How To Install Lace Front Wigs: Best Directions For Hair Lovers

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Wigs are no longer a strange item for everyone, who are falling in love with hair extensions for boosting their appearance constantly. When it comes to wigs, lace front wigs become must- have items thanks to their advantage to apply. If you are looking for a hairstyle to cover their hair shortcomings, lace frontal wigs are considered a worthy choice to apply. Don’t forget to check out the entire information to grab essential knowledge about lace front wigs, as well as how to install lace front wigs properly. 


How to install lace front wigs

1. The definition of lace front wigs for the details of how to install lace front wigs? 

First thing to do is to have a thorough understanding about lace front wigs. 

Sew-in or bonded lace frontal hairpieces are available. Lace frontals give your wigs and hair extensions a more natural appearance. Their width usually ranges from  4 inches long to 13 inches, and they spread from ear to ear. Because of their versatility, lace front wigs  allow you to experiment with natural-looking hairstyles. 

When it comes to lace frontal wigs, or how to install lace front wigs, hair suppliers have different choices for materials of these hairstyles. As such, lace front wigs may have originated from real hair with three main options: virgin, remy and non- remy. Plus, to save budget, many hair vendors also use synthetic materials to manufacture lace front wigs for users.


How to install lace front wigs: About lace front wigs

What are the advantages of having a second top layer on your scalp? This is a mesh layer that helps to hold the hair strands together; it practically doesn’t leave any space between the hair and the scalp, but it’s still breathable and doesn’t form a tunnel. It allows the user to boost their styling ability while maintaining their natural hairline. It is also considered one of the hair extensions that don’t damage hair as well.

2. How to install lace front wigs: All things we need to know about lace front wigs? 

We absolutely need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of lace front wigs for the best details on how to install lace front wigs, also make sure you are about to apply the proper item, instead of any wigs hairstyles. Hope the following pros and cons will be helpful to you! 

2.1 The pros of lace front wigs

Do you wonder about the prevalence of lace front wigs? Let us tell you in this section with the upcoming pros as below: 

  • Time- saving application: everyone always requires time and speed criteria for applying hair extensions, and lace front wigs are not an exception. Due to the specific design, lace front wigs with different frontal wig hairstyles may take less time to install, compared to sew-in natural hair extensions. It is obvious we need less than an hour to know how to install lace front wigs, and an hour and a half for almost  generally, while many hair extensions with frontals take an hour and a half. Lace frontals are the go-to trend for modern and chic women who wish to save their natural hair, along with time- saving one to get dressed on a daily basis.

How to install lace front wigs – Time saving

  • Style freely: One of the highlighted perks of lace front wigs is the flexible ability which enables users to restyle different hairstyles that they want. Wearing and restyling lace front wigs as if you are restyling your natural hair. 
  • Bring the comfort: The weight of lace frontals are light and comfortable, which is beneficial to the scalp and hair textures while wearing lace front wigs. 

How to install lace front wigs – Freely style

2.2 The cons of lace front wigs for how to install lace front wigs

Besides the special pros of lace front wigs, they also remain some worries for users. Let’s figure out which are they: 

  • Risk of damage to hairline: Due to using glue or lace tape to install sew-in lace frontal wigs or how to install lace front wigs in general, they may endure from 2 to 4 weeks before needing to be repaired. When we lengthen the time of lace front wigs’ application, users are more likely to irritate your skin and badly damage your hairline or break off your edges than normal. 
  • Require maintenance and protections: it is a challenge for users to maintain the natural look of lace front wigs as new as possible besides knowing how to install lace front wigs. Lace frontal wigs require a lot of modification when first installed to obtain the natural look. It is highly recommended to take care of lace front wigs several times a week, depending on their frequency to attain the premium quality for a more natural appearance. 

How to install lace front wigs – The cons of lace front wigs

  • The higher price: Price is always of paramount importance to take into consideration before ordering any hair item. When making comparison with lace closures, the cost for lace front wigs are absolutely higher. The quality factor makes this item expensive. The price is important, but the quality is more vital than ever, do you agree? 

3. How to install lace front wigs? 

When you are newbies in this hair market to apply hair extensions, they tend to struggle a little bit. Thus, the most popular concern of users is that they have no idea how to apply lace front wigs to achieve the natural and glamorous look. The following detailed steps of how to install lace front wigs are deemed to be beneficial  for users. Let’s check out carefully with 10 steps. 

Before embarking on applying lace front wigs, users have to prepare products and specific tools. The list is mentioned herer: 

  • Lace front wigs 
  • Fine tooth comb 
  • Scissors (pinking shears is okay)
  • Scalp protector 
  • Flatirons or curling wands 

How to install lace front wigs – Preparation

  • Liquid adhesive, wig tape or glue 
  • Adhesive application brush
  • Hair clips and bobby pins 

What are you waiting for without taking action promptly?

3.1 How to install lace front wigs: Make sure lace front wig is ready to apply 

Users need to guarantee to get ready for how to install lace front wigs. The method proper application may largely depend on the hair condition whether it is new or old. 

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you firstly choose hair extensions from the best wholesale hair vendors. The quality of the hair will be guaranteed and you will be able to wear it more easily.

3.2 How to install lace front wigs: Cleaning lace front wigs with shampoo and conditioner 

Shampooing and conditioning lace front wigs on a frequent basis to avoid hair problems for scalp and users as well. You don’t need to wash or condition your lace front wigs until you’ve installed it a few times if it’s in good condition or clean and fresh.


How to install lace front wigs – Wash lace front wigs

  • For hair shampoo for lace front wigs, users absolutely have to utilize sulfate- free and chemical- free to avoid harm and dryness. The reason is for lace front wigs, they don’t have to be exposed to essential oil or moisture.
  • Talking about conditioner for lace front wigs, users need to choose specific or deep conditioner to maintain the best conditions for lace front wigs. 

3.3 How to install lace front wigs: Try the fitness of lace front wigs 

Brush out the lace front wig after wearing it to make sure it fits you perfectly. Particularly for how to install lace front wigs, they should be combed before wearing to minimize any shape or form imposed on the wig by the wig box. It is definitely vital to brush lace front wigs  to keep them  and remove twist.


How to install lace front wigs – Try out the fitness

If you intend to apply a lengthy wig with how to install lace front wigs method, tie it up in a ponytail. Bobby pins will become the vital tool for holding the hair on the wig’s edges backwards for short wigs.

The goal of packing your lace front wig is to keep the edges from becoming stuck in the glue or adhesive as you put it on.

3.4 How to install lace front wigs: Extra lace on the edges should be trimmed 

Users need to trim the lace if you are wearing a full front lace wig which has never been trimmed or cut. Put on the wig with adjusting it if needed, then pull it away with a few clasps.

Trim the excess lace along with your hairline with strong pinking shears or scissors. When you trim the lace, don’t forget to leave about one-eighth-inch of lace beyond the wig hairline. There are some tips for you: 

  • Trimming is only necessary for the first time wearing a lace front wig without being trimmed before.

How to install lace front wigs – Trim the lace

  • When trimming, be careful not to cut into the wig’s hairline. 
  • When you’re done, set your wig on the wig stand.

3.5 How to install lace front wigs: Wearing the wig cap

There is a wide range of hairstyles of wig cap offered by hair vendors. When wearing a human hair wig; nevertheless, a soft wig hat should be highly recommended for further how to install lace front wig. The first and foremost purpose of wearing a wig cap is to maintain the wig in the right place.

A wig hat also has the ability to protect in flattening your hair and keeping it tucked under the wig.


How to install lace front wigs – Wear the wig cap

Make sure your fingers don’t scatter your hair which is already flattened when putting on a wig cap. Then, leave a one-inch section of your hairline uncovered.

PS- Wig caps aren’t necessary if you don’t have any hair. If you don’t have any hair on your head, wig caps will slip about your head and cause a knot under your wig.

3.6 How to install lace front wigs: Save your skin

Soap and water, cleanser, or cotton wool dipped in alcohol can all be used to make hairline clean and fresh. This can help to eliminate any extra oil from your hair that could impair the glue’s efficacy and lead to the slide of your lace front wig towards  your head.

Apply a scalp protection serum or spray after the alcohol has dried and let it dry completely. Before applying a lace front wig or how to install lace front wigs, make sure your scalp is clean and protected, especially the area around your hairline. The scalp protector shields your skin from the damaging effects of glue and wig tape.


How to install lace front wigs – Protect skin

3.7 How to install lace front wigs: Applying a wig tape 

Users can divide your tape into eight or ten pieces which can cover your hairline thoroughly. Apply the sticky side of each tape to the skin of your hairline in a uniform manner. Then peel away the tape’s thick foam, leaving the gummy component of the tape exposed. You will have free gap between your wig and hairline will be pretty unnatural if your wig tapes have too much room between them.

The naturalness of the wig also depends on where you get the hair. Therefore, please pay attention to finding hair warehouse and getting the qualified products from them.

3.8 How to install lace front wigs: Applying a glue or adhesive liquid 

If you don’t want to use wig tape, which is both good for how to install lace front wigs, you will need a brush to apply liquid adhesive. Apply the glue to the parts of your hairline where you will apply the wig with the brush.


How to install lace front wigs – Use liquid glue

Then attach your wig after blow-drying for a few seconds until the adhesive gets tacky. If you use a hair bond adhesive, you won’t need to blow dry your hair and may put your wig on right away.

3.9 How to install lace front wigs: Installing lace front wig and keep it secure 

It is time to cover the most difficult step of the application- how to install lace front wigs. Move your hand back towards the middle while holding your wig at the sides. Wear the wig with care.

Pull slowly forward from the side when keeping the edges from clinging to the adhesive while the wig is sitting on the back of your head. You can use a mirror to align with your hairline for the adjustation of  the wig’s edges and see whether you are right in how to install lace front wigs.


How to install lace front wigs – Apply and secure the wig

Then double-check that the wig’s back completely covers the hair. Adjust until the wig’s edges are aligned with your hairline and the wig is nicely centered.

Then, using a fine-tooth comb, push the wig’s lace around the edge over the adhesive or wig tape. Make sure there isn’t any glue left on the wig tape.

To highlight lace front wigs, users can restyle and decorate with hair accessories as natural beauty. We hope you have practical experience in this blog! 

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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