Finding the right raw hair factory is not an easy task at all. There are so many hair suppliers out there (raw Indian hair, raw Chinese hair, Combodia hair or Vietnamese hair). I’m going to share with you TOP 5 Raw hair factories all over the world. So if you are a newbie or if you are just starting your hair business I hope that this article can really help you!

TOP 5 – Ideal Hair – Chinese Raw Hair Factory 

The hair of this top best wholesale hair distributor is amazing that my customer stuck with this company for three years before she changed to Vietnamese hair. So the service of this company is top-notch actually and they always attentive and give you a lot of information 

Top 5 raw hair factories

They have more than 4 years of experience in the Wholesale Hair Vendors Industry and have a good reputation in this field. They mainly export Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malyasian hair, Indian hair, Lace closure, all of 100% human hair. But the price is on the high side, about high 40s per Unit

TOP 4 – APSARA Hair – Cambodian Raw Hair Factory 

And next raw hair factory is from Cambodia,  you guys always asking about Cambodian hair so this company named APSARA located located right in the Cambodia so the hair they supply is 100% natural hair no mix and unprocessed hair.

However, the problem is they always apply the double drawn hair no single drawn and no super drawn hair

so you would not have so many options for that but the hair of them you can dye to 613 so if you can if you know how to dye properly

Cambodian Hair FactoryThey are providing guarantee for the quality softness, smoothness, natural looking and longevity of tangle free hair. We have implemented a strict and complete quality control system which ensures that each product can meet quality requirements of customers.

One more special thing, the collect hair by inviting women to cut their hair at our offices 

Combodian hair

TOP 3 – Temple Hair – Indian Raw Hair Factory 

The next hair vendor supplier is from India. I found this company on my Instagram page but actually they don’t update so many pictures and videos on Instagram but when I whatsapp them. They answer me really honestly.

I also ask them a lot of questions. For example, where your hair sources from or  could I please see how your hair looks and they answer me really honestly.

I love their service really much but the problem is they don’t offer the closure and frontal at this moment so this is a video of their factory

This hair is made by Raw Indian hair sourced from South Indian temples in our Indian human hair factory directly and exported to various destinations like: UAE, UK, US,… but we need to pay more attention when buying India hair in bulk wholesale because not all the hair they supply is raw hair and you might not dye it!

Indian raw hair Factory

TOP 2 – 5S Hair Factory – Vietnamese Raw Hair Factory 

The top two hair distributor called the 5S hair factory, this name might not really familiar to you. But believe me you will be surprised by this raw hair factory.

Actually, they were born in 1989 but from that moment they only did the wholesale order for the loyal customers or for some foreigner who comes to the Factory and buy hair in person, so that’s why they they didn’t do so much marketing. But in this COVID-19 pandemic when when their customers  cannot visit the country so that’s why they decide to to do a lot of marketing on the social media so that’s why you can find them really easily. They are now one of the main suppliers for the giant hair market in Nigeria, and if you wonder why the business in Nigeria is so developing now, you can read more about the reasons to start a hair business in Nigeria!

5S Hair Factory is the first Vietnamese raw hair factory in Vietnam, supplying 100% high-quality Vietnamese human hair extension, virgin hair extension, Remy hair extension, clip-in hair extension, tip/tape hair extensions… They mainly on European hair extensions products and export to wholesale hair sellers in the world like Brazil, Russia. United Kingdom, United States,..

TOP 1 – K Hair Factory – Vietnamese Raw Hair Factory 

And now we talk about the top ONE raw hair factory, it is called K-Hair factory.

They have been around for 30 years and they supply 100% Vietnamese hair with amazing quality, no chemicals, no tangle,  unprocessed and no mixed hair.

This raw hair factory offers you the wholesale order and also the small order personal use or sample order that you can contact their representatives to know more information. the hair is collected from women in the mountainous provinces,  from 18 to 25 women so the hair is really durable and strong there one more thing that you met are interested in is the duration of 4 YEARS guarantee

To be honest, when it comes Vietnamese Hair, it is loved and advantaged compared with Chinese Hair and Indian Hair. Vietnamese hair is prominent as raw hair with no chemicals and the price is affordable. Hair salons, hair sellers want to buy hair to bleach and dye, and style the hair to curly wavy, then they must choose raw Vietnamese hair to be successful. and K hair Factory will definitely not let you down!

Author: Ms Almar

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