Recently, “hair extensions” has become the familiar term with whom loves beauty and hair experts. In the USA and European, where hair business is booming, people can spend top dollars for hair weaves or wigs. In African countries, hair business is one of the hot trend for start- up companies. Therefore, finding a reliable supplier is the key leading to success. This article states Top 5 best Asian hair suppliers like suggestion for hair dealers and entrepreneur spirits. They are the most prestigious manufacturers based on social media raking and top search of Google. By reviewing Asian hair suppliers, the hair traders can easily make comparisons between hair factories and find the most suitable one for their business. 

1. Top 5 best Asian hair suppliers- who are they?

Nobody can deny Asia is the area of hair extension producing industry.  China is the fastest country get access to hair production in order to satisfy exotic demands. However, the balance was soon be established, other countries such as: India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam took part in the playing field with their own advantages.

1.1. Unice hair company- a famous Asian hair supplier

Unice company is an Indian hair supplier, especially 100% Indian remy hair extension. They produce natural straight and wavy hairstyles at every length. Prices are from $18/ bundle with natural straight hair and each bundle is bout 95- 100 grams. Unice seems to erase the general label of Indian hair supplier- “Cheap hair”. 

About durability, the hair will last from 6 months to 1 year depending on care.  With big order, Unice offer 5% discount for total invoice. One more interesting thing is: Unice hair company also design for customer’s label.

Information to contact Unice hair:

Hotline: +84398344444

Instagram: kinghair_factory

Facebook: Astrid Taylor


1.2. K-Hair factory- top 1 Vietnamese and the leading Asian hair supplier

K-Hair is one of the experienced hair factory, located in Bac Ninh province, Vietnam. The factory was opened from 30 years ago, since 1990 and export to almost markets in the world, especially: Russia, Brazil, Nigeria… Like the  slogan: Quality is King from the early days, K-Hair has become the leading hair suppliers in Asian and support for a lot of hair companies, particularly hair starters from all over the world. 


Top Trendy Color 2020 from K-Hair factory

K-Hair sell Vietnamese hair, no synthetic, no mixed and no tangle. The hair is water- friendly and has long durability, can be up to 10 years and more. The products include: weft hair (wavy, curly, straight, bone straight styles), frontal, closure (different size, HD lace), colored slice, tip (u tip, v tip, I tip, flat tip), clip-in, tape, wig and other customized items. Here below are main points of K-Hair products:


Good points Bad points
Natural human hair
Produce and design hair as orders: all colors, hairstyles and density (with Super Double Drawn, the hair is full from top to bottom)

Customized for hair and packages, logo tags

Not have hair in stock to avoid chemicals and preservative,  takes time to make fresh hair.
Available of labeled and beauty gifts

 Deal with wholesale to get $30 discount/kg: 

Hotline: +84398344444 (reply in only 1 minute)


Instagram: astrid_ts_khair

Facebook: Astrid Taylor

Support 24/7

1.3. Michair company- a worth trying Asian hair supplier


Michair is one of the top leading hair supplier in Vietnam and Asia. The hair is from Vietnam and Cambodia,  divided into 3 grades:  Single, Double and Super Double (watch more). Products of Michair are: weft hair, closure (2×4 and 4×4 only), frontal, tip, tape and clip in. Price maybe high with some customers but worth top dollars: from $22.5/ weft bundle.

Contact Michair:

Hotline: +84398344444

Instagram: michair07

Facebook: michair company

1.4. Kabeilu company- Asian hair supplier with fair price

The next one of Top 5 best Asian hair suppliers is Kabeilu Company. Kabeilu (KBL) company is a professional manufacturer of human hair located in Guangzhou, China. With more than 11 years of experience in hair industry, KBL provides good quality Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair and Indian hair.

Good points Bad points
Producing time is nearly zero thanks to having hair in stock Lack of diversity of grades: only have 5A- 7A hair (the same as Single drawn and Double drawn)
Professional and  customers-friendly website Lack of closure, frontal size: mostly 5×5, 4×4 and 13×5
Fast respond: in 2 days  No information of customized orders
Suitable for African customers and African hairstyles lovers Focus on natural black hair and 613 blonde color, no information of other colored hair
Appropriate for personal use only High price: starts from $27/ bundle  


To contact KBL:

Hotline: +84398344444

Instagram: KBL_sale

Facebook: KBL_official

Working time: Mon to Sat: 9 AM – 6 PM, Sun: 6 PM- 10

1.5. Angkor Cambodian hair- a must-try Asian hair supplier

Angkor Cambodian Hair supplies high-quality, virgin Cambodian hair to salons and distributors at reasonable prices. Based in Phnom Penh, the company is jointly owned by an American and a Cambodian. They offer five patterns: straight, loose wave, body wave, deep wave, and rare curly. We also offer gray and white hair, blonde, clip-ins, and closures.  Frontal and wigs are available on demand. 

Information to contact Angkor Cambodian hair:

Hotline: +84398344444

Instagram: ankorhair

Facebook: Angkor Hair


2. Why should hair dealers choose Vietnamese hair factories among Asian hair suppliers?

We have gone through Top 5 best Asian hair suppliers, and the names come from different countries: China, India and Vietnam. The question is: Why Vietnam becomes the raising star in hair extension industry these years? What is the factors let customers want to try Vietnamese hair? To answer for these questions, let have a look at the good points of Vietnamese hair manufacturers stated below.

2.1. Clear hair source- Vietnamese women hair

Almost Vietnamese hair factories collect hair from Vietnamese women, especially from mountainous area. Cold climate and merely affected by sun rays are the main factors help the hair of women is strong and naturally beautiful. Moreover, women in there usually raise long hair and use herb for maintenance. Therefor, hair manufacturers can collect natural long hair. 


Mountainous Vietnamese women

Different from some Chinese hair factories, which buy hair from India with cheap price to make more profit, Vietnamese hair factories usually use domestic hair to produce and design. This point can help the hair dealers control the quality of hair. 


2.2. Quality is King- Vietnamese hair factories use quality to compete with other competitors

Vietnamese hair has the outstanding characteristics: strong, durable and cuticles aligned. By good hair source, hair factories in Vietnam can dye, bleach hair into the light colors and make  many hairstyles. Because the hair is 100% real human hair and no mixed, it can be bleached or dyed into other colors perfectly with condition no tangle and no shedding as well.

Mixed hair/ Synthetic hair High quality hair/ Human hair
Use comb with the hair Hair falls off, the comb or our fingers can not go through it easily. No tangle, no shedding, our hands can go through the hair easily.
Hot water or hot tools  The hair can be burned and you can see the smoke Water and heat friendly
Dye or bleach hair Red hair appears (it was dyed long time before and now  mixed with the new hair or due to incorrect dyeing way) The hair can be transformed into other colors perfectly

2.3. Reasonable price- affordable for all women

In general, prices of hair extension products are fluctuating. Normally, Indian hair and Chinese hair  has the cheap price, Vietnamese hair has a bit higher price because it has better quality and also more prestigious. However, hair source is an important factor decide prices. Nowadays, we can easily find some Chinese hair factories, Indian hair factories or Cambodian hair manufacturers offer high prices. Although we don’t talk about the quality of each supplier but it’s undeniable that Vietnamese hair now has very competitive and reasonable price.

To sum up, Asia is the hot area of hair factories for hair markets all over the world. Among of them all, India, China and Vietnam are the countries have huge hair export potential. By going through Top 5 Best Asian hair suppliers, we can see  characteristic of each factory and company and find the right  choice.


Deal with K-Hair- the leading hair supplier in Asian via WhatsApp: +84398344444 (Ms Astrid- CMO)

Instagram: kinghair_factory



Facebook: Astrid Taylor

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