30 Inch Hair Extension: An Amazing Long Hair Choice

You are bored with your short hairstyle and want to try longer ones? Then, waiting for the hair to grow longer is so time-consuming. How to get long hair immediately? Don’t worry, a 30 inch hair extension will help you with your short hair! With the amazing length, this hair extension type will enable you to create any styles you fancy. Now, let’s dig into details about this hair extension kind.


30 Inch Hair Extension

1. What do 30 inch hair extensions mean?

The first thing to mention is, what are 30 inch long hair extensions?  What is the definition and what are the typical characteristics? This section will clarify these initial wonders for you.

1.1. What are 30 inch hair extensions?

A 30 inch long hair extension is the combination of hair extension and 30 inch in length. 

  • Firstly about hair extensions, they can be considered special “accessories” that are attached to your real hair to add length and volume. In fact, hair extensions can be made of different materials which is majorly human hair. Besides, they can also be made of synthetic fibers or even animal fur mixed. However, the most beautiful 30 inch hair extensions are definitely made of virgin remy human hair and distributed in the hair market by hair factories, B2B wholesale hair vendors, hair retailers and so on. 
  • About the hair length, 30 inch is in the top of the longest hair extension lengths. In fact, not all hair extension suppliers can provide this kind of human hair extensions, just simply because the sources of 30 inch human hair is not so abundant. And with this hair length, you are free to create all the hairstyles!

What are 30 inch hair extensions?

1.2. Characteristics of 30 inch hair extensions

About the typical characteristics of this amazingly long hair extension type, we will clarify them in terms of the characteristics of the hair length, weight and prices. Let’s see what they are!

1.2.1. How long is 30 inch in hair length? 

This type of hair extension is certainly 30 inch long. In fact, 30 inch hair extensions are also known as 75cm long hair extensions. In addition to the super long length, what to also consider about the hair length is how to measure it correctly. If the hair is the straight one, then very simple, you just need to use the ruler to measure the distance between hair root and hair tail. If the hair is curly instead of straight, then you can’t do so, and stretching the hair before measuring is a must.


How long are 30 inch hair extensions?

1.2.2. How long is 30 inch in body height?

Another factor surrounding the hair length is the length in body height. How long is a 30 inch hair extension in body height? The answer is that the hair is around your hip, which is double the 14 inch one. For wavy or curly hair extensions, they can be shorter, maybe around your waist. To better illustrate the hair length, you can look at the image below. Please also remember that it depends on your height and body shape that the hair in your body height can change a bit.


How long are 30 inch hair extensions in body height?

1.2.3. How much weight should my 30 inch hair extensions be? 

The weight of a 30 long hair extension can also vary. It depends on the hair types that the weights are not the same. For example, a hair wig which is made of both hair bundles and closures/frontals will be heavier than just a hair weft. Or a clip-in hair extension will be heavier than the real hair weight due to the added weight of the clips. Therefore, we can not tell clearly how much weight the hair must be. The most common form of hair extension is hair weft, and each bundle is usually 100 gram.

1.2.4. Are 30 inch hair extensions expensive? 

In comparison with hair extensions of other shorter lengths like 20 inch ones or so on, the answer is yes, 30 inch long hair extensions are very expensive. However, we cannot just rely on the price to judge if this kind of hair extension is expensive or cheap. In fact, hair quality is what also matters. If a hair extension is high-quality, then paying a sensibly high price to get it is considered reasonable. If the quality is not worth the price, then the hair is still expensive no matter how little you pay for it!


Are 30 inch hair extensions expensive?

2. How many types of 30 inch hair extensions are there?

To help you in deciding which type of hair extension to buy, now we will introduce the top 5 best-selling 30 inch human hair extension types. We will clarify both the pros and cons of each type of hair, so you can have a better comparison and consideration!

2.1. 30 inch Clip-in hair extensions 

Clip-in 30 inch hair extensions are hair extensions that are 30 inch long, and the hair extensions always go together with small hair clips to let you clip the hair extensions directly on your real hair. Below are quick descriptions about the hair pros and cons.

  • About the advantages, this type of hair extension is famous for its convenience. To install the hair, you can easily carry it out at home without turning to anyone for help. In addition, the process is very time-saving, so you can wear it whenever you want.
  • About the disadvantages, clip-in 30 inch hair extensions are just a temporary type of extension. Therefore, you will have to put it on and put it off everyday if you still want to use it. Though the process is not time-consuming, it can cause troubles sometimes in comparison with other long-lasting hair extensions.

30 inch clip-in hair extensions

2.2. 30 inch Tape-in hair extensions

30 inch tape-in hair extensions are those attached on your hair using tape – a special glue tape used for hair. Then, what are the pros and cons?

  • About the advantages, this kind of 30 inch hair extension is also very convenient and easily done at home. It can last for about 4-6 weeks straight before you retape the hair due to your hair growing. Therefore, it is suitable for those who want to add length and volume to real hair in not such a long time.
  • About the disadvantages, the tape can sometimes somehow affect your real hair as it is chemical anyway. In addition, if the hair extension is exposed to extreme heat or water, it can quickly slip away.

30 inch tape-in hair extensions

2.3. 30 inch Sew-in hair extensions

30 inch hair extensions with sew-in method are those attached to your hair with a needle sewing the hair extension on your braid.

  • About the advantages, this method is very firm and long-lasting. Those from reliable human hair bulk distributors are said to last for years for reusing. Normally, it can last about 2 months before you reapply it. The hair extension can blend well with your real hair, so it is very natural.
  • About the disadvantages, this hair extension and its applying method seem a bit scary. If the installation is not done carefully, it can hurt your scalp. Therefore, you usually need to spend hours in the hair salon to get the hair done, which is quite time-consuming.

30 inch sew-in hair extensions

2.4. Fusion and Pre-bonded 30 inch hair extensions

30 inch fusion and pre-bonded hair extensions are those attached on each of your small hair strands, which is different from all the methods above. 

  • About the advantages, these hair extensions are divided into small strands, so when attached to your hair, they look very natural. It is hard to recognize the hair extensions.
  • About the disadvantages, fusion and pre-bonded 30 inch hair extensions are installed with extreme heat and glue, so they may damage your natural hair and require careful hair care. Also, the installation needs to be done at the hair salon, so it is quite money and time-consuming.

Fusion & Pre-bonded 30 inch hair extensions

2.5. 30 inch Microbead hair extensions

The last type in the top 5 is microbead hair extension. The hair extension is also attached to each strand of your real hair. However, instead of using only glue and heat, this type of hair extension requires using hair microbeads or microrings.

  • About the advantages, these 30 inch hair extensions are also very natural-looking. In addition, you can freely create any styles you want as on your real hair. This type of hair extension is very long-lasting as well. You can have the hair last on you for up to 6 months.
  • About the disadvantages, this hair extension type also requires installation at the hair salon and is quite time-consuming.

30 inch microbead hair extensions

3. Styles of 30 inch hair extension

As mentioned, 30 inch human hair extensions enable you to freely create any hairstyle you like. Now let’s see what are the top 4 fancy hairstyles with this kind of hair extension!

3.1. 30 inch curly hair extension

The first style is definitely curly 30 inch hair extensions. With this amazing length, even if you style the hair into voluminous coils or afro kinky curls, the hair is still so long. For loose wavy or body wavy patterns, the length is even greater. It is such a pity if you don’t make the best use of this length to freely style curly hair! 


30 inch curly hair extensions

3.2. 30 inch colour hair extension 

30 inch hair extensions with colours are also a top choice to style such hair extensions. 30 inch long hair extensions will be so attractive if you choose the ombre, highlight or hidden colour hairstyles; both dark or light colours are okay. These are the most suitable choices for long hair. In addition, you can also buy blond hair and customize the colours by yourself. It will be such an interesting experience.


30 inch colour hair extensions

3.3. 30 inch straight hair extension 

Straight 30 inch hair extensions will help you keep the best length of the hair. With this style, the hair will cover your hip. Such a smooth straight hairstyle like this will help you stand out everywhere. In addition, buying straight hair extensions enables you to change the styles into curls or bonestraight, etc whenever you want. You can consider this picture below for the hairstyle inspirations.


30 inch straight hair extensions

3.4. 30 inch bonestraight hair extension 

30 inch hair extensions which are the bonestraight style ones are also highly recommended when you want to keep the hair length in its initial situation. Such a sleek bonestraight hair extension will also help you definitely stand out. Moreover, you can choose colour bonestraight styles for more flexible vibes.


30 inch bonestraight hair extensions

4. How much do 30 inch hair extensions cost?

Now we come to clarify the price list of 30 inch natural hair extensions. We choose to introduce the price lists from K-Hair – the biggest wholesale hair factory in Vietnam, so that the hair quality is great, and it is definitely worth the amazingly reasonable prices given. All the lists are the price in USD of each kilo of hair. In K-Hair, each bundle of weft hair is 100 gram and 10 bundles are 1kg. The prices are divided into 3 levels for 3 quality grades: super double drawn, double drawn and single drawn.

Below is the price list of natural straight natural colour hair extensions from K-Hair. 30 inch hair extensions are the most expensive ones in the list. 1kg super double 30 inch long hair is $800; 1kg double hair is $725 and 1kg single hair is $653.


30 inch hair extension prices

Below is the price list for bonestraight/kinky/pixie natural colour hair extensions. 30 inch hair extensions also have 3 price levels. The highest one is $855/kg for super double hair. The next one is $780/kg for double hair, and the last one is $708/kg for single hair.


30 inch hair extension prices

Below is the price list of curly wavy natural colour hair extensions. The price for 1kg super double 30 inch hair extension is $835, for 1kg double hair is $760 and for 1kg single hair is $688.


30 inch hair extension prices

5. How to install 30 inch hair extensions?

The installation and hair care of 30 human hair extensions are similar to those of other length hair extensions. Let’s quickly see what they are.

5.1 How to install 30 inch hair extensions at home?

The choice of hair extensions can be a bit restricted if you want to install the hair by yourself at home. The reason is that many hair extension types like tip-in, microring, sew-in or so on require complicated and time-consuming applying methods which are best done by skillful hairdressers. You can only install some of the simple hair extensions at home; they are clip-in and tape-in hair extensions. You just literally attach the hair extensions with the hair clips or hair tapes like the names. Though they are simple, the results are also amazing.


Install 30 inch hair extensions

5.2 How to take care of 30 inch hair extensions at home?

To take care of such long hair like 30 inch human hair extensions can be quite demanding. The typical characteristics of long hair are being easily tangled, shedding or dry. Therefore, you need to pay careful attention like you are taking care of your real long hair. You can follow these guides to keep the hair fresh and smooth.

  • You need to comb the hair gently. Don’t attempt to brush the hair strand for 1 time straight. As the 30 inch hair extensions are very long, you need to gradually brush the strand from the root. 
  • You needn’t wash the hair often. A regular washing routine will make the hair quickly worn out. In addition, if the hair extension is styled with curls or colours, washing can also fade them out.
  • You need to keep the hair in a cool environment. If you place the 30 inch hair extension under extreme sunlight, especially when going out, it will become so dry and not smooth anymore. Also, blow drying the hair with high heat is a reason that makes the hair less silky.

Take care of 30 inch hair extensions

6. How to import wholesale 30 inch hair extensions?

Now we come to the last part, how to import 30 inch human hair extensions. We will tell you where to search for the hair.

6.1 Where to buy 30 inch hair extensions for personal use?

If you want to buy a 30 inch long hair extension to wear, please buy it from a reliable hair supplier. You’d better never buy 30 inch synthetic hair just because you cannot find a seller near you providing this kind of human hair extension. It is better that you widen the finding area and contact human hair extension suppliers. 30 inch hair extensions are expensive, so please buy one that is good-quality. 

If you want to buy the hair to make wigs, you are also recommended to buy the hair extensions from reliable wholesale human hair extension distributors.

6.2 Where to buy 30 inch hair extensions for wholesale purposes?

For wholesale purposes, you definitely ought to buy the hair from wholesale hair vendors. Below are top 5 reliable hair extension suppliers that you can consider.

6.2.1. K-Hair – The biggest hair factory in Vietnam

When it comes to such a long hair extension like the 30 inch hair extension, Vietnamese suppliers are always firstly recommended. Vietnamese human hair is always famous for being so long, healthy and smooth. Then, the hair extensions made of it are all high-quality. K-Hair as the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam is such a reliable distributor for this kind of hair. Its prestige has been built for nearly 30 years, so the hair quality is always wonderful. In addition, the hair is directly collected by K-Hair staff, so the price range is also the most reasonable one.


K-Hair – The biggest hair factory in Vietnam

You can learn more about K-Hair here:

6.2.2. Zala – 30 inch hair extension supplier in Europe

Zala is a famous wholesale hair vendor in Europe. Its strength is supplying tape and clip in hair extensions which are all popular items in Europe. The clip in hair extension 30 inch is especially one of the best-selling items. Although the price is pretty high, customers are satisfied with the hair and the service.


Zala – 30 inch hair extension supplier

6.2.3. Diva Divine – 30 inch hair extension supplier in India

Diva Divine is a luxurious hair extension and wig vendor in India. The product categories include clip-in hair extensions, human hair toppers, wigs and even accessories. You can contact the vendor to receive further consultancy.


Diva Divine – 30 inch hair extension supplier

6.2.4. Pure Hair – 30 inch hair extension supplier in the UK

Pure Hair is a hair supplier in the UK. The hair products are diverse in lengths and styles. You can consider buying tape, clip in, halo, micro loop, weave or pre bonded hair extensions here. Below are some popular colours in the collection.


Pure Hair – 30 inch hair extension supplier

6.2.5. Hair Fetish – 30 inch hair extension supplier in Atlanta

Hair Fetish is a popular wholesale hair distributor in Atlanta. It was founded in 2009 and provides 100% virgin human hair. It is also a combination of hair salon, so you can enjoy the salon services when visiting this vendor as well.


Hair Fetish – 30 inch hair extension supplier

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