Perm And Best Detailed Truths Revealed For Hair Lovers

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The days of ’80s haircuts that suited all types and skin tones are long gone.  The reintroduction of perm is by far the most thrilling comeback trend ever. It is obvious from all angles that trendy curls may provide women a fresh and striking new look. But now is the time to embrace the new generation of trendy perm, which are producing incredible results. Let’s go through our content to clarify all truths related to perm hairstyles with the hope that they could opt for the best suitable items for the best confident look! 


Perm And Shocking Truths Revealed

1. An overview of perm

First thing first, we need to clarify the definition of perm – a curl or wave generated by winding hair around curling rods and applying heat to it is known as a curling iron. Chemicals are used to alter the structure of hair, whether it is old or new, permed or permanent. 

Before you begin, make sure your hair is clean by using a sulfate-free shampoo. The damp hair is then wrapped around the sticks you’ve selected. After curling, a moisturizer and a neutralizer are applied, which work together to give the hair a new contour. From start to finish, the process takes around an hour and a half to two hours, depending on the length and thickness as well as the curly hair chart of your hair.

Stylists or do-it-yourselfers are reviving old styling techniques. Curls always turned hair from straight or ripple to tight coil because do-it-yourselfers placed plastic rods on top, wrapping the hair around the same thin cylinder. To allow the curls to curl, a layer of moisturizer is put all over the rods after they have been coiled. The lotion is rinsed and blow-dried after it has been left on for a while before being added to a neutralizing product.


An overview of perm

Nowadays, with the booming of technology, perm engineering has moved away from the classic one-size-fits-all plastic rod, with other materials and rod diameters now available. Wrapping hair around rods, rollers, and even fabric has evolved over time, allowing hairdressers to produce S-waves and more loose, ocean waves.

The distinction between past and present perm is purely technical. On the client’s head, stylists traditionally utilize plastic curling rods. These innovative procedures produce a wide range of curls, including spirals and wavy hair.

2. The collection of techniques to perm your hair

There is a truth that, in terms of chemicals, getting perm your hair alters the structure of your hair, resulting in distinct curls or waves. The hair straightening process is so named because it step by step breaks down the disulfide bonds in your hair and creates a solid foundation for a new structure. We are sharing a variety of perm techniques with you guys for more information: 

  • Spiral perm: accordingly, this is typical of curls that are tightly fixed and clearly defined in relation to the amount of hair on the head. The size of the rod used determines the curl coil. To achieve a corkscrew curl, the rod is inserted vertically into the hair. This style of curls is so special that sometimes hair lovers will choose to use hair extensions from best hair in bulk and retail hair sellers for the best coil textures as well.
  • Pin curl perm: with the success of a chemical solution to the length of the hair, this method is successful to get perm on your hair. Then pin and place the styled curls as needed.
  • Body wave perm: Long curly rods are used in this process to give your hair abundant and bouncy waves.

The collection of techniques to perm your hair

  • Stack perm: Curls and layers are used to add volume to long or medium-length hair. This technique tends to be suitable for those who are facing fine or thin hair due to a wide range of external exposure. 
  • Spot perm: Perm rods are positioned in a specific region for each hairdo to give you curls exactly there.
  • Root perm: another perfect solution for limited hair volume which makes a great contribution to boosting the hair volumizer of users with the techniques of root perm. 
  • Multi textured perm: combination is the key word for this method with different kinds of curls for a unique hair look.

The collection of techniques to perm your hair

3. The concerns of customers about perm

With the amazing comeback, perm gets the huge attention of the public with  a wide range of concerns that need to be clarified. Let’s list them with us in this section with sensible solutions: 

3.1 The damage level of perm

People frequently assume that having a perm has a significant impact. On the flip side, if perm has been applied in a professional and proper manner, the level of perm damage is substantially reduced. Doing your own perm fixation might likely cause damage, but professional perm fixation should cause no harm to regular hair development. You will, on the other hand, have bouncy hair with a new and beautiful appearance. This is highly dependent on the hairstylists you opt for.


The damage level of perm

That isn’t to say that everyone who uses perm is the same. Curling your hair is possible for anyone, although it can be more challenging if you have dyed or light-colored hair. Applying a perm to bleached hair is probably not going to work effectively, compared to intact hair conditions. 

In case you are asking for who should and who shouldn’t get a perm, our answer is everyone. Besides, users need to take into consideration procedures and notes as well, particularly cases that we mentioned above. There is one tip for styling damage-free curly hair. You can use heatless methods like braiding hair into Dutch braid, French braid or standard braid and using hair rollers, flexi rods for temporary curls.

3.2 The duration of perm 

First and foremost, you should plan on spending at least two and a half hours at the salon when getting your perm. The length of time to keep the style after curling is mostly determined by the length of the hair.

Depending on the curl style you choose and how well you care for your curls, the perm process can last anywhere from two to ten months. Short hair perms can last three to four months, whereas long hair perms might last six to eight months.


The duration of perm

Before getting perm to your hair, clip the ends and add some layers to the length of your hair. Layers provide mobility and make long hair less heavy, which helps curls and waves stay in place longer by not putting more pressure on the scalps. 

As your hair’s texture and natural roots develop, it will be easier to stretch the perm to the ends, which is usually best for long hair because women will have waves throughout their midsection and hair ends.

3.4 The proper way of drying for perm

According to experts, the best and feasible way to care for perm on your hair is to be very gentle for the first three days and not include washing or tying. During those first few days, the perm is still settling in, so it is definitely a good pick to leave your hair loose to avoid kinks.


Drying perm in proper way

Brushing your hair after you have applied your perm is always best done in the shower, and plays a vital role also. Comb your hair with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to separate and detangle the curls before washing out the conditioner. After bathing, comb your hair again with your fingers while applying the style product, then rub your hair upwards for a few minutes to add volume. Besides, a diffuser should also be included during the process of drying perm for the best performance. 

3.5 The offers for caring perm daily

To make sure your permed hair is bouncy and gets the best shiny level, we hope our following suggestions as a vital part of your daily hair care routine will support you a lot. Let’s get through this list: 

  • After using perm for your hair, wait 48 hours before washing it. When you wash your hair too quickly, the curling layer can slip out before the curls are fully cemented into the shape you want.
  • Allow your hair to rest with no interference for 48 hours before touching it.

How to take care of perm daily

  • Relax and let your hair down. Avoid using a ponytail or a tight ponytail to style your hair.
  • Before the first wash after a perm, avoid using an iron or any other heat styling instrument, as this may impair the hair’s adherence. Simply unwind as you adjust to your new haircut!
  • For the next 24 hours, it is preferable to comb the hair. Instead of using any tools that can harm the perm, use your hands to gently comb your hair and curl your facial curls.
  • Avoid ponytails or curls, and don’t use elastics or bobby pins on loose hair. To make sure your hairstyle suits your desires, loosen your curls within a few days of obtaining your perm.
  • Hair should be protected from the sun. To protect your hair from UV rays, use a light scarf or cap, or apply a conditioner containing zinc.

How to take care of perm daily

  • Hair care products designed exclusively for chemically treated hair are a good choice. After you get your perm, make sure to check with your hairdresser regarding shampoo and conditioner to make sure they’re okay to use.
  • Take care of your hair. Perming is the application of chemicals that deplete the hair’s natural nutrients and moisture. Conditioning your hair at least twice a week to recover hair is a piece of advice not to be overlooked. Choose an organic, organic conditioner to care for your hair after receiving a perm if you don’t want to utilize chemical-free hair care products.
  • Is your hair brittle or lackluster, dry or oily? Make your hair care routine using products that are tailored to your hair type.

3.6 The specific traits of digital hot perm vs cold perm

With many people, they tend to be confused with the difference between digital hot perm and cold perm. We will tell you currently: 


Digital hot perm techinique

  • Digital hot perm: A relaxing treatment will be applied to your hair before a digital or hot perm, which will assist release the connections in your hair. After that, warm curling irons are used to sculpt your hair. The thickness of the rod is determined by how loose or tight you want your curls to be. Finally, your hair is put through hot rollers equipped with a gadget that helps manage your hair’s temperature. 

The length and thickness of the hair determine the length and thickness of the operation, which takes around 4 hours on average. You can get a variety of curls with the digital hot perm process, giving your hair a really natural look. When your hair is wet, it is straight, and when it is dried, it is curly. This technique is intended specifically for Asian hair and is best suited for thick hair. This approach is more expensive than other methods, but it is less harmful to the hair.


Cold perm techinique

  • Cold perm: The classic method of curling hair is known as cold perm. Your hair is first immersed in a lye solution during this procedure. Using rollers, it is then tightly coiled into little curls. Tight curls help form your hair into tight circles, which are impossible to achieve with digital hot perm. These ringlets don’t appear natural initially, but they will expand out and appear more natural over time. 

This procedure can take anywhere from 2 to 2.5 hours. Even when wet or when using the product, the curls you achieve with this method stay frizzy. This approach is less expensive than the digital hot perm and is acceptable for most hair types.

After our information in the blog of K-Hair company, we hope that you guys have a deeper understanding about perms and opt for the best selection to have a stunning hair look all the time. 

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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