customer paid a very high price for this mistake.

When seeing the huge benefits of selling wigs, more people want to enter this risky market. I say it’s risky because usually African countries will import hair for sale from other countries. Business hair scams often take notice and scam them with hair business starter. The hair business starters usually do not have too much knowledge of the hair industry and do not have experience in buying and selling hair from abroad. They mainly buy hair at big famous hair shops in their own country. Therefore, they are easily entangled in the fraudulent trap of the business hair scammer.

3. Impact of the business hair scammer

Let’s explore the impact of the business hair scammer below:

3.1. Business hair scammer affects hair sellers

Business hair scammer is always the top concern of hair buyers. Because people wanted to buy hair for their hair businesses, they had to work and save money to buy hair. Customers believe they will make more money by doing hair business. Furthermore, wigs are a luxury beauty item for people in African countries. Many customers even quit their jobs at other companies and opened a hair store by themselves to do hair business. If they encounter a business hair scammer, they will lose money, lose credibility to retail customers in Africa. You cannot claim a refund from the hair scammer. You even have to compensate your customers for damages. That sucks, soon your hair business will go bankrupt.


3.2. Business hair scammer affects reputable hair sellers

In the wig market, it is not also the business hair scammer, there are quite a few reliable hair vendors that you can trust. When there are many bad things about scammer, customers will gradually lose trust, they are always suspicious of the hair vendors. This will affect reputable hair suppliers, and their sales will also decrease. The seller and the buyer of hair cannot be connected, and of course, cannot trade.

The business hair scammer and delaying the goods are two completely unrelated things. On Christmas or Valentine’s holidays, the hair factories in Vietnam or China will be overloaded. Therefore, all orders are delayed. Because of their suspicious nature, African customers will assume that hair vendors are engaged in fraudulent behavior. But when the factories finish their orders and ship them to Africa, they can be assured.

4. How to avoid business hair scammer

  • Ask question: You should have a list of questions prepared for each vendor you are looking to purchase from. Ask opened ended questions that will require more than a simple “yes” or “no.” The vendor you use should be knowledgeable extensively about the textures, lengths, colors, shipment, packaging, and sales. If they are unfamiliar can provide little information regarding the hair they may be business hair scammer.


  • Make a video call: This way will help you check if everything is real or fake, you should suggest making a video call so you can see the hair and hair factory. This will help you avoid business hair scammer. Through the video, you can see directly the image of the hair and evaluate the quality of the hair. If the quality of hair is good, you can rest assured to order from that supplier.
  • ORDER SAMPLES and Do Not Spend Much The First Time: Correct! After you learn very carefully about the hair supplier and you want to try ordering from them, you should order samples first. You buy small quantity from supplier to test customer service and quality of hair. You should not be reckless to spend too much money to buy the first time. If unfortunately you come across a business hair scammer with poor hair quality, then you are wasting your money and time. You also cannot sell bad quality hair and that affects your hair business. In case you are searching for some styles for sample orders or some ways to restyle them, curtain bangs and colored hair can be good choices!

5. Suggestion: K-Hair is the most reliable hair vendor, NOT BUSINESS HAIR SCAMMER

K-Hair Factory is one of one of the leading hair wholesale vendors in Vietnam. K-Hair Factory has been exporting the hair to many countries in the world for more than 20 years. We understand the demand of customers and the expectation how quality of hair will be. Moreover, K-hair will bring you the best hair quality as well as the number 1 customer service in Vietnam. K-Hair FACTORY is NOT BUSINESS HAIR SCAMMER. We will bring you 100% Vietnamese Human Hair, very good quality for bundles and closures / frontals. K-Hair is so proud and confident that we are the biggest hair factory in Vietnam, every month, we have sold out 1000kg of hair, the main customers are from Nigeria and we just deals with hair wholesale vendors.


Above is an extremely important share about the business hair scammer for the hair business starter in Africa, written by Ms. Jennie – Hair Expert from K-Hair Factory. For more information, please contact Jennie K-Hair’s What’s App for a free consultation and support 24/7. If you have free time, you can check my Instagram Business (Jennie K-Hair Factory) to see many beautiful hairstyles and good quality for your hair business.

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I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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