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The internet is overflowing with information, so it’s simple to become confused and wind up purchasing hair extensions that don’t suit all of their requirements. Once choosing whether to use virgin I tip hair extensions or another hair extension type, you might wish to choose stick I tip extensions. Therefore, you must be informed of the benefits and drawbacks of I tip hair extensions before making a purchase.


Is virgin I tip hair extensions a good choice?

1. Overview of virgin I tip hair extensions

For many years, hair extensions like weaves, detachable ponytails, and clip-ins have provided us with variety and style freedom. For those of us who battle to maintain length, they add inches and thicken limp, fine hair. Fortunately, that has changed recently. In the past, hairstylists and their customers weren’t always open about exactly what went into enhancing their appearances. I tips aren’t a new thing, high-end salons have been offering them for years. However, they’re becoming more and more well-known as the most recent underground beauty fad to gain notoriety.

1.1. What are virgin I tip hair extensions

I tips are a form of hair extension that attaches to natural hair with the help of metal cylinders or flattened microbeads. Although they are occasionally used interchangeably with micro links, they are actually distinct. I tips vary from other hair extensions since they are made of individual hair strands that interlock with a cylinder piece to surround a person’s natural hair, according to Pitre. Microlinks, in contrast, are made using a wefted track.

Virgin I tip hair extensions are made from virgin hair, simply explained, virgin I tip hair extensions are unprocessed hair, like the hair we are born with. It refers to strands that have never undergone any sort of chemical or color treatment. To be more precise, it’s hair that has never undergone any type of perm, bleaching, color treatment, or dye, and yes, even highlights and ombré hair do not count.


What are virgin I tip hair extensions

1.2. Things you must know about virgin I tip hair extensions

It’s possible that you’ve seen the phrase “virgin I tip hair extensions” used in connection with hair extensions and weaves. We’re ready to answer any concerns you might have.

  • What makes them convenient: Because they provide simple access to the scalp, I tips are a fantastic choice. Unlike sew-in weaves, when the bulk of natural hair is braided down behind the extensions, all of your natural hair will be left out. Less time spent in the stylist’s chair results from this. When compared to I tip installation, sew-ins might take anywhere from three to six hours to complete. Your natural hair is able to move freely and “breathe” without being restricted by virgin I tip hair extensions. With the extensions being able to be pulled into a fuss-free, natural-looking ponytail or topknot, this also permits greater movement. Additionally, virgin I tip hair extensions are heat- and color-safe, allowing you to style them in the same ways that you would your own hair. They can be straightened, curled, blow-dried, or washed.

Things you must know about virgin I tip hair extensions

  • How durable are virgin I tip extensions: The installation should last six to eight months with good maintenance, while the hair should last around a year. That implies that a single hair purchase may possibly cover two different installations. However, when the keratin that the virgin I tip hair extensions are linked to weakens with each wash, it will eventually disintegrate over time. You must constantly wrap or pin curl your hair and wash it every two to three weeks to maintain your extensions at home. Pitre advises visiting the salon every four to six weeks in order to provide access to the cylinders and allow for the removal of shedding or dead hair. The stylist will slide the cylinder back up and attach it over fresh growth once all the debris has been removed.
  • How much virgin I tip hair extensions: This style is pricey and needs to be regarded as a long-term investment. Although bundle prices start at $90, the price will vary according to the texture and length. It’s important to keep in mind that hair with a curlier texture costs more, and you can anticipate paying $5 – $10 more each bundle if you go longer than the typical 12 to 14-inch length. A complete head of extensions typically requires 250 pieces, and there are 50 pieces in a bundle. You will need to pay an additional $300 to 450 for the insertion of extensions, depending on whether your stylist charges by the bundle or by the piece. Whether you want the hair coloured or require it is another expensive consideration. That often adds $35 more each bundle.

Caring for virgin I tip hair extensions

  • Caring for virgin I tip hair extensions: For hair care routines particular to your hair and virgin I tip hair extensions, you should always visit a stylist, but fundamental routines should always include the following fundamental advice: Shampoos and conditioners without sulfates will make your virgin I tip hair extensions last longer. If you have an updo, ponytail, or untidy bun, wear them loosely. If you can’t resist straightening or curling your hair, use a heat protectant. Use the appropriate extension brush and a fundamental bottom-up brushing technique. If you are unable to perform at-home styling, please make sure to schedule your sessions properly to ensure a healthy hair care regimen.

Ideal candidates for virgin I tip hair extensions have hair that is healthy, uniform in length, and devoid of chemicals like relaxers or perms. The additional weight of virgin I tip hair extensions poses a danger of breaking thin, unhealthy, or relaxed hair, though.

2. The difference between virgin flat tip and virgin I tip hair extensions

What precisely distinguishes flat tip and virgin I tip hair extensions? When it comes time to match your client with their perfect approach, you may profit from being aware of the variations between these two ways even if they are both implemented using the same broad strategies and tools. So let’s get to the specifics.


The difference between virgin flat tip and virgin I tip hair extensions

2.1. Virgin flat tip hair extensions

Flat tip is a blended technique. While Fusion and Tape In are two of our traditional, core hair extension techniques, I tip is one of those techniques. Flat tip is a combination of those two techniques. At the point where virgin I tip hair extensions and Tape In converge, there is flat tip, which combines the hair extension spread of a Tape-In weft with the aglet-like tip of an I tip strand.

This is crucial since the feels of strands and wefts are very different. The benefits of both types are thus included in flat tip since it is both a strand and a weft, including the chemical-free installation and 360 degree mobility of a strand as well as the flat comfort and better hair distribution of a weft.

2.2. Virgin I tip hair extensions

Virgin I tip hair extensions that have only one thread. I tip and flat tip both install without chemicals and move 360 degrees, however virgin I tip hair extensions does not lay flat on the hair as flat tip does. As a result, I tip extensions’ hair cannot attain quite the same level of overall lightness as flat tip extensions’ hair since it does not spread as much. 

Otherwise, the extensions could appear stringy. On the other hand, since virgin I tip hair extensions do not lay flat on the hair and may be positioned closer together, you can obtain a little bit more volume with them.


Virgin I tip hair extensions

As we said in the previous section, the installation of flat tip and virgin I tip hair extensions will differ in terms of where the extensions should be placed, with flat tip extensions needing to be placed a little farther apart than virgin I tip hair extensions. Again, this is because flat tip extensions have a weft-like structure that spreads the hair from one extension strand across a larger surface area. This seemingly insignificant distinction can really have a significant impact on how your installation turns out since you’ll need to pay attention to both the spacing of the beads and the weft portion of the flat tip extensions to ensure that they don’t overlap any other extensions.

Due to their strand-by-strand installation, virgin I tip hair extensions and flat tip both enable simple, natural hair movement; yet, they offer somewhat different types of flexibility with various movements. Since the cylindrical virgin I tip hair extensions strand merges seamlessly into the circular form of the natural hair section, it lends itself well to flexible hair styles, such as up-dos, side buns, and high ponytails. Naturally, flat tip extensions may be worn in all the same fashions as virgin I tip hair extensions, but depending on how you’re styling it, you might need to take extra care to make sure the corners of the flat tip weft don’t protrude from the hairstyle. However, a flat tip perfectly fits into loose hair both in terms of look and experience. The weft portion of the extension mimics the natural hair’s smoothness by resting flat on the client’s scalp.

3. Pros and cons of virgin I tip hair extensions

Virgin I tip hair extensions have several benefits, which we shall first go through. The numerous advantages and characteristics of purchasing these weaves will surprise you. On the other hand, virgin I tip hair extensions still have some disadvantages that buyers should consider before determining purchase.


Pros and cons of virgin I tip hair extensions

3.1. Pros of virgin I tip hair extensions

Here are some of pros of virgin I tip hair extensions that you should take a look before purchasing:

  • Many women struggle to keep thick, gorgeous locks for a variety of reasons. These women may now improve their appearance thanks to the invention of hair extensions. Do you have natural hair that looks lifeless and dull? Virgin I tip hair extensions are something you should have in your closet since they may give someone the total makeover they want. Finally, you can fully regulate the length and volume of your hair without having to use a variety of hair care products for months or even years. Furthermore, you will be satisfied with the gloss and smoothness virgin I tip hair extensions offer.
  • Cold fusion is the more popular term for virgin I tip hair extensions, whereas hot fusion refers to U-tip hair extensions. Before we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using U-tip hair extensions, we need to understand why girls detest the hot fusion technique. The extension process will take you close to three to four hours. Additionally, you need a professional’s assistance to install the extensions. Regular maintenance is necessary for U-tip hair extensions. While wearing the U-tip hair weaves, you could experience a small pain. Because connections can dissolve under heat, hair strands can readily fall out. 

Virgin I tip hair extensions don’t require heat

  • Therefore, the ideal substitute for the hot fusion technique is to use virgin I tip hair extensions. The fact that virgin I tip hair extensions don’t require heat is its finest feature. The cold fusion process does not require adhesive, unlike U-tip hair extensions. Applying I-tip sticks is simple when using tiny beads. Micro or Nano rings are common names for these tiny beads. The size of the nanobeads is the only distinction between them and the microbeads.
  • Without the assistance of a professional, those who have the necessary tools and skills may install virgin I tip hair extensions at home with ease. For ladies who wish to save money on the installation procedure, this is typically one of the major benefits. It will appear much easier to remove these weaves if you find the method of adding virgin I tip hair extensions to be straightforward. Look for the first bead. The bead must next be squeezed using pliers. The opening of all the beads will take a little while. After the beads are taken out, the I-shape tip will be simple to remove. The procedure for removing hair extensions is simpler than this one.

Virgin I tip hair extensions don’t harm natural hair at all

  • The impact on your natural hair strands is another significant virgin I tip hair extensions positive and con compared to other weaves. Due to the detrimental impact on their hair, most people shy away from using weaves. They haven’t tried virgin I tip hair extensions, which don’t harm natural hair at all. Without using any toxic chemicals or instruments, you must correctly install the hair extensions. The natural hair and the weaves won’t be harmed if you take good care of the extensions. There is no chance of harming the hair strands because using heating instruments is not necessary while inserting the extensions.

3.2. Cons of virgin I tip hair extensions

Before storing these weaves in the closet, you should be aware of the following drawbacks of virgin I tip hair extensions.

  • Although ladies may apply the virgin I tip hair extensions alone, a total novice may find the procedure challenging. The beads and hair strands might easily confound a novice. Learn how to segment your hair effectively, how many hair strands to insert, how to get the hair through the beads, and how to seal the beads.
  • Although purchasing specialized hair tools doesn’t appear to have any drawbacks, some people choose not to purchase these products, thus it is worth discussing. Without beads and pliers, it is impossible to use virgin I tip hair extensions. However, these instruments are quite affordable and can easily be obtained from a store or salon. Before installing them, you must understand how to use these instruments since they might harm the ends of hair extensions.

Cons of virgin I tip hair extensions

  • It may appear really difficult to wash and brush your virgin I tip hair extensions when you use them. Be cautious and allow the hair extensions extra time to preserve them. You shouldn’t brush virgin I tip hair extensions while standing near to the beads. Brushing should begin at the end. These extensions should be cleaned by gently touching them. Avoid pulling or rubbing the virgin I tip hair extensions.

We believe you now understand the benefits and drawbacks of virgin I tip hair extensions. Compared to other forms of hair extensions, utilizing these ones has more benefits. Choosing a virgin I tip hair extensions will be the best choice if your hair is thin or short.

4. K-Hair – Best place to purchase virgin I tip hair extensions

Virgin I tip hair extensions are one of the greatest options if you’re seeking a fantastic kind of hair extension, in my opinion. This kind of hair extension has long been renowned for its high caliber, variety of styles, naturalness, and ease of hair installation. If you don’t know where to find the best virgin I tip hair extensions, K-Hair is a great choice!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and ask for our guidance since K-Hair is thought of as one of the greatest wholesale hair vendors providers. We are glad to get in touch with you and share information, regardless of whether you are a smaller hair manufacturer, wholesale hair vendor, entire hair reseller, hair retailer, hair salon owner, etc. We truly want to share with others in the hair industry and work together to improve it, so it’s not just about the transaction. K-Hair is extremely delighted to have been the esteemed partner of hair industry owners all over the world!

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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