What Is A Lace Frontal Closure: Why Not DIY One At Home

what is a lace frontal closure
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If you are familiar with a lace frontal or a lace closure, you must know how amazing they are! But have you ever heard of a lace frontal closure? What is a lace frontal closure? Why are they so popular nowadays? Can you make a lace frontal closure at home and how to install as well as take care of it? So many questions to solve but don’t worry! All the answers you need will be clarified right below. Please keep reading for useful expert sharing.


What Is A Lace Frontal Closure?

1. What is a lace frontal closure: Frontal & Closure

First of all, a lace frontal closure is somehow the combination of a lace frontal and a lace closure. Therefore, let’s now clarify all the characteristics of a frontal and a closure to see how potential it can be when combining the strengths of these two kinds.

1.1. What is a lace frontal closure: Discovering the lace closures

A hair closure is a hair extension that is typical with hair being sewn on a mesh. Hair closures are used to cover the middle part of the head. They will give the most natural middle hairline on the top of the forehead. They are the very savior of people with hairless or bald issues. Normally, there are 2 main kinds of hair closures based on the mesh type: lace closures and silk closures.

A lace closure is the hair closure whose mesh is made of lace. It is significant with these characteristics. These will also help you partly answer the question of what is a lace frontal closure.

  • About material: The mesh is made of lace, so it is typical with grid lines which are usually transparent as a whole. This enables the closure to naturally look like a real scalp.
  • About size: The size of a lace closure is referred to as the size of the lace mesh. Popular sizes are 2×4, 2×6, 3×3, 4×4. The measurement is in inches.
  • About hairline: The lace closure enables you to have a middle hairline only. Sometimes the revealed knots in the hairline can make the hair look less natural.

What is a lace frontal closure: Discovering the lace closures

1.2. What is a lace frontal closure: Discovering the lace frontals

A hair frontal is quite similar to the hair closure. It also consists of hair being sewn on a mesh and of the top best human hair bulk most chosen now. However, the size is much bigger. Based on the mesh type, there are also two main kinds of frontals. They are lace frontals and silk frontals.

A lace frontal is a hair frontal that has lace mesh. Below are the characteristics that contribute to helping you understand what is a lace frontal closure.

  • About material: The mesh is made of lace, so it is transparent and looks like a natural scalp as well.
  • About size: The most popular sizes of lace frontals are 13×4 and 13×7 (inch). 
  • About hairline: Instead of having a middle hairline, the lace frontal enables you to freely create a side hairline as the hair is wide enough (stretching from this ear to that ear) to do so.

What is a lace frontal closure: Discovering the lace frontals

2. What is a lace frontal closure?

As mentioned, a lace frontal closure is somehow the combination of the strengths of both a closure and a frontal. Now let’s see what exactly it is and what the pros and cons are. You’ll understand how amazing this choice of hair extension is.

2.1. Definition and characteristics of a lace frontal closure

What is a lace frontal closure? In fact, it can be also called a lace frontal closure wig. This means a lace frontal closure can cover all your head as a normal frontal or closure wig does. The biggest difference is that instead of using a full closure or a full frontal to sew into the wig cap, the frontal will be cut and then sewn into the cap.

What are the characteristics of a lace frontal closure? To thoroughly understand what is a lace frontal closure, we’d better also discover its characteristics. They comprise 3 main points.

  • About components: A full lace frontal closure usually consists of a frontal and 2-4 bundles. The point is the frontal is then cut to be smaller but still a little bit bigger than a closure one. 
  • About size: A lace frontal closure has a wig size and can cover all your head.
  • About popularity: This type of wig is popular all over the world, but the most popular in American-African countries.

What is a lace frontal closure and its characteristics?

2.2. What is a lace frontal closure: Pros & Cons

About pros, these are what to remember:

  • Flexible hairline: The use of a frontal enables us to create hairline in any part we want. We can have a middle hairline or a side one. It is a plus point in comparison with a closure wig which is only available with the middle hairline.
  • Easy make: The making of lace frontal closure is quite simple. You don’t need modern equipment to make one. In fact, it can also be easily made at home.
  • Easy installation: The lace frontal closure is made to cover the full head, so you just put it one your head without the need to blend or restyle the hair.
  • Effective covering: Thanks to the lace mesh, the frontal closure is super natural and can look like your real hair. The lace will look like  your scalp and cover the bald really well.

Pros of a lace frontal closure

About cons of what is a lace frontal closure, these are all to consider:

  • High price: Consisting of frontal and some hair bundles, the lace frontal closure is definitely more expensive than normal hair bundles and hair pieces.
  • Size issue: If you buy a frontal closure, the size sometimes can matter as you cannot 100% make sure that it will fit your head. In fact, the cap is usually elastic, so this issue is not frequent.

As we can see, the advantages are so diverse while the disadvantages are only all about price and size. In fact, price and quality are always together, so it is understandable to pay an amount of money for a good-quality product from the best hair factory. The pros apparently overweigh the cons! In case you are still considering, you can learn how to make a lace frontal closure by yourself as instructed below to save money and to ensure the perfect size.


Cons of a lace frontal closure

3. What is a lace frontal closure: How to make it?

Below will be the instructions to make a handmade lace frontal closure at home. All the steps are so simple, so this guide is even suitable for the most “clumsy” maker!

3.1. Prepare to make a lace frontal closure

To prepare to make a frontal closure, let’s take a look again at the part of what is a lace frontal closure to see its components. You will need a frontal and 2-4 weft hair bundles. The number of the bundles depends on how thick you want the hair to be, and the styles are also up to you. You can choose body waves, kinky, pixie, etc. Besides, you will also need some tools like the wig cap, mannequin head, wig pins, string ruler, scissors, needle & thread and glue if you want to glue in the weft instead of sewing.

The most important is that you choose a reliable place to buy the hair extensions (lace frontal and hair bundles). You are recommended to turn to best wholesale hair vendors or prestigious local hair stores to buy the hair.


What is a lace frontal closure: Prepare to make one

3.2. Four steps to make a lace frontal closure

To make a wig called what is a lace frontal closure, you will need to follow this guide which consists of 4 steps. 

Step 1: Measure the weave, frontal and get ready: You can use the string ruler to measure and decide how long the frontal should be. It can cover fully from one ear to the other ear, or you can cut it to form a size similar to a closure.

Step 2: Fix the frontal on the mannequin head: First you need to cover the mannequin head with a wig cap, then you can use the pins to fix the frontal and then sew the frontal onto the cap. Just make sure the frontal is sewn firmly and fitly.

Step 3: Attach the weft hair bundles to the mannequin head: To do so, you can choose to sew or glue in the hair wefts. Sewing is more recommended as it is more durable. You also ought to attach the wefts from bottom layers to upper ones.

Step 4: Blend and finish the wig: To make the lace frontal closure look more natural, you can restyle the hairline and blend the frontal with the hair wefts as well.


What is a lace frontal closure: 4 steps to make one

4. What is a lace frontal closure: Installation & Hair care

Now we move to the 2 other concerned issues surrounding the lace frontal closure. They are installation and hair care. Below are the useful tips to follow at home.

4.1. What is a lace frontal closure: How to install the hair at home

To install the lace frontal closure wig, you just need to make sure that your real hair is all neat before wearing the wig. You can choose to braid the cornrows, tie up the hair or cover it with a mesh cap. Then, the only task is to put the wig on your head!

The point is you know to make the wig look so natural. The secret lies in cutting off the lace and bleaching the knots. These two simple added actions will make your lace frontal closure look more natural than ever!


What is a lace frontal closure: Install the hair at home

4.2. What is a lace frontal closure: How to take care of the hair

Two most important things in the hair care routine for a lace frontal closure is hair brushing and hair washing.

  • For hair brushing: Please remember that your wig consists of 2 separate parts: frontal and bundles, so make sure you brush them to make them blend well but not mixed up messily.
  • For hair washing: Just wash it normally with cold water and shampoo to get rid of all dust. In case you use glue to attach the hair bundles, please avoid using hair oil or any products that can degrade the glue.

What is a lace frontal closure: Take care of the hair

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