Finding Hair Vendors 5 Ultimate Steps To Success In Hair Industry

finding hair vendors
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The hair market is booming at the moment. Therefore, this is a great time to start your business in this profitable industry. Market saturation will be a problem in the future since it is a dramatic increase in the market. If you want to start up your business, finding hair vendors that are great hair suppliers is a necessary criteria. This article will be the answer to all your questions about finding hair vendors. Don’t worry, have a discussion about finding hair vendors with valuable knowledge from this article.


Finding hair vendors

1. Why finding hair vendors is necessary for your company

The hair industry has a lot of potential to own a business and you come up with a business idea. However, you might be unsure about the best ways to start up and manage your company smoothly.

To run a business, it is really challenging for the beginners. There are a vast number of important things to consider, such as your brand and theme, product images, and your blog. Nevertheless, the most important thing that you must do for your company is finding hair vendors that are high-quality. Choosing reliable hair suppliers, as well as establishing a long-term partnership with them, can make the difference between an unsuccessful company and a successful one.

A successful company is a company which can provide your customer with the best types of hair. And finding hair vendors is the first thing you need to do if you want to run a business because it is necessary for your company.

2. 5 steps of finding hair vendors

Since the hair industry is so prominent and profitable, it is not surprising that there are many hair companies appearing. Unfortunately, many of those hair suppliers provided poor-quality hair. They only take care of profits and mix substandard hair with standard products. Therefore, you are having difficulty in finding hair vendors in the market. It is difficult for you to find the right hair supplier. In this part, we mention 5 steps of finding hair vendors effectively.


Steps of finding hair vendors

2.1 Step 1 of finding hair vendors: Do research

A market research strategy is needed in this case to classify the quality of hair suppliers. Finding hair vendors on social media, reading their reviews, and learning about their products thoroughly are needed.

It should be noted that any information you are finding is valid and has no signs of counterfeiting. That shows that the supplier does his/her hair business seriously. In addition, a hair supplier, who understands their products, understands the strengths and weaknesses of its business, is also a plus when you are finding hair vendors. You will feel the partners are trustworthy and worthy of the money you invest.

Doing research is considered a useful way for finding hair vendors. You are able to know which companies are high-quality suppliers and which businesses are poor-quality ones. This will reduce your risk of cooperating with a hair supplier that is substandard. 

2.2 Step 2 of finding hair vendors: List best suppliers

After step 1, you need to continue step 2: make a list of the best hair vendors. Since you’ve read a lot of information about a bunch of different hair providers, it can be easy to get confused in finding hair vendors. Therefore, listing the best hair suppliers is extremely helpful.

You can know exactly which hair providers are best for you and reduce the risk of unnecessary confusion. It is also easier for you to have a conversation with hair suppliers. You also need to contact high-quality suppliers and learn more by asking related questions. If they answer too well, there’s no weakness; be careful because maybe they are lying. Step 2 is a necessary condition for you to continue finding hair vendors with step 3: ask suppliers for hair samples.


Make a list of best suppliers

2.3 Step 3 of finding hair vendors: Ask suppliers for hair samples

A trustworthy company is one that is willing to provide you with the hair samples you need. It is surprising when you invest a large amount of money in a certain product that you have never seen. It’s like you’re taking a gamble. Finding hair vendors which give you hair samples when asking to experience them is a wise option.

After you are satisfied with the hair samples, you should place a small order. You must make sure that the hair samples are not a decoy. There are many hair suppliers that offer customers high-quality hair samples. But when delivered, the product’s quality  is not similar to the quality of the hair samples or even completely different. If that happens, then you’ve been scammed. If the order meets the requirements, you will be extremely secure and comfortable to place the next order. Therefore, asking suppliers for hair samples is regarded as the essential tip of finding hair vendors. 

2.4 Step 4 of finding hair vendors: Select the appropriate payment options

Up to now, there have been many international payment methods invented to help businesses and consumers purchase international items. The most popular payment methods can be called such as Paypal US, LINE Pay, Mercari and MerPay, Western Union, Moneygram, etc. 

However, having too many payment methods also makes it difficult for you to select which method is suitable. Remember finding hair vendors that have a payment appropriate method to your hair items. Moreover, they have a cost that your company’s budget can pay.


Steps of finding hair vendors

2.5 Step 5 of finding hair vendors: Make a contract with the hair supplier 

The final step in the series of steps of finding hair vendors is signing a purchase contract. You have understood all the information about the businesses you intend to cooperate with, from brand, reputation, to products, payment methods. This is the most appropriate time for you to sign an official contract with them.

The last step of finding hair vendors is exactly what both parties – your company and your partners want. All 4 steps above are used for signing a sales contract. As there may be some terms that are not beneficial to you, always remember to read all terms of the contract carefully before signing.

3. Recommended platforms for finding hair vendors

Finding hair vendors for your business is essential if you wish to learn more about starting a business in the hair market. This section contains the precise response to your question.

3.1 Finding hair vendors on social network channel

The more dramatically the Internet has developed, the more increasingly social network channels are used for finding hair vendors by both businesses and consumers. On social networking platforms, many businesses provide information for readers about their products. As a consequence, they can increase brand identity of consumers.

Information regarding hair suppliers can be found on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and WhatsApp. They are one of the most popular platforms used by vendors for finding hair vendors. You can see a lot of information as well as pictures of the product you care about. It is because so many well-known hair suppliers choose to promote their businesses there. Therefore, if you’re finding hair vendors, social media networks are a particularly helpful resource.


Tips of finding hair vendors for your business

3.2 Finding hair vendors through your networking

Finding hair vendors through your network is the best strategy to create your trustworthiness. As long as you work together with other companies, they are able to suggest reliable vendors of human hair. They are able to recommend them to you due to their experience before.

By following your partners’ advice, you can minimize the risk that your product won’t reach the normal standards. Your networking is an access to finding hair vendors whether a hair distributor is a prestigious company or not.

3.3 Finding hair vendors on Google

The most well-known and popular search engine on the planet right now is Google. Therefore, if you’re having an attempt in finding hair vendors, this is actually one of the recommended websites. On Google, there are a lot of reputable hair providers.

To start, look for terms related to hair providers in Google. Reputable websites and suppliers will be seen on the first page. Visit the website after you’ve been finding hair vendors you have the ability to deal with. And, you read user reviews step by step. After reading and concluding some detailed reviews, you will be able to decide which hair suppliers are best for you.

3.4 Finding hair vendors on website

The website includes all the information you need, so it is just what you were looking for. When finding hair vendors, you need to be aware of information about the company, the producers, the product or policy, and the payment methods.

You may be finding hair vendors you have intention to place an order owing to this information. Make sure your investment in the company is worthy by carefully reading the information on the website.


Finding hair vendors on social media

4. How to avoid being scammed when finding hair vendors

Most people who purchase hair want to last them as long as possible. Therefore, finding hair vendors is totally crucial before opting to buy hair. This section gives you some advice you can follow in order that you can be finding hair vendors whether a scammer is or not.

4.1 Drawback of scammer when finding hair vendors

The hair supplier scammers don’t actually care about anything and simply care about making a huge profit for themselves. They use the influence of social media platforms to make things seem to be authentic. They advertise pictures of popular brands, goods, and trends, most importantly, in reality they don’t exist. Many images of celebrities are being used to advertise unreal hair products. They take advantage of the images that don’t have a logo or text to create a photo.

If you believe a hair scammer, you will suffer a lot. You have the risk of getting artificial hair, buying low-quality goods, and, most worst, losing a significant sum of money. So, finding hair vendors must be carefull. Let’s follow the advice below.

4.2 Advice for those who are finding hair vendors

We give you some advice to help you not have difficulty in finding hair vendors. They are listed below: 

  • Reputable brands will always be reliable destinations in the process of bringing you the best products. Scam hair vendors are unable to take much time to invest in brand development, so don’t just count on a little information but make a decision to buy. Finding hair vendors means finding as many reviews and feedback of that business as possible. But, many reviews are fake because users are hired to fake them. So, do not take 100% of the current reviews. You avoid companies that do not have websites.

Advice to find reputable hair vendors

  • The review of customers who have experienced hair products before will be a reliable source of reference. They are those who mutually understand the products. In addition, the frequency of good reviews appearing in a website is also a thing you need to take into account. There is no bad feedback about hair products. This is really weird because no one can always be pleased with the product they have experienced. So, a website that has some negative reviews is a trustworthy website. However, a website having more negative reviews than positive feedback is surely a bad website. Finding hair vendors that have good things rather than bad things is a tip you should take note.
  • Asking a variety of questions from hair suppliers is effective for finding hair vendors. Let’s make a list of questions about products such as: duration, quality, pattern, color, etc. You can have your faith in them if they can reply immediately, honestly and correctly. If not, you know that is a scammer, be alert because honest providers always give you answers clearly.

Asking a lot of questions to find hair vendors

5. Top hair vendors that you should know when finding hair vendors

Finding hair vendors is always not easy for those who wish to run a business, especially for both the wholesales company and beginners in the hair industry. We find top hair vendors you can trust in the most famous export country: Vietnam, China and India. 

5.1 K-Hair Factory – The most famous hair vendors that you should consider when finding hair vendors

With nearly 30 years of expertise in this industry, K-Hair factory is regarded as the largest distributor if you are finding hair vendors. K-hair has a factory in the province of Bac Giang where staff members make hundreds of hair products each day to sell worldwide. The employees of its hair system factory are all highly competent and knowledgeable in the field of hair systems. They collaborate to provide the highest quality hair for our customers. Everyone on the team has been training in the newest methods and fashions as well as understanding of hair suppliers. Therefore, K-Hair’s reputation and brand identity are undeniably credible. 

Finding hair vendors like K-Hair, you won’t ever regret because it has the best hair types. The catchphrase “Quality is King” always takes precedence over other considerations. Since K-Hair aspires to be the best version of itself, it is passionate about customer happiness and is constantly open to receiving feedback, both positive and negative. Its service is well regarded for being of the highest service. As a result, brand recognition for hair products is growing globally. The K-hair company has consistently demonstrated that it is the global leader in the hair market when finding hair vendors 


K-Hair is the first choice when finding hair vendors

5.2 Bono hair – A recommended hair supplier if you are finding hair vendors in China

Bono hair is a supplier from China with its own hair factory located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao. 

Its hair system factory staff are all high-skilled and well versed in the art of hair systems. They use the newest techniques to create natural looking and long lasting hair products. They work together to create the quality of hair wigs as high as possible for our clients. 

5.3 Hair Stop – a trustworthy hair supplier for finding hair vendors in India

If someone asks which the best hair vendor in India is, Hair Stop is the right answer. With the slogan “The customer is always right”, Hair Stop serves customers as the first priority. Moreover, it always has a positive attitude, always lends an ear to every feedback from customers. 

It also gets updated to the innovative technology to transform non-remy hair to remy hair. However, human hair coming from remy hair has its disadvantages because of not being strong and shiny. Hair Stop has become the best provider of hair products in India thanks to its enormous effort in changing its products. 

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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