Top 3 Best Hair Vendors In Ghana

This article will give you the best suggestion of Top 5 best Hair Vendors in Ghana. As you know, Black African hairs have been described as forming a layer of hair that is tightly interwoven in place and has a tight, curled and spring-like structure. There is a general perception that in the scalp of women, hair is a part of the body identity leading to more and more artificial changes for aesthetic purposes. Reading the article below to get some useful information for your business.

1. What is the origin of hair extensions that Hair Vendors are selling in Ghana?

Women are more modern and equal today. Therefore, their beauty needs are higher and higher. Because of some characteristics of weather, climate, terrain, …so the demand for hair extensions in Ghana is extremely large. This is not only a highlight for every girl to become more confident, but also an accessory to help them overcome the limitations of real hair. But Whenever any lady ever questioned where the hair came from, how expensive or cheap to buy from hair vendors in Ghana and how the hair is processed after collecting from people?

1.1. Origin

There are 3 largest hair markets in the world, namely Vietnam, China and India. There have been a lot of articles comparing the 3 hair types from the above 3 countries. Some other popular types like Brazilian Hair, Cambodian Hair,… However with some differences in hair characteristics and price. The two above hair types are not noticed by the Hair Vendors in Ghana. So, mainly hair suppliers in Ghana will import hair from Asia, because of the price suitability, good quality and durability of the hair.

So where does Asian hair come from? For Chinese and Indian hair, because the supply is scarce in their own country, most factories will buy hair from many different sources around the world, then treat and classify the hair. The feature that attracts hair vendors is that the prices are quite cheap, but no one can be sure of the exact origin of the hair they buy.

Because of the advantages of natural conditions and topography, Vietnamese hair is somewhat black and stronger. The hair will be collected from the mountain women. They live in harmony with nature, regularly taking care of their hair with herbs that they can easily harvest in the mountains. The mountain sunlight made their hair a natural shine, relatively high-durability and strong

1.2. How the hair is processed before supplying for Hair Vendors?

The hair will be handled carefully before it is supplied to the Hair Vendors. The hair will be completely handled by the skilled craftsmen, all stages of hair sorting and disinfecting are handcrafted to ensure that the quality of the hair is not only beautiful but safest for customers

The video below will give you a better understanding of the process of treating, sorting and styling your hair before it has been distributed to all hair vendors:

2. How to start Hair Business in Ghana- best guide for Hair Vendors

The demand for hair is extremely high in Ghana, so why are new hair vendors not taking this opportunity to start a business and make a profit? Actually it is not easy for a starter, but some of the suggestions below can help you find your own direction.

2.1. Some useful tips for New Hair Vendors

–  Identify the target customers you want to target: For example, do you want to sell premium hair, or cheap hair, or even hair for an average price?

– Learn about sales channels: You can combine online and offline sales, some sales channels you can take advantage of such as Facebook, instagram,… The following article will suggest you some tips or to make the most of the sales on these channels

– Find a good supplier: This is definitely the key factor determining whether your business is sustainable or not. Find a good supplier with good quality, reasonable price and make sure that they have a stable supply for your orders.

Reaching customers: Once you have a source of quality products, interact more with customers to reach more potential customers. Some ways of advertising, promoting branding can be applied and get a lot of positive feedback from customers.

– Customer-service: This is one of the important factors that help you convince customers to buy and they will buy again the next time. Take care of them before-during-and after they make a purchase. Be friends with your customers, don’t make them feel pressured to buy from you

2.2. Suggesting the best hairstyles in Ghana for Hair Vendors

These are the most popular hairstyles in Ghana. Customers like some curly hairstyles like Kinky, pixie or fumi:

Top best  hairstyles for Hair Vendors in Ghana

Top best hairstyle for hair vendors in Ghana

Some hairstyles for customers who like standout, strong, and personality:

Top Best Hair Styles for Hair Vendors in Ghana

Top Best Hair Styles for Hair Vendors in Ghana

Some hair colors are trending in Ghana:

3. Top 3 best Hair Vendors in Ghana

There are more and more hair vendors all over the world. With the risks always hidden when buying internationally, how can Hair Vendors find the best supplier for themselves?

 “Nothing is best, only what works best for you”

As mentioned, Asian Hairs are very suitable for Ghanaians, so this article will suggest you the top 3 best factories in Asia so you can find out which wholesaler is best suited for you.

3.1. K-hair Vendors (Factory)

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, K-hair is gradually growing and developing. This is one of the leading companies in Africa, supplying a large number of hair vendors from different hair vendors in Nigeria, Ghana with a few hundred pounds per month. With innovation and creativity in production and market research, K-hair is always at the forefront of new hairstyles, new trends and new hair colors. They not only make it easier for new customers to start their Business, but also provide the best possible way for them to reach more potential customers.

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3.2. Kfhair Vendors

With several years of experience, however, they are gradually gaining the attention of customers. They focus on products that are straight hair, remy hair, some popular curls like pixie, body wave or curly hair. With a staff of young and enthusiastic, they create sympathy for customers. Some informations about them:

Top best Hair vendors in Ghana

3.3. Uni Hair Vendors

With the variety of hair types they sell, they offer customers a wide variety of product choices. They are mainly concentrated in African markets but mainly in black. As for colored hair, they need to have more variety of product styles and colors. From there, the Hair Vendors will have more choices for their order

Top 3 best Hair Vendors in Ghana

4. Conclusion

As mentioned, nothing is best, choose the one that works best for you. The last 3 months of the year are the golden time for Hair Vendors to expand business, especially Ghana is a very potential market in Africa. So take this opportunity to make the most of your business opportunity.To get some free advices 24/7 from Hair expert, please contact whatsapp +84833333061 for the most helpful advice.

Top 3 Best Hair Vendors in Ghana

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