10 Inch Hair Extension: A Must-try Choice For You All

If you are into short but not too short hairstyles which you can freely change without damaging your hair, using a 10 inch hair extension is an amazing choice. Then, what are the reasons? What are the types, styles you can apply or what is the application or hair care required? Where to import the hair? All about the 10 inch hair extension will be clarified right now! Please keep reading and save for yourself lots of useful information.


10 Inch Hair Extension

1. What do 10 inch hair extensions mean?

First of all, let’s discover further the definition and characteristics of this type of hair extension length. Reading this section, you will know what 10 inch hair is as well as the length, the weight and the price assessment of the hair extension.

1.1. What are 10 inch hair extensions?

We all know that 10 inch hair is hair that is 10 inch long. Meanwhile, hair extensions are hair products that help users create new hairstyles with new length, new volume, new colour or new appearance in general. Therefore, 10 inch long hair extensions are hair extensions whose length is 10 inch, and the products are chosen by customers for hair restyling purposes. 10 inch hair from the best hair factory is always a hot item of all time!


What are 10 inch hair extensions?

1.2. Characteristics of 10 inch hair extensions

Now we move to clarifying the characteristics of this kind of hair extensions. The analysis will be about the length, weight and price assessment. Let’s see what they are!

1.2.1. How long is 10 inch in hair length? 

If 10 inch hair extensions seem unfamiliar to you, you can definitely convert the length from inch into other length units that are more popularly used in your area. If you wonder how long it is in yards, the answer is 5/18 yard ( 1 inch = 1/36 yard). If you wonder how long it is in feet, the answer is 5/6 feet (1 inch = 1/12 feet). If you wonder how long it is in centimeters, the answer is 25.4 cm (1 inch = 2.54 cm). 

There is one thing to take notice of. In fact, inch and centimeter are two common units of length used to measure hair length. The conversion above into yards or feet is for better illustration if you are not familiar with inch only. They will not be used by sellers to set the length of hair extensions at all.


10 inch hair extension length

1.2.2. How long is 10 inch in body height?

There is another way that helps you better imagine the length of 10 inch hair extensions. You can totally use the body height to do so. While the 12 inch hair extension is around your shoulder, the 10 inch one is a bit shorter. It is around your neck line. You also need to remember that the length of hair extensions are measured when the hair is fully straightened, so 10 inch curly or wavy hair may look shorter and above your neck line. 


10 inch hair extension in body height

1.2.3. How much weight should my 10 inch hair extensions be? 

To check whether your hair extensions are qualified in quantity or not, besides length, you can also have a quick check through the hair weight. In fact, each type of hair and method of grouping will give the hair extensions with different weights. What you need to care about is to check whether the hair is as heavy as the sellers tell you or not. The most common weight of a hair bundle is 100 gram no matter how long it is, even 20 inch or 28 inch, etc, so you need to pay attention when comparing the prices of different bundles with different weights.

1.2.4. Are 10 inch hair extensions expensive? 

It is hard to say whether 10 inch hair long extensions are expensive or not. Of course, their prices can be higher than those of 6 or 8 inch types and lower than those of longer types such as 14 or 20 inch ones. It is simply that the longer the hair is, the more expensive it is, of course the hair needs to be at the same quality. Different prices for different hair quality is another story. Super double drawn hair is more expensive than double and single one, and the double is more expensive than the single. 

When it comes to assessing the price of the 10 inch hair extension, you’d better not depend on the mere number of price to say it is expensive or not, but you ought to base on the length and quality, too. The hair is only expensive when the quality is not worth the price, no matter what the price is!


Are 10 inch hair extensions expensive?

2. How many types of 10 inch hair extensions are there?

Now we’ll share with you the ways to shine with this amazing hair extension length type. But before deciding which hairstyles will be most suitable and attractive, you’d better choose one kind of hair extension first. You may feel comfortable with this type but not that type, so choosing one with an acceptable applying method for you is of importance.

2.1. 10 inch Clip-in hair extensions 

The first type of 10 inch hair extensions we want to introduce is the 10 inch clip-in hair extensions. This type has such a simple way of installing. The hair clips are already attached to the hair extensions, so you just need to quickly pin the clips on your hair to have a new  hairstyle! This is a temporary method, so you can put the hair extension off easily before going to bed. It is good for your hair extension maintenance and your real hair and scalp as well.


10 inch clip-in hair extensions

2.2. 10 inch Tape-in hair extensions

The second type of 10 inch hair extensions to introduce to you is the 10 inch tape-in one. Unlike clip-in hair extension, tape-in type is a semi-permanent kind of hair extension. The hair is stuck on you with particular tape used for hair, and it can last for about 4-6 weeks on you. You won’t need to reapply the hair every morning or every time you want to change the hairstyle. However, the tape requires such care when you comb, wash or dry the hair.


10 inch tape-in hair extensions

2.3. 10 inch Sew-in hair extensions

The next type of 10 inch hair extensions is the 10 inch sew-in one. This is one kind of weft hair attached to your real hair with a needle and thread. The hair extension will be carefully sewn onto a horizontal braid on your scalp, so that the attachment is very firm. You needn’t worry as the process usually causes no pain or damage to your hair. For a better result, it is better if you go to a reliable hair salon to apply the hair. Then, the hairdresser can also recommend some suitable hairstyles for you as well.


10 inch sew-in hair extensions

2.4. Fusion and Pre-bonded 10 inch hair extensions

If you want a very natural hair extension type and don’t mind if your real hair can be affected a little bit, fusion and pre-bonded hair extensions are a good choice. The hair extensions will be attached to your real hair with heat and keratin glue, so it can somehow damage your real hair, especially when the application is not carefully done. However, the hair will be attached to each of your hair strands, so it is much like your natural hair!


Fusion & pre-bonded 10 inch hair extensions

2.5. 10 inch Microbead hair extensions

The last type we want to introduce today is the 10 inch hair extensions which are called 10 inch microbead hair extensions. For your information, microbeads or microrings are metal or plastic rings used to attach hair extensions to your real hair. The hair is also attached to each hair strand, so it is pretty natural. You can freely style the hair into any hairstyles you want, just like your real hair.


10 inch microbead hair extensions

3. Styles of 10 inch hair extension

After reading the items above, have you decided which one to choose yet? If yes, let’s continue with choosing a gorgeous hairstyle! If the answer is no, let’s still choose the hairstyles as they may give you the inspiration for a suitable hair extension type!

3.1. 10 inch curly hair extension

10 inch hair extensions with curly patterns are amazing! Curly hair is one of the most popular hairstyle choices of all time. The reason is that you are never limited to just one type of curls, but you are free to choose from a wide range of curls instead. Loose waves for muse vibes, kinky voluminous coils for individual vibes, body waves for elegant vibes or natural waves for natural styles, etc, all are up to you!


10 inch curly hair extensions

3.2. 10 inch colour hair extension 

10 inch hair extensions with colours are also highly recommended. When it comes to colour, there are a variety of choices. You can have a full head colour, ombre colour, hidden colour or highlight, piano colour, etc. You can also dye dark, light or medium light colours. Especially when using hair extensions, some will help you have colour hair without the need to dye your real hair at all (such as hidden colour ones). Therefore, be confident to try any colours you like!


10 inch colour hair extensions

3.3. 10 inch straight hair extension 

10 inch hair extensions, especially straight ones, can give you the most natural style ever. It is a perfect choice when you simply want to add length and volume to your beautiful natural hair. Straight hair extensions also enable you to freely change hairstyles whenever you want. You can temporarily perm the hair extension with a hair curler today, but you can totally straighten it the very next day. You can also braid, tie or do anything you want with a straight hair extension. In case you need really long straight hair, 28 inch hair extensions are recommended.


10 inch straight hair extensions

3.4. 10 inch bonestraight hair extension 

Another gorgeous 10 inch hair extension style is the bonestraight hair extension. Unlike straight one which gives you a natural style, the bonestraight one can give you sporty, individual or classy vibes. The bonestraight colour hair will even highlight your beauty if you choose the right colour! Some of the never out-of-date colours that suit everyone are brown, ombre brown, chestnut, ombre chestnut or honey brown, etc.


10 inch bonestraight hair extensions

4. How much do 10 inch hair extensions cost?

Now to let you know exactly how much 10 inch long hair extensions can be, we will give you the most reasonable price lists in the market. The lists are from K-Hair factory whose hair is high-quality Vietnamese human hair and the prices are amazingly affordable.


10 inch hair extension price

Above is the first price list of natural straight natural colour hair which includes 10 inch hair extensions. The price is calculated in USD for each kilo of hair and varies depending on hair length and quality. Here we only focus on the 10 inch long hair, so there are 3 price levels for 3 quality grades. The price for 1kg (10 bundles) super double drawn hair is $220, for 1 kg double hair is $179 and for 1kg single hair is $136.


10 inch hair extension price

Above includes the price list of bonestraight, kinky or pixie natural colour 10 inch hair extensions. Similarly we have the price for 1kg (10 bundles) super double drawn hair is $275, for 1 kg double hair is $234 and for 1kg single hair is $191.


10 inch hair extension price

The last one above is the price list of curly wavy natural colour hair. For 10 inch hair extensions, 1kg (10 bundles) super double drawn hair is $255, 1kg double hair is $214, and 1kg single hair is $171.

5. How to install 10 inch hair extensions?

After buying hair extensions, one of the concerns is the way to install the hair. Many people especially want to wear the hair and take care of the hair by themselves at home for convenience, so what are the ways and is there anything to take notice of? Let’s discover now!

5.1 How to install 10 inch hair extensions at home?

The first question is can you apply hair extensions at home? The answer is definitely yes. However, not all hair extension types are recommended to install at home, so you’d better choose suitable ones which do not require much skill or tools to wear. Two of the most chosen hair extensions to install at home are clip-in and tape-in ones. The applying methods are clarified in the second section about hair extension types. You just need to attach the clips or the tape on your hair, and it is done!


Install 10 inch hair extensions at home

5.2 How to take care of 10 inch hair extensions at home?

Taking care of hair extensions at home is a must if you want your hair extensions to be so durable and capable of remaining high quality. In fact, hair extensions need as much care as your real hair to stay smooth and shiny. Below are significant things to consider when taking care of your 10 inch hair extensions:

  • Brushing your hair gently. Hair extensions are also easy to tangle, so they need regular combing. For curly hair, you need to choose the right kind of comb in order to prevent the hair from shedding. 
  • Keeping the hair at a cool temperature. It is very damaging if you usually let the hair endure hot temperatures. Especially when you blow dry the hair or sunbathe it, it will easily become dry and not smooth or silky anymore.
  • Washing the hair not too often. The sensible time is to wash the 10 inch hair extension twice a week. You’d better wash it with cold water and use suitable shampoos for hair extension. For example, for colour hair, purple shampoo is recommended. The hair also needs more conditioner, so it will stay smooth and sleek.

Take care of 10 inch hair extensions

6. How to import wholesale 10 inch hair extensions?

Last but not least, where to buy high-quality hair extensions with reasonable prices is a question that not everyone knows. Only experienced ones in the hair business can tell. Therefore, as a 25-year-experienced wholesale hair vendor, we will now give you the advice on purchasing hair extensions.

6.1 Where to buy 10 inch hair extensions for personal use?

If you want to buy hair extensions for personal use, it is quite simple. Firstly, if you want to buy one or two products to wear directly, you can choose a reliable supplier in your local region. This will help you save a lot of money on traveling or importing taxes in comparison with importing just 1 hair extension overseas. Secondly, if you want to buy the hair in quantity to customize into wigs and resell them, you should import the hair from wholesale hair vendors instead of local sellers, so that you can take advantage of the wholesale prices.


Where to buy 10 inch hair extensions?

6.2 Where to buy 10 inch hair extensions for wholesale purposes?

If your purpose is to import hair extensions for wholesale reselling, then choosing a reliable wholesale hair supplier to be your partner for the long term is a must. Not only will the prestigious wholesale distributors provide you qualified hair extensions at reasonable prices, they will also give you invaluable advice for the hair business as well. Then, we will introduce to you top 5 hair suppliers worldwide that you can discover more by yourself afterwards.

6.2.1. Howigs – A hair distributor in the UK

Buying 10 inch hair extensions from Howigs is a good choice. Although the supplier is specialized in providing wigs, its hair extensions and hair pieces products are still qualified and diverse. You can buy a wide range of types such as clip-in hair extensions, weft extensions, tape-in hair extensions, lace closures or lace frontals, etc. However, the price is pretty high, so you need to balance your budget beforehand.


Howigs – 10 inch hair extension supplier

6.2.2. K-Hair Factory – Top 1 wholesale hair vendor in Vietnam

If you are looking for an experienced wholesale hair supplier that can both supply good hair at good prices and give you valuable advice for your business, K-Hair from Vietnam is the number 1 choice. In terms of 10 inch hair extensions, K-Hair supplies a variety of hair extension types (straight, bone straight, curly, wavy, colour, etc hair) with the norm QUALITY IS KING. In terms of experience, the company has been in the business for nearly 30 years, so it can totally become your reliable partner in the hair business. For further information, you can check it out here:


K-Hair – Top 1 Vietnamese hair factory

6.2.3. Isla Morena – Hair supplier in Philippines

Isla Morena is a hair distributor in Aklan, Philippines. Its 10 inch hair extension products are very diverse with machine wefts, lace closures and lace frontals which have different colours, sizes and styles. They are all made of Filipino hair, and the quality is supposed to be good. You can directly contact the supplier for more details!


Isla Morena – 10 inch hair extension supplier

6.2.4. Dellahs – Hair supplier in Cambodia

Dellahs is a raw hair factory in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Its 10 inch hair extension products are well-known for good-quality and good prices. With 9-year experience in the hair business, it will provide you with satisfactory products and services!


Dellahs – 10 inch hair extension supplier

6.2.5. A-LOVE hair factory in China

A-LOVE is a raw remy human hair supplier in China. Its product categories, especially 10 inch hair extensions, are full of hair extensions types such as weft hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, I Tip and U Tip hair extensions, etc. The hair is human remy hair, so the quality is quite good.


A-LOVE – 10 inch hair extension supplier

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