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Learn about 20 Inch Hair Extension
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Have you desired long silky hair but worried that it is hard to maintain? Many women have their hair cut for believing that short hair makes everything much easier. However, long hair is no longer an issue with the help of hair extension! Now we will show you what the 20 inch hair extension is, its features, its styles, its price, its distribution and so on. Try to read till the end and you surely will fall in love with it at the first sight.

Overview of 20 inch hair extension

Learn about 20 inch hair extensions

1. What are 20 inch hair extensions?

The 20 inch hair extensions is said to be one of the most suitable and clever choices for those interested in medium long charming hair with many stunning hairstyles. Thanks to its premium quality, various products and practical function, 20-inch hair long extensions have become more and more popular and widely used by customers all over the world.

20 inch hair extensions

Who is the 20 inch human hair extensions suitable for?

2. Characteristics of 20 inch human hair extensions

We will take a closer look at several typical features of 20 inch hair extensions. In concrete, we will discover the 20 inch of hair length, weight and price.

2.1 How long is 20 inch hair extensions?

How long is 20 inch hair? Definitely, a 20 inch hair extension is 20 inches. Maybe some of us are not so familiar with this unit of 20-inch hair length. In order to make it more simple for everyone, we would like to convert 20 inches of hair to 50 centimeters.

2.2 How long is 20 inch hair in body height?

In addition to the 20 inches of hair length, another factor we should take into account is the length of hair in body height. In fact, the 20 inch hair extensions is called waist length, which means this will be around your waist.

However, please note down that in visual hair length estimation, the length also depends on the hairstyle you are wearing. For example, normally your straight hair extension is 20 inch, but if curled or waved, it will look 3 or 4 centimeters shorter.

20 inch extensions hair guide length

How long is 20 inch hair extensions?

2.3 How much weight 20 inch human hair be?

The weight can vary according to the bundles or products offered by different of hair vendors. In this part, we’re gonna take a particular example to make everything specific for you.

One of the most common types of 20 inch long hair extension is weft hair. Weft hair extensions are normally grouped into bundles. Each bundle weighs 100 gram, a complete wig of 20 inch hair usually needs 3 bundles, so your hair wig may weigh 300g approximately.

2.4 Are 20 inch extensions expensive? 

Maybe this is the most frequently asked question. Actually, the rule of price is the same as that of weight. It depends on the hair extension suppliers.

In addition, it is frankly that the longer your hair extension is, the higher price you need to pay. The 20 inch long hair extension is longer than other medium length extensions like 16 inch and 18 inch, and the price is definitely higher.

Are human hair 20 inch expensive 1 1

Are human hair 20 inch expensive?

3. Product parameter of K-Hair 20 inch hair extensions

20-inch long hair extensions from K-Hair are 100% human hair with a variety of hair extension types and styles available. Below are the popular ones.

3.1 20 inch clip in hair extensions

Clip-in 20-inch hair extension is human hair 20 inch sewn in at the top and then attached with micro clips. Clip-in inch long hair extensions are loved for its easy installation process. 20 inch hair extensions before and after makes a big difference. Thanks to this temporary attachment, it takes less time and effort for customers to hairstyle, take care and preserve as well.

20 inch clip - in hair extensions

Learn about 20 inch clip – in hair extensions

3.2 20 inch tape in hair extensions

Tape – in 20 inch hair extensions is hair extension attached to sticky tabs. To apply tape – in hair extensions, customers just peel off the papers covering the tapes, then stick them directly near the top of hair strands.

Learn about 20 inch tape - in hair extensions

20 inch tape – in hair extensions

3.3 20 inch sew in hair extensions

Sew – in or weft 20 inch long hair extension is one of the most popular hair extensions nowadays. This hair extension will be sewn with the clothing strip to form a 1-1.3 meters long hair band. Its installation requires complicated techniques, so users had better have assistance from skillful hair stylists.

Learn about 20 inch sew - in hair extensions

20 inch sew – in hair extensions

3.4 Fusion and Pre bonded human hair 20 inch

Fusion 20 inches of hair extensions, also known as pre – bonded hair extensions are a good choice for natural looking hair extensions. Each 20 inches of hair extension strand will always blend well with your natural hair, so it is nothing like fake hair at all.

In addition, the styling and hair caring of hair are also so simple because you can style and take care of the hair extensions and your natural hair at the same time! They are literally attached together.

Learn about Fusion and Pre - bonded 20 inch hair extensions overview

Fusion & Pre – bonded 20 inch human hair extensions

3.5 20 inch microbead hair extensions

Microbead 20 inch extensions are one of the most popular permanent hair extensions. The hair extension strands will be latched with natural hair by flattened microbeads or metal cylinders. The attachment process will take 1-2 hours and need to be processed carefully, otherwise it will cause damage to natural hair.

Learn about 20 inch microbead hair extensions

20 inch microbead hair extensions

4. 20 inch hair extensions styles

4.1 20 inch curly hair extensions 

Curly 20 inch hair extensions are always mentioned by us in any post about the 20 inches hair extension styles. With a diverse curly style collection, you can choose a kinky, curly, loose curly, wavy, loose wavy hair style or so on. They are all amazing and attractive.

4.2 20 inch color hair extensions

20 inch color hair extensions

is the item that ignites your creativity. The balayage color which ensures a perfect blending between at least 2 color shades are now pretty loved. Besides, highlight, ombre or hidden colors, etc are also never out of fashion. 20 inch hair before and after makes a bit difference.

Overview of curly color 20 inch hair extensions

Curly color 20 inch extensions

4.3 20 inch straight hair extensions

Straight hair extensions 20 inch  can be referred to as kinky straight. They are also natural straight and Yaki straight hair extensions.

4.4 20 inch bonestraight hair extensions

The bonestraight 20 inch hair extensions is the best choice for women who desire long and super sleek hair. The hair texture of all bonestraight hair is amazingly smooth, silky and sleek.

Overview of Straight & Bonestraight 20 inch hair extensions

Straight & Bonestraight 20 inch hair extensions

Hair styles with hair extensions 20 inch – Hair fashion trends

5. How many bundles of 20 inch hair extensions are needed for a full head

To decide this, you need to know the features of a hair bundle first. In K-Hair, each hair bundle weighs 100 grams. Each of the bundles is about 1 meter long horizontally. Therefore, to custom a full lace wig, you will need about 3 hair bundles and a hair closure/ frontal.

To calculate the costs for this beforehand, you can consider the price lists for different hair extension styles below:

  • You can notice that the price is USD/kg. 1 bundle weighs 100 gram, so 1kg equals 10 bundles. For each hair length, there are 3 price levels for 3 quality grades.
Natural straight natural color 20 inch human hair price list from K Hair 1

Natural straight natural color 20 inch human hair price list from K-Hair

  • Above is the price table of natural straight natural color hair. From the row of 20 inch extensions, we can see that 1kg super double hair is $530; 1kg double hair is $459, and 1kg single hair is $394.
Bone straight natural color 20 inch hair price list from K Hair 1

Bone straight natural color 20 inch hair price list from K-Hair

  • Above is the price table of bone straight/ kinky/ pixie natural color hair. From the row of 20 inch hair extensions, we can see that 1kg super double hair is $585; 1kg double hair is $514, and 1kg single hair is $449.
Curly wavy natural color 20 inch hair price list from K Hair 1

Curly wavy natural color 20 inch hair price list from K-Hair

  • Above is the price table of curly wavy natural color hair. From the row of 20 inch extension, we can see that 1kg super double hair is $565; 1kg double hair is $494, and 1kg single hair is $429.

See more detailed information about the price list of hair styles K-hair in the file below:

K-Hair official price list for all Vietnamese weft hair bundle styles

6. How to tell 20 inch hair human and synthetic hair apart

K-Hair Factory guarantees to supply 100% human hair extensions. We ensure not to mix low – quality non – remy hair or synthetic hair during the production. You can easily tell the differences in human hair vs synthetic hair products using the following tips:

  • Touch the hair: Vietnamese human hair texture from K-Hair is always smooth, silky and soft. Meanwhile, synthetic hair is dry and rough due to the overuse of chemicals on it.
  • Smell the hair: Human hair is processed with the least chemicals or heat to preserve good hair quality. On the other hand, synthetic hair is added with a large amount of chemicals to make it as sleek as possible. Therefore, synthetic hair usually has the annoying smell of chemicals.
  • Burn the hair: This method is only recommended when you buy hair in bulk and check on a small amount of hair (some strands only). Human hair is burned into ash with white smoke. Meanwhile, synthetic hair is burned into black materials with black smoke.

After all, customers need to be alert when buying 20 inch hair extensions. Please make sure you choose a reliable brand supplying good – quality human hair.

7. How to install 20 inch hair extensions?

There are several types of 20 inch long hair extensions which are temporarily attached like clip – in, tape – in or so on, so it is easier and safer for you to install at home by yourself or with the help of an acquaintance. Each long hair extension has its own applying methods. Here are the main steps to attach the clip-in human hair extension which is the easiest style for you to install at home. Hope it is helpful for you.

  • Prepare all things needed: Prepare clip – in 20 inch hair extensions, hair clips and a comb.
  • Deal with your real hair: Brush your hair with a comb. Then, section the hair into 2 parts. Use the prepared hair clips to tie up the upper part neatly.
  • Attach the hair extension: Clip the 20 inch long hair extension in the middle of the 2 layers.
  • Restyle and blend the hair: Use the scissors, straightener or human hair 20 inch curler to style both your real hair and hair extensions for better blending.
Install clip – in 20 inch hair extensions 1

Install clip – in 20 inch hair extensions

8. How to take care of 20 inch hair extensions at home?

In order to avoid your hair being tangled, shedding or dry, you should pay attention to take care of your 20 inch long hair extension. It is medium length, so taking care of them doesn’t take too much of your time. Properly taking care of your hair will bring you silkier and stronger hair than ever.

  • You should comb your hair gently: Please be patient when combing your hair. You should comb little by little, from the root to the top of the hair gradually, so your hair will be less damaged.
  • You should choose hair products carefully: You can take natural hair products into consideration as they contain enough essential and friendly ingredients to keep your 20 inch hair extensions silky and moisturizing.
  • You should minimize or avoid your hair being exposed to heat: Hairstyles like drying, curling, straightening with heating processes or even direct sunlight will cause damage on your real hair and 20 inches hair extension as well. If possible, try to use heat protectants before these processes or go outside.
Take care of 20 inch human hair 1

Take care of 20 inch human hair

9. K-Hair – Best brand supplying 20 inch extensions

Founded in the 1990s, K- Hair Factory is ranked in the top 1 biggest hair factory in Vietnam. The factory commits to provide 20 inch human hair extensions products which are identically high-quality.

K-Hair has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting hair around the world. It always supplies the best 20 inch hair extensions product hair quality to many salons, retailers, hair wholesalers and other factories in markets such as America, Africa, China, etc. End-users or hair vendors who come with K-Hair can get factory prices – the best price with no intermediates. More details can be collected through:

K Hair – Best 20 inch hair extension supplier 1

K-Hair – Best 20 inch hair extension supplier

20 inch Hair Extension – Bestseller 2022

Contact For More Information:

  • Address: C1T15, Floor 15, 335 Cau Giay Str, Cau Giay Dist, Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Hotline: +84 978 902 380
  • Email:
  • Website:
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10. FAQs about 20 inch hair extension

Hair extensions of all lengths are good. From 6 inch to 30+ inch, no matter short or long, the hair will always fit specific face shapes. A hair extension with good length is one that blends well with user’ natural hair and flatters user’ face shape.

Hair extensions actually do not make users lose a lot of hair. Sometimes, when the hair extensions are worn for too long time (over 2 months), they can cause stress to the scalp and hair root. The hair may then be shedding. However, if users wear the hair extensions properly, shedding is not a frequent situation.

Hair extensions are useful accessories that make users look much younger, as long as the hairstyles fit the skin tone and the face shape. There are many trending items in the market now that customers can choose from. For example, balayage, ombre, wavy hairstyles, etc are all what look young and trendy.

The popular maximum hair length is 36 inch. However, there are some suppliers that can supply super long hair. The hair can be up to 42 inch! Undoubtedly, this hair length requires a high price.

The 20 inch hair extensions is an amazing option for medium long hair appearance. No matter whether you are an end-user or a reseller, this item is so beneficial. Using hair extensions will help you achieve attractive appearances. Also, selling this hair extension item can help you make a fortune.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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