K-HAIR’s great success can’t be done by individuals but by departments which are logically organized to establish a united system of K-HAIR as we know.



K-HAIR was founded by Mr. Daniel. He has been the CEO of K-HAIR since 1996.

He is responsible for leading the development and execution of long-term strategies of


Indeed, Mr. Daniel is the ultimate CAPTAIN of the Giant SHIP called K-HAIR.

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Hair Collector System

HSC has a duty to collectively choose raw hair from reliable sources. K-HAIR has various sources of material that have been in business for years.

This is one of the most vital stages which directly affect the outcome of others.

Hair Checking & Processing

HC&P is responsible for manufacturing and evaluating hair. This is where the MAGIC happens. All kinds of hair with diverse shapes and colors are produced here. K-HAIR has a group of more than 100 skillful blue-collar workers to make sure this process works well.

Packing Store Transportation

PST specializes in packaging and finding reliable shipping carriers. In fact, K-HAIR has a 1-year contract with UPS, the world’s biggest international shipping company.

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K-HAIR Store


Promotion website

This department is indeed the FACE of K-HAIR. These people are responsible for marketing strategies on social media including Facebook, Instagram, Alibaba. A significant number of customers come from these channels, which bring huge profits for K-HAIR.

Customer Services and Presale

Our precious buyers and stakeholders are warmly welcomed by the CS team. They have a thorough understanding of our products and telesales expertise to give the best advice and services.

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K-HAIR Sale Department

R&D and Testing Head

After a long process, the products can’t be exported without the acceptance of the R&D team.

They mainly focus on every small detail of hair to ensure its flawless quality before it reaches the hand of customers. If there are any errors, the Issue Cases Solving team will do the job.


This department includes Document Legal Banking (DLB), Accountant HR protection (AHP) and Visa Booking for Customers (VBC).

These teams are in charge of all financial status, recruitments, and relationships with customers.

At the end of the day, all departments and teams in K-HAIR have 1 thing in common, which is their undying PASSION and great Sense of RESPONSIBILITY.

They all partially contributed to K-HAIR’s glory as we know.

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