Lace Closures Vs Silk Closures: Tips To Choose The Best

lace closures vs silk closures
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When it comes to using weft hair extensions, many users are recommended to use hair closures as well to complete the head. Among the closures recommended, lace and silk base closures are two most popular items. Then, what are they, what are the differences between the 2 types and what will be a wiser choice? A thorough synthesis of lace closures vs silk closures will be included in this post to give you the answer!


Lace Closures Vs Silk Closures

1. Lace closures vs silk closures: What are closures?

First and foremost, for anyone who is not familiar with hair closures, we will now give you the basic information to know about hair closures in general based on the experience of reliable wholesale hair vendors. After that, you will find it easier to discover 2 specific types of hair closures: lace closures vs silk closures.

1.1. Definition of closures

Hair closure is one type of hair extension. Normally, a closure consists of hairs sewn in a small mesh to make into a hair piece. The materials used to make the mesh are quite diverse. They can be swiss lace, HD lace, transparent lace, silk or so on. In addition, hair closures can vary in size. The size of the mesh can be 2×4, 2×6, 3×3 or 4×4, 5×5, etc. The 4×4 one is the most popular type of closure. 


Lace closures vs silk closures: What are hair closures?

1.2. Use of closures

Lace closures vs silk closures are both hair closures that have the common use: to attach on users’ real hair for length and volume adding purpose, and they are usually used together with weave. The point is the mesh of the closures appears to look like human scalp, so hair closures are used to cover the outer layer of the hair. It is very different from weave which is usually sewn in the middle layers of the real har. It can be said that the mesh does a great job and makes the closures look so natural.


Lace closures vs silk closures: Use of closures

2. Lace closures vs silk closures: Getting to know lace closures

Before coming up with the comparison between two types of hair closures, let’s discover each type first. This part will give you all the important information about the lace closures. It will include the definition, pros and cons as well as amazing tips for usage.

2.1. Lace closures vs silk closures: What are lace closures?

First of all, what are lace closures? They are hair closures that also comprise hairs and mesh carefully sewn in together into each hair piece. The special point lies in the material of the mesh. It is made of lace, so the hair is called lace closure. In fact, there are a variety of lace types that can be used. Some of the most popular ones are Swiss lace, HD lace and transparent lace. Lace closures are typical with clear knots and grid lines.


Lace closures vs silk closures: What are lace closures?

2.2. Lace closures vs silk closures: Pros and cons of lace closures

All the pros and cons of the lace closures lie in the characteristics of the lace. Let’s see what they are and why they are considered pros or cons.

About the pros, there are 2 main points that also make it clear between lace closures vs silk closures.

  • Natural appearance: The mesh of lace closure is very flat as it is just simply a piece of lace. Therefore, it is very natural when attached to users’ real hair. The lace just stays closely on the hair and causes no abnormalcy in the hair layers at all.
  • Easy installation: Lace closures can be easily attached on users’ hair using sew in or glue in methods which cause no pain and take not much time or effort at all.

About the cons, lace closures have some weaknesses to point out when we want to compare lace closures vs silk closures.

  • Visible knots and grid lines: The typical characteristics of lace closures are that the knots and grid lines are clearly visible. Although they still look natural in general, they will be unnatural when we look at them at a short distance. 
  • Shorter durability: As the mesh is simply a piece of lace, it is not as durable as the silk one. We all know that silk is always famous for high durability while lace is not.

Pros & cons of lace closures

2.3. Tips in usage to deal with the cons

Then, are there any solutions to the cons of lace closures vs silk closures in general and lace closures in particular? The answer is certainly yes! 

  • For short durability, we can try to keep the lace more durable by restricting heat or chemicals on the lace. 
  • For visible knots and grid lines issues, we can choose a permanent or temporary solution. The permanent one is to bleach the knots to erase the unnatural dark dots in the lace. The temporary one is to use concealer or make up powder to cover the knots and grid lines any time you wear closures. The permanent one requires such skills, so you’d better have the salons help you. The latter one is quite easy, so it is more recommended to carry out at home.

Tips to use lace closures

3. Lace closures vs silk closures: Getting to know the silk closures

What about the silk closures? Now we’ll show you all the points of silk closures, including their definition, pros and cons as well as usage tips. They will help you complete a comparison between the 2 types of closures: lace and silk ones.

3.1. Lace closures vs silk closures: What are silk closures?

Silks closure is hair closure whose mesh is made of silk. In fact, the mesh is not simply a piece of silk, but it also includes a piece of lace which covers the outer side of the silk. The general appearance of the silk closure is totally similar to that of a lace closure, except for the difference in the texture of the mesh. The typical characteristics of a silk mesh are that it is quite thick and the knots or grid lines are completely invisible.


Lacec closures vs silk closures: What are silk closures?

3.2. Lace closures vs silk closures: Pros and cons of silk closures

Now we come to discover the pros and cons of silk closures. Each part also consists of 2 main points which are typical for silk closures.

About the pros, silk closures have these strengths.

  • Natural mesh: As mentioned, the mesh consists of a layer of silk and a layer of lace, so it is quite thick, and the grid lines or knots are totally invisible. As a result, the mesh looks exactly like the natural scalp. The hair is just like growing out of the scalp, not an artificial mesh at all! This is also the main point that helps distinguish lace closures vs silk closures.
  • High durability: As silk base mesh is far thicker and more high-quality than the normal lace base, the durability of a silk closure is definitely longer than that of a lace closure.

About the cons, below are what to consider.

  • Thickening layer effect: As the silk mesh is quite thick, when attached to users’ real hair, it may bulge the hair layer and somehow make it look unnatural. In addition, such a light and knot-free mesh also causes an unnatural outcome if your skin tone is not the light one.
  • High price: For having a better quality, silk closures definitely cost more money when comparing lace closures vs silk closures’ prices. The quality and prices are always together.

Pros & cons of silk closures

3.3. Tips in usage to deal with the cons

What we can do to solve the cons of a silk closure is to deal with the appearance issues. If you are afraid that the little thickness of a silk closure can cause an unnaturalness, you can style your hair with bouncy styles to cover the abnormality. However, the silk base is actually not that thick and you needn’t worry too much! Moreover, to make sure the mesh tone suits your skin tone, you can easily recolor it.


Tips to use silk closures

4. Lace closures vs silk closures: Which one is better?

After all, between lace closure and silk closure, which one is considered the better choice of hair closure? You will get a satisfying answer after reading this part. We will first synthesize the characteristics of them based on the analysis above. Then, we’ll come to the conclusion and also give you useful advice on hair care.

4.1. Lace closures vs silk closures: A synthetic comparison

Through all the analysis above,we are pretty sure that you get enough information to decide which one is more suitable for yourself. To let you have an overview, now we will briefly list the characteristics of each type of hair closure below. There will also be a synthetic pros & cons table for easy lace closures vs silk closures comparing purpose as well.

  • About lace closures, the typical characteristics are: flat mesh, visible knots & grid lines, reasonable price and shorter durability.
  • About silk closures, the typical characteristics are: thick mesh, invisible knots & grid lines, light mesh tone, higher price and higher durability.

Compare lace closures vs silk closures

4.2. Lace closures vs silk closures: Which one should I choose?

In fact, the answer depends on each user’s preference. Lace closures can be the favorite items of this person but not that person, and so can silk closures. 

  • For people who prefer flat mesh which is completely comfortable when wearing, prefer good closures with an affordable price and not mind dealing with the knots and grid lines, the lace closures are highly recommended when it comes to choosing between lace closures vs silk closures. 
  • For ones who don’t mind the thickness and prefer pretty natural closures which bring the feeling that the hair is really coming out of the scalp, the silk closures are definitely an amazing choice!

Lace closures vs silk closures

4.3. Lace closures vs silk closures: Don’t forget the hair care

After all, no matter which type of hair closures you choose, the important thing is that you ought to take care of the closures carefully to keep them pretty and durable. Here is the list of what to consider when taking care of lace closures vs silk closures.

  • Comb the hair closure gently. The hairs are sewn in a mesh which is similar to a grid, so you should be gentle when brushing the hair in order not to make it shed easily.
  • Wash the hair carefully. The mesh is usually easily filled with tiny dust, so you need to wash it carefully to make sure that all the dust is cleared out. Otherwise, the closures will look like it is full of dandruff when wearing.
  • Protect the mesh from heat. Otherwise, both the lace and silk materials of the lace closures vs silk closures will easily be damaged.
  • Add more hair care products for closures. You should use hair conditioner or serum to make sure that the hair is well moisturized.
  • Store the closures carefully. It is an important step after use that pretty much decides the durability of your closure. You’d better keep it in a box or bag in a dry and cool place.

Take care of lace closures vs silk closures

Above are all the sharings of K-Hair today. Please follow us to keep up with more useful topics like this!

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