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While in Vietnam, China, and some other Asian countries regard Lunar New Year as the foremost holiday, most of the African and Western nations, where a huge number of Christians have been resident believe that Christmas is the most important celebration. There is no doubt that on such special occasions, people especially women will take this advantage to get some beauty makeover, in which hairstyles are put on top priority. According to the hair specialists’ research, out of 100 hair-lovers, about 70% would choose curly hairstyles rather than the other ones. There’s a variety of curls, however, I’m sure that not many of us would now all about them. So this is gonna help you figure out more choices of curly hair for Christmas preparation.


1. Definition of curly hair

As we all know, curly hair is the hair that is processed chemically or by heat to form the curls at rather the same type. Some were born with natural curly hair, some were not, that’s why to possess curly hair, people normally use curling irons or hair extensions, which are two of the best ways to make the dream come true without costing much time or having to waste your natural hair.

2. Advantages of curly hair

Each type of curly hair brings us distinct benefits, meanwhile, people think that curly hair will make you look much older, so some women show hesitance when choosing curly hair. Nevertheless, curly hairstyles have been so popular among celebrities these days. So what makes them so passionate about curly hair?

Curly hairstyles create a classy appearance for ladies.

Changing hairstyles is the easiest way to create a new look on such an important occasion, Christmas. With the help of curly hair extensions, you will become a classy, noble lady and will surely be surprised, burst into joy, and feel really confident when going down the road with your buddies. Curly hair are also suitable for daily wearing. For example, soft beachy curly wavy hair is a great choice of hairstyle for summer.

Curly hair helps you to be flexible in clothes coordination.

It is easy for a girl with curly hair to find herself an outfit with the right accessories to enhance her elegance, or to make her look gentle as well as charming. For example: combining with a prom dress, wearing high heels at events, parties … or jeans, a crop-top to have a youthful and dynamic style.

Curly hair fits all types of faces.

Obviously, there is an abundance of curly hairstyles for girls to choose from such as wave, pinky, pixie, water curl, Fumi curl… You can choose any curl that suits your face to make a difference. If you try to put unique colors on it, that would look even more modern.

However, everything has merits and demerits at the same time and so does curly hair, which is not a big deal. As fas as we all know, curly hair could be harder to take care of than straight hair and need more hair moisturizer, but if we know how to maintain it, the curls will stay beautiful and we’ll have so many advantages from owning them.



1.Pixie curly hair

Pixie curly hair is now one of the hot trends, especially in African countries. Basically, you can imagine that the curls are made in a tube-shape (having 2 bends) but much smaller than the normal curls. Pixie hair stems from African, whose natural hair textures really fit its hair textures. That’s why when wearing pixie hair weave,  people can hardly recognize they are wearing hair weaves seeing that it can easily blend well with their hair.

Beautiful Pixie Curls by K-Hair

Beautiful Pixie Curls by K-Hair

2.Kinky curly hair

Literally, the texture of kinky hair is kind of the same as pixie one, however, the curl is a little bit smaller, which means with the same amount of hair, the curls of kinky hair will come with a larger number than the pixie one. This picture below can partly tell them apart.

Some people get it wrong that kinky/pixie hair was born only for African residents and Asian or White people would look so weird if using those curly hairstyles. I’m quite in with that opinion since African women look so attractive when they’re in that curly hair but it’s not only for anyone else, it’s for all of the hair-lovers. There’s a saying that I fully agree ” Why do we have to fit when we were born to stand out?”, hence, this is gonna be such a big featured change if you wanna try out kinky/pixie hair for this Christmas and I’m sure that everyone will remember your beauty backed up by these hairstyles.

Difference between Kinky Curly and Pixie Curly

Kinky Curly vs Pixie Curly

3.Egg curly hair

Let’s put it simply, egg curly hair means that the hair tail is bent into a tube and when the hair bundle is applied on the head, the curls will fall down to make a natural look. This style of curly hair would make you look charming to celebrate Christmas.

Shinning Egg Curly Hair by K-Hair

Egg Curly Hair by K-Hair

4.Twist Curly Hair

Twist curls could be also chosen in your list of preparation for Christmas hairstyles. With the straight structure on top and curly part in the bottom, this hairstyle promises to be one of the top trending curly hairstyles this Christmas.

Beautiful Twist Curls by K-Hair

Beautiful Twist Curls by K-Hair

5.Fumi Curly Hair

If you’re still hesitant about what curly hairstyle you should choose for this Christmas, this Fumi curly hair will perfectly accessories you to make you more mesmerizing.

Fumi Curly Hair produced by K-Hair

Fumi Curly Hair by K-Hair

6.Circle Curly hair

When talking about curly hair, there is no way that circle curly hair wouldn’t be mentioned. After being brushed out, it’ll create surprising outlook for the wearers.

Unique Curly Hair by K-Hair

Unique Curly Hair by K-Hair

7.Water Curls

Honestly, water curls look like ripples on the water but when they are when the hair is brushed out, they will bring you dreamy beauty. So don’t hesitate to try this one because this is one of the best sellers currently especially in African Markets.

Beautiful Water Curly Hair by K-Hair

Water Curly Hair by K-Hair

8. Round Twist

One more type of curly hair that must be included on your Christmas list is Round Twist.

Round Twist by K-Hair

Round Twist by K-Hair


9. Kinky straight

If you’re a big fan of straight hair but still wanna try curly hair at the same time, I bet that you don’t wanna miss this special curl hairstyle owing to the wild beauty you’ll get when you wear it.

Beautiful Kinky Straigt by K-Hair

Beautiful Kinky Straigt by K-Hair

10. Afro Kinky

This hairstyle really suits those who are eager to have thick hair once in a lifetime. This hairstyle is super worth a try for this Christmas.

11. Deep Twist Curly Hair

This is such a perfect combination of Deep Wave, which is quite in at the moment, and Twist Curly Hair. Deep Twist Curly Hair is such a promising hairstyle that will become a hot trend on this Christmas.

Deep Twist Curly Hair by K-Hair

Deep Twist Curly Hair by K-Hair


Based on several years of researching on hair, Hair Experts from K-Hair Factory have come together and made a conclusion of tips to take care of curly hair especially weave, which are:

  1. Detangling
  2. Moisturize the hair
  3. Care about the Shampoo and Conditioner
  4. Co-washing
  5. Deep Conditioning
  6. Get prepared before going to sleep
  7. Apply the after-shower cream
  8. Protect the hair from heat

Read more on: 8 tips to take care of curly hair weave


So affordable is curly hair that almost everyone can buy it, but the thing is which hair vendor supply curly hair with the best quality?

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I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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