18-inch straight hair: the cool trendy hair length for 2021


hair trend 2021: 18-inch straight hair

Which is the ideal length of hair do you think, ladies?  Many girls cut their hair short because they think short hair is easier to manage but it is obvious that various gorgeous hairstyles can be created with long hair. 18-inch straight hair is the most popular option for length and volume, follow us to make the best use of your 18-inch straight hair. 

1.18-inch straight hair

Have you ever wondered what is straight hair? or what is 18-inch straight hair? Then, here we provide you basic information about 18 inch straight hair: the definition, characteristics, source durability of 18-inch straight hair. if you also want to know more about 20 inch hair, here is the article.

1.1 What is 18-inch straight hair


definition os 18-inch straight hair

  • Straight hair: There are a host of types of straight hair: 1A, 1B, and 1C. As a whole, straight hair tends to be shiny because straight surfaces reflect more light. Of course, we are also talking about hair that is straightened by using styling tools and products. In another word, if your hair dries straight without a bend or curl, then your hair is straight. 
  • 18-inch straight hair: with the same hair length, different hairstyles have a great impact on how long your hair appears. Obviously, you can see its actual 18-inch length in its entirety if your hair is straight. 

1.2 Characteristics of 18-inch straight hair 

To discover all about the characteristics of 18 inch straight hair, let’s dig into the top 5 features. They are about the hair length chart, hair length in body height, hair source, hair restyling ability and popular hairstyles.


characteristics of 18-inch straight hair

1.2.1 How long is 18 inch hair length & 18 inch straight hair chart

Talking about the characteristics of 18-inch straight hair is firstly talking about its length. The 18 inch straight hair is 18 inch long. This length is measured from the hair root to the hair tail. This is a perfect medium length which is suitable to create all hairstyles and fashion vibes. In case you want the conversion of the length into centimeters, here is the hair length chart to consider. You will see that 18 inch hair is equal to 45cm.


18-inch straight hair chart

1.2.2 How long is 18 inch of hair in body height

Besides hair length in exact measure, you can also consider hair length in terms of body height. The 18-inch straight hair is supposed to reach your mid back. However, it also depends on your height and body proportion that the hair can look different. It can be longer or shorter than your mid back. In general, it still looks medium, not too long or too short.


18-inch straight hair in body height

1.2.3 Source of 18-inch straight hair

Where to buy 18-inch straight hair? There are 3 largest Asian exporters of straight hair worldwide, they are Vietnam, China, and India. With state-of-the-art technologies, Asian countries, especially Vietnam, rank at the top about both quality and quantities of exported hair. In the diverse market with multiple choices of hair products, they can still conquer the most demanding customers all over the world. 

Vietnamese Hair Factory is the best and highest quality in the hair market. Vietnamese Hair Extension is a loved choice of many wholesalers in the hair business, especially in Africa. Read more at Vietnamese hair- the best hair quality to invest in the hair market

1.2.4 Can I bleach and dye my 18-inch straight hair?

The question is: “Can I bleach and dye my 18-inch straight hair” If your hair is naturally straight hair and healthy enough to apply any chemical effects, then you can bleach and dye any color you want. It is best if it has not been heat-treated because your hair may be damaged after that process. Another option is that you can dye your hair without bleaching, that way is much safer, you can click here for more information: How to use purple hair dye for dark hair without bleaching


Bleach 18-inch straight hair

1.2.5 Hairstyles with 18-inch straight hair

Whatever color it is, your straight hair will surely be shiny under any circumstances. We suggest some of the most gorgeous hairstyles with 18-inch straight hair:

  • Flipped out straight hair: Long straight hair is the benchmark of women’s beauty, it gives locks extra movements and body. Despite being a little messy at the end of your hair, it still seems elegant.
  • Neat long layers: Layers in hair bring more volume, make thin strands look fuller. If the hair care process is too hard for you and you don’t have much time for it, then neat long layers are the best choices. There are so many lovely hairstyles with extra layers that you can try
  • Wide surface braid: This is one of the most charming styles for straight hair. It may take you more time to have an agreeable style but I bet it will be worth it.
  • Highlight: It will be a great combination if your dark straight hair is mixed with some light strands. This trend is never foggy throughout the centuries.
  • Half-up hair: There are a lot of styles that come with half-up hair. It can be a flower, an animal…that will definitely make you look special.

1.3 In which country is 18-inch straight hair popular?

It depends on scores of things, but generally, Vietnamese girls are born with straight hair and remain it till they are adults. No wonder why Vietnam is the largest market that produces bone straight hair.

At K-hair, we sell 100% Vietnamese Remy Human Hair 18-inch straight weaves in packages – 100 grams, check out our website for more information:

2.Why is 18-inch straight hair trendy?


why 18-inch straight hair is trendy

Believe it or not, 18-inch straight hair is getting more popular. You can easily see a flat black hair celebrity on TV, they are exactly 18-inch straight hair girls. Let’s see why it is trendy and how much it is to buy 18 straight hair!

If you care about trendy hair extensions, you may also concern a very hot type one: 20-inch body wave wig.

2.1 18-inch straight hair is the most popular length for virgin hair

Those who can still keep their hair virgin until 18-inch length, they should be called “angle”. 18-inch hair can be considered medium hair at length. Actually, long or short, it depends on many factors, such as: your face shape, your personality, your lifestyle,… 

18 inches can be ideal for everyone because it is simple to style, and it will look more gorgeous. The hair will reach right at your waist and it is the most desirable length because it is long enough to see the volume and thick enough that the hairdresser can make them soft and shiny. 

Raw Vietnamese Hair is famous for the pure and silky of hair quality. Raw Vietnamese Hair can be bleached to 613 colour and many other colour tone. Let’s find out all facts about Raw Vietnamese Hair at RAW VIETNAMESE HAIR: TOP 6 BEST WHOLESALE RAW VIETNAMESE HAIR VENDORS


Vietnamese 18-inch straight hair

2.2 Must consider things before styling your 18-inch straight hair

The simplest choice is just falling flat on your straight hair, letting it flow with the wind and the eyes of men. Or if you are a strong character person, you can style it whatever you want.

These are things that you should take into account before chopping off your hair: 

  • Face shape: Have you ever seen yourself in the mirror and wondered what kind of shape it is? If it is hard for you, just take the advice from the professor to know if it is: round, long, square, or heart-shaped then pick a suitable hairstyle.
  • Your hair’s texture: Layers can do a lot to thick curly hair. For example, short layers in front of your face tend to soften your look
  • Your personality: For instance, if you like blue, then you can tell people this personality by your hair color. Personality has a great impact on your hairstyle.
  • Your lifestyle: For example, if you work as a Masterchef, you had better make it as simple as possible.

3. 18-inch straight hair extension types

To make it clear about all types of 18 inch straight hair extensions, we will divide them into 2 main groups: one based on the origin or the brand and one based on the installation method. In terms of brands, we will introduce the top 5 most popular ones from Vietnam, China, South Africa, Brazil and Russia. In terms of applying methods, we will introduce 4 most popular types. Let’s see what they are!


18-inch straight hair types

3.1 18-inch straight hair extension types based on brand

Below is the information about 18 inch straight hair extensions from 5 countries including Vietnam, China, South Africa, Brazil and Russia. We will focus on the most basic points to remember about them.

3.1.1 18 inch human hair Vietnamese straight hair

Vietnamese 18-inch straight hair extensions originated from Vietnamese women’s hair which is of great quality thanks to good weather and healthy lifestyles. The hair is super smooth, supple and silky. Besides, the prices are of the most reasonable range in the market. Vietnamese hair is a highly recommended choice.

3.1.2 18 inch Chinese straight hair

China is also a well-known 18-inch straight hair extension supplier in Asia. Unlike Vietnam which is famous for high quality and affordable hair, China is famous for super cheap hair extensions. Because of the cheap raw imported hair sources as well as the industrial production scale, Chinese factories can save a lot of money on the production and offer such an attractive price range. However, the price is worth the quality, so you’d better consider carefully before buying the hair here.


Vietnamese vs Chinese 18-inch straight hair

3.1.3 18 inch South African straight hair

South Africa is famous for reselling 18-inch straight hair. In this African country, natural straight hair is not as loved as the 18 inch kinky straight hair and 18 inch Yaki straight hair. These two styles of straight hair are typical in Africa. Both the quality and price can vary depending on origin suppliers.

3.1.4 18 inch Brazilian straight hair

18 inch Brazilian straight hair is referred to as one of the most luxurious 18-inch straight hair brands. However, the truth is becoming clearer these days. It is pointed out that almost all Brazilian hair extensions are imported from overseas and then labelled as high-end Brazilian brands. As a result, the price is always high, but the quality varies depending on the source suppliers.

3.1.5 18 inch Russian straight hair

Russia is the biggest supplier of 18-inch straight hair in Europe. The natural Russian hair is blond, silky and durable. However, the source is not abundant, and many factories have to rely on imported raw hair. To maintain the luxury brand, Russian factories usually import high-quality hair from Vietnam or so on. After a modern production process, the hair will still be sold at a high price.


18-inch straight hair from other suppliers

3.2 18-inch straight hair extension types based on installation

The 4 most popular types of 18 inch straight hair extensions with different installations are hair wig, sew in weave, clip in and tape in hair extensions. Below is brief information about all the 4 types.

3.2.1 18 inch straight hair wig – The best straight hair wig

If you are searching for a quick and effective way to cover baldness, a 18-inch straight hair wig is a good choice. The wig is usually made of about 3 bundles and a closure, so it can cover all your head. The point is that the price is pretty high, so you can take it into consideration and also consider 3 other types below.


18-inch straight hair wigs

3.2.2 18 inch weave straight – 18 inch straight hair sew in

Weave hair extensions or weft hair extensions are one of the most popular types of hair extensions in the market. The most frequent method used to install an 18-inch straight hair weft is to sew in the hair. The hair is literally sewn on the braids in the middle layer of the hair with a curled needle and thread. This is a damage free method and can last for up to 2 month before the next re-applying. 

3.2.3 18 inch clip in hair extensions – Best temporary 18 inch hair extensions

18-inch straight hair extensions clip in are an effective temporary method to apply hair extensions. With a clip in extension, you can quickly clip it in every morning with just about 10 minutes. This is a perfect choice for ones who don’t want to go to sleep with hair extensions and want to change the extensions often.

3.2.4 18 inch tape in hair extensions – Best semi permanent 18 inch straight hair extensions

The most popular semi permanent 18-inch straight hair type is the tape in hair extensions. To use this type of extensions, users will need to stick the tape on each hair piece on the middle layer of the real hair. The tape is usually flat and looks pretty natural. It is also quite durable and can last for 6-8 weeks.


18-inch straight hair extensions

4. How to import wholesale Human Hair for 18-inch straight hair

In the hair industry, there are so many competitors from all over the world, especially in Vietnam. Let’s see how Vietnam monopolizes the hair market in Asia.

4.1 K-hair – The most reliable Vietnamese hair Supplier for 18-inch straight hair


K-hair: the most reliable Vietnamese hair Supplier

K-hair factory K-hair is Vietnam’s largest manufacturer. delivering wholesale orders to all international traders, especially in Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, etc.) and America (Russia, Brazil, Dubai, etc.). With more than 30 years of experience in the hair industry, K-hair products can surely meet the strict requirements of either inland and overseas customers.

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4.2 5S Hair – The largest Vietnamese Hair Supplier for 18-inch straight hair


5S- hair: the largest Vietnamese Hair Supplier

S symbolizes the beautiful shape of Vietnam. 5 symbolizes 5 continents of the world: Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. 

5S Hair Manufacturer is proud to be the first Vietnamese hair factory that offers 100% high-quality Vietnam raw bulk virgin hair, weft hair, curly hair extension, …. to wholesale hair sellers all over the world, consisting of Brazil, Dubai, Russia, America, and Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, etc.)

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