Vietnamese hair review Top best shocking truths

Vietnamese hair review Top best shocking truths
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Vietnamese hair review is what you are looking for? Starting your business with Vietnamese hair is a wise choice for hair vendors or not? There are a lot of opinions around choosing Vietnamese hair extensions for your business. Therefore, this article is for you. Via this, you will have all useful and updated information and get an in-depth Vietnamese hair review before choosing this high-quality hair from factories. 

Vietnamese hair review Top best shocking truths

Vietnamese hair review Top best shocking truths

1. Origin – Good Vietnamese hair review 

Vietnamese hair comes naturally from Vietnamese young women in northern parts of Vietnam. These young women from 18-25 years old live a traditional lifestyle, which can give their hair very good characteristics in comparison with another hair origin. 

  • They don’t use chemicals to take care of the hair or any other artificial products of Vietnam hair review. Instead, they use the herbal treatment every day, which gives the hair the best condition.
  • Moreover, Vietnamese ladies work in the field on a daily basis, which gives them very strong health. Therefore, their hair of Vietnam hair review is very strong also. 
  • Having long beautiful hair is considered a tradition of Vietnamese women as regards beauty. Therefore, the hair can reach different lengths, which is good for Vietnam hair review customers to choose from. 
Origin Hair

Origin – Good Vietnamese hair review

Not many hair factories of Vietnam hair review can ensure a good hair source as Vietnamese ones. For example, you can read the post compare Vietnamese hair and Indian hair to see the very differences.

2. Advantages of the hair – In-depth Vietnamese hair review 

Based on the characteristics of Vietnamese hair, Vietnamese hair review has its own advantages and disadvantages. The first is the common pros of Vietnamese hair review.

  • The best quality in the market 

It’s obvious that Vietnamese hair reviews always have the best quality in the market. The hair comes with a soft silky texture. Vietnamese hair comes in natural black color, which can easily match and blend with your natural hair. Moreover, raw Vietnamese hair review gets a reputation that is very strong and can be dyed, styled, bleached, or anything you want. This is a bonus point in comparison with other hairs of Vietnam hair review.

Normally, the hair from other countries is not easy to bleach as Vietnam hair review. However, it’s not true with Vietnamese hair. Even with the Remy hair from Vietnam, it can even be bleached to gorgeous hues. 

  • Good price 

Vietnamese hair reviews can give you a very reasonable price with high quality like this. It’s not very expensive like Brazilian hair or hair from other well-known hair suppliers, which makes it hard for you to sell the hair.

Especially, when buying Vietnam hair review from Vietnamese hair factories, you will get the price directly from the manufacturers, which can help you to increase your profits margin considerably. In addition, the Vietnam hair review there also has a wide selection of styles and types.

Price of Vietnamese hair review

Good-price of Vietnamese hair review

  • A robust stock 

Vietnamese hair reviews get good feedback from hair vendors all over the world due to the fact that they have a very robust stock of hair. The materials of Vietnam hair review are continuously restocked as mentioned that Vietnamese women have a tendency to keep their hair very long. Moreover, the hair of Vietnam hair review is not affected by sunlight, UVA, UVB, and other harmful rays.

Therefore, it’s Vietnam hair review not damaged in any way. Therefore, it can reduce the chance of losing the beautiful texture of the hair of Vietnam hair review, and all of the collected ones are processed and delivered to the customers. Then, how to import such great hair from Vietnam? All the instructions needed are here: How to import hair from Vietnam.

Hairdressing process

Hairdressing process of Vietnamese hair review

3. Disadvantages of the hair – In-depth Vietnamese hair review 

Along with the good of Vietnamese hair reviews, it comes with some disadvantages that you can consider. The list below are some negative Vietnamese hair reviews 

  • Need to be manufactured 

Most of the hair from Vietnam need to be manufactured, which means that you are expected to wait to get the Vietnam hair review. As an explanation, the hair of Vietnam hair review is not kept in stock like Chinese hair extensions due to the fact that Vietnamese hair factories want the hair to be as fresh as possible. They don’t want to use chemicals or artificial treatment on the hair of Vietnam hair review because it can cause a bad smell.

Moreover, the chemical treatment like Chinese hair can give it very bad effects on the hair itself. Vietnamese vendors just aim at distributing the top hair in bulk in both quality and price of Vietnam hair review!

  • Don’t have a variety of colors like Chinese hair 

Another bad Vietnamese hair review comes from the fact that the hair doesn’t have various colors like Chinese hair extensions. Easily seen, Vietnam hair is human natural hair while Chinese hair is mixed with synthetic ones. Therefore, Vietnamese hair can’t reach neon color, etc. Vietnam hair review when dyeing such colors will damage the hair.

4. Types of Vietnamese hair review 

Talking about Vietnamese hair review, there are a lot of grades of quality for you to choose from Vietnam hair review. The list below is the most comprehensive one of Vietnamese hair review for you to consider.

4.1. Virgin Vietnamese hair review

Virgin Vietnamese hair of Vietnam hair review is among the top sought-after ones as well as Vietnam hair luxury reviews. It has a very positive Vietnamese hair review like Vietnam hair luxury reviews because the hair comes just from 1 donor.

Therefore, it’s of the optimum choice of Vietnam hair review. The most prominent feature of virgin Vietnamese hair or this Vietnam hair luxury reviews is that It can be bleached to very bright colors like platinum, 613, blond, etc. 

4.2. Remy Vietnamese hair review 

Besides virgin Vietnamese hair, Remy hair or Vietnam hair luxury reviews also gets a very good Vietnamese hair review. The hair of this Vietnam hair luxury reviews comes from 2-3 donors which have similar characteristics. Therefore, it still can be bleached to different colors. One strong point of Vietnamese Remy hair is that it’s very affordable and suitable for the African market because customers in these regions normally don’t have the demand for bleaching their hair. 

4.3. Non-Remy Vietnamese hair review 

Normally, factories from Vietnam don’t have this quality. They usually sell virgin or remy hair because they are Vietnam hair luxury reviews of good quality.

If you want non-Remy Vietnamese hair reviews, it’s hard to find because the Vietnamese market is famous for only high-quality hair as well as Vietnam hair luxury reviews. You can also consider Vietnam hair luxury reviews as they all have perfect quality and a longer lifespan.

5. Top list best Vietnamese hair review

Here is a list of BEST WHOLESALE RELIABLE HAIR FACTORY IN VIETNAM, which is loved and choosen by many Nigeria hair sellers and salons in the world. Click here to find out for now!! CLick CLick Here!! Vietnamese hair factory – top best wholesale hair distributors

Top1: K-Hair factory – the most positive Vietnamese hair review 

K-Hair Vietnam is the most reliable hair factory in Vietnam, which provides only high-quality Vietnam hair as well as Vietnam hair luxury reviews. Having been in the business of Vietnam hair luxury reviews for more than 30 years, they have the best positive Vietnam hair luxury review from customers all over the world.

You can visit the K-hair factory on Youtube to take a look at it. You also can buy good-quality Vietnam hair luxury reviews from K-Hair. 

K Hair Vietnam

K Hair Vietnam the best hair supplier

Top 2: Hairvn – Top best Vietnamese hair review is among the most reliable hair vendors with very good Vietnamese hair reviews as well as Vietnam hair luxury reviews. The hair. Hairvn can provide high-quality hair from Vietnam like Vietnam hair luxury review to African markets like Nigeria, Zambia, etc.

The quality of the hair has been guaranteed by many reviews from customers all over the world. If you want to buy the best Vietnam hair review, you can come to Hairvn. 

Top 3: Ignition Hair – Top best Vietnamese hair review

Ignition Hair is a hair vendor in the US specializing in providing high-quality Vietnamese hair as Vietnam hair luxury reviews. Positive Vietnamese hair reviews and Vietnam hair luxury reviews have been registered by customers in this country.

They get the hair from Vietnamese hair factories, so the price can’t be compared directly from the factory of Vietnam hair luxury reviews. Their customer care team is also very enthusiastic to recommend you the best Vietnam hair reviews as well as Vietnam hair luxury reviews

Ignition Hair

Ignition Hair – Top best Vietnamese hair review





I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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  • MA Mercy Arhen 1 year ago

    How long does Vietnamese hair last btw?

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    • HE Mrs Cherry Hair Expert 1 year ago

      Vietnamese hair can last from 2-5 years dear. It also depends on how you take care of the hair. It will last longer under good maintenance.

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  • KU Kanda Unik 1 year ago

    Good to know more about Vietnamese hair

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    • HE Mrs Cherry Hair Expert 1 year ago

      We are glad to share!

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  • SL Smith Linda 1 year ago

    Does Vietnamese hair has such issues like tangling or shedding?

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    • HE Mrs Cherry Hair Expert 1 year ago

      Thanks to good quality, Vietnamese hair is rarely tangled or shedding. In addition, the hair will stay so good under proper care dear.

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  • VJ Virginia James 1 year ago

    Thanks for the reviews

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    • HE Mrs Cherry Hair Expert 1 year ago

      Our pleasure dear!

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  • MA Mayra Antonio 1 year ago

    How is Vietnamese hair quality compared to hair from other countries?

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    • HE Mrs Cherry Hair Expert 1 year ago

      Compared to hair from other sources, Vietnamese hair is always one of the best. Vietnamese hair is not only famous for amazing quality but also reasonable prices.

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  • GF Gloria Frimpong 1 year ago

    Very honest review!

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    • HE Mrs Cherry Hair Expert 1 year ago

      We appreciate it dear.

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  • OE Owusu Elizah 1 year ago

    Do you have the overvall satisfaction rate of customers towards Vietnamese hair?

    Reply    like   
    • HE Mrs Cherry Hair Expert 1 year ago

      We don't have the number for all Vietnamese hair suppliers, but the rate of satisfied customers when buying hair from K-Hair is 98%. The rest which has some issues is due to objective reasons such as delayed payment and shipping agents.

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  • MA Martha Asare 1 year ago

    Best reviews ever!

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    • HE Mrs Cherry Hair Expert 1 year ago


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