How to Keep Curly Wig Looking Wet for All Day

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How to keep curly wig looking wet all day? To keep curly wig looking wet all day, moisturize the hair and use a defining and curl-locking cream/gel. You can easily do this at home with hair products that are readily available on the market. Let’s explore the details together!


How to Keep Curly Wig Looking Wet

1. Prepare for perfection – How to keep curly wig looking wet all day

Before applying products to your curly wig to make it look wet all day, ensure it’s clean and free of any previous dirt, gel, cream, or oil.

1.1 Detangle your wig

Your wig must always be clean to create a wet, curly look. Clean your curly wig with shampoo and conditioner at this step as you normally would. Use a small amount of shampoo and gently massage the entire wig. Then wait for about 2-3 minutes before rinsing to allow the shampoo to effectively clean.

Conditioner is essential for those with curly wigs. When applying conditioner to the hair ends, gently squeeze the hair from the ends upwards towards the scalp to reshape the curls and make them more pronounced.

1.2 Comb your hair 

Use a wide-tooth comb to comb your curly wig. If your hair is tangled in any area, creating a good hairstyle in the following steps will be difficult.

Especially for curly wigs, after washing, the hair strands are prone to tangling, which can obscure the natural curls. A wide-tooth comb is an excellent choice for detangling the hair strands. If you are wearing black girl hairstyles with weave which are mostly which hairstyles, detangling is also really important.


Preparation for Perfection

1.3 Dampen your hair

After combing your wig, you should only blow-dry it for about 3 minutes so it is not too wet and dripping. Note that you should not completely blow-dry the wig because to keep the curly wig looking wet all day, your hair should be slightly damp before using any gel.

Make sure all areas of the hair still retain a moderate amount of moisture. If you didn’t wash your hair beforehand, you can use a spray bottle to spray water all over your hair.

2. Use coconut curly cream- How to keep curly wig looking wet all day

This is an effective curly hair styling cream that curly wig lovers often use. Especially after cleaning the curly wig because, at this time, the waves may have been stretched out a bit after washing.

Before applying any cream to your hair, divide your hair into small sections to ensure the cream is evenly absorbed into each strand of hair. If you don’t part your hair and apply it directly to the entire part of your hair, it will make the cream distribution uneven.

Then, take a small amount on your hand and rub it into each section of hair. Gently and carefully rub it into each section of hair. You can squeeze lightly from the roots to the ends of the hair so that the cream can create beautiful curls and keep your curly wig looking wet all day.


Apply a small amount of coconut curly cream to your hair

3. Use curl locking cream/gel – How to keep curly wig looking wet all day

Curl-locking cream helps your hair hold its shape longer, especially since this is the key to keeping your curly wig looking wet all day.

You can also use a hard gel to lock your curls after the curling step in the previous step. You should choose creams/gels to ensure your hair holds its curls for 6 hours or more.

As with the precautions in the previous step, you should only apply a sufficient amount of cream/gel to each section of hair to avoid uneven cream distribution on the hair sections.


Apply a small amount of Curl locking cream/gel to your hair

4. Use foaming mousse –  How to keep curly wig looking wet all day

This is an optional step because your hair will look great already in the two steps above. However, you should still use a foaming mousse for the roots of your hair. This helps to stabilize the roots of your hair throughout the day and prevents dryness or frizz if you have to be in the sun a lot throughout the day.

One note is that you should only use a tiny foaming mouse to avoid making your scalp feel stuffy and uncomfortable. The scalp should be kept ventilated and clean to prevent problems such as dandruff, fungus, or itchy scalp in the future.

5. Check the quality of your curly wig – How to keep curly wig looking wet all day

How to keep your curly wig look wet for all day? The most important factor is the quality of the hair in your wig. If the hair is of good quality, the curls will maintain their shape for a long time and stay shiny and healthy over time.


Check the quality of your curly wig

The bustling wig market can be overwhelming when finding a high-quality curly wig that stays wet-looking all day. We advise choosing reputable, long-standing suppliers with lots of positive customer feedback.

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