Best Auburn Hair Colors Must Try for Glowing 2024

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In the flow of 2024, warm tone hair colors are the apple of women’s eyes. All over the world, such expensive brunette, copper, brown and reddish hair colors are going viral and blooming. In this article, we will bring you one of the most amazing hair color options for 2024, the auburn hair color. The auburn color hair will definitely help you rock! Let’s look into more details and good shade options here. You’ll absolutely be in love.


Auburn hair colors

1. Introduction to auburn hair colors

What color is auburn hair?

In general, auburn is also known as the reddish-brown color. It includes a variety of different shades from moderate reddish brown to brown. This color becomes trending again for 2024 when people tend to look for natural-looking hair dyes.

Is auburn a natural hair color?

In fact, auburn is a natural hair color in many regions of the world. You will be likely to see a lot of Northwestern European people, Austronesians and Melanesians with natural auburn hair.

Such gorgeous hair color gets a lot of love, so then we see many people choose to dye their hair auburn now. It’s a real natural hair color, unlike those like green, blue, pink or purple, etc which can only be achieved via dyeing the hair. Therefore, it’s hard to tell if you’ve dyed your hair auburn or if it’s just your real hair! This natural look trick is what makes auburn a top choice for 2024.


Auburn is a natural hair color

2. How to choose suitable auburn hair colors

What skin tones are good for auburn hair colors?

Good news for you, auburn hair can match perfectly with any skin tone and eye color. Thanks to the variety of shades from reddish to brown, this hair color can flatter your tone amazingly. Specifically, some auburn shades are more suitable for a particular skin tone than others. Here are the suggestions:

  • Dark skin tones: If you have a dark skin tone, the brighter or deeper shades of red are the better. Something close to burgundy is also a good choice. They will complement your features well.
  • Medium-light skin tones: A medium skin tone will be accentuated with auburn hair colors that have warmer hues like copper, orangish or brownish. In addition, many bright red hair colors like coral will also flatter your skin well.
  • Light skin tones: Light skin or pale skin will literally just look good in any auburn hues. Popular option is to go for natural and light colors like copper, strawberry or red sand. In addition, the expensive brunette will also give a natural high -fashion look.

What color eyebrows for auburn hair are matching?

Normally, the eyebrow colors are actually not a big deal when it comes to matching auburn hair. The natural eyebrow colors are all good. However, if you want them to perfectly match the hair, just dye them the same colors! Going for an alike or darker color for the eyebrows will make you look way more natural.


Different auburn hair colors

3. Recommended auburn hair color options for 2024

Last but not least, here is the list of trendy auburn hair colors for 2024. There are way too many shades to choose from, so this list will surely help you save a lot of time!

  • True auburn
  • Dark auburn hair colors: These include a lot of shades like chestnut auburn hair color, mulled wine and chocolate balayage, etc.
  • Light auburn hair colors: Fancy shades include amber, fiery auburn, rose gold, ginger, cherry, caramel and strawberry, etc.
  • Other medium options: auburn red hair color, copper auburn hair color and cayenne color, etc.

Let’s look at the picture below to get the inspirations for your next hair color!


Recommended auburn hair colors

What do you think about our sharing of auburn hair color today? Hope that you find it useful. Can’t wait for you guys to tell us which auburn shades you’ve tried in the comment section! And don’t forget to follow K-Hair Factory for more interesting posts about hairstyle and hair extension knowledge!

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