What is a quick weave cap: 5 steps to have amazing quick weave

When life becomes more busy, people tend to choose the convenient products which are time-saving and require less effort to use, including the beauty products. The hair extensions business is booming in a lot of regions around the world and the items with simple appliances are most welcomed. One of which will be mentioned in the article today is quick weave vs extensions. What is a quick weave cap? Read this writing to find the answer.

What is a quick weave cap

What is a quick weave cap: 5 steps to have amazing quick weave

1. What is a quick weave cap: Overview about the quick weave

How quick weave is made and why do people find it “quick”? The basic features and the answer for the question “What is a quick weave cap?” will be revealed in this part. 

1.1. What is a quick weave cap?

If you are interested in the hair extensions market, and into the quick weave product, you may know that the cap is essential for this item. What is a quick weave cap? This is a special net cap that covers the whole scalp of users when they put on the quick weave. 

The quick weave cap is used as a barrier separating the scalp and natural hair of customers with the hair extensions. In other words, this is a protective cap that you will attach the hair extensions on instead of directly on your scalp.


What is a quick weave cap?

1.2. What is a quick weave cap: What is a quick weave?

Are you curious about other parts of a quick weave? After answering the question what is a quick weave cap, this part will list the rest structure of this product. A quick weave also has the hair extensions and the liquid-glue that is used to stick the hair on the weave cao as mentioned before. 

A quick weave is a process when you glue the weave onto a wig cap covering your whole scalp. It is special that you have to put on the weave cap first and keep it fixed on your head during the process of bonding. A quick weave can last for up to 4 weeks and even longer if it is cared for properly. 


What is a quick weave cap: What is a quick weave?

1.3. What is a quick weave cap: The difference between quick weave and normal weave

A normal weave is an amount of hair extensions that is attached on the users’ scalps by sewing or gluing the hair on real strands. This type of weave was produced before the quick weave appeared, considered to be the traditional type of weave. “How long does a closure sew in last?“- The normal weave can be kept from 6 to 8 weeks.

Another criterias to tell these two products apart, which is the most significant difference, is the traditional weave does not require any extra parts except for the hair. While you have to know what is a quick weave cap and how to put the cap properly before attaching the hair, the users of the normal weave just have to make a simple braid out of natural hair and apply the weave on. 

quick weave

What is a quick weave cap: The difference between quick weave and normal weave

1.4. What is a quick weave cap: The pros and cons of a quick weave 

The quick weave have is becoming more popular to the hair lovers thanks to its advantages, here are some of them:

  • Time-saving: It is estimated that the quick weave’s applying process only requires a half of the time it takes to install a traditional weave. The reason is you can save a certain amount of time from sectioning your hair and braiding the real hair to sew the lace onto. You just have to spend a few seconds putting on the net cap to make a base before attaching the hair strands.
  • Low- maintenance: You will definitely know that to make a hair extension product stay for a long time, preservation is essential. A lot of hair items require careful maintenance but not include the quick weave. “What is a quick weave cap?”- It is an assistant that help you spend less effort on caring for your weave.  
  • Being protective: As mentioned before, the net cap is the most significant difference between the traditional and the quick weave. Your scalp and real hair will be safe underneath the weave cap from the bad effect of heat or chemical elements. In addition, no bleaching knots is required.
  • Simple removement: This is another strong point of quick weave in comparison with the normal weave. While you have to consume a few hours on removing the traditional sew-in, the quick weave just requires only 45 minutes to an hour for the whole process. 

What is a quick weave cap: The pros and cons of a quick weave

However, there are still some drawbacks of the quick weave that need to be listed for the newbie to consider:

  • Badly impact on hairline: There are two cases that may happen in causing this pro of quick weave. The first one is that the net cap is applied too tightly or it causes tension on your scalp, which will definitely cause damage to your hairline. The second  circumstance is when the hair glue gets through the protective cap and contacts your natural hair strands. However, this process is hard to notice early, often when the quick weave is removed.
  • Short durability: It can be referred from the previous part that the life-span of quick weave is shorter than the normal weave, particularly it lasts for a half of traditional sew-in’s durability. 
  • Need of hair expert for appliance: As the quick hair requires the glue and extra tool to put on, the amateurs have to ask for a hair expert to install this product for them. It means the time and other elements have to depend on the other person, which may be not convenient. 
  • Possibility of shedding: As the hair is kept fixed underneath the net weave cap and can be affected by the hair glue, when the quick weave is removed, the real hair strands may be broken or tangled. If the hair expert is not skillful enough, the shedding will be serious. 

2. What is a quick weave cap: How to use the quick weave?

To have the most natural look of the quick weave, it is advised that you should invest in the human hair quick weave instead of the synthetic or fabric hair strands. This type of material is also more durable. Do you want to know how to install this product besides just understanding what is a quick weave cap? This part is what you need.

2.1. What is a quick weave cap: Steps to apply the quick weave


What is a quick weave cap: Steps to apply the quick weave

Although there are multiple tutorial videos available on Youtube, this is the basic steps to apply the quick weave for you to follow:

  • Step 1: Mold the hair with sufficient gel. Sectioning the real hair into two parts, tie them up and braid them. Then tucked these two braids into each other. Make sure that all the hair is covered with gel before keeping a strip of the hair from the front out. Then braid it forward to create a natural hairline when the process is done. No gel is used for this section. 
  • Step 2: Wrap the hair up and dry it til it is 100% dry. After that, spray the whole scalp with hairspray. Finally put on the weave cap and make sure it is not too tight but cover properly to stay fixed. 
  • Step 3: Spread the hair glue along the weave and then dry it until the glue becomes tacky. Then attach the hair extensions quick weave from the bottom of the net cap and forward along the hairline. When finishing the attachment, use the dryer to make sure the glue gets completely dried and stays in place.
  • Step 4: Keep on attaching the whole scalp and make sure that the end of the weave is stuck on the cap instead of the hairline. Next, cut the wig cap down the sectioning to make the braid visible. Add a final track around this section to cover the exposed edges of the net cap. 
  • Step 5: Blend the hair extensions from different parts together, you may cut some of the strands to have the same length of hair. Take out the front braid of natural hair and style it similar to the quick weave.

2.2. What is a quick weave cap: The maintenance of quick weave

quick weave

What is a quick weave cap: The maintenance of quick weave

The maintenance of a quick weave depends on the hairstyles of the product, such as dyed or bleached hair, curly hair, body wave vs straight hair. However, there are some typical tips for preservation that can be applied to all:

  • Wash your quick weave regularly: After knowing what is a weave cap, you will be revealed further information that the weave and net cap can be washed. It is recommended that you should wash your quick weave at least twice a week to remove the dirt and salt from your sweat.
  • Use the relevant hair products: As the glue is used to stick the weave on your scalp, you should avoid applying chemical products that may affect the glue. You should go for shampoos with natural ingredients to protect the hair strands and the cap. Always rinse your hair with cold or cool water as the high temperature of water can melt the glue on your cap. You should deeply condition your hair after washing and apply moisturizing hair oil if possible.    
  • Avoid using the heat-styling and sun exposure: When you are putting on a quick weave, the use of curling iron or dryer should be minimized as the high temperature has a bad effect on the glue base of your weave. If you want a curly style for your hair weave, you can braid the hair and keep it overnight. You should wear a hat or take an umbrella along when going under the sun rays.
  • Care for your weave during sleep: As the quick weave stays fixed on your scalp, you should protect it even when you go to bed. You should put on a silk bonnet, which is a sleeping cap that will make your net cap stay in shape and the hair strands keep being hydrated.       

What is a quick weave cap: Should I buy a quick weave?

3. What is a quick weave cap: Should I buy a quick weave?

This is a common concern that the newbies always have. As there are multiple types of human hair extensions available in the market at present, the customers are confused about picking the most suitable hair item. After understanding “What is a quick weave cap” and detailed evaluation in this article, you may have already come up with your own choice. In short, if you prefer a hair product which is time-saving, little maintenance, you can purchase a quick weave.

3.1. What is a quick weave cap: Where to buy a quick weave?

Have you known where to buy the high-quality quick weave? Beside ordering the hair extensions weave online via e-commerce or websites, you can go to the hair shops or hair salons in your location. However, these addresses offer retail prices and sometimes do not have diversified hairstyles of quick weave.  

What is a quick weave cap 9

K-Hair Company: A trustworthy supplier of quick weave

A better option for quick weave buyers is the wholesale hair market. The wholesale distributors will provide multiple styles of quick weave in adequate quantity. K-Hair Company is an international hair vendor that commits to export the highest quality of human hair products at reasonable cost. This wholesale hair supplier has dozens of relationships with consumers from Africa, America and even Europe. Go to the K-Hair official website for further information and order with supportive staff.   


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