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Understanding yourself with human hair wig, various types of wig, including famous ones like human hair wigs Amazon, human hair wigs with bangs or lace front human hair wig, and usage will help you have the best choice. In this blog, we will answer popular questions about human hair wig to give you a better knowledge about wig!

1. What is a human hair wig?

A human hair wig is a full cap which cover whole one person’s head. Every human hair strands is knotted individually onto mesh of wig cap. Women or people who has hair loss uses wig to improve their look. Based on the position and amount of hair loss, customers can ask for customized hair wigs like lace front human hair wig or human hair wigs with bangs.

Wig Products from K-Hair Factory

2. How many types of wig?

There are many types of human hair wig depending on style, material, and shape of cap. However, based on mesh of wig cap, there are 4 following main types

  • Full Lace Wig:
    A full Lace wig is made from a stretch cap which strands are hooked into holes on cap. With 100% hand-tied cap, full lace wig can be dyed, styled any styles or color as you want. Especially, full lace wig, which is light weight and breathable, is suitable for sensitive scalps or people with hair loss.
  • Lace Frontal Wig:
    A Lace Frontal or a lace front human hair wig has about 2-5 cm lace in the front of the wig, and the back is weft hair sew-in . With the frontal mesh, every strands of lace front human hair wig is 100% hand-tied knot onto net. Lace front human hair wig is not flexible as full lace wig
  • HD Lace Wig:
    Mesh of HD Lace has the same color with nature skin, which is invisible when people apply to the scalp. This ensure that wig cap has a invisible hair line and look natural.
  • U-Shaped Wig:
    This wig has a U-shape hole in the centre. You can pull your natural hair through that hole. U-Shaped Wig is applied for women who have available hair in the head, and it is the same with Wig Styles.

If you don’t know how to choose best style for wig, you can refer our following K-collection. K-Hair factory collected about 20 hot trend styles and colours for African women in 2020 in this collection, ranging in terms of styles (lace front human hair wig, human hair wigs with bangs, etc.) or in terms of origin (human hair wigs Amazon). You can also see many other hot types such as clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions or so on.

3. Is HD Lace wig better than a full lace wig?

Nowadays, HD Lace wig is high end option for women who can afford them. With advantages of invisible mesh, many people loves HD Lace wig because it helps wig hair look natural. Additional, HD Lace wig is 100% hand tied that every hair fiber is knot onto wig cap. You can dyed, styled your wig cap as your natural hair.
Although HD Lace and full lace wig has the same price, HD Lace has more advantages than full lace wig. HD lace wig can also be found as HD lace front human hair wig.

4. What is the best density for a human hair wig?

Standard of a human hair wig has 130% density to make hair look natural. However, you can order 120%, 150% or 180% density for your human hair wig, applying to all hairstyles like lace front human hair wig, human hair wigs Amazon, human hair wigs with bangs. Some hair factory like K-Hair factory always customize customer’s order to serve you best.

5. Can closures be made for wig?

Yes, a closure can be made for a wig. Many women often buy weaving human hair and closure or frontal to sew in wig by their self to save cost. You can do the same.

To make a wig by closure, you have to a sew in machine, 2-3 bundles of weft hair, a closure hair extensions.It is easy to make a closure. You even have a wig by yourself in only 30 minutes. From closures, customers can ask for literally every style of human hair wigs, including lace front human hair wig, human hair wigs Amazon and human hair wigs with bangs.
This blog is full direction for you. Click here!

Employees are making a human hair wig at K-Hair Factory

6. Where to buy good human hair wig?

K-Hair Factory is the leading hair wholesaler in Vietnam. K-Hair produces almost products of hair such as weaving hair, hair extensions, closure, frontal, and wig.

K-Hair is also proud to be a supplier of a variety of trendy hair wigs like lace front human hair wig, human hair wigs Amazon and human hair wigs with bangs, all at reasonable prices. K-Hair company is a trustworthy address of more than 3000 hair vendors, hair salon owners worldwide, providing fashionable and high-quality hairstyles like lace front human hair wig, human hair wigs Amazon, human hair wigs with bangs, etc.
Why you should choose K-Hair to purchase wig?

  • Factory price:
    f you buy from other wholesaler, a human hair wig can cost up to 200$ or 300$. With K-Hair Factory, we supply a human hair from only 149$ with super double quality and 130% density. An important things is the more you purchase, the best price you have. This competitive price rate is also applied for the most sought after hair wigs currently like lace front human hair wig, human hair wigs Amazon or human hair wigs with bangs.
  • Various type of hair:
    K-Hair supply all types of human hair wig such as full lace wig, HD lace wig, lace frontal wig or lace front human hair wig, human hair wigs Amazon, human hair wigs with bangs.. K-collection with more than 20 best seller textures and colours is always available for your choice.
  • High-quality human hair:
    Vietnamese women is famous for silky, long and strong hair. Hair of K-Hair factory is 100% collected from Vietnamese women (18-30 ages) to ensure the best quality of hair. This top-tier quality human hair can also be applied to multiple hair wigs styles like lace front human hair wig, human hair wigs Amazon, human hair wigs with bangs, satisfying even the most demanding customers. If you buy hair from K-Hair, you will never be disappointed about quality


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I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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