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1 short hair trends 2024
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2024 is coming! Which hairstyle do you choose to welcome a happy new year? How about trying something new with short hair trends 2024? Short hairstyles are in the favorite list of women of all time thanks to the flexibility in styles and vibes. Shaping the style as cool, badass, elegant or sweet, short haircuts can help you all no matter what. The trends this year are calling to pixie cut, bob, lob, curly fringe and comb twist. Here are the guides for you all to glow with these 2024 short hair trends female. 


Short hair trends 2024

1. Pixie cut – Old but gold short hair trends 2024

Since pixie haircut became popular, really short hair has no longer been the only choice for male. Pixie hair is known for its sharply cropped layers which suit female hair types. It normally brings an active and individual vibe. But guess what, pixie haircuts can still match a gentle sweet fashion look, especially when you try it with bangs.

Pixie haircuts are highly recommended for people with heart-shape, oval or round face shapes. The short layers will embrace every inch of your face. You can consider some celebrities with this haircut and see how it suits them perfectly. Some of the names are Bella Hadid, Joey King, Carbi B., Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne, Anne Hathaway and Rihanna, etc. As you can see in the picture below, you can literally make the pixie cut much better with the play of colors like ash, brown, blond, white, copper and smokey colors.

Moreover, here are some tips to maintain an amazing pixie haircut. We can say that a pixie cut is such a low-maintenance hair style as all you need is a clean wash, and then let a free style do its job. A little extra is also good. That’s when you use the defining gel to keep the layers in the shape you prefer.


Pixie cut – Old but gold short hair trends 2024

2. Bob cut – Flexible short hair trends 2024

Bob cut is one of the most popular choices of all time, and it’s definitely the hair of choice in 2024. When it comes to bob, the must-try ones are rounded bob, curly bob and wavy bob. All hairstyles with the lengths above your shoulder are typical bob haircuts.

A bob haircut can suit all face shapes because you can create literally all fun hairstyles with this hair length. The classic straight one suits people with oval or heart-shaped faces. Meanwhile, wavy bobs flatter the beauty of all face shapes. Hailey Bieber, Jenna Ortega and Cara Delevingne are top faces with best bob hairstyles.

To keep the bob haircut in its form, you need a flat iron for rounded bob and a curler for wavy curly styles. In addition, adding bangs is also a good choice to add highlights to your hairstyle. Choosing curtain wispy bangs is gonna make you rock it for 2024.


Bob cut – Flexible short hair trends 2024

3. Lob cut – Short hair trends 2024 for muse

Longer than a bob is a lob haircut! This hairstyle is not so long, so it’s still considered short-medium hair length. Lob is called the “hairstyle for muse” as its perfect length is suitable for all girly styles. From straight, wavy to curly, no worries, a lob style can handle all.

Lob hair is loved as it fits all face shapes. It can go with round, square or oval faces. Celebrities extremely love this style of choice. So many of them choose lob again and again. These are celebrities who are “loyal” to lob haircuts: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Margot Robbie, etc.

Lob hair care is similar to that for bob. Depending on the style that you choose for this lob-length hair, you need a specific suitable hair care routine. You will need to add more effort to the curly wavy hair as the hair is prone to being tangled and messy.


Lob cut – Short hair trends 2024 for muse

4. Curly fringe – Must-try short hair trends 2024

The fresh hairstyle to choose for 2024 hair trends short hair is definitely curly fringe style. The combination of voluminous curls and wispy/curtain bangs will bring you a fancy vintage look. What’s special about this short hairstyle is that it’s flexible to fit all fashion tastes. You can style it into all looks, from girly to badass ones.

Curly fringe hair looks cute with round faces and looks edgy with edgy face shapes! That’s the magic of this haircut! Many celebrities with different styles let this haircut embrace their beauty. They are Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Tracee Ellis Ross, Yara Shahidi and Bella Hadid, etc.

The only drawback of this fancy hairstyle is its high maintenance! In order not to let the curls tangle up, you need to pay attention to washing, conditioning and styling. To define the curls, you need to use the right hair care products and be gentle with your hair during the routine. You can consider some heatless methods to maintain the hair like roller-curling or sock-curling. And don’t forget to use a hair bonnet to protect your hair during bedtime.


Curly fringe – Must-try short hair trends 2024

5. Comb twist – Badass short hair trends 2024

Last but not least, comb twist is a must for short 2024 hair trends. This unisex hairstyle is loved as it’s unique and charming. Basically, the hair is twisted together to create lines on your head. It’s similar to braids, but each line is made with 2 hair strands instead of 3. This hairstyle is more suitable with edgy badass style.

The most impressive celebrities with this hairstyle are Rihanna, Halle Bailey and Nicole Ari Parker, etc. They look really fancy and badass in this hairstyle. Normally, you can also choose different colors to go with this style. Some recommended ones are black, blond and orange mix.

Comb twist is another high-maintenance hairstyle. It takes time to create the twists, and the maintenance should be careful too. Adding oil is a must to keep the hair moisturized and healthy. In addition, twisting may cause stress to your scalp, so you shouldn’t do this hairstyle too often without proper care.


Comb twist – Badass short hair trends 2024

After all, top 5 short hair trends 2024 for you are pixie, bob, lob, curly fringe and comb twist. They are not new hairstyles, but definitely match the vibes of 2024 and give you amazing looks. K-Hair Factory hope our sharing is useful, and don’t forget to follow us for more updated trends.

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