Dutch Braid – Best 5 DIY Steps And Top Knowledge To Know

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Generally, braid have become the talk of the town across the world, of this Dutch braid is not far from this truth. We have to admit that there are some days, which have many things on our plate, we tend to pick up hassle-free ways for our hair by doing Dutch braid for several minutes with a fashionable and flexible hair look. In this blog, we are sharing about the must-have things we need to grasp about Dutch braid. Besides, we also give you the best information for stunning hairstyles. The last is our advice for proper hair care with Dutch braid.


Dutch Braid – Easiest DIY Steps And Top Knowledge To Know

1. What is Dutch braid? 

Talking about braids, people often refer to French braid along with Dutch braid. There are certain different points to compare with and clarify for each and single trait while two types are also braided on the head of users. 

Dutch braid is made from three groupings of hair together with the purpose to create a single entangled strand as the basic technique. If your hair is healthy, thick and long enough, there is not much challenge to do Dutch braid on your own with an array of complicated hairstyles.


What is Dutch braid?

2. Step by step instruction for doing Dutch braid

Don’t skip this section of our post if you’re not sure why Dutch braid is called a reverse hairstyle. We are willing to support you guys for a gorgeous and splendid hair look. 

2.1 Step 1: Determining the position of Dutch braid 

Experts and stylists agree that starting with dry or wet hair is optimal. This haircut looks great on both straight and moderately curly hair. Hair should be combed gently and properly. Choose and place the braid. You can modify the center section of your hair or the two sides of your hair.

You can braid your hair in the middle or on the sides to create a braid. If your hair is dry, spritz it with a little additional water. If you have thin hair, a small amount of mousse will aid in catching your hair when braiding and more grip. Wavy medium-length hair looks great with a Dutch braid. If you have thin, straight hair, don’t panic; you may curl it naturally or use a curling iron to make it look thicker.


Step by step instruction for doing Dutch braid

2.2 Step 2: Dividing hair for Dutch braid 

Three braided portions of hair make up Dutch braids with braids. That is why, once you have decided which bit of hair to braid into a braid, divide the hair you’ve just taken into three little sections, intending for them to be evenly spaced. Begin braiding your hair by dividing it into three equal parts.

A pro tip is that hair strands should always be placed beneath the hair in the center, rather than any positions. This braiding detail assures that the Dutch braid will stand out from the top hair later on.


Step by step instruction for doing Dutch braid

2.3 Step 3: Braiding your hair from the bottom to the top 

The most important thing to remember when braiding Dutch braids is to start at the bottom and work your way up, basically the opposite of French braids. The right section of hair goes under the center, followed by the left section. 

Begin braiding your hair from the bottom up, starting at the bottom and working your way up. The left piece of hair passes under the diagonal of the two upper sections, then the right section of hair goes under the middle section. If you are struggling with dry hair, wet it is hassle-free for this application Dutch braid. This pro tip may surprise you because of its benefit for the entire process. 


Step by step instruction for doing Dutch braid

2.4 Step 4: Keeping going for Dutch braid 

Repeat the braid pattern in the following order: right part under middle band, left part under middle band, right part under middle band, left part under middle band, right part under middle band, left part under middle band, right part under middle band, left part under middle band, right part under middle band, Continue to move the right hair part below the center hair, then to the left hair section, adding additional hair for each segment.

In some cases, users could use a smoothing gel if you are still having problems braiding. Before you can braid your own hair, practice braiding someone else’s for the best performance and be accustomed to this hairstyle. 


Step by step instruction for doing Dutch braid

2.5 Step 5: Finishing your Dutch braid 

Tie the ends of Dutch braid together so they don’t come free once you have finished it. Make your braids look the way you want them to with our following suggestions, including accessories, hair bands, pearl, headband, natural flower or something to highlight your hair appearance. 

Don’t forget to apply a little serum to your hair before braiding it for shiny hair. This lovely haircut is not as tough to get as it appears. With a little patience, you will be able to do it. If you have an upcoming function, don’t put it off any longer; practice this hairstyle right now to look elegant and feminine.


Step by step instruction for doing Dutch braid

3. Top best Dutch braid hairstyles

As soon as you have a deeper understanding about Dutch braid, you are likely to try a range of different Dutch braids with different hairstyles to try on many occasions. Everything you need will be included here: 

  • Dutch braid bun: With a few amazing accessories for exquisite and sumptuous beauty, the bun is a hairstyle that gives her a dynamic beauty and is ready to become a lifesaver for outdoor events or dates.
  • Fishtail Dutch braid: The next hairstyle we are about to recommend is called fishtail Dutch braid with a little bit more complicated. The first and foremost reason for rating this hairdo is its ability to loose face-framing strands. One more tip for this hairstyle is to utilize a narrow portion and it is beneficial to cover the elastic and arrange your hair to perfection. 

Top best Dutch braid hairstyles

  • Dutch braid crown: It is true as its name suggests, we find it difficult to ignore the trendy and elegant Dutch braid on the occasions of birthdays or even casual days. Because of the loose of hair strands, we always get a sense of satisfaction and comfortability, compared to many tight hairstyles out there. If possible, don’t hesitate to try it for a beauty transformation and we are sure Dutch braid crown will be a must-have style that interests you a lot. 
  • Dutch braid pigtails: If you are newbies approaching hairstyles of Dutch braid, it is a perfect choice to pick up this hairdo. Braids that are loose look more voluminous, and leaving the ends alone gives you a carefree and casual look.
  • Long messy Dutch braid: The last suggestion is long messy braid, which brings romantic beauty for gorgeous women. This is considered a perfect choice for covering hair matter of users also.  

Top best Dutch braid hairstyles

4. How to take care of Dutch braid

Whether you are doing any hairstyle with braiding hair, it is highly recommended to pay attention to proper maintenance for your braid. Follow us in this section if you are wondering the best suitable caring methods. On the website of K-Hair company, we have also shared a lot about hair care for specific hair types. Therefore, don’t forget to read and get more tips.

4.1 Protecting Dutch braid during bedtime 

Many people tend to make full use of Dutch braid as a way for curling hair, besides wearing Dutch braid to transform their look. Whether you are using this hairstyle according to any purpose, make sure you have a feasible solution for caring. In other words, hair bonnets or silk material should be included in your hair care routine for healthy and bouncy braids. 

According to hair experts, one of the effective ways for removing dryness for hairstyle while sleeping is to use silk or satin pillowcase, and maintain edges to become fresher as well. As a result, silk pillows are a better option for your hair. Silk fabric is highly absorbent, and its silky surface will help to prevent sweating in the hair area while sleeping. Hair has less friction with the pillow surface, resulting in less hair loss and tangles for users. 


Protecting Dutch braid during bedtime

4.2 Utilizing natural products for Dutch braid

Nowadays, to respond to the current and future needs of consumers, hair care brands are truly booming with a range of hair care products varying models to use. This is also a confusing thing for people to pick up the healthy and proper hair products which are compatible with their hair conditions. Natural products for Dutch braid, that means we are mentioning organic and natural ingredients. 

Instead of choosing harsh products, which may contain paraben, chemical, alcohol or sort of like that, users should opt for the opposite elements extracted from nature. Choosing suitable products, which is not only beneficial for the scalp, but also for the growth of hair without worrying about dryness, nutrients shortage, or damage or split ends.. It is better to stick with organic oils, namely coconut, olive, almond oil, etc as a vital part for moisture for Dutch braid.


Utilizing natural products for Dutch braid

4.3 Wearing Dutch braid properly

Although we get the certain advantages for doing Dutch braid, there is no need to apply it all the time. The attachment of hair strands during this process may put pressure on the scalp for such a long time. Plus, heavy braids become a burden for users due to its effect and patterns on a daily basis with unexpected matters. 

Sometimes, we often highly appreciate beauty in Dutch braid, even forget about its true comfortability, which has a negative impact on the overall growth of your hair for an extended period of time. That is why we should be cautious as well! One more thing, don’t forget to notice your edge as you are wearing Dutch braid. 

4.4 Supplying moisture for Dutch braid 

One of the most noticeable problems of your hair comes from lacking essential nutrients, such as hydration or moisture. Whatever we need to take several minutes to boost the moisture content for hair strands with the support of hair care products, daily diet or natural hair masks with amazing uses. 


Supplying moisture for Dutch braid

Particularly, don’t forget to do enough water intake on a daily basis. Spray bottle is the next feasible option for a dry Dutch braid. Besides, some organic hair masks recipe that you could try to get better performance, with the combination of many different ingredients from banana, yogurt, olive oil, honey, egg, avocado, and so on. 

And that’s all for Dutch braids, from the definition, DIY steps to hairstyles and hair care. We hope that you will apply our sharing and get for yourself gorgeous hairstyles. Also, don’t forget that you always have the option of using hair extensions for changing your hairstyles. Hair extensions from reliable hair suppliers will bring you amazing appearances!

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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