Lace Frontal Closure Ear To Ear – Best Trade Secrets For Resellers

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Perhaps lace frontal closure ear to ear is not such a strange word in the hair extensions market. With hair lace frontal closure, people can create a great wig and disguise the hair’s blemish to get a better look. It’s not hard to find the information about this material on the Internet. However, have you truly covered enough knowledge for your business target? In this blog, we will reveal all the essential details and secrets that vendors never want you to know.


Lace Frontal Closure Ear To Ear – Best Trade Secrets For Resellers

1. General description of lace frontal closure ear to ear

To start with, let’s go through the overview of hair lace frontal closure ear to ear: what a hair lace frontal closure ear to ear actually is and some identities or types of it. As hair experts, we supply some useful information below for you.

1.1 Characteristics of ear to ear lace frontal

We all know ear to ear hair lace frontal is an indispensable component to make a wig. The piece of hair covering the top of the head from ear to ear is called “a hair lace frontal closure ear to ear”. The standard size of it is 13×4 inch, which can cover almost the top surface of our head. Without a fixed hairline, it is very flexible for us to divide the hair parts.


Characteristics of lace frontal closure ear to ear

The structure of a hair lace frontal closure ear to ear includes the lace and the hair sewn together. The lace here can be made from cotton, silk, knitting thread in patterns and you can choose the color fit with your skin. There are three main types of lace frontal closure ear to ear, the free part is more popular than the middle part or three part.

1.2 Discrepancies between frontal and closure

Both hair frontals and lace closure hair pieces are crucial items in the wigging procedure which help style your wigs, weaves and natural hair extensions. But there are some marked differences between them as below:

  • About size: Lace frontals have larger size and coverage than lace closure hair pieces. The typical closure is just 4×4 inches.
  • About flexibility: Compared to top closures, hair lace frontal closure ear to ear offer more flexibility to create unlimited hairstyles as opposed to the closures with fixed middle lines.You can change to style matching your outfit that day.You have a ton of styling possibilities with a frontal since it includes a lace or silk foundation that integrates the hair piece into your natural skin and hairline (think: deep-side parts, half-up ponytails, messy buns). This superiority really satisfies the beauty care of women.

Characteristics of lace frontal closure ear to ear

  • About price: Owing to the bigger size and conveniences, hair lace frontal closure ear to ear evidently cost more than closure hair piece.

2. Guides for resellers to make wigs from lace frontal closure ear to ear

It is obvious that several inquiries will come into a newcomer’s head to imagine the explicit process without mentors. For that reason, I support some vital guidelines below as an expert to visualize for you. 

2.1 Requirements to produce wigs from ear to ear lace frontal with bundles 

It can not be denied that self-made hair lace frontal closure ear to ear wigs will save us some money and processing time. Still, how can we make sure to prepare enough necessities for this operation? From the expert’s vision and different experiences while supporting customers, the list of crucial parts given below was selected carefully to help you guys. Let’s see and take some notes then.


Making wigs from lace frontal closure ear to ear

Materials and items list used for sewing wigs:

  • Bundles of hair with lace frontal closure ear to ear
  • Wig cap 
  • Dome cap
  • Lace 
  • Tape measure
  • Curved needle and thread
  • T pins to hold the wig cap
  •  Mannequin head
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Metallic marker/ highlighter

2.2 Procedure to make ear to ear lace frontal wig

After the material’s preparation are the practical steps to make an ear to ear hair frontal wig from hair frontal closure ear to ear.

Step 1. Check the measurement: Confirm again the size of the wig cap by the tape measurement. Remember to keep your hair exactly flat before rechecking. Then, wrap the tapeline around your head, hold it above the ear and the eyebrows. 

Step 2. Prepare the wig model: Then, put the dome cap on the mannequin head, assure that it’s centered. Identify the nape of the cap and use 2 t pins to pin down to mimic the hairline of your nape.


Making wigs from lace frontal closure ear to ear

Step 3. Make the foundation: Middle the lace frontal closure ear to ear on top of the mannequin. Continue using t pins to pin down the closure in the middle and other sides respectively. Remember to straightly pin at the end of the dome’s mesh. Next, keep the hair of this foundation tied or outside the dome cap in order to easily sew up the remaining hair.

Step 4. Use highlighter to mark outlines: Mark the outline of the hair frontal closure ear to ear mesh and trace the area of the dome mesh that you’ll sew up the weft hair on by highlighter or metallic marker. An important note here is to leave some space on all the borders of the outline which help applying the wig simpler. Also, for the beginners, you can draw some straight lines in this area to get hairs better sawn.

Step 5. Sew weft hair together with the lace: Untie the bundles, load the thread into the curved needle. Then start sewing from the tip to the top of the dome cap by the loaded needle. In this process, tighten securely by a knot of thread after each track. Use the scissor to cut the weft and the thread after finishing a straight line you marked before in step 4. Repeat again to other lines till running out and finish sewing the weft part. You can sew by the sewing machine if you have one, it’s better and more convenient.

Step 6. Sew lace frontal closure: Leave the t pins on the outline of the weft part, sew the foundation of the wig – lace hair frontal closure ear to ear.


Making wigs from lace frontal closure ear to ear

Step 7. Complete and check:  Check again the wig and apply it on your head or mannequin head to see your complete achievements. 

2.3 Installation tips for customers to wear lace frontal closure ear to ear

Not everybody knows how to apply the hair frontal closure ear to ear in the right way. That is why we stay here giving you guys more and more tips as information for this, especially resellers or beginners.

2.3.1 How to install ear to ear lace frontal

It would be a big confusion if you are without any knowledge about wig installation but getting the question from customers. So, keep in mind all steps we list here:


How to install lace frontal closure ear to ear

  • Flatting your head: Keep your natural hair or braids flat as long as possible before installation. Make sure you have a supporter or a stylist before starting 
  • Applying: Apply the wig on your head and cut the excess lace, to a great extent the ear and and the back areas. You guys have already got the fit wig after customization, put it off and move to the next step.
  • Customizing the lace: Cover your head with a wig cap. Spraying layers of glue and using the curve to assure the cap is established. Again, using the marked pen to point out the excession of the hair frontal closure ear to ear. Cut out the excession and just keep ⅓ area of the wig cap from the forehead.
  • Sticking: Use the glue to cover some layers on the marked line. Then install the wig on there. Make the glue dry and get the shorter strands flat by the blow dryer. Check and glue again the border to make sure your application is perfect.
  • Completing: Style again with electricities with straight types of hair or use the curling tongs with the curls. Finish with some oil for hair and pick the matching outfit to get some photos then.

Tips to install lace frontal closure ear to ear

2.3.2 How to wear ear to ear frontal wig better

Below are some notes which resellers could note down and re-instruct to your own customers. Do not underestimate these tips because customers will have a better impression with sophisticated guidelines from you guys. Let’s take a look!

  • Clear your face with a non-oily cleanser. Cleansing your face before attaching the lace frontal closure ear to ear wigs helps you get a better look and is more convenient than after. Moreover, using the cleanser with no oily components reduces the excess oil on the skin face, helps stick the hair frontal easier.
  • Knot your own hair or style them as a pony tail to differentiate between your natural hair and hair from the wig. Then it also facilitates when applying wigs.
  • Use the liquid adhesive glue and wig tape while wearing and blow them dry enough.

3. Method to import lace frontal closure ear to ear

What happens if you have no idea importing lace hair frontal closure ear to ear? So you can find it in this blog too.

3.1 Types of ways to stock up lace frontal closure ear to ear

Alright, one more difficulty for the newbie is about the ways to stock up hair frontal closure ear to ear. In fact, we have two popular ways of purchasing hair frontals: buy from resellers and import from factories.


Ways to stock up lace frontal closure ear to ear

  • Buy from resellers: You can directly stock lace frontal closure ear to ear from hair shops or hair suppliers in your areas. Absolutely they have full materials from hair bundles, bulks, closures and frontals even wig items for you if big enough. However, the price could be a little higher.
  • Import from factories: If it is so hard to find or stock hair frontal closure ear to ear in your countries, buying international hairs via websites of foreign factories or e-commerce is the best choice for you. Not only can you purchase at an ideal price but they also assure the quality and support you better.

3.2 Strategy for resellers to get lace frontal closure ear to ear from abroad 

As far as we know, there are two main methods of getting hair frontal closure ear to ear. Whereas it is easy for you to buy domestic goods, the procedure to purchase from abroad seems more complicated. Therefore, we hope that the below strategy might help you guys get a closer vision.

  • First, preparation

In this step, you guys have to gather all basic knowledge about the hair business because foundation is exactly indispensable for those wanting to do business. Lots of instructions or vlogs made by the ancestors or professors, KOLs about the hair frontal closure ear to ear can be easily got on Instagram and Youtube. You guys can get a full update on those channels or even get the suggestions from friends. The point is you have to carefully select the source and rectify again to avoid scammers or fake news. 


Getting lace frontal closure ear to ear from abroad

  • Then,  decision about your exporters

After gathering and selecting, we must choose the exporter to give beliefs and invest in. Actually, as a hair expert, we suggest you guys import the lace frontal closure ear to ear from the factory with wholesale price and better customer service including refund policy and quality assurance. The factory can all the time assort supreme quality and give urgent support for you as useful tips for your problems. 

But the key point is that stocking hair frontal closure ear to ear from factories is much cheaper than stocking from third party or smaller vendors such as retailers or stores on e-commerce. This is also the top way that lots of big scale importers are using today. As a result, it helps save some money but still get better quality.

  • Next, placing an order

From the got information, there is nothing holding you guys back to contact the exporters and place an order from them. Let’s move on and deploy your own business plan! 


Getting lace frontal closure ear to ear from abroad

  • Finally, assessment

After receiving the goods, let’s check the quality on your own and give the feedback to the supplier whether you are satisfied with the goods or not. Finally, consider making a long-term relationship with them or changing to another one.

4. Price for lace frontal closure ear to ear from top 3 suppliers

It is true that India, China and Vietnam are the main countries to assort human hairs, hair frontal closure ear to ear as well. After doing lots of research and surveys on products from these vendors, we have some objective reviews in terms of hair frontal closure ear to ear’s prices below. In particular, we are engrossed in analyzing both the quality and price of those three main hair extensions. Since then, it could help you guys make the decision who will have chances to be your vendor.

4.1 Indian hair – The lowest price

Indian hair has been considerably the cheapest hair in the hair extension market, the same as the hair frontal closure ear to ear. This is due to the huge amount of Indian hair and a large number of laborers helping boost production power of those warehouses.


Price of Indian lace frontal closure ear to ear

About the origin of Indian hair, the hairs were largely collected from temples and villages in rural areas. The origin of Indian hair is really unclear and seems like a mixture of hairs from donors like remy hairs or non-remy hairs.

The production fees are also cheap but they have a shortage of developed equipment. All processes are hand-made, not qualified enough to improve the quality of products.

The inexpensive prices of Indian brands are very attractive but the low quality must be strictly considered. Because giving qualified products fiting with prices is the key to building long-term relationships with customers which endures the business.

4.2 Expensive price for lace frontal closure ear to ear

In comparison with two other countries, Chinese hair is known as its wealthy quantity in stock and low-price. Almost all Chinese warehouses are large-scale with mass-production that facilitate meeting the customer’s demands. Let’s take a look via the price list for Chinese lace frontal closure ear to ear.


Price of Chinese lace frontal closure ear to ear

Virtually all warehouses in China take the hair materials from the surrounding countries such as Cambodia, India, Laos and more. The hair origin producing lace frontal closure ear to ear seems unclear and not ensured enough which really affects the product’s quality.

As hair experts, we still advise you to reconsider more before investing in Chinese hairsor buying hair frontal closure ear to ear from this country. Why do we have to emphasize the quality aspect? Because that’s the important key for all businesses to maintain and keep in touch with your customers.

4.3 Affordable price for lace frontal closure ear to ear 

Certainly, hair carers will at least once hear about Vietnamese hair extensions. To tell the truth, Vietnamese hairs cost a totally fair price in connection with its clear origin and excellent quality. Here is the price list for hair frontal closure ear to ear of a Vietnamese brand:


Price of Vietnamese lace frontal closure ear to ear

  • About origin, Vietnamese hairs come from mountainous women in this country whose origin is so clear. Vietnamese warehouses can produce their own house from these materials.  
  • About quality, the Vietnamese strands are so strong with one side cuticle and long enough because of their restrictions on cutting and abusing the electrics to style..
  • About production and scale of Vietnamese warehouses, they are still house-hold business, almost all parts in processing are hand-made. Thanks to the sophisticated skill and potential laborers, this aspect can not hinder them from producing qualified hairs and keeping up the high demands.

As we said from the first line of this blog, quality is the key factor to endure the relationship with customers and help develop your business then. Therefore, it is undeniable that Vietnamese hair satisfies both reasonable price and good quality which you guys should truly invest in.  To get the best Vietnamese lace frontal closure ear to ear, contact whatsapp: – Ms.Sandie K-hair (best price and support 24/24)

5. Top 4 trustworthy suppliers of lace frontal closure ear to ear

With the appearance of several wholesale hair extensions nowadays, it is really difficult and kills time. As an expert, we want to recommend some top best international hair extensions for you guys with tips to avoid scammers and protect your purse!

5.1 How to find suppliers of lace frontal closure ear to ear near me

So, how about locating a reputable wholesale hair warehouse from which to import hair? Seeking a reputable and qualified hair warehouse to believably invest money in is not simple. That’s why we are here to give you useful recommends.


How to find suppliers of lace frontal closure ear to ear near me

  • To begin with, surfing the Internet and searching for a hair factory located near your place. Try to make a name list of those warehouses.
  • Next, type the noted name to seek the website, verify them via watching all images about lace frontal closure ear to ear, contacts, details posted on that website carefully. Discover about the types of hairs and procedure of how to import products from them.
  • Third, find the address of customers who purchased hair frontal closure ear to ear before from that brand to ask for experience. Or join the customer’s club of that brand if available.
  • Fourth, direct the hotline to make sure that those warehouses in your list export hair frontal closure ear to ear.

5.2 Ways to find the best lace frontal ear to ear extensions supplier 

After a long time joining this field, we can provide some normal standards for you guys to get the best quality of lace hair frontal closure ear to ear from those extensions suppliers.


Ways to find the best lace frontal closure ear to ear extensions supplier

  • Hear from your friends, family or other relations who have knowledge and experience in this field or largely in hair frontal closure ear to ear.
  • In these modern times, it’s easy to gather all information in terms of any aspects on social media platforms such as Youtube, Tik Tok or social networks like Instagram or Facebook.

5.3 4 best reliable companies providing lace frontal closure ear to ear 

With the appearance of several wholesale hair vendors suppliers in the market, it brings a lot of confusion to choose a reliable supplier to invest in. Therefore, you guys can take reference from the top 3 best trustworthy providers we give below!

5.3.1 K-Hair factory – Best hair extensions

K-hair factory is considered as one of the best hair suppliers in Vietnam. Founded almost four decades ago, they have lots of experience in exporting hairs. For the most part, as a leading company in manufacturing hairs, they have different types with tremendous quantities from straight, curly, customized types or lace frontals closure ear to ear and closures as well. They give both wholesale vendors and retailers reasonable prices which fit the demands of different customers such as start-ups, hair salons, small factories and so on.

For small businesses such as start-ups, hair salons or retail resellers, K-Hair especially offers sample hair orders. The minimum order quantity for each sample order is 3 bundles with 1 hair closure or frontal. This offer is suitable for ones who want to test the hair quality before making a wholesale order. This is a wise economical choice to test and compare hair extensions from different brands at the same time.

For wholesale and loyal customers, K-Hair always offers appealing deals such as discounts for big orders. Customers can save up to 500 USD for a 10-kg order. Therefore, don’t miss the chance to work with this reliable Vietnamese hair factory.


K-Hair – The best lace frontal closure ear to ear supplier

Of course, lots of customers express their satisfaction with the products – hair frontal closure ear to ear and customer service for the K-hair factory. That is the reason why this exporter has become more wide-spread and larger today.

Direct this below information to get details:

5.3.2 Baco Hair – Chinese hair extensions

Baco Hair is a brand established a decade ago in Juan Cheng City, Shandong Province, China. Extending the scale of the company and getting a larger range of customers is the motivation that this brand is doing now. The company is also the factory’s destination where the distribution of lace frontal closure ear to ear happens and hosts visitors. As Chinese hair suppliers, they have strength in quantity, urgent demands and big warehouses.


Baco Hair – Top Chinese lace frontal closure ear to ear supplier

Baco is a ten-year-old Chinese hair warehouse with the purpose of cooperating with both large and small wholesale hair suppliers. Juan Cheng City, Shandong Province, China is where their warehouse is located. Baco, as a reputable hair distributor, cordially invites consumers to visit their hair factory.


  • Address: Juan Cheng City, Shandong Province, China
  • Website:
  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:

5.3.3 Dhwarak Indian Hair – Indian hair extensions

Dhawarak Indian Hair is among the most well-known hair suppliers in India. The hair warehouse, which spans over 3200 square feet, is usually well-stocked with hair extensions to accommodate clients’ urgent requests.


Dhwarak – Top Indian lace frontal closure ear to ear supplier

Raw human hair obtained from an Indian temple is transformed into hair extensions at their warehouse to produce hair frontal closure ear to ear. Chemicals are not employed in any of the methods to keep the cuticles of their extensions healthy. As a result, they provide a diverse selection of items, in the main – hair frontal closure ear to ear, at low costs to both end users and wholesalers.


  • Address: Tamil Nadu State, India
  • Website:
  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:

5.3.4. Russian hair – Luxury hair

The Russian Hair Manufactory №1 was established based on the co-operation of a Russian-Israeli company that is major in producing wigs and hair products. This brand has a reputation for their quality and price for luxury Russian hair.


Russian Hair – Top Russian lace frontal closure ear to ear supplier


  • Address: Russian Federation, Moscow region, Naro-Fominsky district, Selyatino village, Building 2, 143345
  • Website:
  • Instagram:

Last but not least, as a hair expert, I really hope that you guys, especially those who have interest in starting a hair business, can get lots of useful information about lace frontal and gain experiences from this blog. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help about the hair extension and hair extension business.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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