Vision of K-HAIR

High position in Vietnam’s market is just the beginning of our journey to reach the top. Indeed, K-HAIR intends to become the top global manufacturer for all countries around the world.

K Hair Factory

K-HAIR intends to become the top global manufacturer

We are putting enormous effort to build durable cooperation with Africa’s market, including Nigeria, Brazil, etc. In fact, K-HAIR has already had 3 companies in Vietnam, Nigeria, UN which are significantly improved to achieve this goal. Furthermore, K-HAIR is also willing to approach such a potential market in Europe because our products are certainly qualified in all aspects.

Therefore, a strong worldwide hair business network is undoubtedly impossible.

K Hair Factory 17

Our worldwide cooperations

Mission of K-HAIR

First of all, K-HAIR has a duty to show that Vietnam is superior to the rest of the world not only in hair but also other merchandise and services.

Human hair extensions red 11

K-HAIR from Vietnam

Secondly, the responsibility of K-HAIR is to raise the beauty of every woman, stimulating their belief so that they can be more self-confident. Thanks to our professional manufacture, the products are committed to be high- quality.

K Hair Factory 23

The products are committed to be high- quality

Last but not least, K-HAIR is an ideal environment for all members to improve themselves, showing their passion and realizing their dreams.


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