Top 3 Biggest Weft Hair UK Supplier

Nowadays, when citizens have high standard living, they have trend to be take care of health, beauty,…Women easily invests money for a beautiful hair to change their appearance. Hair business becomes more and more potential. So how to start the hair business? How to get margins from this business? The main element to decide success of your business is a good supplier. Now, let discover top 3 biggest weft hair extensions suppliers in UK!

1. K-Hair Factory in Vietnam

 K-Hair has more than 30 years experiences in hair area. From 1989 to 1999, it is just a manufacture factory. They sell their weft hair and raw material to China. And then the Chinese resold to other countries. They has produced and sold their products directly abroad since 1999. They built their brand and quickly becomes leading hair wholesaling vendors in Vietnam and other countries like UK, Nigeria,…K-Hair has customers which are hair factories, hair wholesaler, hair salon system,…in more than 150 countries. Their mainly markets are Russia, Europe, Nigeria, UK,Brazil,…

k hair factory
K-Hair – Top 1 Weft Hair Supplier in UK


  •  K-Hair Factory has 2 factories in Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam.
  • The head office is located in Hanoi Capital, Vietnam
  • 2 other representatives offices in Moscow, Russia and Lagos, Nigeria.


Raw/Bulk hair

Weft hair – Color – Wavy – Curly Hair

Tip – Tape – Clip-in extensions

Closures – Frontal – Wig

High quality: 100% human hair, strong & silky, long duration.

Hair of K-Hair is collected from Vietnamese women hair in many villages. They are young women from 18 – 30 years old. Because they live in the high mountain where has cool weather, their hair becomes strong, silky and very long.

hair vietnam
Beautiful hair of Vietnamese women

After collecting hair, K-Hair factory will classifying the hair to their quality standards. And then they will divide weft hair in bundles or process hair based on the orders. All the process is controlled by QA Department so the hair is not mixed synthetic or other low quality hair.
They are 4 grades of hair to choose: VIP, Super double, Double Drawn and Super Cheap.

The duration of hair is about 4 years with K-Hair guarantee policy.

Price: The best wholesaler price in UK market

K-Hair has the best price for wholesalers in UK. The range price for raw hair black color is around 166 £ – 780 £ or 1 kg (1kg = 10 bundles). And for weft hair extensions (tip, tape, clip-in), the price is from 300 £ – 600 £ for 1 kg (1 kg = 10 bundles). It means the cheapest one is only 16,6 £ for 1 bundles. It is really a super cheap price for wholesaler – who want to make margins in weft hair UK business.


  • Website:
  • Instagram: the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hair Factory
  • Phone/ Whatsapp: +84 915 929 858 (Sale Department)

2. Crown Couture

Crown Couture achieves leading weft hair extension supplier in 2020 in UK market. Their mission is providing a professional, luxurious and trusty weft hair extensions products. Many famous stylists as Katie Price, Chloe Lewis, …are using their services. They have not only salon for retail customer but also hair training academy for who want to start hair salon.


  • Office: 6-8 Bread Street, Edinburgh, UK
  • Salon: Edinburgh, UK

Main Products:

  • Extensions such as stick tip, nano tip, clip-in and weft hair are mainly products of them.
  • 70% hair is origin of Brazil and 30% hair is Russian/ Mongolian mixed. The Brazilian hair is full and thick. The Russian/ Mongolian is soft and silky. Because the Russian/ Mongolian are mixed, it is not good for dyeing. Their hair are double drawn hair – the premium quality hair, which has 60-70% the same length hair.
  • Price range is from 80 £ – 420 £ /bundles
  • Besides, they provide necessary tools and equipment for hair salon.
crownout photo


3. Hair Planet

Like its name, Hair planet has various type of hair and so much hair in the store which makes us stunned. It is top 3 hair supplier in UK. Their hair is Russian hair with double drawn hair. Russian hair is famous for silk and soft. They sells weft hair extensions and weft hair for hair salon and retailer in UK. They have professional website so that you can easily order online products from them. Their hair price is around 100 £ – 500 £ .

Tape 1
weft hair extensions

Location: 10 Downing Street, UK


For the foreign weft hair extension suppliers like K-Hair, it will takes 4-5 days to ship hair from the seller’s country to the buyer’s country and they use payment before delivery. So finding a trust foreign supplier is very important. But the hair salon owners can save a lot of money for material and can get a peak of margin in this business.
For the domestic weft hair extension suppliers, you can come to their store, purchase weft hair extensions and then payment. But you have to invest much money for materials
Every suppliers has pros and cons. The decision is on you!

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