Human Hair Weft Extensions With Best Details To Know

Human Hair Weft Extensions With Best Details To Know
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Hair extensions, especially those made from human hair, always receive a lot of attention from modern girls. Each type always has its own outstanding features to attract customers, as well as its own advantages in giving consumers glossy hair. Human hair weft extensions are one of the most frequently mentioned hair extensions in hair extension forums, always attracting the attention of a large number of girls. What is this hairstyle like, and where can you buy your own item? All of this information is available in this article.

Human Hair Weft Extensions With Best Details To Know

Human Hair Weft Extensions With Best Details To Know

1. What is human hair weft?

Simply understanding, this type of hair is made up of many woven or woven hairs into a smooth cloth to form a weft, with similar length and thickness of the hairs. Different weft bands will have different lengths and widths so that when applied, they will fit the best with the hair shape of the customer. In addition, in terms of origin, it is also made from human hair, so it will have many advantages in terms of softness over many other types.

In terms of structure, as the name suggests, they include the hair extension attached to the weft part. This structure is very simple, they include different packs for you to choose based on the thickness you want. The thinner your hair, the more packs of this item you need to use to make it thick and shiny.

This type of hair also has many names, such as Human Hair Weave, Weft Hair Bundles, Hair Weave Bundles, … You can easily buy them from large foreign stores or shops near you, they are popular items, so they are sold widely.

2. Pros and cons of human hair weft

The human hair weft is always sold in large quantities each year, so it has many pros. However, they also have several consonants that are inconvenient to use.

Pros and cons of human hair weft

Pros and cons of human hair weft

2.1 Pros of human hair weft

As for pros, they have a lot based on their structure. All are listed in the passage below.

  • It appears natural when applied: This type of hair is made from real hair that has been woven into a fixed weft on the hair, so it appears gentle and not exposed when applied and removed. When you buy a wig that is colored with real hair, it will be difficult to tell that you are wearing hair extensions, even from a close distance, due to their smooth and silky texture.
  • Convenient and fast: If you are a girl who is always busy with work and does not have much time to care for your hair extensions, human hair weft is very suitable for you. It only takes a few minutes to apply and remove them, so without spending time taking care, their simple operation makes them a great solution for girls who have little time to care for their appearance.
  • Make your hair look more glossy and longer: Depending on the number of packs you buy, the main use of the hair is always to add more or less volume to your hair. Therefore, the packs of this hair item will make you have the thickness of your hair, and they will look as smooth as possible.
  • Can be worn on hair for an extended period of time: Unlike many heavy hair extensions that cause discomfort if worn for an extended period of time, this is a lightweight and pleasant item to wear. If you apply fewer packs of this hair item to your head, you will feel easier.
  • There are many style choices for you: From simple styles like straight and curly to more complex styles like twist, braided weft human hair extensions are available at suppliers. Based on personal preferences, friends’ recommendations, or choosing the hottest style, you can get the item you want.
Pros of human hair weft

Pros of human hair weft

2.2 Cons of human hair weft

As for the cons, they also have a few things to note. You should read them before deciding to buy.

  • Price is higher than other types: Hair types made from human hair have the common feature of having a higher price than synthetic hair types. If you are on a low budget or don’t want to spend too much money on a hair extension item, they will not be for you. However, if you are willing to pay, you will have a high quality item commensurate with the price.
  • It is necessary to use specialized shampoos: Because the hair’s structure is different, it is recommended to use specialized hair care products instead of your own. You should buy more shampoos and rinses for hair extensions from shops and salons to make sure your hair extensions are always in the softest state.
  • Applying too many packs can cause discomfort: As mentioned, the human hair weft is divided into many different packs; the weight is relatively light, but applying too many packs at once will still make you feel heavy and even tired. So, apply only the right number of packs based on the thickness of your hair to ensure the most comfort and fit.

3. Distinguish different human hair weft methods

This type of hair extension has many different methods. Below I will help you distinguish their two basic methods.

Distinguish different human hair weft methods

Distinguish different human hair weft methods

3.1 Distinguish double weft vs single weft

In terms of the structure or characteristics of the hair, the two are identical. But the difference between them is that single weft hair extensions consist of only a strip of the track that is connected to your hair when applied. Double weft hair extensions consist of two strips sewn together to add volume to your hair, making it look thicker and fuller. To put it simply, single weft human hair extensions include only one thin layer of hair, while double weft human hair extensions consist of two layers, so they are thicker.

So, based on the effect you want, you can buy single weft hair extensions when your hair is relatively thick and long, without adding too much volume to your hair. They will also make you more comfortable with thin and light weft packs on your head after applying them. If your hair is thin and even a bit short, double weft hair extensions are more suitable for you, as they give your hair a thicker and glossy look.

And usually, the single human hair weft types will be preferred over the other because they are lightweight, when applied for a few hours, they do not lose moisture in your hair causing discomfort. Even if you apply and go out in the hot summer weather, you will still feel comfortable. And double weft human hair extensions, while adding more layers to the hair, also make you feel heavier, and going out in the hot weather will make you sweat and heat up more easily.

3.2 Distinguish hand tied vs machine weft

These two types of hair are also often confused with each other because they look relatively similar. However, there are still relatively clear differences between the two.

Hand tied is a type of weft human hair extension that is tied manually by hand. So they are thinner and look almost invisible when applied to the hair, looking very natural. You also don’t need to worry about them being exposed or the hairs falling out because they are sewn very carefully. This human hair weft type will give you the most comfortable feeling when applied and can be completely styled into the hairstyle you want. This type is often rated as having good quality and a more natural look.

Machine weft human hair extensions are, as their name suggests, sewn together by machines, not by hand. Thus, they will look thicker than hand tied hair extensions, and they will also weigh a little bit more but not significantly. Machines will ensure the products share the same weight and thickness and are more durable throughout their life of your use.

In short, if you want an item that is lightweight and looks as real as possible, hand tied weft human hair extensions will work best for you. They will help your hair gain volume and appear softer than before. If your hair is thinner, and you want to add more layers to it, machine weft human hair extensions will be more suitable because they give you a glossy look.

Distinguish hand tied vs machine weft

Distinguish hand tied vs machine weft

4. Human hair weft extension types

Human hair weft has many different classifications, so if you do not understand well about hair extensions, you will not be able to distinguish them. Here are the most distinctive features of each to make it easier for you to identify.

  • Sew in weave human hair: This is considered original human weft hair; it is made up of hair extensions that are woven and fixed to the weft strips so that they do not fall off when applied to your hair and cause problems during use. They are basic but effective to use very well, removing or applying them is simple, so many girls consider them to be their must-have item.
  • Clip-in weft hair extensions: This is a type of hair extension developed from the original simple weft hair extensions. They are also wefts consisting of attached hairs with similar colors, lengths, and origins. However, they are attached with clips to the weft so that they stay on your hair while you want to use them, making the hair extensions more firmly attached to your hair every time you go out.
  • Tape-in weft hair extensions: Just like clip-ins, this hair type will attach tape to the original weft hair extensions. However, the weft of this hair type is trimmed down to appear thinner, and if your hair is thin and short, you will need to purchase more packs of this hair item.
  • Halo weft hair extensions: They share the same characteristics as weft human hair, but they have an extra string attached to the weft. This rope will help you adjust the weft to fit your hair and can also increase or decrease the width of the hair extensions to look as natural as possible.
  • Ponytail weft human hair extensions: This is also one of the hair types that are considered strange and unique. They are applied to your hair after you put your real hair up, also known as a ponytail, to make your ponytail look thicker and more attractive. They are suitable for girls who have relatively thin hair and feel their hair is not special enough after tying it up. They also easily make you the center of attention after applying their signature shine.
Human hair weft extension types

Human hair weft extension types

5. Human hair weft styles

As a hairstyle that always stays hot, human hair weft extensions always have many different styles for customers to choose from. Usually, sellers will provide the following basic styles of hair extensions.

  • Straight human hair weft extensions: This can be called the original hair extension, first appearing on the hair extension market. They are hair extensions that can be straightened after being collected from donors and have a smooth and strong structure characteristically similar to human hair. This style is suitable for many different looks that girls pursue, from the gentle to the active. Therefore, if customers are confused about hair extensions, this can be considered the safest and most suitable option for them.
  • Curly human hair weft extensions: If you feel that straight hair is a bit boring, you can give this one a try. After they are collected and produced in the factory, they will be styled into moderate curls. There are different curls depending on how big of a curl you want, but small curls are often preferred because they make you look younger. And usually, girls who like this item all have a youthful appearance, want to become more attractive with light curly hair.
  • Colored human hair weft extensions: Hair extensions that have been dyed a variety of colors for customers to choose from, ranging from light to dark. Girls who love highlights often prefer light or neon colors, while girls who like subtlety often choose dark and close to hair colors such as brown or gray. They all share the same quality, hair texture, and origin, the only difference is that different colors have different effects on your hair.
  • Braided hair extensions: This can be considered the most special style of all, because they are hair extensions that are braided and fixed to the hair. They will make you look cool with unique hair. Celebrities love these extensions because they make their hair the center of attention every time they go on stage. Also, if you are a girl who pursues charm and personality, this hairstyle is for you.
Human hair weft styles

Human hair weft styles

6. Where to buy best wholesale human hair weft

There are many trusted sites where you can buy an item for yourself. You can buy from a large supplier or a small shop and salon, they all provide the products you need.

Regarding small shops and salons:

Their products will not be as diverse as those at large wholesalers. They usually only sell the basic or most popular items each year, and don’t have too many options in terms of type, style, or color. However, these shops are usually closer to you, convenient to move and do not take time to deliver, so it is very suitable if you need to own a hair extension item immediately. There will also be sellers who will guide you on how to choose the human hair weft that best suits your hair color and skin tone, so that you look the most attractive when applying these items.

Regarding large suppliers:

Usually their distance will be far from you, but the products will be much more diverse. Large suppliers also often offer custom products if you love uniqueness and want to create an item that only you can have. The staff at large suppliers often has more expertise, and they have more customer service agents to quickly answer your questions when needed.

In addition, product quality will usually be more uniform and guaranteed, suppliers will also have many attractive preferential policies for their customers. If you want to buy from a large supplier, you can consider K Hair Factory or 5S Hair Factory, two suppliers that are among the top wholesalers in Vietnam.

You can choose to buy from a large supplier or a small vendor, they are all good. However, you need to choose a reputable supplier and check their reliability before buying to avoid encountering a scammer who just wants to cheat your money. Carefully check all supplier information before paying them for the best buying experience.

Where to buy best wholesale human hair weft

Where to buy best wholesale human hair weft

In short, human hair weft extensions are a convenient and harmless hair extension item for your real hair and a great choice for girls who love smooth hair. The most detailed information is fully written and easy to understand in the paragraphs above. I hope they will help you when you choose the most suitable item.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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