Tips to Start a successful hair business in 2021

start hair business and make more money
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Some tips to Start your own hair business and make more money will be revealed in this article, so if you are a newbie or a starter in the hair business, don’t miss this!

Hair business

Tips to Start your own hair business and make more money

Every day we supply hair extension products for a thousand hair vendors around the world, so in this article , I will reveal some hair business tips to push your orders if you are a newbie in the hair market!

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1. Using Marketing tools to start your own hair business and make more money!

First and foremost, marketing is the vital part of every business! So if you have a really good strategy in marketing, you will have a really good business as well.

However, How can we run our marketing really well?

The solution is you need to have really stunning videos and pictures of your hair!

But how can you get the pictures and videos of your hair because you are just a newbie, not experienced wholesale hair distributors and you do not have enough materials?

So the tip is you can ask your hair suppliers about the live video and live pictures of the goods, and then post it and advertise it to your customers, your customer will know how beautiful your hair is.

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Tips to Start your own hair business and make more money

After getting the hair videos and pictures, how can you run the marketing strategies and promote your products to your customers or potential customers? In this digital age, please let social media help you! Some effective platforms to take advantage of are:

  • Website: Do you know what customers always search for first when they want to buy hair extensions? It is exactly your website! If you have an official website, you can convey all traits of your business and products there professionally, from the hair extension products, samples, prices, special sales occasions to company information or so on. Containing these things will help gradually build the trust of the customers towards your brands.
  • Facebook: Facebook now is a popular platform where people come for a variety of posts, including entertaining, knowledge sharing or networking, etc. You can create posts about your company and hair here, so that you can reach more people. In addition, a great number of people join many groups on Facebook for experience sharing, so you can create a group for hair knowledge and hair business tips sharing to attract more hair lovers as well.
  • Instagram: Instagram is quite similar to Facebook. This is also a good platform for you to update many sharing posts, pictures and videos of your brands and your products. You can also make use of Instagram reels to create lively short videos about your products.
  • Twitter: Twitter is usually for short text posts, so you can use it as a useful platform for short announcements. Such attractive announcements such as those about sales promotion, discounts or free gifts will definitely reach a lot of potential customers.
  • Youtube: Youtube is exactly the most amazing platform to update your hair extensions’ videos. In fact, uploading videos of your sales staff sharing experience about hair business tips will also show that you are truly a hair expert and able to accompany your customers well. Nothing is better than the practice that your customers watch your videos, trust you and turn to you for hair extensions!

The amazing fact about these platforms is that they are both popular and free. Making use of these social media will help you carry out your marketing strategies not only effectively but also economically! Then, why not give it a try and rock it with these useful platforms? However, please also remember that all success comes from serious efforts. You need to build up a careful plan before rushing to work.


Hair business tips – Making use of online platforms

2. Choosing Qualified Hair and Reasonable Prices to Start your own hair business and make more money

The second tip about the products and prices. All the hair vendors and top hair warehouse want to supply the best quality of hair to their customers, but the problem here is the price of hair!

So the tip is you need to find a trustworthy factory who supplies you the best quality of hair with reasonable prices (from $8 for 1 bundle of human hair)

The K Hair Factory, with the slogan “QUALITY IS KING”- K hair supplies the best hair, with the reasonable prices that you can check it out.


K-Hair – Top hair extension supplier in the hair business

3. Focus on the customer service if you want to Start your own hair business successful and make more money

Many people think that after you sell the hair and the customers paid you, everything is done. But believe me, it’s not!  If you really want to stand out of that competitive hair market, you need to rethink again how you treat your customers, especially your old customers.

Giving your customers advice on customizing hair extensions is an example of treating customers. Then, you need to consult many hair knowledge sharings like THIS to share with your customers.

The old customers are much more important than the new customers, so please take care of your old customers, The number one reason why a customer leaves is because they feel like you don’t care about them. But, how can you show them that you care? It’s simple. Provide excellent customer service, for example teach them how to take care of their hair, or answer their questions immediately.

However, it does not mean that you should ignore your new customers. New customers will gradually become loyal ones, so please treat them as potential customers. You need to remember that the first impression is extremely important. You ought to treat them enthusiastically and faithfully. Please don’t hesitate to give them careful advice and consultations. The result of whether they will become your loyal customers or not pretty much relies on you!

The pleasant of customers about the hair and the service is the keyword Start your own hair business successully

4. Using Feedbacks to Start your own hair business and make more money

Last but not least, about the FEEDBACKS. As I mentioned before, your old customers are more important, so ask them about the feedback, these feedbacks are a really effective way to advertise your hair, and to attract new customers. Your new customers somtimes might not trust in you but the definately believe in other customers!

Tips to Start your own hair business and make more money

Tips to Start your own hair business and make more money

To sump up, there 4 honest tips from the hair expert to push your orders if you are the newbie or starter in the hair business are (MARKETING-PRICES-SERVICES-FEEDBACKS), I do hope that you can run your hair business well from it. If you have any questions contact me via Whatsapp. With the experience as the expert in one of the best wholesale hair vendors factories worldwide, I will help you with all your issues!

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I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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