Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions: Top 4 Wonderful Virgin Hair Styles 

Virgin Brazilian Hair
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Africa, especially Brazil, is one of the most competitive markets for human hair extension. Beside human hair extensions remy, virgin Brazilian hair extensions are other typical items with stably great consumption in this continent. Do you know about this product or can you tell apart these two types of hair extensions? Do you want to buy virgin Brazilian human hair near me? This article includes the background knowledge about the virgin hair products in Brazil and further details.  

Virgin brazilian hair extensions

Virgin brazilian hair extensions Top 4 wonderful virgin hair styles in Brazil (2)

1. Summary about Virgin brazilian hair extensions

Why is the product called virgin brazilian hair? What is virgin Brazilian hair? There is information about how virgin hair is defined as well as the origin, the characteristics of this product. For the owners of virgin hair extensions, we have tips to care for your hair here.

1.1. The definition of Virgin brazilian hair extensions

Virgin hair extension is the hair product that is made from 100% hair gathered from people, which is sold in 100-gram-weight bundles with each one exclusively made from the hair of one person. Virgin brazilian hair extensions is the product that has the same method with the hair source coming from native women in Brazil or imported from other countries, you can find the virgin Brazilian hair near me to buy.

Asia is considered to be the most potential market of virgin hair extension. Majority of  brazilian hair is imported from the Asian human hair extension distributors. In this continent, while China and India provide the most sufficient virgin hair, Vietnamese hair suppliers offer the highest quality of virgin hair extensions.

1.2. Pros and cons of Virgin brazilian hair extensions

Virgin hair is included in the human hair extensions categories, and there are both advantages and disadvantages like human hair extensions remy, synthetic hair or fabric hair.

What is virgin Brazilian hair’s pros? Virgin hair extension has some significant pros as you can see at the pasage below.

  • Virgin hair extension has the longest durability: In comparison to other hair types available in the hair market, virgin hair can stay in original condition for the longest period of time. Although its durability varies based on the designs of hair such as Brazilian virgin weave, it still has the best permanence. How long exactly this product can last will be revealed in the next part.
  • Virgin hair extension can be freely dyed or bleached: Virgin hair extension is recognized as the most luxurious item in the hair market as it has committed quality. Thus, the virgin brazilian hair extensions can be dyed to any color and even bleached without regard of being broken or damaged. As the hair comes from only one condor, the strands of Brazilian human hair have identical features and offer the same effect of color after being processed.
Pros and cons of virgin brazilian hair extensions

Pros and cons of virgin brazilian hair extensions

What is virgin Brazilian hair’s cons? Virgin hair extension also has some cons as you can see:

  • The price of virgin hair extension is expensive: The price always goes with the quality, as virgin hair ranks at the top position of quality, its cost offered is pretty luxury. However, if you use your hair extensions regularly, it is beneficial to invest in the virgin Brazilian hair extensions.
  • The hair source is not stable and sufficient: As mentioned before, virgin hair extensions bundles are made from only one condor’s hair. Not many people have enough hair for each bundle, not to mention the long virgin hair. Thus, real human hair extensions virgin items are rarer than other hair extensions types.

1.3. The durability of Virgin brazilian hair extensions

What is virgin Brazilian hair’s durability? Generally, virgin hair can last from 8 months to 4 years with proper care. The varying in the duration is resulted from different designs and styles of the hair. For instance, the bleached hair can not stay intact as long as the raw virgin hair extension. However, the virgin processed hair is still more durable than other types of processed hair such as remy colored hair, synthetic colored hair.

How long can virgin brazilian hair extensions last

How long can virgin brazilian hair extensions last

1.4. How to maintain the Virgin brazilian hair extensions?

Hair extensions are usually made from Brazilian virgin weave, so you need to use the following ways to protect them.

  • Reduce the high temperature effect: Users should avoid using heat-styling equipment on their items to avoid direct effects of high temperatures. The high temperature used in this style procedure will weaken and destroy the Brazilian human hair strands. On a bright day, apply UV-protection spray to reduce the negative effects of the sun’s rays.
  • Take care of your hair while you sleep: The virgin hair should be kept in good condition while you sleep. You should invest in a silk bonnet to wear before going to bed every night. The virgin brazilian hair extensions will be kept in form and nourished with this hat. If you don’t have this item, you can braid the fastened virgin brazilian hair on your scalp to prevent hair loss, or remove the hair extension and store it somewhere secure from dust.
How to maintain virgin brazilian hair extensions

How to maintain virgin brazilian hair extensions

  • Select the appropriate brush for your hair: It is recommended that you untangle your Brazilian virgin weave by hand. The moist brush is preferable to the dry brush. When there are Brazilian virgin weave hair knots that you are unaware of, you can comb your hair with a wide-tooth brush to avoid breaking hair or hair loss.
  • How to clean the virgin hair extension: Brush your hair extensions before washing rather than during or after since the strands grow weaker and more easily break while wet. Rinse the Brazilian human hair with cold water and use a natural-ingredient shampoo. Extra conditioner should be used to moisturize the hair extension. For deeper hydration, it is advised that you invest in a moisturizing oil. Washing your hair three times a week is recommended.

2. Classification of Virgin brazilian hair extensions

As the hair business has been booming in Africa for years, the virgin hair production is enhanced significantly. The hair items become more diversified in designs and styles. Here are some typical categories of this product.

2.1. Types of Virgin brazilian hair extensions

What is virgin Brazilian hair’s types? First to be mentioned is the virgin hair type available in the Brazilian hair market. The options available are multiple as other countries which have developing brazilian human hair extensions markets.

In short, the virgin brazilian extensions can be divided into two main types as follows. Please read the paragraph below to get an overview of virgin brazilian hair extensions near me.

2.1.1. Virgin brazilian raw hair extension

The majority of virgin hair in the Brazilian market is raw hair. Virgin brazilian raw hair extension is the product that has the hair material not processed. In other word, after collecting the hair from native condors, the hair factories just wash the hair carefully, make the strands aligned, and divide the virgin hair into bundles of 100 gram. There is no more chemical treatment on the virgin raw hair extension; thus, this hair type has the most identical characteristics with the natural hair of humans.

Types of virgin brazilian hair extensions

Types of virgin brazilian hair extensions

2.1.2. Virgin brazilian hair extension with designs

Beside the raw virgin hair extension, there are types of designed virgin brazilian hair extensions near me in the market. Each hair type has a distinct amount of hair and method to apply on the users’ scalps. Virgin brazilian tape in hair extensions

Virgin brazilian tape in hair extensions are the items made from a small amount of virgin hair stuck on the pieces of tape. Users just apply the tape directly near the roots of your hair strands. No extra tools or expert assistance required in the appliance process. As each piece of tape in virgin hair extensions is light, this item is not harmful for your scalp and natural hair. Virgin brazilian clip in hair extensions

The clip in virgin brazilian hair extensions is manufactured by weaving the human hair strands horizontally in flexible length to satisfy different demands. Each item has clips attached to apply the hair extension on your scalp and even adjust it on your natural hair. Virgin hair extensions clip in is one of the best seller items in the Brazilian hair market right now as the appliance is simple, the price is pleasing and the design is convenient. Virgin brazilian ponytail hair extensions

If you are a fan of ponytail hair type from Brazilian human hair, there is ponytail virgin hair available. The virgin brazilian ponytail hair extensions are the hair strands knotted together at the roots. This hair type is used by attaching it on your real hair ponytail to thicken and lengthen it. The longer and thicker the hair extension is, the heavier it becomes. Thus, do not keep it on your scalp for a long time. Virgin brazilian tip hair extensions

The virgin brazilian tip hair extensions consist of virgin human hair extensions i tip and u tip. Both these hair types are made by sticking a small amount of hair by glue which has the final look of nail-like or cylinder. For appliances, the virgin brazilian hair extensions tips require the high temperatures to melt the glue and blend it with the natural hair strands. This process can not be done by yourself, you need to ask for the help of a hair expert. Virgin brazilian weft hair extensions

Human hair extensions weft is one of the earliest products invented and virgin brazilian weft hair extensions have lace closure/ frontal and wig as the most common items. The lace frontal and closure hair, for example, are virgin hair that has been hand-sewn or weaved into a nest. The lace frontal is larger than the lace closure; in addition, 13×4 and 4×4 are the most typical sizes for frontal/closure hair extensions.

Wigs are another sort of weft virgin hair. This hair is made in the same way that closure and frontal virgin hair extensions are. The shape of a wig, on the other hand, is the most important, as it is a 3D shape that may cover the user’s whole head.  

2.2. Styles of Virgin brazilian hair extensions

Beside multiple types of virgin hair in Brazil, there is a wide range of hair styles for purchasers to pick the most appropriate product. Here is a brief overview about typical styles of virgin brazilian hair.

2.2.1. Virgin brazilian curly hair extensions

Virgin hair extension comes in the following curly styles: wavy hair, curls, and coiled hair. This kind of hair is known for its versatility and effectiveness in reducing the flaws of your facial shapes. First to be mentioned is virgin human hair extensions wavy which is the most feminine form of curly virgin hair extension. Soft wave, wavy, or deep wave hair with loose and large curls are all options. Each type of hair will have a distinct appearance, but they will all have a gentle and graceful appearance on the users.

Secondly, virgin brazilian hair extensions near me with curls is more appropriate for people who desire to project a strong personality. Soft curls, curly, and even hyper curly hair are available on the market to satisfy a variety of client needs.

2.2.2. Virgin brazilian straight hair extensions

If you are interested in the hair market of Brazilian human hair, bone straight hair is no longer a strange style to you. This hair type is the virgin hair which is flattened and keeps the original black color. You can freely choose the length of hair, the favorite length of this style is virgin human hair extensions 24 inch. People in Brazil and other countries of Africa are into this hair type as it looks silky, smooth and fashionable. You can also go for the layer hair which is included in straight virgin brazilian hair extensions near me categories.

Styles of virgin brazilian hair extensions

Styles of virgin brazilian hair extensions

2.2.3. Virgin brazilian long hair extensions

Both straight, Brazilian virgin weave and wavy hair in virgin brazilian long hair extensions categories are attractive. By purchasing the long virgin hair, you can make braids, make ponytail and so on from your Brazilian virgin weave for your product. Furthermore, the long virgin brazilian hair offers you chances to modify the length of your hair extension when you want to have a new look with short hair.

2.2.4. Colored hair: virgin brazilian blonde hair extensions

You want to have a brand new look with colorful virgin brazilian hair? The traditional color of black and brown is not attractive to you at all? Colored virgin brazilian can satisfy your demand. As the virgin hair extension can be bleached to 613 blonde, the brazilian blonde hair extensions and Brazilian virgin weave are the new items that have promising consumption in this country. Meanwhile, there are dyed hair extensions available such as virgin hair extensions ombre, burgundy hair, purple hair…

3. The market of Virgin brazilian hair extensions

As the African hair business is beneficial, the market for virgin brazilian hair extensions near me is competitive. This part will disclose the facts about the trading activities of this hair product and some helpful advices you may need.

3.1. How much is Virgin brazilian hair extensions?

There is no great difference between the price of Brazilian virgin hair and other countries’ virgin hair extensions. Particularly, the retail price of clip in brazilian virgin hair weighing 125 gram with the length of 16 inch costs $40.99. It is suggested to purchase 8 pieces of this clip in hair product for a full scalp.  

Retail price of virgin brazilian hair extensions

Retail price of virgin brazilian hair extensions

3.2. Who should buy Virgin brazilian hair extensions?

The main consumers of virgin brazilian hair are the hair salons in this nation. The owners of those salons have raw virgin hair extensions in their places and then dyed or bleached the hair based on the requirement of clients. Retail customers also invest a lot in virgin hair extensions as they use the hair regularly or want to experience a high-quality beauty product. If you are suffering from hair loss or want to thicken your original hair, virgin hair is worth your consideration.

Target customers of virgin brazilian hair extensions

Target customers of virgin brazilian hair extensions

3.3. Shopping methods of Virgin brazilian hair extensions

On the one hand, clients may get virgin brazilian hair from retail merchants in their physical stores. You may use the search term “human hair extensions near me” to locate a retail outlet in your area. When you arrive at the store, you can try on Brazilian virgin weave to see whether it suits your face shape or not. If you don’t have access to a hair shop in your region, you may visit a famous hair salon, which can give virgin hair extensions near me.

Customers, on the other hand, may take advantage of the Internet and purchase Brazilian virgin hair such as Brazilian virgin weave through e-commerce. You may look for the style you wish to buy on an online marketplace like Amazon, Aliexpress, etc. Alternatively, you may go to the official websites of sellers and contact the staff directly to place an order.

Tips for purchasers of virgin brazilian hair extensions

Tips for purchasers of virgin brazilian hair extensions

3.4. How to be a smart Virgin brazilian hair extensions purchaser?

To easily buy virgin brazilian hair extensions near me, there are a few things for you to keep in mind.

  • If you buy virgin hair extension offline: This method of shopping has the least risk. You just need to find trustworthy and well-known hair stores or hair salons in your area and go there to try on the products. The reason is that famous shops will have greater sorts of virgin brazilian hair types and styles.
  • If you buy virgin hair extension online: Before ordering the virgin hair via e-commerce, you should take into account the feedback and description of the product carefully. If the information is positive and clear, you can make and order. Meanwhile, contacting the manager of the hair seller and ordering the virgin brazilian hair extension near me through their websites requires more consideration. Look for the history, manufacturing process and other policies of the hair suppliers to make sure they are reliable. Ask the staff full details you want before purchasing.

4. Virgin brazilian hair extensions business

After having an insight into the market of virgin brazilian hair extension, do you want to start a business with this product? If you are confused or have now ideas about this investing field, this part will provide basic information.

4.1. Should I take part in the hair business?

There are some position you can take up in the business of virgin brazilian hair:

Becoming a retail seller of Virgin brazilian hair extensions

This is the most common entity of the virgin hair business: the investors import hair extension products from wholesale hair vendors and sell them in their stores, on e-commerce or their own website. For the beginner, you should narrow to the popular types and styles to reduce the loss and attract the customers.

Business of virgin brazilian hair extensions

Business of virgin brazilian hair extensions

Becoming a mediator of Virgin brazilian hair extensions

Being a mediator of hair extensions is the safest way for you to take up the hair business. You do not have to invest the capital for your shop or factory. Your responsibilities are connecting the hair providers and purchasers. You can take benefits from their successful corporations. However, the profit is not enormous.

Becoming a wholesale hair supplier

If you have a great budget and are ready to make a big investment, you should become a hair distributor. You will have to build your own brand, your factory, find the source of materials and organize the function of your firm professionally. Opposite to the retail seller, you should diversify the categories of types and styles to attract different importers.  

4.2. Wholesale market of Virgin brazilian hair extensions

For both retail sellers and new wholesale hair vendors suppliers, this part will provide the information about the wholesale cost offered for the virgin brazilian hair extension.

4.2.1. The wholesale price of Virgin brazilian hair extensions?

Wholesale price of virgin brazilian hair extensions

Wholesale price of virgin brazilian hair extensions

In general, the wholesale price for each 100 gram bundle of virgin brazilian hair diverses from $7 to $25. For instance, a kilogram of straight weft hair with the length of 8 inch costs around 70 to $80. Meanwhile, beside Brazilian hair vendors, the Vietnamese wholesale vendors are famous for their highest-quality human hair extensions, including virgin hair. The wholesale price of Vietnamese hair factories offering the same product cost about $89 but the quality of hair is more committed. In other words, the price from Vietnam is reasonable and worth a try.

Wholesale price of Vietnamese virgin hair extensions

Wholesale price of Vietnamese virgin hair extensions

4.2.2. Recommendation of reliable distributor of Virgin brazilian hair extensions

If you are interested in the Vietnamese hair market, especially want to start a virgin brazilian hair business with Vietnamese hair distributors, we have a recommendation for you. K-Hair Company is a hair vendor with the experience of more than a decade in producing and exporting hair extensions to consumers from every corner around the world. This company has hair experts to make sure the machinery and manufacturing process of their products are up to date. Not only is the customer service of K-Hair on point, their payment methods are convenient.

Website: K-Hair Company.

K-Hair Company A top hair vendor in Asia supplying virgin brazilian hair extensions

K-Hair Company A top hair vendor in Asia supplying virgin brazilian hair extensions

In conclusion, Brazilian human hair is something you should try for diverse types and styles. Please never forget to pay attention to comparing the suppliers before buying any items. As a result, you will be able to get the best Brazilian hair extensions for either using or reselling.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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