Top 10 Best 2024 Haircut Trends Female You Must Know

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Which hairstyles are you going to choose for a lit 2024? Maybe having too many available options causes difficulty in making decisions. Then why not consider our list of 10 best 2024 haircut trends! In this article, we will list styles of choice of the year. You’ll definitely find ones which suit you.


2024 haircut trends

1. Jellyfish haircut – Badass 2024 haircut trends female

Have you heard of jellyfish haircuts? This hairstyle is inspired by the jellyfish shape. The hair will have its volume on the upper part and the rest long tail. This hairstyle is loved as it can look cute and badass at the same time. 

To play with the style, you can have the hair fully dyed or tip dyed only. Trying adding light colors is so fun for sure. Besides, this haircut will be even more special when you add a little curly tip to create a jellyfish effect!

2. Mullet haircut – Creative haircut trends 2024

Mullet is not a new haircut trend, but it has stayed trendy since its appearance! This unisex hairstyle suits all faces with sharp fashion vibes. The well-cut layers is the “unique selling point” that makes this haircut so stylish, so addictive.

We call mullet a create hairstyle as there are many ways to customize your mullet to make it even better. Undercut mullet, wolf mullet, curly mullet or modern mullets are typical names. This flexibility is also the reason why this hairstyle can go well with all face shapes. The layers will handle it all.


Jellyfish and mullet 2024 haircut trends

3. Blowouts – Old but gold 2024 haircut trends

Blowouts? Just 3 words – old but gold! Nothing is better for girly vibes than a well-done blowout – best hair cuts for women of all time. The hair is soft enough, wavy enough and voluminous enough, creating such a comfortable appearance.

Blowouts are the legend and go-to choice as this hairstyle can be easily created at home. With a blowdryer, you can change your flat hair into totally attractive voluminous hair in 10 minutes!

4. Soft bob haircut – Soft 2024 hair trends female

What is a soft bob haircut? It’s a girly hairstyle with a bob length – upper shoulder length. The hairstyle can be smooth, wavy, colored or curly. Among all of them, a wavy soft bob will be the queen in 2024.

Soft bob haircut can be a permanent or temporary hairstyle. With your straight hair, you can add curls temporarily to the hair everyday with a flat iron or a hair curler. By doing this, you can try many types of curls and change your styles every time you want.


Blowouts and soft bob haircuts

5. Wavy lob – Sweet 2024 haircut trends

Wavy lob haircut is predicted to be the hair trend in 2024 again. This medium-length hairstyle is in its best with balayage hair colors. Brunette, blond and ash balayage are the best. 

This hairstyle is so good that it’s been the favorite choice of many celebrities. Hailey Bieber, Zendaya, Jenna Ortega and Emma Watson are significant names.

6. Chin-length bob – Flexible 2024 haircut trends

Chin-length bob is the most flexible hair trend for 2024. Nothing can prevent your creativity on this short hair. You can let it be a blunt bob, sleek-back bob, coily bob, layered bob, wavy bob or soft bob, etc. You can literally create any vibes with this haircut.

In addition, you will also look good with a chin-length bob in any color. Black is a good choice for individual vibes while brunette and blond are good for sweet styles.


Wavy lob and chin-length bob

7. Butterfly layers – Cute trending haircuts 2024

Butterfly haircut is the art of layering. You’ll see your hair as fluffy as butterflies with this hairstyle!

This haircut is suitable for medium to long hair, so that the number of layers is enough to create a “butterfly” hair look. Moreover, don’t forget to add wispy curtain bangs to your butterfly layers! This will create a better link among the cuts.

8. Pigtail braids – Sporty 2024 haircut trends

What is the trend of sporty style? Pigtail is coming back this year. Among all types of braids, pigtail is so unique and flexible. Pigtail braids are usually created from the top of your hair and then ended with 2 tails. That’s why this hairstyle is also called twintail!

Pigtails are suitable for all types of hair (straight, wavy, curly, kinky, black, blond, colored, etc). This hairstyle usually has a sporty look. In addition, it is neat and suitable while doing sports as well.


Butterfly layers and pigtail braids

9. Voluminous curly pixie – Muse of 2024 haircut trends

People usually think of pixie curls as sharp and badass. However, have you heard of ginger voluminous curly pixie? Definitely the haircut for the muse!

The curls are soft and fluffy, making you look so sweet and elegant. If you combine this style with a sweet color like ginger, you will look like a real-life princess! 

10. Long curly – Amazing 2024 haircut trends

Long curly haircut is an amazing hair trend for 2024 as you’ll be surprised each time discovering what you can do with this style! Deep waves, loose waves, pixie curls, hippie curls and kinky curls are perfect for long hair. You’ll never get bored of your long curls.

In addition, these curls are flexible for ponytail, half up half down and braids. Therefore, you’ll never run out of ideas for long curly hair.


Long curly 2024 haircut trends

That’s all about 2024 haircut trends to discover today. Hope that you’ve found at least one favorite option! Please follow us, K-Hair Factory for many more pieces of useful information about hair life and hair business.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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