Remy Hair Extensions UK: Are They Worth Investing

When it comes to luxurious hair extension products, those from Europe, especially the UK are the most concerned and recommended. Such a good reputation may make you, a hair extension user or a hair extension seller, sometimes wonder whether they are really that good and worth investing in. Knowing this, today we will help you answer the question whether remy hair extensions UK are worth investing or not through analyzing all the characteristics, categories, pros and cons in business and distribution of these products as well as some substitutions.


Remy Hair Extensions UK

1. Basic knowledge about remy hair extensions UK

To understand the remy hair extensions from the UK thoroughly, we need basic information first. Then, from this base, we can easily discover and understand more about specific features like the categories, distribution or worthiness in the business. The first part will only focus on the most basic knowledge to give you an overview of the UK hair extensions.

1.1. What are remy hair extensions UK

First of all, what are the UK remy hair extensions? They are literally remy hair extensions which come from the UK. We say that they “come from the UK”, not “are sold in the UK” because the products are now not only purchased in the UK but many countries may also import the hair to resell in their places as well. As a result, UK hair extensions now can exist worldwide. The name tag “UK remy hair extensions” is now no longer an unfamiliar phrase, but what we need to learn more is the features of the hair extensions below.


What are remy hair extensions UK?

1.2. Typical characteristics of remy hair extensions UK

This part will be in charge of telling you the origin, price overview and the fame of UK remy hair extensions. These points will partly help you know why these hair extensions are so famous and whether the hair is worth it or not.

1.2.1. The origin of remy raw hair extensions UK

For your information, remy hair extensions UK are not necessarily made of the UK human hair. In fact, the origin can be classified into 2 main groups: raw hair from the UK and raw hair imported from other countries, especially those in Asia.

  • Raw hair from the UK is the hair collected from the UK residents. The hair is usually naturally blond or can vary into different blond shades, which is typical for remy hair extensions UK. It is smooth and healthy. However, the source of qualified hair has been becoming rare for years because most women have their hairstyles done at the salons as a result of high demand on beauty and high living standard. Therefore, not many people now sell their virgin hair for money. If there are, the hair is usually damaged due to chemical treatment during the styling process.

Remy raw hair extensions UK

  • Raw hair imported is the result of such a scarcity in domestic raw hair material supply. It is imported and turned into remy hair extensions UK in the factories as normal. The hair comes mostly from Asia where the raw hair is naturally black, so the process includes an additional step: bleaching the hair. If the hair is not qualified, the color after bleaching is quite bad. Though these hair extensions are also called UK hair extensions, the hair texture is totally different from the UK original one. The UK suppliers now mainly rely on this group of hair materials.

Imported raw hair

1.2.2. Are remy human hair extensions UK expensive?

The answer for this question is definitely yes. The reasons for such an expensive price for remy hair extensions UK are supposed to lie on the high-quality hair and the modern technology. In addition, the price range is also much higher in comparison with that of many other countries due to the difference in income levels and the units of currency.

  • High-quality hair is the first reason that makes the price so high. UK hair is always introduced as naturally blond and smooth. It is pretty trendy and fashionable. Though the hair materials now are mixed between domestic and external sources, this assumption of hair quality is still well kept. 
  • Modern technology is also another reason for the expensiveness of remy hair extensions UK. The application of modern technology requires qualified factories with advanced equipment and skilled workers. All of these demands may raise the cost of production. In addition, the point is that such technology makes the hair extensions become luxurious products, and the prices rise as a result.

Are remy hair extensions UK expensive?

1.2.3. Why are remy hair extensions UK so well-known?

The well-kept reputation of remy hair extensions from the UK is the result of all factors ranging from the hair itself to the marketing as well. Firstly, the hair is always mentioned as of high quality. The natural blond color, smooth texture and durable lifespan is what people will come up with when talking about UK hair extensions. In fact, the hair is good-quality in general, so good assumptions are still maintained. In addition, thanks to the marketing effect, remy hair extensions UK are always considered luxurious extension products. They therefore famously become the desire of all women.


Remy hair extensions UK are well-known

1.3. Different lengths of remy hair extensions UK

To categorize UK remy hair extensions, we can use the length as a criterion. Then, there are 3 types to consider: long length, medium long and short hair extensions. Below is the overview of each type.

1.3.1. Remy long length hair extensions UK

Long length hair extensions are quite popular in the UK. In fact, natural UK human hair is usually quite thin and not very long, so this type of hair extensions need the materials from imported sources. The most popular long length hair extensions you can find are those from 22 inch to 30 inch long.


Long remy hair extensions UK

1.3.2. Remy medium long hair extensions UK

Medium long remy hair extensions UK can be said to be the most popular hair extension type in the UK and most chosen by UK women. The hair length can range from 14 to 22 inch. This length is just perfect for all hairstyles, from straight to curly ones. The trending medium long hair extensions in the UK now and of all times are wavy blond and balayage hair extensions.


Medium long remy hair extensions UK

1.3.3. Remy short hair extensions UK

Short hair extensions seem not a very popular type of remy hair extensions UK. The reason is that UK women’s hair is usually thin and facing the shedding issue, so women tend to choose a longer hair extension to both add length and volume to real hair. In addition, the most popular types of hair extensions in the UK, tape in and tip in extensions, are best suitable with long and medium long lengths. As a result, 8 to 12 inch hair extensions are not very popularly chosen here.


Short remy hair extensions UK

2. A variety of types of remy hair extensions UK

Based on the hair extension appearances and methods of application, the UK remy hair extensions can be classified into many different types: remy bulk hair, ponytail, weft hair, clip in hair and tape in hair, etc. Below are 5 common types with 5 different appearances and installing methods.

2.1. Remy bulk hair extensions UK

Remy hair extensions UK in terms of bulk hair are also called raw hair extensions. The hair after being collected is cleaned and rearranged to make sure that all the hairs are in the same direction. No more heat or chemicals are added in the process, so the hair is totally fresh and healthy. In fact, many hair salons and hair sellers in the UK prefer importing bleached bulk hair from reliable Asian suppliers like Vietnamese ones as the sources are abundant while the quality is great and the prices are affordable.


Remy bulk hair extensions UK

2.2. Remy ponytail hair extensions UK

Remy hair extensions UK in terms of ponytails are hair extensions used to attach to users’ real ponytails. As usual, the favorite colors are blond and European colors, and the favorite lengths are long or medium long ones. A ponytail extension is usually attached on a mesh and includes an adding hair strand to tie on the real ponytail, which helps create a natural look.


Remy ponytail hair extensions UK

2.3. Remy weft hair extensions UK

Weft remy hair extensions UK are hair extensions that are sewn into hair wefts. Each weft can be up to 1 meter long. With this type of weft hair extension, users can have a new full long and thick hairstyle. The most popular method to install the hair weft is to use the sewing method. The hair weft is carefully sewn on the human real braid to keep the extension last long and damage free.


Remy weft hair extensions UK

2.4. Remy clip in hair extensions UK

Clip in remy hair extensions UK are of the most popular items of hair extensions in the UK. We cannot not talk about its convenience! The special hair clips are attached to the normal hair weft, and then we have a clip in hair extension. The weft can also be made shorter (hair pieces), so users can easily choose the suitable type. To install, users just need to clip the extension on their real hair, which takes only 5-10 minutes and is super convenient. In addition, this is also able to help add the hair length and volume naturally.


Remy clip in hair extensions UK

2.5. Remy tape in hair extensions UK

Tape in remy hair extensions UK are extremely popular in the UK for the amazing usage of adding hair length and volume. Unlike clip in type, tape in hair extensions are usually only made into small hair pieces with tapes attached to the root. The installation is also very simple. Users just need to stick the hair extension on their hair without any adding tools needed. However, while reclip is simple and damage free, retape can cause the tape to be less effective. Therefore, users should let the hairdressers help them to have the hair taped exactly at first try.


Remy tape in hair extensions UK

3. Different hairstyles with remy hair extensions UK

In the current market, there are a wide range of remy hair extension styles. As the UK remy hair extensions are mainly used for European customers, then in this post we will focus more on the hairstyles that suit the Caucasian vibes. In fact, the styles are still so diverse!

3.1. Color remy hair extensions UK

European colors can be listed into a long catalog! The most reputable color is blonde. Besides, there are also a wide range of different colours with different patterns to choose from. They can be grouped as two main categories: natural blonde and colored or dyed hair.

3.1.1. Remy blonde hair extensions UK

As natural UK human hair is blonde, the blonde remy hair extensions UK are loved for matching well with the natural hair color. Normally, the hair extensions made of domestic hair materials are naturally blonde which helps skip the coloring steps. However, most of the hair is imported from natural black hair suppliers in Asia, so the hair is usually virgin remy hair which was bleached beforehand. In terms of blonde color, users can choose different blonde shades as well. The 2 most popular ones are blonde #60 and #613. The golden blonde #22 is also loved.


Remy blonde hair extensions UK

3.1.2. Remy colored hair extensions UK

In terms of colored hair, the remy hair extensions UK can be found with a wide range of sweet colours. Some of the most popular ones are white, brown, chestnut, honey, ginger and grey, etc. All of these colors are suitable with all skin tones and easy to wear. They have actually been the trends for decades! Especially, the colors are not simply dyed for full hair extensions, but producers always be creative with many trendy patterns like balayage, ombre or highlight, which make the outcomes pretty natural and well blending.


Remy colored hair extensions UK

3.2. Curly wavy remy hair extensions UK

Curly styles are the styles that almost all UK women choose for their hair as well as hair extensions! Not only because the curly patterns are extremely diverse and attractive, it is also because the curls give the best natural blending between real hair and hair extensions. Three most chosen styles are body wavy, voluminous tight curly and loose curly.

3.2.1. Body wavy remy hair extensions UK

Body wavy style is always the number 1 choice for UK hairstyles. The body wavy curls are super elegant and classy. They are also somehow so youthful and attractive. As a result, this hairstyle can be suitable for daily looks, work vibes or special occasion styles. This style is also suitable for all face shapes. If your face is a bit round or square, the curly wavy hair can definitely help you cover the points, especially with curtain bangs.


Body wavy remy hair extensions UK

3.2.2. Voluminous curly remy hair extensions UK

Voluminous tight curly hair is also a special style for the Caucasian. The curls are not as tight as kinky hair, but they are much smaller than the wavy curls. The vibes of this curl style are a bit more active and youthful. With this hairstyle, anyone can easily stand out in the crowd!

3.2.3. Loose wavy remy hair extensions UK

Loose wavy style is the slightly wavy style which is very natural and elegant. This curly style goes super well with curtain bangs and balayage colours. Just imagine being in a smooth loose curly hairstyle with bangs and creative colors, you definitely look more gorgeous than ever!


Curly wavy remy hair extensions UK

3.3. Straight remy hair extensions UK

Straight style is the most basic one but never goes out of fashion. Smooth straight blonde hair has been becoming trendy again recently. The straight style is typically suitable for muse vibes. In addition, with a straight hair extension, users can also easily customize and create any hairstyles they want such as layered straight, temporary curly wavy, buns, braids or so on.


Straight remy hair extensions UK

4. Should I start a hair business with remy hair extensions UK?

After all, are the UK remy hair extensions worth investing in, especially for hair sellers? Through all the information clarified above, we all know that hair extensions UK are a pretty profitable investment thanks to good reputation, good quality and diversity. However, to be more critical, let’s synthesize all the pros and cons as well as the substitutions of this hair extension type.

4.1. Pros and cons of selling remy hair extensions UK

Talking about the pros and cons of the UK remy hair extensions is talking about these main points:

About the strengths, the hair extensions are popular for:

  • High quality & attractiveness: Remy hair extensions UK are typically blond and smooth, which has become a particular symbol for UK hair extensions. No one can be dissatisfied with this gorgeous type of good-quality human hair extension.
  • Luxurious tag: UK hair extensions are always known as luxurious and expensive. It is usually considered a weakness, but somehow it is a plus point when you are aiming at luxury sales for customers with high income.
  • Great diversity: As listed, there are a variety of hair extensions types. From hair lengths, types to hairstyles, there are so many choices available. This makes sure that your stores will be full of hair extension options and never become boring.

Advantages of remy hair extensions UK

About the weaknesses, the remy hair extensions UK face these issues:

  • Scarcity in domestic raw material supply: As mentioned, most of the raw material sources are imported from foreign countries, then the factories cannot totally control the material and quality themselves. 
  • Expensive price: The prices are expensive. This is a weakness when it comes to the price competitive advantage in comparison with other suppliers, especially those from Asia or Africa. Below is the price list of a famous UK hair extension supplier to let you see how expensive the hair is. The price is in Euro for different weights (relatively with head cover ability) and lengths from 14 inch to 26 inch.

Price list of remy hair extensions UK

After all, by taking the pros and cons into consideration, you will have the answer for the question whether the hair is worth investing in or not. It totally depends on your choice and business direction.

4.2. What are also potential investments besides remy hair extensions UK?

As mentioned, for almost all raw materials, UK factories have to import from foreign countries like Asian ones. One of the most reliable partners of UK factories is the Vietnamese hair supplier group. Therefore, when it comes to a potential substitution, a Vietnamese wholesale hair factory is a good choice. Not only is the Vietnamese human hair of the best quality, the price is also extremely reasonable. Below are the price lists of hair wefts from K-Hair – the best wholesale hair factory in Vietnam to let you see how amazing the prices are.


Price list from K-Hair Vietnam

Above is the price list of natural straight natural color hair weft from K-Hair. This is the wholesale price for 1kg of hair which consists of 10 hair bundles (1 bundle = 100g). There are a wide range of choices when the hair is full lengths from 8’’ to 30’’ and of 3 quality grades: super double, double and single. For example, we can see that 1kg 8 inch super double hair is $165; 1kg 8 inch double hair is $119, and 1kg 8 inch single hair is $89, which is extremely cheap in comparison with the remy hair extensions UK.


Price list from K-Hair Vietnam

Above is the price list of bonestraight/kinky/pixie natural color hair. Similarly to the price list of natural straight hair, we can easily see that 1kg 8 inch super double hair is $220; 1kg 8 inch double hair is $174, and 1kg 8 inch single hair is $144. Each row presents the prices of each hair length.


Price list from K-Hair Vietnam

Above is the price list of curly wavy natural color hair. Similarly, we can easily see that 1kg 8 inch super double hair is $200; 1kg 8 inch double hair is $154, and 1kg 8 inch single hair is $124. Again, still much cheaper than remy hair extensions UK, and each row presents the prices of each hair length.

If you are interested in the products of K-Hair, you can discover more through:


K-Hair – Best supplier substitution of remy hair extensions UK

5. Top 3 suppliers of remy hair extensions UK

Last but not least, below are our recommendations on top 3 hair suppliers in the UK. Knowing them, you as a hair extension user or a hair extension reseller can have more choices of reliable suppliers.

Hair Development is the first supplier we want to introduce. Best sellers of this supplier are HD Elite Weft and HD “Pure” Remy Weft. All of the hair extensions are made of human hair whose cuticles are well-kept; therefore, the quality of hair extension products is amazing.

Koko Hair is another reliable remy hair extensions UK supplier. It is a high-quality wholesale wig and hair extension distributor. The products are pretty diverse in terms of extensions, hair pieces, wigs and ponytails.

CrownCouture is the combination of hair salon and hair extension distributor. Therefore, besides supplying wholesale hair extensions, this supplier can also give advice on hair issues such as hair loss. It is in general a professional supplier in the UK.


Top 3 remy hair extensions UK suppliers

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