Top 20 Trendy Black Girl Hairstyles with Weave for Natural Hair 2024

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Weaves can transform black hair into numerous fashionable and charming styles, offering a fantastic way for both men and women to express their personal and creative sides. With countless tutorials available on YouTube, you can easily learn to replicate many of these hairstyles. This makes it not only an effective educational resource but also a budget-friendly option. Please refer to the Top 20+ Trendy Black Girl Hairstyles with Weave for Natural Hair 2024 through the article below!


Black Girl Hairstyles with Weave

1. Waist-Length Box Braids

It’s no wonder that box braids are among the most popular black girl hairstyles with weave. These braids are not only stylish but also easy to maintain, offering numerous styling options. From the red carpet to everyday street fashion, waist-length box braids are a common sight, showcasing their widespread appeal.

Box braids, whether shoulder-length or longer which provide remarkable versatility and a bold look. As a standout hairstyle for 2024, they have rightfully earned their place as a top choice for black women seeking both beauty and practicality in their hairdos.


Waist-Length Box Braids

2. Beach Waves at Shoulder Length

Adding beach waves to a fresh haircut can make it more intriguing, especially for black girl hairstyles with weaves with shoulder-length or longer hair. Many of these styles can be adapted for shorter hair as well, providing a versatile option for different lengths.

Shoulder-length beach waves are a fantastic choice for short weaves, particularly if you’re looking to trim a few inches off your bundles. This style offers a chic and manageable option for black women, enhancing the overall look with effortless waves.


Beach Waves at Shoulder Length

3. Spiral Curls with Black Hair Weave Styles

In 2024, another favored black girl hairstyles with weave has been one that emphasizes volume and texture. The appeal of a slightly tousled look is undeniable, adding a touch of effortless style.

This weave hairstyle is perfect for those who love tight curls, significant volume, and length without the heaviness of some other styles. These curls provide a versatile and reliable option, making them an excellent choice for any occasion.


Spiral Curls with Black Hair Weave Styles

4. The Styles of Long Black Hair Weave, 20 Inches and Beyond

There is an undeniable allure to dark and mysterious black girl hairstyles with weave. Long, black weaves particularly complement the deeper skin tones of black women, making them one of the most flattering styles.

You can personalize these weaves with a center or side part, depending on your preference. Adding beach waves, bone-straight styles, or soft waves can transform a common look into something truly unique and eye-catching.


The Styles of Long Black Hair Weave, 20 Inches and Beyond

5. Bob with Black Weave

Bobs are well-known for their slimming effect. The angled cut of a bob elongates the face and draws the eye downward, giving the illusion of a slimmer face.

Although bobs are considered short hairstyles, they still add some length and volume to the hair. This makes them an excellent choice for black girl hairstyles with weave.


Bob with Black Weave

6. Voluminous Side Part Weave

A voluminous black girl hairstyles with weave is a fail-safe choice that always delivers stunning results. Side parts are often considered softer and more delicate than center parts.

To create these curls, you’ll need either a round brush or a large barrel curling iron. The side part frames the face, softening the overall look and balancing the volume created by the weave. This style offers both elegance and versatility for black hair.


Voluminous Side Part Weave

7. Black Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts with weaves are timeless black girl hairstyles with weaves that have proven their staying power. It’s expected that this will be one of the top black hairstyles with weaves for black women in 2024. The pixie cut shows that weaves can achieve a subtle and natural appearance, ideal for women who prefer low-maintenance hair.

This style benefits from face-framing techniques such as layering and bangs, enhancing its versatility and appeal. Whether you’re attending a casual outing or a formal event, a pixie cut with a weave can effortlessly complement any occasion.


Black Pixie Cut

8. The Styles of Sleek Straight Weave for Black Hair

This style is both easy to maintain and effortlessly chic. Known for its sleek and silky appearance with plenty of movement, straight smooth black girl hairstyles with weaves are universally flattering, complementing individuals of all heights, complexions, and facial shapes.

The simplicity and elegance of this hairstyle make it a timeless choice that can be worn in various settings, from everyday wear to special occasions. Its versatility ensures it remains a popular option among black women looking for a polished and sophisticated look.  


The Styles of Sleek Straight Weave for Black Hair

9. Blonde Bob Weave Hairstyle

Achieving a darker to lighter transition involves a series of processes and the use of different products. By opting for blonde weave hairstyles for black hair, you can achieve your desired look without causing damage. 

Starting with deeper tones and gradually transitioning to a honey blonde creates a sun-kissed beauty that complements various black girl hairstyles with weave.


Blonde Bob Weave Hairstyle

10. The Hairstyles of Classic Bob

A classic bob is a beautiful weave hairstyle that suits any black woman. Adding layers can give it a modern twist. The fullness of the bob can be customized with stacking and layering options.

This timeless bob weave style is set to be a top choice for black girls in 2024, offering both elegance and versatility. It effortlessly enhances your natural beauty with a chic and polished look.


The Hairstyles of Classic Bob

11. Curly Pixie Cut

This unique hairstyle is one of the best black girl hairstyles with weave, features a soft taper at the temples, deliberate sideburns, and voluminous curls on top. Finger waves add a stylish touch, making it a standout look.

With soft temple tapering and prominent curls, this haircut is distinct and fashionable. The addition of finger waves transforms it into a must-have style.


Curly Pixie Cut

12. Medium Length Black Curly Weave

Black hair is always a great choice for black women with darker complexions. Medium curls add volume and offer a comfortable, stylish look.

Curly black hair has a natural appearance due to its low shine, making it effortlessly beautiful. This style combines ease with elegance, perfect for any occasion.


Medium Length Black Curly Weave

13. Super Long Waves

If you love long, smooth hairstyles, this extra-long wavy look is perfect for you. Though simple, it’s undeniably alluring with its flowing waves.

The length of the waves offers versatile styling options. You can opt for a low ponytail, a messy bun, or even a delicate updo. Adapt weave hairstyles for black women to suit the mood or the occasion. In addition, this wavy hairstyle is perfect for literally any hair colors, from the chic sandy brown hair to elegant ombre blond, etc.


Super Long Waves

14. Wavy Pixie with Finger Waves

When you want quick weave hairstyles for black women that truly stands out, the wavy pixie with finger waves is the perfect choice. This trendy cut features distinct waves on the crown and sleek finger waves on the sides.

Whether you’re going to a family BBQ, a girls’ night out, or a date night, this style will look amazing. It complements most face shapes, especially heart, square, and oval faces.


Wavy Pixie with Finger Waves

15. Black and Silver Braids

If you sew in hairstyles for black women, there are many options for black girls’ weaves that feature unique colors like silver. This striking hue can be seamlessly woven into long strands.

The edgy pop of silver will stand out whether you wear your hair down or in a low updo. This distinctive color choice is sure to draw attention.


Black and Silver Braids

16. Blonde Highlighted Weave

These lengthy black girl hairstyles with weave feature two thick blonde highlights expertly sewn into the weave, adding a stunning touch of color. The highlights not only illuminate the face but also draw attention to the beautiful ringlets.

The blonde highlights create the perfect pop of color, enhancing the overall appeal of the hairstyle. Their placement within the weave ensures a striking and eye-catching look.


Blonde Highlighted Weave

17. Deep Side Part Waves

Deep side part waves are undeniably stunning, perfect for romantic dates, nights out, or any occasion where you want to look your best. This versatile style complements various outfits and facial shapes, making it a great choice for anyone looking to try something new.

One of the great things about deep side part waves is their adaptability in styling. Whether you prefer long locks cascading down your back, shoulder-length waves, or even a shorter cut, this hairstyle offers endless possibilities to express your unique style. Enjoy experimenting and have fun with your look!


Deep Side Part Waves

18. Half Up, Half Down Waves

Half-up, half-down waves add a playful twist to your look, making them a favorite among many. This style is known for its ability to impart a youthful and lively appearance.

To achieve this look, simply gather the front section of your hair into a ponytail while leaving the back flowing freely. Customize it to suit your taste by incorporating wispy strands on the sides or styling your edges with intricate designs, such as baby hair.


Half Up, Half Down Waves

19. Crown Braid with Waves

For a regal appearance that exudes elegance, opt for a crown braid paired with black girl hairstyles with weave. This sophisticated design features a prominent braid encircling your head, complemented by waves cascading down the back.

Perfect for various occasions, from semi-formal gatherings to weddings, this versatile style can also be dressed down for more casual ensembles. While the waves can be quickly styled, creating the intricate crown braid may require some practice due to its wrap-around nature.


Crown Braid with Waves

20. Glamorous Bombshell Waves

Bombshell waves often spotted on renowned A-list celebrities, exude glamour and luxury. This style radiates sophistication and elegance, whether paired with a center part, a slight off-center part, or a deep side part.

Experimentation is key to finding the perfect match for your face shape, as certain parts may complement different facial structures. Embrace the versatility of bombshell waves and explore various styling options to achieve your desired look.


Glamorous Bombshell Waves

We hope the information provided in the preceding article has been helpful in guiding your decision-making to choose Black Girl Hairstyles with Weave. Wishing you success in finding the perfect style for your needs.

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