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Bone straight hair is said to be such a popular and classical hairstyle for everybody. It is never out-of-fashion, becoming a dream of girls and women. However, there are still many questions related to this type of hair remained unanswered among customers, including ‘What is bone straight hair” or “What is bone straight made of”. In this article, we would like to provide you with all things you need to know about this popular hair style.Try to read till the end and you will surely fall in love with it as well as understand about this hair styles.

Bone straight hair

Bone straight hair – All things you need to know

1/ What is bone straight hair?

In the first part, we will discuss the definition, pros, cons of bone straight hair and the comparison VS straight hair. Let’s discover!

1.1/ Bone straight hair meaning

It is hair processed to achieve a straight and sleek look. The original hair texture can be natural straight or a little bit curly, then the hair manufacturers will put the hair material under chemical process.

Because of its chemical processed characteristics, it couldn’t be curlied into body wave or pixie hair style. If you curl it, it will flatten nearly instantly.

In case you need to hairstyle your hair, you can use special hair style products to keep it in shape. After washing, your hair will return its straight look.

MATERIAL 100% high-quality human hair
COLOR Natural black (1B), custom colors
WEIGHT 100g/weft bundle
PAYMENT Agent (Nigeria, Ghana, etc), Bank transfer, MoneyGram, Western Union, etc
SHIPPING Agent (Nigeria), UPS, DHL, FedEx

2-7 days needed

HIGHLIGHTS 100% high-quality virgin remy hair

Silky, smooth and soft texture

Free to restyle (bleach, dye, curl)

1.2/ Pros of bone straight

In terms of pros, people often mention the perfect texture, the time saving and the suitability. These features have been perfectly conveyed through bone straight meaning:

  • The perfect texture: Many girls and women fall in love with the silkyness and sleekness of the hair. With shiny and smooth hair, you surely will be standing out of the crowd. As long as the hair is made from qualified material, customers can move through the hair easily.
  • Time saving characteristic: Thanks to the perfect texture with flatten and silky hair strands, the hair care and preservation of hair requires less time and effort. Therefore, it is suitable with girls and women who don’t have much time to take care of their look.

The suitability: Bone straight hair is believed to be suitable with everyone, every event or every outfit. Consequently, you can wear it for daily outfit or on special occasions without being out of fashion. Choosing bone straight style is a safe and classic way to bring out your natural beauty.

Pros of bone straight hair

Pros of bone straight hair

1.3/ Cons of bone straight

Bone straight hair is said to be nearly perfect. However, it also has a small drawback that if you style it into curly or wavy look with specially glue, the consistent texture of the hair can change a little bit. But don’t worry. After using a straightener or washing, your hair can return its flatten and silky look.

2/ Bone Straight hair Specification

Now, we move on to bone straight hair specification. All of its features will be listed briefly here. 

  • Hair texture: Bone straight has its 100% hair strands straight and super sleek, shiny.
  • After being collected: Bone straight is lightly treated, put through a steam process to get a super straight texture.
  • Ability to style: Bone straight retains the straight texture strongly, and the hair is not easy to curl into curly, wavy or pixie hair.
Natural straight hair vs Bone straight hair

Comparison of bone straight vs natural straight hair

  • Types of bone straight hair: When it comes to types of bone straight, there are 3 quality grades to consider:
      • Single drawn: about 50% of the bundle has the same length
      • Double drawn: about 75% of the bundle has the same length
      • Super double drawn: more than 85% of the bundle has the same length
  • Price: The price varies according to hair lengths and quality grades. It can be from 16.5 USD to 105 USD for each bundle (100 gram)
  • Usage: Bone straight hair can be used for a lot of purposes. It can be made into weft, tape-ins, clip-ins, I-tips, U-tips, wigs or any types of hair extensions.

Bone straight hair has the amazing use of adding more length and volume to users’ hair. The extensions are extremely silky, shiny, smooth and flattering users’ beauty.

3/ How to take care of bone straight hair

Bone straight hair is typically smooth, sleek and silky. Therefore, the purpose of hair care is to maintain these beautiful texture features. To do so, users need to pay attention to 4 main steps: combing, washing, moisturizing and styling.

  • Combing: The hair can be combed with different types of brush as the hair is super smooth and easy to comb. What to notice is the technique of brushing the hair. In any rare case of hair tangle, remember to untangle the hair from the tail up to the root. Do the reverse and the hair will get terribly shedding.
  • Washing: Bone straight hair requires frequent wash during the use process. It is good to wash the hair at least twice a week with proper shampoo and hair conditioner for hair extensions.
  • Moisturizing: Moisture helps keep the hair silky and smooth. Therefore, adding moisture actively helps maintain the hair texture better. But how to do so? Very easy. Please spray moisturizing hair serum or add hair oil after each time you wash the hair or when it is a bit dry.
  • Styling: Styling is what you need to avoid as much as possible when using bone straight extensions.Any effect of the heat or chemical can make the hair become end-splitting, dry, tangled and no longer silky smooth.

After shampooing the hair at least two times, section the hair, apply your conditioner and detangle each section. Use a detangling brush to comb through your stands, working from the root of your hair to the tip. Using detangling brushes because they remove shedding hairs that have been intertwining with your strands in-between wash days.

4/ K-Hair – top leading wholesale bone straight hair factories

Founded in the 1990s, K- Hair Factory is proud to be one of the best hair factories in Vietnam supplying bone straight and other hair extensions. Customers looking for what is bone straight hair best supplier now know for sure that it is K-Hair. The factory commits to provide bone straight and other hair extension products which are identically high-quality.

With more than 30 years of experience, as the pioneer in the hair market in the national area,  K-Hair is leading the worldwide movements of the Vietnamese hair business, gradually affirming its position in the global hair market. For many years, with the exceptional quality and reasonable price, K-Hair has been regarded as a trustworthy and favorite destination for worldwide hair distributors like Africa, Russia, Europe,… with more than 1500 loyal international hair vendors. Their bone straight hair is beloved by every hair salon and end users all over the world.

K-Hair –wholesale bone straight hair

K-Hair – Top Vietnamese leading wholesale bone straight hair factories

K-Hair official price list for all Vietnamese weft hair bundle styles

K-Hair Vietnam is one of the top wholesale hair suppliers in Vietnam

Contact For More Information:

  • Address: 10a, 171 Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Viet Nam
  • Hotline: +84 96 – 789 – 4448
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:
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  • Youtube Channel:

5/ FAQs about bone straight hair

Straight hair is actually not rare. Most of the hair origins are from Asia, and Asian hair is usually naturally straight.

Bone straight hair is supposed not to be curled. Bone straight hair texture (super silky, sleek and smooth) is created through heat and chemicals already. Therefore, curling the hair with more heat and chemicals is not recommended. The texture is hard to reach the target, and it is not good for the hair durability as well.

Straight hair is permanent when it is the natural hair texture. On the other hand, any textures achieved with heat, chemicals and tools are just temporary.

Yes, bone straight hair is chemically processed. Bone straight hair is usually styled from natural straight hair which has the most similar targeted texture. Natural straight hair is processed with chemicals called straightening mixture and then the heat. After the process, natural straight hair turns into beautiful bone straight hair.

In conclusion, bone straight hair is always appealing with its super silky and shiny texture. Using bone straight extensions is highly recommended for ones loving sleek hairstyles. Please remember to choose a good supplier for the worthwhile items.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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