Top 5 Nigerian Beauty Bloggers You Should Definitely Be Following

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It cannot be denied that Nigerian beauty bloggers are giving us many new and creative ideas. They are extremely useful for your life as well as beauty. The following article will show you 5 most famous Nigerian Beauty Bloggers that you can refer to how they become more beautiful and stylish.

1. What can you get from Nigerian Beauty Bloggers?

Currently there are a lot of Nigerian Beauty Bloggers. They review a variety of fields such as beauty, health, business, beauty, hair-care,… However, not all Blogger provide you with useful information. The following article will suggest to you some of the famous Nigerian Beauty Bloggers, especially in the field of beauty. This article not only helps you shape your personal style, but also suggests some useful tips for becoming more outstanding. Maybe in the future you also have the potential to become a famous Beauty Blogger. So  What are some areas you can get from Nigerian Beauty Bloggers?

1.1. How to make-up from Nigerian Beauty Bloggers?

Make-up is “tools” to help ladies become more beautiful and sharp. Learning professional make-up and cool tips to help you become more personal will make you stand out from the crowd. Do you want to be more beautiful? Do you want to cover up the shortcomings that make you lose confidence?

How to make-up from Nigerian Beauty Bloggers

How to make-up from Nigerian Beauty Bloggers

The beauty industry and culture are huge in Nigeria, and are currently at a “bold” level. Whether it’s bold lips, dramatic lashes or flawless eyebrows, Nigerian women love to show off their makeup look. So following some Nigerian Beauty Bloggers specializing in makeup will help you learn more ways to help you be more confident and “be yourself”.

To even flatter more the beauty from your make up, you can also use hair extensions – wholesale hair distributor products that will help you create and apply all hairstyles you want. Many African-vibes hair extensions are available in the market, so you are free to choose!

1.2. How to take care of your skin from Nigerian Beauty Bloggers?

A beautiful skin that always gives you a radiant appearance. However, not everyone knows how to take care of their skin carefully. So how to have healthy skin? And how to fight aging for your skin?

In the article “A Nigeria-Based Entrepreneur Shares How She’s Intentional About Self-Care” author MAYA ALLEN shared some tips to keep your skin healthy and fresh.

The skincare products you can’t live without:

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1.3. How to practice self-care from Nigerian Beauty Bloggers?

How to practice self-care from Nigerian Beauty Bloggers

Taking care of myself isn’t necessarily the same as applying a mask on Sunday nights. Instead, it is a daily habit to be kind to yourself and do what you  need to do to be the best of yourself. Sometimes it feels like taking a lot of time to reflect on yourself. Other times, you can consciously wake up early to follow a morning routine that would inspire you. Lately, adopting better eating habits has been the most important and influential part of your self-care practice.

1.4. Which are trendy hairstyles for you from Nigerian Beauty Bloggers?

Hair extensions have become too popular in Nigeria because of their enormous demand. The climate in Nigeria is extremely extreme, so the demand for hair extensions is enormous in Nigeria. This is also the reason why more and more Nigerian Beauty Bloggers are working in the hair extensions reviews. They not only suggest for customers to choose the most trendy hairstyles, ways to take care of hair extensions effectively, they sometimes also suggest to customers some reputable suppliers that you can buy hair extensions with. Big quantity and cheapest price in the market.


K-HAIR FACTORY: They are considered one of the largest factories in Vietnam. With skilled craftsmen with more than 30 years of industry experience, they confidently create the most innovative, unique and trendy products. They focus on the African market. This is why many Nigerian Beauty Bloggers know K-hair. Apart from major vendors, a number of Nigerian Beauty Bloggers also order directly from them

MIC HAIR: With many years of experience, they are confident in convincing customers with the quality of their products. They focus on providing hair products dyed with the hottest colors on the market today. This is also one of the reputable suppliers recommended by the Nigerian Beauty Blogger for your beauty or business.

JENHAIR: With a memorable brand name and years of experience in the hair business, they have been supplying the Nigerian market with a variety of beautiful hairstyles of varying quality and origin. They focus mainly on two markets: Europe and Africa. They are providing some hair types like virgin hair, remy hair or non-remy hair. They will be one of the suitable hair suppliers for you with qualified and reasonable hair extensions.

2.Top 5 Nigerian Beauty Bloggers That You Should Follow

Finding someone who can guide you with helpful tips that will make you more confident and stylish is not easy. Because so many Nigerian Beauty Bloggers are popping up every day. Among the thousands of Nigerian Beauty Bloggers, it is very difficult for you to choose who is the best match for you and which field of Nigerian Beauty Bloggers specializes in reviewing? But don’t worry, this article will give you a brief, concise, and helpful look, enough to answer the questions you are looking for.

2.1. Nigerian Beauty Bloggers About Make-UpMaryann Okonkwo

Top 3 Nigerian Beauty Bloggers-Maryann Okonkwo

Nigerian Beauty Bloggers-Maryann Okonkwo

She mainly teaches people how to make up or gives good tips so you can make up yourself to become more beautiful, outstanding and personal. She is one of the Nigerian Beauty Bloggers with 12,000 followers on Instagram. You can also follow her to learn many great tips in having a beautiful and confident make up class, especially updating the latest makeup trends to never go out of style.

Make-up Nigerian Beauty Bloggers

This is one of the Nigerian Beauty Bloggers that you should follow to update the best tips for beauty in general and makeup in particular. There are super cool tips that you definitely cannot ignore. Watch the videos before and after makeup to see the power of makeup and admire her talent.

2.2. Nigerian Beauty Bloggers about Self-CareAni Stephanie

What will you gain from following this Beauty Blogger? The surprising fact is that you get so many wonderful shares from her to take care of yourself. She not only shares ways for you to have good health, a balanced body, how to improve your physique or even how to take care of your skin. This is definitely one of the Nigerian Beauty Bloggers that you cannot ignore. Surely she will become a great motivation for you to improve yourself or even change in a more positive direction. That is very welcome and welcome.

Ani Stephanie-Top 5 Nigerian Beauty BLoggers

Her Instagram page has more than 14,000 followers. This was enough to demonstrate her influence among the other Nigerian Beauty Bloggers on her followers.  Stay following to update the best and most scientific sharing for taking care of yourself or you can also become a motivation for others to change for the better. Spread those good things to more people.

Self-care Nigerian Beauty Bloggers

2.3. Nigerian Beauty Bloggers about FashionOluwayemisi Shawnté

Oluwayemisi Shawnté- Top 5 Nigerian Beauty Bloggers

Buying a nice set of clothes is easy. However, combining them to create a complete appearance is a difficult problem. Not everyone knows how to make ordinary clothes luxurious, noble and trendy. Don’t worry, she is one of the Nigerian Beauty Bloggers known for her healthy lifestyle, stylish fashion style, and bold hairstyles. You can also consult more celebrity outfits to make your styles more attractive.

To make it easier to keep up with the cool tips she shares and how to make her confident with her hair, you can follow her on Instagram for a quick update on the latest trends and trends. Great tips for being charismatic and outstanding.

Top 5 Nigerian Beauty Bloggers

2.4. Nigerian Beauty Bloggers about Skincare TipsDimma Umeh

Nigerian Beauty Bloggers about Skincare Tips Dimma Umeh e1610370480636

Dimma Umeh is a Nigerian beauty blogger and Youtuber. She has the title of most famous beauty blogger in Nigeria safely. Dimma started blogging a few years ago and runs both her blog and youtube channel, where she offers the best makeup tutorials, skincare tips and snippets of her amazing life.


TWITTER: @Dimmaumeh

INSTAGRAM : Dimmaumeh

YOUTUBE: Dimma Umeh

FACEBOOK: That Igbo Chick

2.5. Nigerian Beauty Blogger about Hairstyles O’Naturals

Nigerian Beauty Blogger about Hairstyles- O’Naturals

O’Naturals was started by three Nigerian sisters with natural hair – Oghomwen, Omozo and Osa in 2009. Oghomwen and Omozo both have their hair natural since the early 2000s, while Osa has had natural hair in the year. 2004. O’Naturals recently opened a natural hair salon in Ojota, Lagos and is turning their attention from their salon to a blog. They are usually present at natural hair events around Nigeria.

Follow them here: 

Website: Onaturals blogspot, Onaturals | Facebook: Onaturals beauty | Twitter: Onaturals1 | Instagram: Onaturals1


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